Thank goodness President Bush, and now Obama went over the heads of the Senate, and gave

GM, and Chrysler loans to help these manufactures recover, to keep Americans employed, I’d hoped these companies would find a way to continue employing and making cars Americans want to buy if they can afford them.


The next thing our wonderful government must do (I would do), is to insist that every single part that goes into cars in America, are made in America. The failure of General Motors is the failure of the United States of America.


Let me qualify one thing right off the top. My parents moved to Detroit in August 1935 when I was 8 years old. I left Detroit in 1944 to move to Los Angeles to live with my father. So I went to school in Detroit. I know Detroit.


My Stepfather was a Tool and Die Maker, as was a co-worker named Walter Reuther. In 1938-39 my stepfather worked with Walter Reuther at the “Detroit Aluminum and Brass” in Detroit. Walter Reuther was the founder of the United Autoworkers of America. Little did I realize then “who he was” other than a family friend, often visiting our home. So I know Detroit. Both Walter and my step father were of German ancestry.


I know all the factories that hired Americans to build autos Americans wanted to buy, when they had money to buy a car. I know the many sub suppliers that make all the parts that are assembled to produce that car; that Americans wanted to buy.

So lets save the American auto industry.


Those factories in Detroit are now GONE, destroyed by the riot in 1967. I’m angry.


Next I wrote to the Directors of GM on April 1st 09, asking them to support my bid to the Presidency of this nation. They regrettably thanked me, as it is too late, but further communication with GM advised me, they were filing for bankruptcy on June 1, 09.


Why is GM failing? Well on August 8th 09 I visited a local Honda dealer in my community, in response to a 1998 Pontiac Montana SUV for sale for $2975.


I thought that was a vehicle I could use for a family member. I drove the vehicle, and was thrilled, I thought it would be a good buy. Then I investigated this vehicle by searching Google for “Pontiac Montana problems”. Total Shock: I could not believe the negative remarks by those who had or still own a Pontiac Montana. Plastic intake manifolds that crumble and disintegrate, wiring problems to the rear lights because the gage of wiring used is burning up, tail light assemblies having to be jerry rigged since the sockets are burned up. Problems after problems, and realize the Oldsmobile, Chevy and Buick Vans are the same design and parts, only the name is changed (to protect the innocent).

Trying to change a water pump on those V6’s is a nightmare. Why?

How long has Pontiac been in business, and they do not understand how to build cars! What is going on in (and I use this term loosely) Engineering? Now to add insult to the whole story, that V6 engine is in Chevy Malibu’s and many other GM cars. Sorry but a Plastic intake manifolds is stupid engineering. The use of a GM antifreeze solution that eats away at the plastic; is totally stupid. Are GM engineers from other nations, hired to destroy the American auto industry? Come on GM.


What next?

I will demand, “Not one single screw made in some other country”. That will equalize the cost of research and manufacturing of all cars in our nation. Detroit can’t compete when 90% of the parts of foreign car parts are imported. But! Detroit ran out of money by March 09, then what, (they did)? I’m not talking about Detroit per se: I’m talking about the “workers” who have no where else to go, when those plants close the doors, and the CEO’s retire to their Million Dollar mansions in Grosse Point, with Millions in the bank.

These Millionaires will survive, the workers will not.


Now let me explain one drastic thing that happened to the auto industry and sub suppliers. In July 1967, most

of Detroit was destroyed by the African Americans when they rioted. I’ve already commented about Detroit cops as being out of control. But the citizens should have taken on the police, “or” obeyed the law, not destroy society and businesses. You do not burn down your own community to get even. I feel sorry for the African Americans and how they were treated in Detroit, but they were guilty of not obeying the law to begin with, lets rebuild Detroit.


So in actuality not many cars are actually built in Detroit anymore, but in other cities in our nation, so when these workers are laid off, they are laid off all over America. GM build a modern plant just north if Detroit in Warren, MI. Detroit as a city is destroyed, I don’t believe Detroit can be physically restored.


Ford is in Dearborn, MI, which wasn’t burned, so Ford is still in a better position financially today, while the major portion of Detroit was destroyed. Factories, and homes, stores, gas stations, in general the town has been destroyed, and the best solution will be to completely destroy the rest of the town and start over. The cost of building new plants and moving so many people to new homes; was a great financial loss to the industry. Those manufacturers have yet to recover this cost of moving.


Of course Dearborn, MI is now a Muslim Nation within our nation. Non Muslims better leave, Christians are not allowed. Why? Who allowed the Muslims in Detroit, well our government that has allowed these Muslims to immigrate to America.

So they can bring their laws and behavior to all of America.

Ladies of America, get ready to cover up, obey Sharia Laws, obey your master.


Why is it critical in America to save these Full Scale manufacturing facilities?

Keep reading and you will find out.


Wall Street bailed out? When will Congress bail out Main Street?

While taxpayer’s money was given to save Wall Street, banks gave out Billions in Bonus’s to executives.


