Who is the government? ”ME, YOU, US”?

Are We “The Government”?

Dream on

We” have Elected/Employed certain people

to run the business, of our cities, counties, states,

and Federal government under the laws

of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Now let me tell you, the Constitution if full of holes too,

the usual legal document written by those knowledgeable about law.

With exceptions for the rich to keep control after it was enacted.

Our founders made sure the rich still would control the new government.

As I’ve said: We do not elect the President per se.

The Electoral College will elect the next president.

Unless; you write in my name.


In good faith we have placed these people in office:

To Run “our” government “for us”, not “to Ruin us”.

Remember “WE, THE PEOPLE”

We are “THE PEOPLE” You, and I.

Unfortunately these elected officials have forgotten,

“We the People”, now it’s

“We the Politicians”, and to Hell with the People.


How about “One Nation, “Undivided”,

With: Liberty and Justice,   (for all citizens)”.

Would you like that?

Don’t come in to this nation illegally, then tell us

we can’t throw you out, and then demand justice,

justice is for American citizens, not illegal aliens.

I want the job, to save America for Americans.

If you are in school right now, where will you find jobs

when you graduate? China?

So this is my bid for the office of President,

to keep our nation out of the United Nations.