Starting after 1850 somewhat rich (?) Barons,

immigrated to America, starting Wall Street.


It is the organization to steal our nation.

These Barons, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, etc borrowed

citizens money by issuing a piece of paper called Stocks,

where citizens loaned these men: Money,

Money they used to make a huge profit, sharing a minute

percentage of that profit with the Stock Holders,

the Barons would profit 20 to 50%

while the Stock holder might get 1 to 7% for their investment.

In many cases the Stock would lose all of its value

leaving the investor broke. But: Not the Barons.

This has happened more than once since the start of this scam.

Remember: Those Barons were made rich by using

"your money", risking "your money", not theirs.

The Barons would take Millions for their income, leaving

the Stock holder holding that little pittance for them.

When I read that the President of some Corporation

takes home $18 Million a year, I cringe, such Greed is a crime.

"I will control Wall Street".