VIDEO’S: You must check out the Video’s that show the treason, in real time.


This nation was founded by brave Citizens who knew what Americans deserved:

To be a nation of Free People, they drafted our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and

as an after-thought, the 10 Bill of Rights, to “make sure” there was no confusion about our individual Rights in this new Nation.


Every “Right” was for “Each individual”, not a Militia, it gave citizens the right to form a Militia if necessary to preserve our new nation.

Try to form a Militia “now”, and see how far you get!


Now we have various states and cities that have decide that:

Your Rights of the “Second Amendment” to Own and Carry guns; do not exist in your area of America.


Can these local governments decide you do not have:

The Right of Free Speech,

The Right to Worship,

The Right to Demonstrate against the Government,


That you have:

No Rights against Unreasonable Search and Seizure,

No Rights against your property being seized by Eminent Domain in your town or state?

(You have already lost that right anyway)

No Rights against Incriminating Yourself?


May that local government decide: “You are not protected from Cruel and Unusual punishment”?

The Fifth Amendment gives you the right “To not incriminate yourself”, so when an officer is questioning you, then, the Cops tell you:

“Refusal to answer their questions, is a Felony”,

“Interfering with their investigation is a felony”.

What! No 5th Amendment Rights, no Miranda Rights. Police constantly ignore your Miranda Rights,

Oh they tell you, your rights, then continue to demand you answer their questions or else.

Our cops are out of control.


Either “Every one of the Bill of Rights”, protects “All of us” “Everywhere in America”,

OR: None of our rights exist, at the whim of some local elected government.

Our Cops believe, “The End, justifies the means.”

That Fifth Amendment: just gets in their way.


Unite with me Americans, and “I will protect all of our Rights for YOU”.

Now, let’s work together to protect all of our Rights, before “all of our” Rights end.

How to win WARS?



If you love America, you must check out “all” of this site, while it’s still legal for you to read this,

before the government censors any controversial revelation of information like this.


The New Hate Speech bill; May restrict any and all discussion about our government:

Being a Terrorist Act, no more Conservative Talk Radio, or Internet: to Shut us UP.


If there ever was a PONZI scheme, our U. S. Government is guilty, our government is broke,

we’ve been broke for a long time, actually since 1914, you just didn’t know it.


We have about 30 Million Americans out of work, are they broke yet?


How soon will you be broke, two paychecks? Four paychecks? Six months of unemployment?

Do you think you are invincible, that it can’t happen to you?

Got investments, what will you do when those companies close, and drain all the value, leaving you holding an empty bag?

Stanford Investments, Barney Madoff, AIG, General Motors, and there is more coming.


My plan started a few years ago when I was reading a book,




I want you to realize this book was published in 1992; long before I was aware of the latest “what was happening in our nation”;

 but this was brought to our attention by the Philadelphia Inquirer as a series, starting in October 1991.

Check this out, look at the Index of: “America: What went wrong?”  By Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele,

they started the revelation, of what was happening to the industry of our nation, and how we were being sold.

That opened my eyes, and I did not see anyone in our government even trying to stop this,

even more so, our government has enabled the continuation of this scheme.

This book; describing how the rich buy up businesses in various cities,

stripping the company of all resources and money, and closing the doors, to make money.

It was then: That I knew “I had to do something”,

I just could not sit back, and say:

It’s time somebody does something!

Somebody is not doing “anything”, so we American citizens have to stop this destruction of our nation.

Our economy is going down the drain, and we are going down the drain with our money.


Now it’s 25 years later, do you see what is going on? Read More about this.

You and I are the suckers. I have to do something, and this website is my attempt.


I just need your faith to help me to “Restore America”.


Obama was hot on stopping “Conservative Talk Radio”,

to silence any controversy about the treason happening in our government.

Jay Rockefeller, (Senator) says: Fox and MSNBC must be turned off.


Just ask yourself, how did Obama even get consideration to become the Democratic nominee in 2008?


He had done nothing politically to even be considered.


Did I forget to mention, his mother worked for the Ford Foundations, a subversive organization, hell bent on a One World Government.


You have been scammed, and $650 Million was spent for campaign adds to convince you, you needed

“Fundamental Change you can believe in”. Suckers.

Change you’re Getting,        Happy?         If not!


Americans: We have major problems in this nation, and it’s not getting better!

There is a lot of information in this website,

I hope you are concerned and worried enough to read all of this information.

The hours it will take, weighed against what will be our future, if we do not do something NOW.


You’re seeing what Obama wasn’t doing, did you care?

Remember those “out of work” most likely do not have this information available,

they are poor, and can’t afford the Internet.

If we do not throw Obama out of office and replace him with an American!

We’ve got TROUBLE.

Freedom is something we must constantly fight to retain. I’m here trying to do this.

For the last 90 years World Leaders have orchestrated our surrender to: a

New World Order, a One World Government, UNITED NATIONS,

that of course will end wars: When you surrender, and you will!



Chrysler dealers were told they had 3 weeks to sell their entire stock of CARS?

What will you do when our government tells you; you have “3 weeks to surrender”?

No more WARS, no more killings, unless “you” resist the “New World Order” troops!


OR: We need to restart America with a clean slate,

and let the citizens know,

we are willing to defend this nation, and our ways of living,

not shut down America,

so the rest of the World can take control, and turn off our lives.


If you “do not think our government will kill you”, remember “Kent State”, “Waco TX”?

If you think your government can’t lock you up in camps, remember in 1942

when American Citizens of Japanese and German ancestry were sent to Relocation Camps.

(only two months after Dec 7 bombing of Pearl Harbor Hawaii),

they already had the camps built for 120,000 people.

Detention camps already built, before Dec 7th?

How and Why?

But when I tell you they have build new camps ready NOW for you,

and YOU do not believe me? Wake up America!

If we “do not conform” to the New World Life style, we are expendable

for the future plans of our politicians; there are more of us than needed.


