The Army wants you: All of you, young and old, male and female.

                                            We are in trouble: Our Army has Instructions:


(When an open dictatorship emerges, wholesale roundups of dissidents will occur.

U.S. Army Regulation 210-35, entitled Civilian Inmate Labor Program, already provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian detention camps at Army installations.)


“How to control and put civilians to work!”

What Civilians? > Do they mean you? > Those detained by REX 84? > What REX 84?

Citizens detained, when we are under “Martial Law” enacted under the Executive Orders?

What Executive Orders? What Martial Law? Learn before it’s too late. Keep reading, you are learning.


I want you to notice that at no time are Civilians called Prisoners. Just “Civilians” Does this scare you? Will you be one of the Civilians, who perhaps gave them a hard time when they came to your door, demanding all of your guns? Or when the police stopped you at a roadblock, and you refused to give them any information about where you’re coming from, or where you are going?

Or when you are demonstrating against government action that you had a 1st Amendment right to do, and the cops detain you as a “threat to the government”.


Do you not understand? They will demand Total Obedience, and no talking back?

When the police tell you to Shut UP, they will do the talking.

You have seen this already, what about when it is YOU?


You will be sent to CITIZEN CENTERS (Detention Camps) to protect the government from citizen uprisings. You will be told, they have temporary housing for you, in safe camps with protection, yes protection! Of course the gate will be locked, to keep out harm, but you are not allowed to go out the gate, “for your own safety of course”. Then our government can start to reduce the population to control the overcrowding, so those deemed to be undesirables can be reduced (to ashes).


New Flash: HR645 has renamed these locations as National Emergency Centers.” Who’s Emergency?


The Government will maintain Peace, even if they have to cancel all your “Constitutional Rights”.

The Government rules by FEAR, most of our politicians love the power they have to walk all over you.


Why will Civilians be under control of the Army? Are you a Civilian?

Notice: There is no mention of what to do if someone tries to walk away! Are you denied the right to leave? Does that mean you are a prisoner? What that means is that you have not been arrested, so you have no right to a trial, or release (no Habeas Corpus). Like what I’m telling you? Germans were also naive in 1933.

On the 17th of February 2006 Halliburton confirms to Council of Foreign Relations, about building more Detention (Concentration) Camps to hold detainees.

You “MUST,” read this entire article. >> See: Halliburton:

Pay particular attention to the picture of about 500,000 Plastic Coffins shown on this site. Convenient when you are to be cremated in one of these disposable coffins.

Wake up Americans.


First: Why do we have more NEW Detention Centers built to hold civilians?

See REX 84 below.


Second: Why did Halliburton get $800 million to build more Detention Centers?  We already had over 600 camps. See REX 84 below.


Third: Why did the United Stated Army get instruction on how to treat civilians in April 2005? See REX 84 below.


Forth: WHY has our government come up with:

Army Regulations 210-35, “Civilian Inmate Labor Program?” / April 2005.

This is for real Folks; wake up and realize our government has full intentions to enslave us. You will follow orders, or else.  If you don’t believe this, why did our government establish this ARMY plan, the 14th of April 2005? When/Why is the Army going to have CIVILIANS, to put to LABOR? Will it be you? Are you ready to surrender?

Look at Executive Order 11000. Look at Sedition Act to arrest you for comments.


Fifth: Why did the government enact the “War Commissions Act of 2006” that eliminates your stupid right to “Habeas Corpus”, your right to a court trial if you are possibly considered a danger to the government, like demonstrating against “any” government actions. See REX 84 below.

You don’t want to believe this is treason, but it’s Heeerrreee.

                                     “YOU NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHT, to a trial”.

WHY did our government cancel your right to Habeas Corpus in 2006? That’s right,

“Your Right to face your accusers in a court of law”, “your right to a trial” to see if you are guilty! 

The 6th Amendment of our Bill of Rights cancelled by the “War Commissions Act of 2006”, Because: You might try to demand your, 1st Amendment rights of Free Speech, and the right to Peacefully assemble to confront our government:

That is a threat to the government.


