My ancestors and relatives:

It seems I have about 30 million relatives in the United States, and around the world.

   Of these early immigrant ancestors I’m related to the descendants of/and descended from the Cordell’s, Macy’s, Coffin’s, Soule’s, Cooke’s, Gardner’s, Starbuck’s, Swain’s, Worth’s, Bunker’s, Stanton’s, Huddleston’s, Wing’s, Batchelder’s, Kimball’s, Reynolds, Case’s, Fish’s, Gifford’s, Clarke’s, Johnson’s, Brown’s, Harrell’s, Pettis’, Lawton’s, Wright’s, Cornell’s, Simmon’s, Pinkham’s, Shattuck’s, Wilbur’s, Latham’s, Severance’s, Austin’s, Jones’s, Charles’s, Albertson’s, Anderson’s, Spencer’s, Nelson’s, William’s, Pierce’s, Bailey’s, Birdsall’s, Nicholson’s, Winslow’s, Barrow’s, Overman’s, Newby’s, Rundell’s, Thomas’s, Quinby’s, Haight’s, Washburn’s, Scott’s, Rednap’s, Molynieux’s, Briggs, Wyatt’s, Newman’s, Tyler’s, Webster’s, Lockwood’s, Sand’s (Sandy’s), Ray’s, Guthrie’s, Alcock’s, Ferris’, Hutchinson’s, Shelley’s, Palgrave’s, Kent’s, Avery’s, Pringle’s, Kemp’s, Wallis’, Bicknell’s, Mead’s, this is just a small listing of about 8,000 names in my family lines, all in America before 1800, and to the millions in America who are also descended from European Royalty lines.


Since I’m descended from King Edward I of England, and his wife “Eleanor of Castile”, daughter of King Ferdinand III,

I also have Spanish ancestry. I’m descended from “El Cid”, a Spanish hero, about 1000 AD.

That makes me distant cousins to King Ferdinand, and Queen Isabella who financed “the Columbus exploration” that led to finding the Western Hemisphere. History can be interesting.

My ancestry makes me descended from the French King: Charlemagne (780-820AD) 252 different ways.


This makes me related to Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Lizzie Borden, James Dean, Tennessee Williams, and many other interesting people in history. This also makes me related to Prince Charles of Great Britain, Princess Diana, Sir Winston Churchill plus so many more.  


When I last checked, I am related to 22 Presidents, from George Washington, & Thomas Jefferson, to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nixon, Ford, Carter, including 3 ways to the Bush family, also related to Obama through ancestry from King Edward I.

Also related to a number of presidential spouses, of course.