GoogleBonus Marchread about how “General McArthur” fired on WW I Veterans,

who marched on Washington DC in 1932 to get the benefits they were promised, and ignored.

But they won’t shoot you for demonstrating, or resisting orders, or will they?

We will have PEACE: All you have to do; is surrender all of your rights.


Disaster strikes: Read carefully

“See the USA in your Chevrolet, no more, or Chinese built HUMMER”

“In my Merry Oldsmobile?”, no more.

IF General Motors fails, the United States fails.

What is bad for GM; is bad for the United States.

Monday June 1, 2009: GM files for Bankruptcy, do they have to repay the

$50 Billion? You have bought the store.

The United States is bankrupt; do you care?

You own 70% of GM, GM Nationalized, thrilled?

I knew you were. I would save GM.

Obama took over a private company, is yours next?


Chavez in Venezuela, Nationalized Oil Wells,

Mexico nationalized all the Oil industry,

now our USA government starts to Nationalize businesses, is your business next?

Don’t be so sure, Obama had plans, government control of everything,

something like Communism. Only he will call it “Fundamental Change”.

What next? What will you do when Government takes your home?

Why is our auto industry in trouble? “Uncontrolled foreign competition”!


What our government DID NOT DO:

Was controlling excessive imports of foreign parts to assemble foreign cars in America,

unfair financial conditions for America workers.


In 1929, we were told it was wrong to isolate America;

that we had to keep trading with other nations.

We of us, who were there, know this did not work;

the Depression did not end by anything Roosevelt’s New Deal did, or didn’t do.

My family finally ended up on Welfare at the beginning of 1938.

Back then, to go on Welfare was a disgrace, not an entitlement.

OK build Toyota’s, Honda’s, etc, but make every single part of that car, by Americans, in America.


ONLY the mobilization to produce the military needs for WW II brought us out of the Depression,

do not believe any other excuses. Now we have “Let’s make a Deal”.

Will it take mobilization for WW III to end this current job crisis? Who paid for WW II? No one yet!

The cost for WW II is part of what is called the “Deficit” that we owe, but only pay the interest on it.


The Big “LITTLE Three” are no more. Congress wasted our money to bail out Chrysler, and GM,

so they took the money and ran.

We gave GM $13 Billion, and another $7 Billion, and they want another $30 Billion,

so they can shut down production of American cars, and build a plant in China

to make cars to import, and sell to you as GM products.


I still think helping GM was the right thing to do, to continue production with full staff,

until the economy improved.

Big mistake GM?

I’m now worried that the employees will not care about quality,

since they are being shafted by the government.


Would you want to buy a car manufactured by angry employees?


Write to GM Executive Offices, and President Trump, and vent your concern,

visit your local dealer and let them know you will not buy any GM product, until GM supports all their dealers.


Have you heard one word of how for $160 Billion; our government is running AIG?

Or: Any of the other financial organizations that Obama loaned Billions of our dollars?


In 2008 GM sold 1,060,000 cars in China, already by June 2009 the Chinese have bought

over 850,000 GM cars made by GM in “China”. GM makes Billions in China, and lays off 400,000 Americans in America.

47 million Americans out of work, and “GM makes cars in China”!

Now realize those cars use gasoline, so China is competing for the world’s supply of gasoline.

While China is making military supplies, bragging:

They are building missiles that are capable of sinking American Aircraft carriers.

18 May 2009: Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles By TOM KRISHER

DETROIT (AP) - As thousands of General Motors workers await word on more U.S. plant closures,

reports that the company plans to import Chinese-made vehicles to the U.S.

has created a political problem for the automaker and the White House.

Leaked GM document shows automaker plans to sell China-built cars to U.S. consumers

Posted On May 14, 2009 by Chris Shunk

A planning document given to lawmakers by General Motors reportedly shows

that the Detroit-based automaker plans to ship 17,335 autos from China for sale in the U.S. in 2011.

If GM succeeds in importing vehicles to the U.S. from China, it could be the first automaker to do so.

Chevy sells cars in America, made in So, Vietnam.

Then there is the planned Chevy VOLT (batteries) to be made in Korea?

GM plans to lay off 400,000? Plus 1100 dealers.

Is this your America of the future?


On 1 April 2009 I promised GM, I’d save the company, by saving America.


The failure of GM will continue to lead to the failure of America.


Do you want GM/Chinese built cars on the roads of America?


OK, it’s time to take these manufactures to task.

I thought China was a Communist Nation, and we are against Communism? Guess Not!

I thought our government was for US; guess not.


Welcome to Socialism, you think this is what you want, what if you change your mind!

There will be no going back to Capitalism, this is a one-way road, once entered there are no turn offs.


I want our money back, if GM is not going to restore jobs and make cars in America.

GM is paying back the Government some $7 Billion already, so GO GM.


The executives will retire to Gross Point, and build gates to keep out the unwashed.

The 44,000 employees kept on the payroll will continue to bleed Congress, not to build American cars.

I spoke with Miss Anderson in the Executive office on the 28th of May 2009,

it’s my foregone conclusion that GM does not want to continue: profitably, they want to import cars to sell to you.

Your local GM dealer is Screwed. So you get screwed.


What “Was good for General Motors” “Was good for the United States”. GM quits!

Mr. Henderson, a 35 year GM man, quits, while the Government places Mr. Whitacre in charge.

Then Mr. Whitiacre left and another leader

GM dealers screwed, GM will dump all of them, the banks that are financing the stock on the lots,

will be left holding the Keys to Cars, Americans won’t buy.

Oh yes, the Government will guarantee the warrantee on these cars for you. HA, sure they will.

You do trust our government, don’t you?

Cash for Clunkers already broke, as buyers rushed to buy Foreign brand cars.


During WW II, GM was there 24/7, to manufacture what we needed to defend our nation.

Our ability to manufacture defense weapons will cease, and we will only be able to concede:

Surrender to the New World Order.