What do you think they’d do if you demanded your 2nd Amendment rights to own and “CARRY” a gun at the same time?

The Bill of Rights did not say you have a right to own a gun: “If the government gave you permission”. The Declaration of Independence said you had that Right to protect America from a government that no longer met our needs.

We have that condition right now.


The Bill of Rights did not mean, a peashooter; it meant a gun capable of protecting us: From those whom we elect to run the legal-ness of government, when that government no longer protects American citizens rights. That when the government fears us; we have a Democracy; when we fear the government: We have Terrorism. Welcome to America!


The government says: You do not need protection from your government; they are here to help (control) you!

The government knows what is best for you. Just OBEY! Stop complaining.


Sure they are here to help you, as long as you follow orders. First on the governments list is to cancel the Bill of Rights, every single line of it, to keep you in line. No more nonsense about Rights.


   Habeas Corpus: The Constitution says, our government “may not” repeal “the right to a trial”, yet our

Attorney General Gonzalez said: Americans never had “The right to a trial in the first place!” 


We are losing our Amendments, no 1st Amendment, no 2nd Amendment, no 4th or 5th Amendment, no 6th Amendment, when are you going to fight back, are you Mad, and not going to take it anymore?

If you interfere with the government, then you are an enemy of the administration, subject to removal.

NO 8th amendment? The law that says you may not receive “Unusual or Cruel punishment”, shall we just do away with that right also? Water boarding: Not cruel? It depends on whether you are giving or receiving such “treatment”.


You can go to those Army controlled camps I told you about above.

Not arrested, “just” Detained. (Forever?) (Until cremation?)


You will be told: You do not have any rights, do not demonstrate against the government, shut up, or else, and the police already enforce this.


Sixth: “Why” has our government enacted “Public Law 87-297” giving our government the right to enter your home to remove all weapons you may own? This is the start of additional laws to disarm all divisions of our military. Think you can fight back? Well! Public Law “87-297” gives our government the right to disarm all citizens for the orderly takeover by the United Nation. If you refuse, the SWAT Team will be willing to convince you. See

Second Amendment rights? You don’t have any.


Seventh:  REX 84! Next, why has the government passed what is called Ready Exercise 1984 (REX 84) to establish the Detention Centers in America, staffed and empty at the moment. It has been explained these camps are for use, in case America is invaded. (There are no illegal aliens in these camps) You must not demonstrate against the government.

No more 1st Amendment.

No more 2nd Amendment.

No more 5th Amendment.

No more 6th Amendment.

So: Off to Detention Centers, waiting for you. 

So: “REX 84” Read and weep.

So: You scoff at the idea our government could really do such a thing.

We had laws, and a Constitution and Bill of Rights, sure “we did”, but our government has constantly chipped away at those rights, canceling item after item.

As I said above, “Losing Amendments.”

Remember Oriental “AMERICAN CITIZENS” in 1942 sent to Camps?

Congress makes all the Laws?

NO, NO, NO, Presidents since the time of George Washington have the right to make what are called “Executive Orders”. Laws in effect, unless “Stopped” by a vote in Congress.

I want you to examine these “Executive Orders” that have been passed and are legal laws, and ask yourself, WHY such laws have been passed. 


                  “The removal of our Constitution and Bill of Rights”.

Do you want to be a citizen of the New World Order, or of the United States?

  Are you going to surrender now, to watch our nation be destroyed?

     I still have this website, because I’m trying to save this nation for you.

        The world politicians started the League of Nations in 1915, but a stupid assassination started WW I, the

War to end all wars. We did not follow through to restore Europe after that war; WE won, then we came home.


Hitler managed to sweet talk Germans in to giving him the power to clean up impossible inflation. Hitler instilled pride in Germany for Germans. Germans didn’t get any other help, so they were conned in to believing in Hitler. Germans were proud of the restoration of their nation under Hitler’s leadership, but he didn’t stop there.


1920 stopped the League of Nations, until after WW II, when these rich people again started the United Nations, based in our New York City to unite nations of the world.

The plan of the United Nations! The establishment of “A One World Government”.