Who am I ?

Iím just a 92year old retired American,

who wonders,if American's

really want to save our nation,

or is that just too much trouble?

Do citizens of this nation realize:

We are in trouble.

So, Why me?

What have I done in life?

I'm not a politician, I'm a Patriot.


Iíve been a parent, a worker that supported my family,

self-educated in many aspects of what has

and is happening to the industry of our nation.

I canít and will not stop loving The United States, "and our people".


Iím watching the news every day at what destruction

is happening to the citizens in our nation,

and how hopeless it seems for our future progress.

In the 1930's depression we had Hobo's single men,

and some women living by railroad tracks, homeless.

Now there are again: HOMELESS Peopleeverywhere in our nation, WHY?

The preamble, to the end of the United States of America.


How did I get involved in running for President?

We lived in Indianapolis, IN.

We moved to Detroit, MI in 1935 as my stepfather was a Machinist

looking for work in the auto plants.


This was a period of time when the auto workers were going on strike

for higher wages. I saw police brutally beating strikers with clubs and chains.

I was 9 years old, I couldn't believe what I was seeing,

I'm being taught in school

about how we had won our Freedoms from England

to be FREE.


1936 was also the year of Roosevelt running for his 2nd term as President.

In school we were also being taught,

that our families should join the Peoples party,

to save America.

Now realize, my stepfather is telling me the real history

of what was happening to our nation.

The Peoples Party was Communism.


My stepfather was a friend of "Walter ReutherĒ, Walter was involved with the

United Auto Workers Union. Walter and my stepfather were of German

ancestry, so Walter and my stepfather Truman were going to German Bund

meetings in downtown Detroit.

Truman was reporting to the FBI what was going on.

I went with them, so it just looked like 2 dads and a kid wanting to know

what was going on. We were victims of poverty,

very little work, no money for food, living on some charity.

As a young child Truman told me about

Social Security was actually a way

to make every adult now, "just be a number"

for the Government to have a file on all of us.

All employers had to report our income.

He was right, we are now just a number,

when we are stopped by Police for any reason,

they want to know our date of birth


This was the start of Socialism in America.


I said to myself at "9",


That has stuck with me all these years, as I saw un-justice over and over,

more rise in Police Brutality, more demand that we surrender our RIGHTS.


IT'S NOW 2019, and we have more and more POLICE BRUTALITY.

It is time for me to be President to protect the citizens of this nation, and to




We have leaders that want to end our sovereignty and join the United Nations.

To join us to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

So I am here for that purpose:

To save our nation,

Help me do this, help me defend the United States of America.†††

I saw us involved in WW II, and we won,

what I couldn't understand was



Did we take over Germany, Italy and Japan?


Instead we took our nations money,

Billion of money taken from us by the IRS and used

to rebuild the enemy,

to restore their factories,

to feed them, after they had killed

millions of us.


Something wrong with this picture.

So here I am now, trying to inform my fellow citizens that

our POLITIICIANS want to

surrender our nation, our people for a




LET'S GO BACK TO 1990, I discovered a book,

"America what went Wrong"?

This book spelled out in detail how our factories were being closed, to send production

out of our nation, how our factories were being torn down to clean up the cities.

How American workers were no longer needed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What the hell, was going on in this land of plenty, of opportunity, for Freedom?


In 2000 I started more and more research as to what was going on by our elected

politicians all across OUR nation.

I started this website in 2004 and I won't quit until I'm convinced there is no hope

"to save the United States".

Maybe there is still hope, President Trump is trying, but he has so much money,

he doesn't see the trouble everyday Americans face.


In 1971 I started researching my ancestry.

I discovered that 4 of my ancestors arrived in America

in 1620 on the Mayflower.

I realize they were not invited by the native Americans.

So how did they end up coming here?


The Pilgrims (as they were called) were sent "as a group"

to join the earlier settlers who came to the area called Virginia.

In June 1620 a group sailing on Two ships, ship problems delayed their travel,

so back to England to regroup and the single Mayflower sailed west,

the ship arrived on the New England coast

in late Oct 1620 and facing bad weather.


The Captain tried to wait for better weather, it didn't get better,

so the Captain told the settlers, "he had to return to England",

he dropped the settlers inland, at what was called Plymouth Rock.

These were people who were trying to escape from

the Rulers, Kings, and Dictators

that controlled every aspect of human life.

These settlers were looking for FREEDOM.

A Group of people who worked together for a better life.


America grew from a small settlement to 13 colonies.


In 1776 we changed that.

Now we had a new leader that said:

"I am your new leader and "I" willdecide how you live".


I learned from 1936 to 1945 our nation was in trouble.

But as I grew up, I saw a wonderful nation,

we were hoping to again to live in a land of Prosperity



As a youngster in the 30's to the 60's,

I saw families working together, sharing and caring,

families "getting together" for love of what they had EARNED.

Immigrants arriving to join us, learning to become Americans

What has happened to America?

I remember when we'd get together to play cards or board games

share food, share caring for each other, loving life.

WE are now LOST.


We welcomed other invaders from 1621 to about 1960, who came

to America to "join and work together" for a better America.


Now invaders come here for us: "to provide for them",

they have no love for our style of FREEDOM.

They may be good workers,

but they did not come here

"to join us",

but come

"to use us".

They demand we become a bilingual nation,

they do not want to speak English.

They come to help Mexico remove our border.

They haveNo love for America.

They demand: "We give them everything".

What can WE do to Restore this nation?


When you are young, you are too busy earning a living,

advancing in your trade or skill, raising children, paying bills,

too busy to see what has happened to our FREEDOMS.

You canít believe that our government is plotting against us,

they have.


You were taught in school that

We citizens run this nation,

by electing representatives,

to protect our nation.

We go overseas to confront enemies,

and come home and hang up our hat,

job well done.


Not so quick!

While you go on with life, we have politician's who think

the best future for our nation is "to remove our borders",

get in line with the countries like the European Union,

and since Canada and the United States are like brothers,

let's just become one huge nation.

OH! There are already so many Hispanics here, (illegally invaded),

so let's just remove the border with Mexico,

after all itís like it isnít there anyway.


Let's just extend the border of Mexico to just south of Canada.

About 6 inches south of Canada that is.


We can now have a Tribunal of all three nations

to decide on our laws, taxes,

and become

the ďNorth American UnionĒ.

No more elections, leaders will appoint themselves.


We are told:


The Constitution and Bill of Rights

donít reflect the needs of our nations anymore,

so we will just end that nonsense.


You will cooperate with our new laws or else.

I wonder if illegal drugs will be cheaper now,

certainly will be more available with no border problems, no border.


Yes Iím supposed to be old, but not too old yet,

I have had a lot of experience in life to educate me.

I worked in electronics all my life,

I know what can be done, and have studied reports

about various inventions for years building up to this point.

Our government with our Social Security numbers

has a database on every one of us, spying on us.

More to come?


Tell me what elected politician really has more intelligence to run this nation.

I work on ďCommon SenseĒ, something our nation doesnít have in Washington DC.

I will make major changes in spending in this nation.

Iíve seen a lot of lost freedoms happen in our nation.

Lets Save:ďAmerica the BeautifulĒ.


Our children are now being taught that the United States

as a sovereign nation; "is old fashioned".

That the future will be, where we have

only one ruling power, the United Nations,

and when all nations are unarmed to stop war.

A Totalitarian regime to control all nations the people.


So now Iím 92, do I sound like Iím senile?

Iím 100% aware of the dangers to our nation.

Letís you and me save America.

I will not allow this to happen to the United States of America

as long as Iím alive, with your help.

You do want America Restored, donít you?