It’s a forgone conclusion that Chrysler is no more. Fiats made in Italy to be imported and sold by Chrysler,

what a disgrace for our nation, from a company that had made some great American cars.

Chrysler started down the road to failure in 1990 when they stopped making rear wheel drive cars.

The engineering started making the very small series of cars that were of such low quality

that you could not keep them running.

No wonder Mercedes dumped Chrysler after losing Billions, and went back to Germany.

The cars Chrysler made the last 25 years were not worth driving out of the showroom,

so good-bye Chrysler. Fiat’s with a Hemi, boy that should be interesting.


FORD! Well if they build cars in Mexico, then sell them in Mexico;

do not buy any car not manufactured in the United States.

Will Ford build our military needs in Mexico?


Do you remember that FORD shipped an entire Truck Factory to RUSSIA in 1947?

I have a list of the unbelievable stuff we shipped to Russia in 1945 on Lend Lease. Read this!

Just Google for “Lend Lease to Russia” make sure you are sitting down, so you don’t fall down in shock.

Never paid for, or acknowledged as helping Russia, then the Billions we spent on the Cold War with Russia?


You wouldn’t know about that, but we did it. Why?

Take notice of the Radioactive materials we sent to Russia in 1945.


Who’s fault is this? “CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES”.

Our Congress has not protected us from Imports that competed with American workers.

OH yeah! They give you this bit, that American car manufacturers “Did not build cars Americans wanted”,

yes the Big Three did, but not with the price protection for American manufacturers to compete against imports.

I do not care if you work for a company that Assembled Foreign Cars in America: of imported parts,

these are not American cars”. I’ve owned foreign cars, and I was not that impressed.

I want American cars, cars that I can get factory service manuals for the car, and repair parts

that are about 1/3rd the price of foreign parts. I want a serious talk with our engineers.

The tires on foreign brands of cars assembled in America, do not say Goodyear, or Firestone, or General, or any American brand.

Nothing on these cars says: “Made in America”. Only Assembled in America.


Our government has not controlled the price of oil imports at all since 1973, why?

Our government has restricted Drilling for more OIL in America, why?


YOU! The American consumer, have “sold America”.

Every penny you spend for “Made in China” destroys our economy, do you care? Your job may be next.

Congress has failed to allow us to Drill, to end our dependency on foreign oil, and they now make

you feel guilty for using any oil or gasoline, “it’s all your-fault”, because you want to drive a car,

when you could go back to riding the bus, and walking, or bicycling to work, as the Chinese use to do,

before we sold our sovereignty to China.


It’s “you” that sold America; you just don’t realize it.


PS: Oil from Alaska is sold to Japan, NOT brought to the west coast of America.


PS: Our Congress members ride in Limo’s in Washington D. C. for Free.


All manufacturing plants will be destroyed, to clean up the neighborhoods,

as they did with the Buick plant in Flint, MI.


Jobs have left America.

It’s not that production, and returning to jobs is an option.

It’s that “the factories have closed and left”, there are no jobs to return to.

Our service persons returning from active duty to find, the company they worked for

when they left, is no longer in business.

So back from duty, and now, no jobs. What kind of disaster is happening in our nation?

10% unemployment? 11% unemployment, that’s not the real story, how much is 10%?

Right now I estimate that means 30 million of all Americans, but it’s about 25% unemployment for black Americans,

100% UNEMPLOYMENT: for those now graduating from our High Schools and Colleges.


Look Americans:

WE are in Trouble with a capital “T”. When I see families, (single mothers with children)

put out on the street (for real) for being poor, IN AMERICA, that makes me sick, doesn’t that make you sick?

It sure as hell should, or don’t you care, as long as, you have your home?

If you don’t care, your day is coming; you just don’t realize what our situation really is.

A Single mother in Chicago standing by, while the Sheriff put her belongings

at the curb in the pouring down rain.

Locked out, with small children.

This is wrong, do you agree?

Jobs; not Welfare is the answer.


Our Veterans coming back from the current war; and no jobs for them;

Post Traumatic Stress of course.

Back from fighting a war; that we do not intend to win anything.


So surrender to the New World Order? Then what?

The “New World Order”

will tell you exactly how you will live, where you will live, where you will work,

and they will control every aspect of our lives, in exchange

for Total Submission to the new laws of a Totalitarian government.


Since we are now told must feed the poor of the world, the government will tell us

we have to ration, the proper amount of food that you deserve, no more, no less.

WE must share equally to end World Hunger.

You are seeing more and more of this happening in our nation every day,

when are you going to fight back?


I live on Social Security as a retired American, what am I going to do when the new régime tells us

there is no more money for us, and it’s true,

all of our previous investment to the Social Security Trust Fund,

has been spent by Congress and the Senate. America, we are broke.

Where are the jobs?

Ready to fight to save America? “Or are you Cowards?”

Are you ready to bow to the Glorious Leader Obama?


Talks with N. Korea, and Iran to buy Peace, what a waste of time,

we talk, they do as they damn well please, stop this Diplomacy crap, and back it up with Action.

OH! We will cut back on the Free Food we send to N. Korea if they don’t stop testing Nuclear weapons

and launching missiles,

HA! Remember the Diplomacy with Hitler?

We have tried to hold talks with other world scourges,

but in the long run, you just have to go in and destroy, to end this nonsense.

What does N. Korea want? World domination?

Why have we supported the United Nations all these years, what does the UN do?

These terrorists will not quit, until they are destroyed.

I’ll do it. Are you with me, or against me?

Remember now Obama Promised: He would bring our troops home in 18 months, then he says;

By 2012, or SO.


The South has risen, again. Drive through Texas, or in a Motorhome in Mississippi

and be stopped by the police, to be robbed or beaten,

drive through Louisiana, with “out-of-state” license plates and the Highway Patrol enhances their income

by either stealing your possessions, and/or also take your car.

How dare you drive in their state, serves you right!

You should have known better.

Louisiana has no prejudice at all; they believe in equal opportunity,

they will steal from all Races.