Well! You got a check last Spring 08 to help you; now it was their turn. You got what? $300, $600, $1200? They got WHAT? BILLIONS. Spoil sport, complain, complain.

You each got $250 Stimulus money the month of May 09. Whoopee.

(That’s taxable when you file taxes in 2010, be sure to add to your total income)

It costs a lot to live the life of a Millionaire, or Billionaire, with all the people they have to pay to wait on them. Life is so cruel in the real world where we live.


How many stores are closing in your community? How many little factories closing? How many of you expect to be laid off in the next 6 months? What are you going to do? The failures in the next 6 months are going to shut down 50% of America.

Chrysler and other car manufacturers closing for 45 days or more to save money, while Citibank and other banks are raising credit card interest rates, after Congress just “gave” them up to $850 Billions of your dollars to bail out the financial barons of Wall Street.


The clerks in the Unemployment offices will look down their nose at you, why are you applying for Unemployment? Go out and get a job. What do you do when there are 10 job offers, and 1000 applicants for that job? I’m sure the employers will make you a good offer, HA, HA, HA. You will accept any offer, because you are hungry. The employer loves this situation. Then you find the Illegal Aliens got the jobs for half pay, and no benefits.


Remember: I was in Detroit during the depression, when hundreds of thousands were out of work, and the cops beat workers who dared demand workers rights, and safety for workers. I remember food lines with thousands of men hoping to get some food to take home to their children. I remember no food for up to 3 days at a time, time after time. I remember when “all we had” at home, were catsup sandwiches. I remember brown bags from Welfare of Corn Meal, and Flour, and lard.


I remember.


Remember “now” you do not need any union to protect your rights, until the unions are gone.


Will there be more collapse on Wall Street, now Bush says he didn’t want to be President with the start of a “Depression greater than the 1930’s”.


Let’s be honest, this situation was not caused by President Bush; this has been in the planning of the New World Order, since even before 1946 when the United Nations was formed.

Do you think President Bush seemed out of touch with our situation, I sure do?


You are seeing the “Start of the collapse of our nation”. Congress has been turning a blind eye to the American worker, and what are we going to do? What are you going to do? Surrender? How are you going to pay your rent or house payments, how are you going to feed your family? Just wait 10 years and this will all be over.


Have Patience, and please don’t clutter up the parks with your cardboard box you live in, stay out of sight, the really rich don’t want to see your clutter.

Out of sight, out of mind.


OR: Come out fighting mad, and take back this nation that Patriots have fought to preserve for us.

Don’t take this laying down, “do something”; don’t just give in like wimps.

Don’t wait until you have nothing left, and have to beg for scraps.


That’s why I am here for you; I’m trying to do something, for “YOU”.


Now I wonder if these companies are laying off the workers in their foreign plants? This is a real serious situation, and our Senators refused to save the jobs of 3 million American jobs because: The Union would not agree for the auto industry workers to take a $20/hr pay cut. Will Ford lay off workers in Mexico?

How much are American autoworkers being paid? Is this a 33% or a 50% pay cut?


Are our Senators  and Congress willing to take a pay cut? It is hard for me to understand how the Senate and Congress want YOU to take a pay cut when we are paying them $14,600/mo. ($91.00/hr) Congress works so hard for their money while you just have a picnic on the production line. I’ve watched the production lines as far back as 1940 at the Lincoln factory on Livernois Ave. just north of Warren in Detroit. I know how hard autoworkers work.


The American and foreign car manufacturers already have a huge excess of unsold cars on the dealers lots. Will they decide to stop production all together until this backlog of unsold cars is cleared?

Why make more cars when buyers can’t risk buying anything out of fear they might also be laid off soon!

What if the auto companies do not call back the workers for two or three or ? months.

They already have made more cars than they can sell this model year. What next?


Most of the executives already have enough money to live out the rest of their lives without any more income.

Do you have enough money to do that?


Remember that! When those factories close, and the other 2.7 million Americans who make all the parts that make those cars are also out of work.


We are now paying the Senate and Congress $14,600/mo. to sit on their behinds, while our autoworkers struggle with real labor, hard dirty work, on their feet 8 hours a shift. Remember that production line is

moving and the workers have to walk along with the line, while they do their job on each vehicle. PS: they don’t stop the line for breaks or fatigue. Either you keep up, or you’re out.


Congress got an automatic pay raise of 2.8% this last January 2010, for an extra $6000/ year/12 = $400/mo raise. I got an automatic letter that told me, no raise for SS retiree’s.

See it’s really hard to live on $14,400/mo; they needed that extra $200 a MONTH while the autoworkers take a pay cut.


What bothers me is how many Americans make less than $15/hr to begin with?

Do you earn less than $15/hr.? How many Americans make less than $10/hr?

How much pay cut did the Senate and Congress demand Wall Street take when they gave them $850 Billion of your tax money?????????????????????????


They didn’t even ask the banks if they’d ever pay it back.

When are we going to defend Americans?