Books: Important to read

In 1971 I started to research my ancestry,

I started reading a lot of books as to what was/is happening in our nation.

As I had a lot of concern, and have been stirred up,

as I read the following books,

and realized just how serious this problem is in our nation.


I’m overwhelmed by the treason I see going on,

and how our nation is being given away to these

“New World Order” politicians.


Want some References? Look up, or go buy some of the following books,

to educate yourself as to what is going on with our safety, and the future of our country.

Don’t just believe me, read some of these books for yourself.

Part of the Master Plan to Destroy America

These books are not Fiction: This is reality time.


1. America, What Went Wrong?”       By Donald L. Bartlett, and James B. Steele

This book is a compilation of articles in the Philadelphia newspaper in 1990-1991,

This is what Romney was doing, “buying up assets of companies,

lay off all employees, sell the assets, and move any manufacturing out of our nation”.

Pocket Billions, screw Americans.


(Pensions moneys gone; Companies buying out other companies,

then raiding the Assets of companies,

closing the doors, enriching the corporate leaders,

laying off millions of Americans from companies

that had supported American workers for decades).


(After President Reagan let the “Savings and Loans” rip you off.

Charles Keating of the “Lincoln Savings and Loan, in Los Angeles”,

stole $2.6 Billion from depositors, you paid that back,

Keating went to prison for about 4 yrs.)

This is so important as to what has happened to Corporate American

Senator John McCain was Keating’s friend,

and involved in this scandal, that became the infamous “Keating Five” 

Read about this event as part of the text at:


2.Bordergate” by Darlene L. Fitzgerald, and Peter S. Ferrara

Unfortunately this site no longer exists, about the Customs Service in America.

(“The story the government doesn’t want you to read.”)

You could Read about how importation of drugs,

and other possible weapons of Mass destruction

was being allowed to enter America, while any attempt by agents to stop this resulted

in Border Agents being “fired”, or arrested, and sent to prison

for doing the job “we hired them to do”. 

Don’t interrupt your government’s importing drugs.

Are Drugs the pathway to the destruction of our nation, by the CIA?

Our government imports illegal drugs

When agents discover an Railroad Oil Tanker car entering America

from Mexico actually contained 20 tons of Cocaine,

those agents were fired for disobeying orders

from Washington D.C. to not search those tankers.

See something wrong here?


It is no wonder this agent finally quit in disgust, she couldn’t stand

this anymore, and walked away while she still had respect for herself.

When I’m President, I want Border Guards to contact me directly about violations.

When you have “hours of free time” > Look what our government is actually “not doing” about

these problems, you just won’t believe this.

Try these Internet sites:


3. “Fixing the INSanity”, by INS Agent Neville W. Cramer, Retired

(How attempts by the INS trying to protect our borders,

are sabotaged by the President, this agent told me;

There are "at least" 32 million illegal aliens of many nationalities in our nation.) as of 2006


4. “See No Evil”, by Robert Baer, CIA agent. The name tells you enough


5. “In Mortal Danger”, by Congressman Tom Tancredo, (R) CO

2006   (His Battle for American Borders, and Security)

See; the end of this site for his suggestions


6. 4 Books” "State of Emergency”, “The 3rd World Invasion”, “Conquest of

America", and “The Great Betrayal”, by Patrick Buchanan


7. "Fighting Immigration Anarchy", by Daniel Sheehy


8. "Minuteman, The Battle to Secure America's Borders",

by Jim Gilchrest, and Jerome R. Corsi, Ph. D.


9.Worse than Watergate”, The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush,

by John W. Dean, (former Counsel to President Richard Nixon)


10. “Unlimited Access”, an FBI agent in the White House, Gary Aldrich


11. “The Rape of the Taxpayer”, by Philip M. Stern


12. “Who’s Looking out for You?”, “Culture Warrior”,

and “The No Spin Zone”,  by Bill O’Reilly


13. “The Invisible Government”, David Wise & Thos. Ross

The story of what really goes on, off the books, what is never told to us,

about how our government (not you) really runs things world-wise.


14. “A Call; for Revolution”, Martin L. Gross,  (1993)

How Washington is Strangling America, and how to stop it.

Tax Laws that destroy the Middle Class

The Welfare Program, a National Disgrace

The Two Party Dictatorship

A Power-Mad Washington

A Bloated, and Indifferent Congress


15. “At the Center of the Storm”,

                              by, Bill Tenet, Director of the CIA. “9/11 exposed”.


16. The Late Great U.S.A. Corsi

                                                    17.  Policies of Deceit:

       18. The Coming Global Superstorm:

       19. The Death of the West: Pat Buchanan

  20. A Country I Do Not Recognize:

21. Where the Right went Wrong:

                                                  22. America Theocracy:

                                                  23. The New Thought Police:

                                   24. Ten Things You Can’t say in America: Larry Elder

   25. The Mafia, CIA, & George Bush:

 26. The Final Day’s: Bob Woodward

                                         27. Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. Terry Reed. CIA drug imports.

                    28. The Right to Remain Silent: Milton Meltzler

               29. The Manchurian President: Aaron Klein

30. Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A.

         31. Inside The United Nations: Steve Bonta

   32. The Shadow of Power: James Perloff

            33. Whose Freedom Freedom? George Lakoff

34. Adios, America Ann Coulter 2015


+  Many, many more, “all” telling about the failure of our system of government. ReVote NOW.


Believe me there are many more books to inform you.

I’ve since added many more books as I expand my research into

what is going on and to our America.


Book # 27. “Compromised”, about the CIA training the contra’s


importing drugs in to Arkansas,

involving Lt. Col. Oliver North, and the Clintons: most informative.


After I read the above books, and “many” others about

“what is happening in/to America”,

I “Don Cordell” decided that,

“YOU” need me as your President.