PS: California COPS will steal from everyone,

“Do not carry any cash” in California, that’s forbidden contraband.

IF you wonder why I hate COPS! It’s a learned response.

I want a Police System in America that respects the “Constitution and Bill of Rights”,

and polices by those Rights. I will restore all of our Bill of Rights to the letter.


Under the New World Order, only the government will own property, to ensure the proper use of all property.

The government will own all businesses, and we will just be the workers.

Is that the future you want for America? It’s called Communism.


If this is not what you want, what are you willing to do about it?

That’s why I am here.

So what are we going to do?

Review this website, learn what is happening, and see what we must do to stop this treason.


What do you think of a National Sales Tax?

There is consideration of a 10% 22% Federal Sales Tax on top of local, State and fuel sales taxes

and continuing Federal Income Taxes, to support Free Medical Insurance.

See I told you nothing is Free.


Well as we’ve found in California, it’s easy for the government to decide,

next year they need 11% tax, and the year after 12%, it’s only little 1% increases,

nothing to get upset over, our governments know no end of increases, always for a good reason,

such as supporting the pay of our elected officials.

At least in California we vote against tax increases,

then the California government goes ahead with the taxation,

calling it Fee’s, Congress votes on Federal Tax increases.

Let me remind you 11% is 10% more than 10%, a 10% raise in taxes, not 1% more.


OH Yeah! They claim Federal Sales Tax will finance FREE Medical care.

You did want Free Medical care didn’t you? The government can’t give you anything for FREE.


So we have decided 40 years ago, that Cigarettes are bad for you,

so we add a few dollars Tax on each pack. Now tobacco taxes are about $4+/pack.


Alcohol is bad for you so we add a Tax on Alcohol. WELL folks listen up.


Eating meat is bad for you, and the environment, so Tax Beef?


Sugar is bad for you, so Tax Sugar?


Marriage is bad for you so ????, you get the idea.


What wonderful control will our government think of next, and TAX?

Soft Drinks are bad for you? So in California they already charge us Sales Tax on those drinks,

now they want to Tax us more, because that sugar and caffeine is bad for us.

Diet drinks no tax? of course not. No I’m sure they will think of some other reason.

If we are going to give you FREE Medical Care, the government will have to monitor what you eat,

to make sure you live healthy, or else.


What! You already have Medical Insurance, that’s OK, you can continue to pay the additional tax,

so the unemployed, and those who never had Medical Insurance are now covered.

I told you: Americans couldn’t afford Free Medical care.


So lets see, you are paying 7.5% FICA, your employer is paying 7.5% of your FICA, you pay up to 11% State Sales taxes,

property taxes, fuel taxes, business taxes, and probably other local taxes,

Income Taxes of at least 15%, so you are looking at, at least 50% taxes or more.


Isn’t freedom wonderful, and we started the Revolution over Taxes.


Jefferson told us: “The Power to Tax is the Power to destroy”.


Keep it up; Citizens might have to burn Washington DC to the ground.

If you want FREE: it’s going to cost you Dearly.


Lets discuss the New Flat Tax, doing away with Federal Income taxes, replaced with a Sales Tax of 22%.

Not exactly it’s like $22 tax on a $78 purchase that now equals $100. So they tell you that $22 is 22% tax;

that adds up to 28% on my calculator.

Then another 10% to cover Free Medical Insurance, and in California 9% sales tax,

plus another 51cents/gal. state gasoline tax, and 36cents/gal federal tax on gasoline.


Stop the New Cap and Trade tax, and tax, and tax, and tax, on and on.

Write to your member of Congress and tell them to stop H. R. 2454.

The Democrats in Congress already passed this bill, to tax you to death, and beyond.

Now the Senate must pass this bill, bombard the Senate with demands:

they NO NOT pass H. R. 2454 Cap and Trade.


AMERICANS we are in a lot of trouble.

The very Rich must reduce the population on the earth to preserve the natural resources for the Rich

and their future descendents, with just enough peasants to supply the needs of the Rich.

Who are these very Rich? They are the “Trilateral Commission”.


Not all of the members of the Trilateral Commission are the Very Rich,

many of them are politicians being used by the “Very Rich” to aid in the total domination of all humans on this earth.

So where do we go from here.


Now continue to find out what is happening and what we must do.

At the top of the list are the Rockefellers.

Help me to save the United States of America.


You have had Republicans in office you’ve had Democrats in office, and “We are still failing as a nation”,

when are you going to elect an “Independent Candidate” who will save our nation?

Some of you believed this clown from Chicago, telling you “Welfare is the right of the people”,

not jobs.

More Welfare for all? Obama will redistribute the money, YOURS.


Do you want the government telling you how to worship? NO?

Do you want the government telling you what speech is correct? NO?

Do you want the government telling you they will protect you, you do not

need to protect yourself, against the government?


Do you trust our government???????? ARE YOU MENTALLY ILL?


The right for each citizen to own and use guns to protect our system of government;

was the Second Amendment,

but, in order for a government to overtake the citizens, governments are intent the disarming all citizens.

These Rights; gave Citizens the right “to form a Militia” to retain and restore our rights if needed

to preserve our new type of government. Surrender? NO WAY.

Do you think our government will allow you to form a Militia? Sure they will!


The Supreme Court said Free Speech “must be controlled” for the security of the nation? Like hell!


Your rights to own and use Guns must be “controlled” for the Security of the Nation?


I’m exercising Free Speech. NOW, but I’m expecting a knock on the door any day.


What if this depression requires families to move in together as they did in the 30’s,

now we have laws about how many can occupy a home, how many to a room,

so your family can be told you can’t double up to help each other.

Of course this does not include Hispanic families that live in garages,

and apartments with as many as 20 unrelated individual living in 2 rooms.


Only American CITIZENS must obey all the “occupancy codes”.


Our elected public officials are sworn in to office,

swearing they will protect the Constitution from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

They are failing to do so; I will protect you.


