My Biography

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Who am I?:

OK So Iím an 90-year-old retired citizen, (2017), Yes, 90, but Iím the healthiest 90 year old in America, and have been around long enough that I see what is happening to our nation, and Smart enough to know we must do something NOW.


When youíre 20 you know that you know everything, at 40 you realize you didnít actually know that much at 20, then when you get to be 60 itís not education that counts, itís Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.

You canít teach Understanding, or Wisdom, that only comes with age and experience.

You can get a lot of education, but you canít teach, ďSmartĒ, that only comes with age.

Thatís why we sometimes go to our elders for advice, because you know your parents, and grandparents have lived to learn experience, and wisdom, and you want their wisdom to guide you.


Well Iím going to give you that Wisdom, to help this nation.

There is a lot of difference between being Educated, and being Smart, Iíll bank on ďSmartĒ every day.


Iím not a businessman, nor a politician, IíM RETIRED, Thank goodness; Iím still an honest person.

I love this country, and I with the help of you citizens we must save America, or we will just be part of the United Nation.


How many of you have good feelings about politicians? Or used car salesmen?

We have learned that politicians lie to us; we do not expect them to tell us the truth, why?

Salesmen have only one quest, to make a sale, so they lie to you; anything needed to get you to buy their product, a car or whatever.

Congress and the Senate sold you a story that if you elected them, they would represent you.

Fools! They forget us the day after the election.

Have you had enough of these lies?

Did you think Obama would lie to us? If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance!

Do you want some truth in our political offices?

Yet you continue to elect Career Politicians? Why?


I could just sit back, and enjoy retirement, not worry about the future: I do worry about the future.

I canít just sit back, and ďdo nothingĒ anymore, because the future for my children, and grandchildren, your children, and grandchildren, because OUR America is in trouble.


†††† Iím very sharp about what is going on in our government. I may be 90, but Iím not ready to be in the old folks home.

I belong in the White House where I can do you some good for you.


††† In 1971 I started tracing my ancestry in America. ďAllĒ of my ancestors were in America before 1800. Three of my ancestral families came on the ďMayflowerĒ (Francis Cooke, George Soule, and Edward Doty) many more of them were here before 1700. One of my 4th Great grandfathers, Seth Huddleston fought in the Revolutionary War in Massachusetts, two of my great grandfathers, Samuel Huddleston, and Readon Johnson fought in the Civil War.


†† The more I traced my ancestry, the more I saw how, and why our American ancestors wanted to liberated us from the British, and what our founding fathers had intended for our citizens to enjoy in this, our country. We have strayed from those original intentions.

Itís time to restore America to its greatness.


†† I also see how we have displaced the Native-Americans, who were the original settlers of this nation. While based upon todayís economy the amount we paid the natives was not a small amount, based upon unimproved land that we were paying for seemed reasonable compensation at that time, from the immigrants from Europe.


Some European immigrants used force to relocate the Native Americans in an embarrassing manner.

We owe descendants of these natives a lot more consideration in todayís economy. But then, people have been migrating since the beginning of civilization, in all lands on earth. Now we have borders to define one country from another, and we must protect our borders for an orderly controlled amount of migration. I canít reverse history, but I understand some of my ancestors were not fair to the Native Americans. Only those Ancestors who were Quakers treated and helped Native Americans to live equally honest lives. I wish this had happened differently, but I canít change the past.


†† Of these early immigrant ancestors Iím descended from the Huddlestonís, Cordellís, Macyís, Coffinís, Gardnerís, Starbuckís, Swainís, Worthís, Bunkerís, Stantonís, Clarkeís, Batchelorís, Kimballís, Reynolds, Caseís, Fishís, Giffordís, Wingís, Souleís, Cookeís, Johnsonís, Brownís, Harrellís, Pettisí, Lawtonís, Wrightís, Cornellís, Simmonís, Pinkhamís, Shattuckís, Wilburís, Lathamís, Severanceís, Austinís, Jonesís, Charlesís, Albertsonís, Andersonís, Spencerís, Nelsonís, Williamís, Pierceís, Baileyís, Birdsallís, Nicholsonís, Winslowís, Barrowís, Overmanís, Newbyís, Reynolds, Rundellís, Thomasís, Quinbyís, Haightís, Washburnís, Scottís, Rednapís, Molynieuxís, Briggs, Wyattís, Newmanís, Tylerís, Websterís, Lockwoodís, Sandís (Sandyís), Rayís, Guthrieís, Alcockís, Ferris, Hutchinsonís, Shelleyís, Palgraveís, Kentís, Averyís, Pringleís, Kempís, Wallisí, Bicknellís, Meadís, and many others, all in America before 1800.


