What am I trying to do?

Iím trying to save our nation from the United Nations,

ďNew World OrderĒ

Which is more important to you, sports

or what is happening to the security of our nation?

Itís time for you to concentrate on what is happening

to the future of the United States,

or all you will have are sports.

Be a Sport, save our nation.

I am not a politician, and never have been a politician,

but itís time that I become a leader for the future of our nation.


Iím a concerned citizen that sees the destruction facing our nation.

The present Republican and Democrat candidates

will just give you more of the same.

Our present politicians are destroying our nation.

Not me, I will be your servant, not your master.

I will restore this nation to the pride we use to have.

Iím not in anyoneís pocket, and no one is in my pocket.

Iím poor like most of retired Americans, no stocks, no bonds, no investments, no savings.

I hope I donít have to say:

ďI told you so, NEXT YEARĒ.