If you DO NOT continue the fight to protect our nation, we will lose all of our rights.

Our government now restricts “Free Speech”, by calling it “Hate Speech” or Sedition.

They limit what guns you can own (2nd Amendment), and where you can use them,

More 1st Amendment loss, when they restrict “when and how”

you can demonstrate against the government,

then arresting you for “creating a disturbance” if you do.


They now take your property (ignoring your Eminent Domain rights)

to sell to richer or/ political friends that need your property,

then they invade your privacy to search you, and your home, against our rights of the 4th Amendment.


We are forced to be witness against ourselves (5th Amendment)

WE are held in Contempt of Court/Congress (not arrested, but detained forever until we submit)

until we tell the Court/Congress what they want to know.

Our Bill of Rights are essentially gutted.

WE have been tricked, bit by bit, to surrender our Rights, because “You do not fight back”.

The 6th Amendment gave you the right to confront your accusers in court, gone, no more

Habeas Corpus.

(You might be guilty of Conspiring to fight the powerful government, to retain our Rights, that can’t be allowed)


Are you tired of America being overrun by Illegal Aliens?

I will remove every single one of them, along with their so-called American Citizen children,

because our Congress has refused to protect our nation’s borders.

Enough is enough; lets protect America. Why hasn’t our government protected our Borders? Tell me!


I want every last one of these criminals out of our nation, if our government can’t handle this,

then they can issue Americans the right to protect our borders with GUNS and the right to shoot to kill. NO AMNESTY,



Europe has been invaded by more and more Muslims, who insist on Sharia Law in those countries,

then if the citizens voice complaints about these changes in the law, they are called racists.

They threaten to kill anyone who offends the Muslim religion. Enough of this, they’ve met ME.


We have a situation in Dearborn, MI a suburb of Detroit where about 80,000 Muslims have settled,

taking over the town, getting violent about any Christian religion in the area.

Many of these Muslims have entered our nation legally, but they demand:

They are going to take over our nation, that Christians have to leave their town.

They are demanding that their children will be taught in Farsi, or Turkish

or whatever Muslim language they want.

I will clean up this mess, and restore the rights of all Citizens, to worship as they desire,

as long as their behavior meets the “laws of our nation”.

I will not tolerate any Muslim threat to America; either coexist with all citizens in America or leave.

Will our First Amendment rights of freedom of Religion give the Muslims the right to enter our nation in sufficient numbers

that they soon start to commit terrorism in America, to destroy our churches and demand we join the Muslim churches?

That’s what they are doing in Europe.


I will demand all classes for children in our schools in America will be taught “only in English”.


As your President: “I’ll return the Gold to America”.


Do we actually have Gold on Ft. Knox? Are bars of US Gold actually bars of Tungsten, Gold plated.

I’ll protect our nation from Border to Border, and Sea to shining Sea, and beyond the seas when necessary.

Don’t give up the fight, join with me. Where’s the Gold?


Please give me a chance; there are many problems in our nation,

I’m trying to disclose these problems for YOU.

I’d rather be sitting back, enjoying life, “but” I can’t sit back,

because you need someone who will “Restore our Nation”. Obama “will not” do this!


Wake up, and evaluate this Scenario: Do you have a Quarter in your pocket?

Now suppose you had a Quarter issued before 1965, what would “that” Silver Quarter buy today?

I’ll tell you what that Quarter would buy, lets see, when One Silver Certificate paper Dollar originally had on deposit in the bank of the government,

Silver was 92 cents/oz, then that Quarter would be .2/oz’s of Silver, at the current price of Silver.

A Quarter with Silver now at $17/oz would be worth $3.50. So what would that Silver Quarter buy? 1 gallon of gas? Or more?

Gas at 25 cents a gallon, “if” you have a Silver Quarter? You BET.

Who’s got the Silver? NOT YOU. Our (your) Government has the Silver, you don’t.

Our government pulled all of our Silver coins out of circulation,

and melted down the silver, and replaced our Silver with Copper Nickel quarters,

worth 2 cents metal value.

Americans Screwed Again!

But you trust our government?

Didn’t you? So on to more revelations:


Notgeld: This is what happens when a government prints money with no precious metal backing,

just trust in the government. View 500 Billion Mark Bill

This is what happened when the Weimar Republic (Germany) in the 1920’s tried printing an endless supply of paper money;

that led to massive inflation.

We have had 1500% inflation since 1965, because we trusted our government issuing coins and paper money with NO intrinsic value,

just a coin or paper money that YOU trusted our government to control it’s value.

Got Silver?

Got Gold?

Got screwed?

You have not seen anything yet. More to come.


Some links on my website may not work with your Internet provider,

as many controversial sites critical of our government are now being censored and blocked.

I knew this was coming more and more; you will get the correct news provided by

your government when they feel you need to know. If ever.

Let see if this one still works for you.

The loss of Newspapers is not really critical, since many publications were under control of very Rich Conglomerates,

who control the news content.

The government sees the newspapers are in financial trouble,

so they will help them, as long as they print the Proper news; that you can believe in.

Videos critical of our government are being removed from YouTube.

What kind of future for America? Remember the movie, 1984?, or Animal Farm?


Our nation is called the “United States”, not the Assorted States, it’s:

“United We Stand, One Nation indivisible”,

not a bunch of foreign speaking communities demanding special rights for just their groups.

Now this nation is known as United States LLC, (Limited Liability Corporation).

“We the people” don’t own anything in this nation.

One nation founded on “Us working Together”, all for one, one for all.

For us to continue this nation we must “work together” with ONE common language, or else.

Children in Miami suing the government because their parents have been deported, too bad,

those parents knew they were in the wrong when they invaded our nation,

Congress has done wrong because they still refuse to change the 14th Amendment that makes these children American citizens.

Immigrant parents suing the government because their children are not being taught in the language of India,

all over our nation, immigrants demand we submit to their needs, Learn English, or leave.

