Why Me?

I'll tell you why!

I know there is a lot in my website, but I figure

I only have ONE chance to get your attention.

If you love America, read all of this presentation, and study all the points.

The future of our country has never been at more risk, than it is ďright nowĒ.

You wonít believe what Iím telling you, until you actually

search more on the Internet for yourself and see what Iím trying to tell you, is so.

Let me tell you what is going on.


I've been a Problem solver for 70 Years.

I analyze what problem is.

I research what to do to solve the problem.

I then activate solutions to solve the problem.

Works every time.

So what is the Problem in America,

a number of things.

Lack of work for citizens (rebuild our factories)

Lack of reasonable housing prices (build new low cost housing)

Police Abuse (Hire educated people to Protect and Serve US)

Ongoing constant war. (bring our Military people back to the USA)

Inflation that debases the value of our money. (Pray)


2020: Citizen are now rioting all over our nation, why?

They have finally decided to stand up and vent their fears.

It is not just Police Abuse of Black citizens,

it's ABUSE OF Americans of every color and race..


It's time to stand up and demand

our nation be returned to: WE the PEOPLE.

Do you honestly believe the future will be better under the

Democrats and Republicans?

Are you scared?

It's time to call on me to solve these problems.



If we donít stop our present politicians, we will lose our country.

Believe me. It looks like more and more Americans

are using the Internet to learn about candidates this election season.


This web page may not be fancy,

but I live on Social Security,

Iím not rich enough for fancy.

If you want to vote for someone who can pay

for fancy web pages, I feel sorry for you.

All I can give you is the truth of what treason

I believe is going on in our nation;

Iím trying to stop this.


My whole purpose is to save our nation,

for all of us common folks.


The only glory Iím looking for is a Free America

for our children and later descendants.


Please donít be critical of my grammatical errors;

itís my message thatís really important to ďallĒ Americans.

If you want me to have a better web page structure,

any volunteers to help, any donations to make this fancier?


Peoples of the world are concerned about what is happening in the United States.

Welcome to all of you who are reviewing my website, to see what is really happening in the USA.

My message is getting out to many people all over the world. Spread the word everyone.


Why me? Because: No one else is going to do what must be done.

So I must.


(Concerned about my age? Well consider the fact

that 50% of men are dead by age 48, (insurance company actuarial estimates).

So what candidate can we pick and be sure

they will live out their elected time?)

Would you elect a 21 year old president?

The law states a President must be at least 35: Why?

Because you want someone with knowledge, and age increases Knowledge,

well believe me by the time you get to be 93 you have picked up

a lot of practical knowledge that tells you what you must do.


You have to be old enough to realize

you canít make any treaties with bullies.


You have learned, you canít trust anyone,

not even your own son in law. (mine)


Why me? Because; Iím an American citizen who is aware of,

and watching the treason that is happening in our nation,


Iím sure you do not want to believe what Iím telling you,

but you are on the Internet now,

and you also can search out more on these facts. Do it!


Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Bill OíReilly have been telling you about these problems,

they just donít tell you any solutions.

They donít have any solutions.


Why Me? Because Iím trying to share this worry

that our nation's leaders are ready to end the sovereignty of the United States.


I donít see any candidate that is serious about ending illegal immigration.

Candidates all say, ďWe canít do itĒ,

the Illegal aliens say, ďYou canít do itĒ.

I will do it.


I will enforce our Federal Immigration Laws. Shoot first, ask questions later.