Since Iím descended from King Edward I of England, and his wife ďEleanor of CastileĒ, daughter of King Ferdinand III, I also have Spanish ancestry. Iím descended from ďEl CidĒ, a Spanish hero, about 1000 AD. That makes me distant cousins to King Ferdinand, and Queen Isabella who financed ďColumbusíĒ exploration that led to finding the Western Hemisphere. History can be interesting.

When I last checked, I am related to 22 Presidents, from George Washington, & Thomas Jefferson, to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nixon, Ford, Carter, including the Bushís and Mr. Obama from his mothers side of the family, including related to Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.


PS: Iím 10th cousin of Mitt Romney, GOP candidate.


I was born in Indianapolis, IN, in 1927. Iíve been married, divorced, and have 2 children. Yes Divorced, as half the people in America have been. It takes 2 to make a marriage, and one cannot force the other partner to ďlove and honorĒ. So I live with it.


††† In 1935 when I was 8, my family moved to Detroit, MI where I became aware of the struggle of the founding of the Auto Unions.

In 1938/39 Walter Reuther was a constant visitor to our home to involve my stepfather in the formation of the United Auto Workers, and American Federation of Labor. My stepfather was a ďTool, and Die MakerĒ, as was Mr. Reuther, who worked in the auto plants in Detroit. They worked together for the Detroit Aluminum and Brass Co. in 1938-39 era.

My stepfather was also involved in investigating the German Bund organization, for the FBI in the 1930ís. The Bund tried to get autoworkers to join the Communist party to fight the auto manufacturers. Instead the Americans joined the A F of L, and CIO unions.

Of course at that time I didnít realize how important this was to the future of citizens in our nation.


It was then, that an event happened that turned me from ever using alcohol, my stepfather, and his friends from work would often get together on Friday or Saturday night to play cards, and of course some of the men had to drink alcohol. Occasionally one of the guys would get sick from drinking, and go out on the front porch to throw up. I was the one, the next day that was supposed to go out, and clean up the mess. At age 12 I could never understand how someone could drink something that made you so sick you had to throw up. So I NEVER had any urge to drink, why? If it made you sick, something is wrong here. Of course I think thatís why Iím so healthy now. Iíve always done things in moderation.


As a child of a Quaker descended family it was also pointed out to me, that toy guns were not toys. I was taught that you donít pretend to shoot anyone; guns were for protection, we never had a gun in our home. I never wanted a toy gun, and didnít have one.

Part of my training from Quaker ancestry, that if you trusted your government to protect you, you didnít need to own a gun.

Now Iím not so sure, I know my government canít and wonít and doesnít protect me.


††† So life in Detroit brought me to be so aware of the struggle of the citizens during the depression era. Then, (in the 1930ís) ďto be on welfareĒ was a total embarrassment. We went without food for days at a time, without heat in the middle of winter because there were no jobs, and no money. In the winter of 1938 I went after school every day with my wagon to find scrap plastic from one of the factories near us (when we lived on the corner of Domine, and Dwyer), to burn in our stove to heat our home, I was then 11 years old.

You havenít lived until supper consists of Ketchup sandwiches, or NO sandwiches. I know what it is to be hungry.


†† Iíve never been involved in politics at all, but Iíve observed, and studied a lot our history since about 1936 when Roosevelt ran for re-election, and we children in school were learning how our government worked.

Detroit was a good example ofďItís not who you are, but who you knewĒ that got you anywhere. Graft everywhere in Detroit.