Come to America legally, and learn to be Americans, or we do not need you.



Obama was trying to run our nation like Chicago politics, Welfare for everyone,

but we Citizens are paying the taxes that pay Welfare, until we are also out of work.

Then there will be no more Welfare, unless we get checks from China.

Will you be “Crying in the unemployment lines”?

What are we going to do, when the Checks stop coming,

what are you going to do when your pay check bounces at the bank?

Still have a job, rejoice, but your time is coming.


651,000 jobs lost in February 09,

633,000 lost in March, 2009

April layoffs only 465,000,

May reports 623,000 jobs lost, much better

June 09, only 473,000 reported job loss.

July GM laid off more employees!

Then Chrysler, and your local car dealers.


Do you understand what is going on?

You are told Unemployment is a Percentage.

Lets put that in to real numbers, there are about 30 million Americans unemployed,

plus many who are no longer eligible for unemployment not counted,

nor are the “under employed” counted in that number,

so in reality there are about 30 million Americans unable to continue to live the American Dream.

Lets Restore America.


NOW! That 30 Million unemployed are not paying any income taxes.

That 30 million probably do NOT have Medical insurance anymore.

That 30 million are not paying in to Social Security.

INSTEAD: That 30 million are living off of (unemployment)

Welfare, from the taxes you are still paying.


What did you expect Christmas 2018 to be like, more “Toys from China”

under the tree table in the park, for your poor children?

(The table next to the box your family is living in, painted “Green”

for Obama’s Greening of America plan”)

Look people, I remember Christmas 1936, I was thrilled, I got a 10 cent model airplane kit,

that was my “only” present, and I was thrilled. (Glue not included) (Christmas 1937 and 1938 nothing)

Many kids of that era got nothing, we were glad to have food, if we had any.

What did your Christian kids have to look forwards to Christmas 2018, or Christmas futures?

Are you ready to fight?


What about our Patriots Act.

Give this a look at, before you dare demonstrate against our terrorist government.


Is this the “Change” you wanted to believe in?

How many more jobs lost the rest of the year?

All I hear are layoffs, not “We are hiring”.

How many small business owners do not qualify for Unemployment benefits?

Those who are closing their stores in your community are not counted in this evaluation.

How many have run out of benefits and no longer counted. Americans we are in trouble.


NO Jobs = No money to pay for Rent or Home payments.

2,180 home Foreclosures/PER-DAY (May 09) that’s 67,580 homes/mo.

I want Americans to have homes, and jobs, and a future, do you?

November 09, still 2700 foreclosures a day.

1.1 million foreclosures expected in 2011.


If you lose your job, more Foreclosures?

You haven’t seen the end of this situation yet, or as renters,

you can’t even pay your rent, what are you going to do?

So! What ARE you going to do, if you are laid off, and no job offers for months, or more?

72,000 foreclosures in March 2009, 67,000 a month foreclosures after April 09.

That will add us to more than 1 Million more foreclosures by the end of 2009.

2010 was a further disaster.

There are more than 20 million foreclosed homes, is yours next?


Want real jobs; elect Don Cordell for President.

(“Air Force One” uses “50 gallons of Jet Fuel/per MINUTE”,

$329,000 for that flight over NY City: Who pays for that? You do!)


Where are the jobs, sure not in your city, not in my city, not in any city of America.

The only jobs are in the District of Columbia, those looking to be hired for Obama’s Cabinet positions.

He had trouble, finding candidates free of tax problems, or other scandals that send them in to hiding.

Is there even ONE honest elected politician in America, in any elected office?

I sure don’t think so. What happened to that loud mouth Governor of New Mexico?

Sure don’t hear from him anymore. Yes I know there are really a few very specialized jobs

in the newspaper, but those are very few.


Instead, citizens are lining up at the unemployment offices,

at least ½ million more per month, each month,

as more are being laid off, when are you going to realize,

Obama was leading us to total destruction of America as a Free Nation.


Global Warming? Another scam to shut down America, to tax us out of existence.


CAP and TRADE? Equals Tax and Tax.

This stupidity over CO2 Is a lot of crap, Al Gore is trying to gore you in the gut.

Yes the world is warming, but it is not from CO2,

many real scientists will verify

this is a scam to screw Americans. Al Gore is not a scientist.


Methane contamination = tax on Cattle Farts, kill off the Cattle,

stop eating beef, and using Dairy products.

Animal droppings contaminate the earth, so become a vegetarian,

Oh that’s right, raising crops also affects our atmosphere, crops absorb CO2 but we won’t discuss that,

we will just tax you more, since you do not know what’s going on anyway.

You wanted CHANGE, boy are you getting CHANGE.

You voted for Obama?

What were you thinking?


Talk about desperation, 51% of Americans were so desperate November 2008,

that they elected Obama, hoping he would return the jobs; you thought he had the answers,

you were wrong!

Obama didn’t get 60% or 70% or 90% he only got 51% of the popular vote, Why?


Obama claimed he was going to turn America around,

well welcome to the “Union of Socialist States”,

you’re continuing to be unemployed slaves,

depending on Unemployment Checks (Welfare).

What are you going to do when those checks stop coming?


April 15th Tax Day, was the day to live in memory of your money,

don’t you feel patriotic to pay your taxes, so we can support foreign governments.


Yeah! I may be old, but I’ll never be too old to protect our nation,

and preserve our American way of life.

Join with me.

Are you too old to care about America?


Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens just turned 89 on April 20, 2009,

and he is still sitting on the bench, should he quit because he is too old?

Senator Robert Byrd of W.V. was 91 still worked for America, he passed away last year.


DANGER: Janette Napolitano, the Head of Homeland Security says

returning American Service Persons are a threat to the security of the United States,

because these service persons have sworn to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Since our government plans to end our Constitution and Bill of Rights,

“The Department of Homeland Security” must weed out these patriots,

to secure the ability to “end” our Freedoms.


