CHILDREN: + American youth

Now we medicate our children to be zombies in school,

drugged into compliance, for teachers who barely teach,

teachers can’t teach 30 to 40 children in one classroom?

I’ve read, and heard reports that state “70% of our children

are on “school demanded” Mood-Control drugs”;

I’d hope that is not real.


In the 30’s when I went to school,

there were 48 to 60 kids in every class,

6 rows wide, 8 to 10 seats front to back in the class rooms.

With no air conditioning, we were lucky to have heat.

I know learning can be boring for our children,

as they learn Math, (rote learning of times tables),

and many other classes seem boring to the children,

we all remember how those days were,

but that is how learning is for our children.


As we get older we know that is how learning works,

but the children get bored,

some teachers have the skill to make learning interesting.


Private schools outperform public schools, why?

For one thing, those parents care how their child is being educated,

and have a close relationship with the local school, and the teachers,

whereas if the Private school doesn’t please the parent,

the parent can enroll their student in another school.

If your child is going to public school, and you’re unhappy

 there is nothing you can do,

the public school do not care if you’re happy.


Unfortunately, the private schools are limited in the variety of classes offered,

they do not offer many of the sports, or other extracurricular classes

the public school have,

just because of the space required to have these classes

and enough students enrolled to afford the instructor

for some of those special classes.

All of our children deserve a good education,

not just attending school for so many program hours.


One of my children was ordered to be on medication until 13 years old,

in order to attend school.

I wasn’t brave enough to fight back then,

now I would.

Too many children are labeled as

“Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disordered”,

so “drug them”?


So! Does your attention wander?

Of course, we all do this.

Does Congress suffer from Attention Deficit?


We need to pay teachers more, to attract “more”, and “better” teachers.

We need to “allow” teachers to teach,

regardless of the administration holding them back,

but I want our teachers teaching our children:

what a wonderful nation this was/is.


Not teaching:

The children of today will have to take over our country

when they grow up, and change our nation

 to belong to the New World Order,

that teaches,

our nation’s doesn’t need borders anymore.


Our children are "not" being taught living skills,

because you as a family can’t afford the time to spend with them.


Why do our children turn to drugs

when they don’t know what else to do?

Hey you started drugging them to comply

with the schools regulations,

now you wonder why children think

drugs are the answer to every need.

Americans take entirely too much medication.

We are told that ”There is a magic pill for everything”.


How many of you believe, that when you go to the Doctor,

that if you weren’t given some medication,

that the Doctor didn’t treat you right?


“you are what you eat” and drink, and smoke and ------------


All medications have some Contraindications,

meaning some “bad reactions”, why?

"All" drugs have some side effects,

some bad side effects,

how many of you are self- medicating yourself?

And you wonder why you have more medical problems.

Read these side effects;

stop so much self-medication for better health.


Of course kids misbehave in school,

who has taught them to behave?

Our government demands we no longer spank our kids,

then wonder why the children of today are totally out of control,

our kids have no fear of punishment for anything they do.


If kids are bored in school, they turn to misbehavior.

Nothing is exciting anymore.

When I was a kid,

helping my parents took a lot of my spare time,

no time to be bored.


Now our kids have computers, games, and other distractions,

and very little contact with their parents as part of the home life.


We have dishwashers, and other time savers

that children use to be assigned to help run the home,

and we wonder why they are bored.

Before 1950 young children delivered the daily newspaper,

now someone drives by and drops the paper on the sidewalk,

never to be seen by the subscriber.

So much for our modern lifestyle.


As we advance into the Depression coming our way,

our children are learning some hard lessons of being deprived.


If we have 30 million adults unable to earn a living,

where will any child > becoming an adult have a chance of finding a job?


Our children are not taught:

“To be proud of our nation”.

Our public schools teaching that:

BAD White Americans are the problem.


The American family is in trouble;

you’re in trouble;

America is in trouble.