Any candidate

that professed to remove the Illegal aliens

“was not be allowed to be on the Republican or Democratic platform”,

and “You” want the illegals gone?

Trump continued and got elected.


Obama “Professed a Change” in how he would handle

the “Illegal alien problem”, now that he knew you are upset over this problem.


BUT: He profess that we have to accept the Illegals: “As here”, and entitled to all benefits.

You can’t change the Spots on a Leopard.


It’s not bad enough that we have a “do nothing Congress and Senate”.

We have a GANG problem in this nation too, are you ready to surrender?

“MS 13”, Coming to your community soon.

I’m not sure who worse enemy is, Congress/Senate or the Hispanic gangs.


*All the other candidates will tell you what you want to hear,

but listen carefully, but after they are in office

they will proceed to support our invaders.

Don’t be fooled, the future of our nation must be in your hands.


Why did Congress give

“The Council of La Raza

$350,000 in 2007

to support their cause?

“To increases illegal immigration in to our nation”?


Congress gave La Raza $10,000,000 for 2008,

and $11,000,000 in 2009.

To help “invade” America.

Of course that problem will cease

when we remove our border with Mexico so Mexican citizens

can enter our nation legally. See! No fence needed.


If you had elected me,

there were going to be some big changes in Washington DC,

a new way of running this nation, “for the people”,

for Americans.

I’m not giving up, are you?


All illegal aliens will leave the same way they arrived,

on foot, hungry and scared.

I don’t want them to take anything with them except their children.

No more Money transfers to Mexico.