Do you support our Constitution, and Bill of Rights?

Are you a threat to the overthrow happening to our Freedoms?

Or will you just willingly surrender all rights, and submit to a Totalitarian regime?

After interviewing our service persons, selected persons are being indoctrinated to form a special task force

who will be trained to enforce the takeover of communities under Martial Law.

You will obey this command “or else”?



Will you surrender? Of course you will, you just don’t know it yet. I’m telling you HOW?

Remember we have the CIA, IRS, ATF and the FBI, “Terrorist Organizations” in America.

Remember Waco, TX?


You have been suckered, are you ready to fight back and Restore the

United States of America? We can’t wait, “Four more years”!



For previous politicians who abused our laws, Obama promised a return to the

“Rule of Law”, now he relents that it would be unfair to prosecute previous politicians!

He doesn’t want to be prosecuted later, for the same crimes against Americans”

Two systems in America, you go to jail, politicians get Amnesty for crimes against you.


There are “many” problems to solve for our nations future, review the items in my Menu,

and other links I’ve included in my presentation,

so we can stop our elected officials surrendering us to

the New World Order,

One World Government, & more Globalization.

I will return the jobs to America.


OK! You got this far, now study all of my website:

To find out the Treason’s destroying our nation,


you just want to surrender our Freedoms.


There are 5 parts to this introduction,

I’ve split this to allow faster loading,

but if you really care about the future of this nation

please be sure as you get to the end of this page

to continue to read the other three parts.

I am trying to explain what is happening to you, and our nation.

I know this may seem overwhelming,

but you do want to save the United States of America,

Don’t YOU? Read on. Page 2, 3, 4, 5.



What! You worked 50 years of your life, paying in to Social Security and you only get

$870 a month when you retire, (“if” you live long enough to collect).

Taxes support “refugees” that escape and come to America, and they “each”

get up to $2400/mo, so we can help them enjoy America.

Become a Refugee, live the better life.


I’m proud to see so many of you paying income taxes voluntarily.

Tax Code says: You are doing this Voluntarily, are they right?

Or are you worried that if you don’t volunteer, they will volunteer you in to jail?

Sort of like volunteering when you were in Military Service, YOU, YOU, and YOU,

come here, “or else”.

Review the Video’s in this website about the legality of Income Taxes in the first place.


Now don’t you feel better, you have helped your government? Sure you do.


  Now on to less serious things, like:

Where to find a job,

How to keep your house from the bank,

How to find enough food to feed your family,

How to survive on Unemployment for the next 4 years.

Simple life choices, because you didn’t elect me November 2016,

and now you realize your mistake. You have been Trumped.


General Motors closed plants for 9 Weeks, then laid off over 400,000 employees,

to keep just 44,000! Is this the America you want? Lets restore GM!

And the other American auto manufacturing jobs, and do it now.

Once closed they will “never reopen”, they will be destroyed, along with the rest of America.


I’d save GM, and it won’t take money to do it.

How many Americans believed in General Motors and invested their money

to buy GM Stock, as an investment for their retirement,

now going going gone? How did WE let this happen to GM?


I’ll tell you how, you bought foreign manufactured cars instead of American.

GM reports on the 15th of May 09 they will close 1100 dealers in America.

Chrysler closed 789 dealers, Ford?  

Many of the foreign auto dealers are only in the major cities, so if you buy

Toyota, Honda, etc how close will you find a dealer if you live in rural America?

I once had (actually 3 times) a Renault, a French car, and found dealers few and far between

when I toured America and needed service, never again.


How will those employees pay their bills, or survive. American auto manufactures do not actually need to make more cars this year, because no one is buying new cars. I will restore our manufacturing base, of American products made by Americans. Don’t give up the ship, give me liberty or death sounded great, but I’m not going to lay down and let America die,

I’m fighting to preserve our Liberties, join me.


Remember, those of you who still have a job, have to pay “more” taxes.

First to pay those benefits to the Unemployed, Then “more” Taxes to make up for the taxes the 30 million Unemployed aren’t paying.


Obama apologizes to Europe for America’s attitude, yet those Europeans probably forgot it was Americans who died to rescue them twice in the past.

How soon they forget: “I Remember D Day 6 June 1944” I remember all the Americans buried on French soil, never to return home, to save Europe from Hitler, and Europe is critical about our “Pride”, shame.


That’s because President Obama is not PROUD OF America.

I’m PROUD of AMERICA, are you?


Great Britain now bans anyone entering GB voicing HATE SPEECH. Well wake up Americans, our Congress has already passed the same HATE SPEECH ban.

Hate will not be tolerated anymore? Just shut up and ignore anything you do not like. Especially hating our government’s behavior.

Do not demonstrate against the government.


Forget the First Amendment: that has been cancelled, along with the Second, Forth, Fifth, Sixth and Eight Amendments, to protect the government from Citizens. So of course that mean’s we do not have any rights to object to any behavior that someone may do that annoys us.


You may not say anything in public that promotes hate against anything about race, religion, life style, citizenship, or anything that might make that persons want to fight you because of your opinion about anything. That includes Americans making any statements about “anyone” being in the United States illegally.

However Illegal Aliens are allowed “open platform” to demand that we open our borders and let them invade our nation, but, we are stopped by the police to counter demonstrate against Illegal Aliens, that might promote them to create violence against us.


The day will come when the citizens of the European Union will want to recover their sovereignty, and expect the United States to arrive in force to restore their rights and freedoms. We would, but we no longer have any weapons, or military to help them.


Notice they have removed all individual monies, no more Pound’s, Lira’s, Francs, Mark’s, Pesos, Peseta’s, so now they only have the Euro. The Trilateral Commission has Europe tied up. The Asian nations are getting more and more financially involved with each other, unfortunately many of those governments are communist, or run by Islamist rulers. The United States and Canada will be isolated as: The only free nations in the world. Even if we do not combine with Canada, Canada and the USA will want to remain a western society.

