Do we have Chicago politics now ruining our nation? Notice how many appointees to Obama’s Cabinet, have tax problems, OH they intended to pay those taxes, just a slight oversight, none of them actually intended to cheat you honest citizen, who would go to jail if you did the same thing.

How many elected officials in this nation do you think break our laws, because they can, and don’t get caught, because they make the rules? Do you want an honest government, with honest people?

You won’t get it with Democraps or Republicons.


The Governor of Illinois fired, for planning to sell the Senate position, now we have the Governor

of New Mexico dropping out as Secretary of Commerce, because of malfeasance in office.

Senator Daschle really intended to pay those taxes, and employee withholding, he is as

honest as they come, HA HA HA.

I know politicians are human, but then they want us to put them on a pedestal as Gods gift to the world. Over and over, we find our politicians using their position for graft or sex. 1-12 13-25


We need to clean up our political system in this nation, or we will cease to be a nation.

We have had enough Nixon’s, Spiro Agnew’s, David Duke of Louisiana, Sarah Palin spending $150,000 on clothes for her campaign; we have a Congressman from Louisiana under indictment for money under the table (cold cash with marked bills in his refrigerator), a Californian Congressman, also selling favors, NY governor Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit,


The mayor of Baltimore was arrested for crimes in office (9Jan09), Congressman Mark Foley of Florida, a Senator of Alaska convicted of having work done on his home for favors.

How many just haven’t been caught? I could keep on naming screwed up politicians, but this website is big enough as it is.

Don’t forget George Bush’s plan, he tapped your telephone calls. Obama is still doing this!

I want to be able for us to tap our Presidents phone calls.


We’ve had enough Chicago politics. So! You get the idea, our elected officials from Dogcatcher, on up lying, stealing, corruption of every degree does not speak well of those we elect to run our government.

What are we to do? The thing is, we need some dedicated honest people in office to run this nation “for the people”.  We have lost our way since 1914. Is there such a thing as an honest politician?

Chicago police abuse

other police abuse, Passaic, NJ and others.



The deposed Governor of Illinois, pushed replacing Senator Obama position with another African American; the Illinois State “Attorney General” to fulfill the office of Senator Obama, to represent the state of Illinois in the Senate, then claiming that any refusal to seat this person, would be construed as Racist. Now that person may be perfect for the position, but it’s the Governors attitude, and gall when he is under indictment. Now isn’t it strange that the Republicans now have an African American leader of the party? Talk about playing “I’ve got one too”.

That’s not racism, or is it? At least now it’s out in the open where we can see it. Now that Illinois Senator is admitting he did get involved in trying to raise money for the Governor, innocently of course.


There is that word again, RACISM; when ever you want to force some issue, BLACK CITIZENS

claim refusal of accepting that person for office is evidence of Racism.


Do we need to have about 180 Senators “for each state in the Union”,

so no one is left out, we will need a male and a female of each world nationality, of each race, of each language, “for each state”, to make sure no one is left out because of RACISM or Sexism. Bull.