††† I became interested in Electronics at age 6. At age 20, I became employed doing Radio, and TV servicing. I worked as a Broadcast Engineer for a bit, then on to Industrial Electronics. I Worked as an Associate Engineer for Jet Propulsion Labs. Then worked for the ďUniv. of So. Calif. Medical SchoolĒ where I videotaped Psychiatric patient interviews for 15 years, for medical training of doctors in the Los Angeles County Hospital, Department of Psychiatry. In 1981 I started working for the Los Angeles Community College District at Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys, CA as a Sr. Electronic Technician. I retired from there in 1992.

I Still like Video Production, and Computer work. I keep informed and educated about new electronics development, environmental problems, how to clean up hydrocarbon spills, water safety, employee safety, and many other scientific fields. A constant learning curve.

I was like a lot of you, working for a living, with no time to run for politics, until I retired.


†† What car did I drive? a used 1996 Cadillac limo made in Texas, a nice American car

that I bought in March 2006 for $8200. Not new, but needed, to go scouting for my campaign.

My 88 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, had seen better days, unfortunately, I loved that car. I will not buy a front wheel drive car, too many service problems, and too hard to work on, those cars are a design abortion. Iíve never owned a brand New car in my entire life.


This Cadillac looked real nice. If you buy a Cadillac, you will save a lot of money on gasoline! How? Well you wonít drive much, because you canít keep the car running for more than 100 miles before the car wonít run again, just think, how long tires will last. I was only been able to drive about 500 miles in one year as I canít keep the car repaired enough to drive anywhere.

It finally works better, when I can afford repairs. I finally had to replace one of the computers that run the car, now itís running sort of great, except I was getting 22mpg on the highway, now Iím lucky to get 17mpg.


Iíve owned a 1960 Cadillac, a 1974 Cadillac, and a 1981 Cadillac; all three of them were soon disposed of; as not worth owning,

I should have known better than to buy this 1996.

However, now Iíve discovered that when subjected to cold weather, the paint on the hood of this Cadillac is now peeling off, since the hood was not properly primed before the coats of paint was applied. But thatís the best Cadillac can do I guess. No excuse for this failure. Iíve seen too many really bad paint jobs on cars that are just a few years old, and not covered by the manufacturer as a recall. Cadillac sayís ďToo badĒ.I had hoped that Cadillac had improved over the years, but I was wrong, and I canít afford to buy another car now. Maybe after Iím elected I can find another car that is safe to drive. If Cadillac is the best American manufactures can produce, America is in trouble. Every General Motors car Iíve ever owned has been a lemon. (3 different Cadillacís, Chevroletís, Buickís)

I paid $300 to have the hood repainted, results: The paint still peels off, waste of money and time.


Oh well what can you expect from a has-been company like GM. Come on GM, I know you can do better.


I also had an 86 Chevrolet pickup truck, (that hasnít run for 15 years), and most of the paint has peeled off of that body too, whatís wrong with General Motors? Then they complain about competition from foreign cars. I finally gave that away to a homeless couple to live in the 14í camper on the truck.


I want to have words with some of these so called automotive engineers; we must restore our auto industry in America.


I want some great American cars again; can it be done? I want better access for service built in to our cars, and I want it now.

I want real metal bumpers on our cars.

I want that vehicle you and your family are driving to be safer.

Now todayís cars crush like a soft drink aluminum cans.

What use to be a simple fender bender, is now a $6,000 repair job, or itís totaled.


Iím not running for President to get rich, I donít need the money at this stage in my life.

I have enough income for now.††


††† I know our politicians will say, You get what you pay for, well weíve been cheated, we sure haven't been getting what we've paid for, don't you think it's time you got what you have already paid for?



My Political Party? Well, I was a Republican until President Nixon, then I registered as a Democrat until Clinton, then I registered as an Independent. Iíve looked at the other political parties, what party do I belong to? Presently None. These parties disappoint me, I see them submitting our nation to the United Nations. The Democratic and Republican parties donít seem to offer what America needs; Iím only an ďAMERICANĒ.


However now to get elected I needed a party affiliation of some sort, as the ďElectoral CollegeĒ system actually Elects the President. We citizens really donít actually elect the president, so I need to have a party of a group of citizens in each of the 50 states by 2016, any volunteers?


Do I need to have a Cordell Party? I thought how about ďAmerican PartyĒ, but that already exists. Now Iím convinced we need a ďTEAĒ Party to save America.

Iím your Conservative Candidate.