I fear that Canada, Australia and New Zealand may be forced to follow their mother country, “England” to join the European Union.

Canada is considering following the mother country, England.

So will we just have to join the One World Government?


Obama was in Mexico, playing that we are Mexico’s friend, that we should allow all Mexican trucks to enter and travel our nations roads, to show American truck drivers that Mexico can do it cheaper, and deliver the drugs we need to our cities. Who needs Americans anymore, Mexico will take over.

Obama promises us, he will now give these invaders Amnesty.

Well we told Congress in 2006: “NO Amnesties”,

We told the Senate in 2007: NO Amnesties.


I wrote to Obama April 2009: NO AMNESTIES for ILLEGAL ALIENS.


Somalian Pirates

Lets start leveling Somalian cities until the Pirates surrender, no big loss, remember when we tried to help Mogadishu, Somalia? Our Military dragged through the streets, enough being sympathetic for the worlds suffering people, they want to kill, and plunder, let’s dish out some world justice.


(FOXNEWS.COM January 04, 2007 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday the U.S. will provide $16 million in aid to Somalia, and said the installation of a new government there gives Somalis a chance to move beyond two decades of chaos. WHY?)


I would show Somalia my justice! How about YOU, Americans?

I have a foreign policy, and it’s tough. When I’m your President, the world will stand at attention, no wishy washy talk from me, I’ll hit, and I’ll hit hard,

and I won’t take forever to do it.


Don’t screw with the United States; we are tired of backing down, with this Political Correct crap. Screw the United Nations. Carter was a wimp. I’m not.


You might be fooled on April Fools day, but stop being fooled today. Lets save America from Obama. Don’t be fooled anymore, wake up and stop this fool Obama who believes: You need “more” government; a government that has not protected our nations borders the last 40 years.


A government that has not protected our industries, while our government has allowed unlimited foreign competition, now the government will tell you how to run your business. Obama is spending OUR money, to bail out banks.


President Obama can’t find candidates for his Cabinet, that are free of scandal.

Do we actually have anyone in any division of our government that has not committed

some crime? From Presidents; on down.

These clowns have had a field day destroying our economy, on purpose.


George Bush said: You can fool some of the people “all the time”.

Have you been fooled?

Some of you must have been, you voted for Obama.


Globalization = Nothing in our stores say’s “Made in America”.

Chrysler to be sold to Fiat? = Globalization.

What next “GM Sold to China”? All Fords made in Mexico?

Buy Electric Cars (Chevy VOLT batteries made in Korea) with your unemployment checks, but what will you do when they turn off your lights? Those cars cannot support Air Conditioning or heaters without an engine running.

Where is the economy then?

Bailouts = Billions for the rich, Pennies for you.

When will you scream,                            “STOP THIS”?


Do you want a business that makes a profit? Let the government help you run your business. Hey! That’s coming; it’s called Communism/ Fascism/ Liberalism, a new plan to equalize the profits, 0% for you 100% for the government.


Will your new car have warrantee coverage, when your local dealer closes their doors?

Oh! The government will guarantee your warrantee, sure! Just drop it off at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC, and pick it up next Jan 2016, or elect Don Cordell.


                             Don’t forget to view the Video’s that show you what is happening in America.


Now lets discuss (Dr.) Obama’s plans for your medical care, he is all heart, remember

he promised to computerize your medical records.

You do want all of your medical records in a “safe and secure” online database don’t you?

Here is an excerpt of the “Patriots Act” (from Wikipedia): Vs: My Plan


   (“The Act increases the ability of law enforcement agencies to search telephone, e-mail communications, medical, financial, and other records; eases restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering within the United States; expands the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions, particularly those involving foreign individuals (but not limited to?) and entities; and enhances the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts.

The act also expands the definition of terrorism to include “domestic terrorism”, (that means “you”, when you dare demonstrate against the government) thus enlarging the number of activities to which the USA PATRIOT ACT’S expanded law enforcement powers can be applied.


In particular, opponents of the law have criticized its authorization of indefinite detentions of immigrants; searches through which law enforcement officers search a home or business without the owner’s or the occupant’s permission or knowledge; the expanded use of National Security Letters, which allows the FBI to search telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order; and the expanded access of law enforcement agencies to business records, including library and financial records. Since its passage, several legal challenges have been brought against the act, and Federal courts have ruled that a number of provisions are unconstitutional.)

(Better not demonstrate, or you’re guilty; guilty of what? Don’t worry they will think of some charge).

Are you angry? It is time for you to come to the aid of your country.

You/We can’t afford any Medical/Health Insurance for FREE! Wake up and Read WHY! Do you want your complete medical record on a computer, with the government having 100% access to your records?


The election is over, or is it? This website is still here because I see our nation in trouble, and if we don’t stop Obama, he is going to destroy our nation. We cannot wait 4 more years until the next election; we have to act now, while we still have a nation.

We stood up to Nixon; now stand up to Obama.


Obama said he was a Muslim, now telling the Muslim nations, we love them and we are no threat to them. Goodbye, Israel. Obama bowed to the president of Saudi Arabia.

I told you Obama was a Muslim.

President Obama is an illegal alien; our Supreme Court refuses to investigate this Why?

Should Vice President Joe Biden be sworn in as our legal president? NO, Why?


Obama just committed the United States to give $1.1 Trillion/yr to feed the hungry children

of the earth. That’s great, I didn’t realize we were paying him enough to afford to do that.

I told you Obama is all heart.

I wonder if that includes any money to feed “your children?”

Wait, wait, wait; What! Is that “your money” he promised to spend? Fooled again?


Now those children can grow up healthy, so they can have more children, for you to feed 20 years from now.  G20 meeting = Globalization.


You cannot Restore America with Welfare.

Hiring Americans with taxpayer dollars is all down hill.

Lets economize running our nation, and return us to something to “back our currency” other than “Trust in your government”.


That trust, had cost us 1500% inflation since 1964. Silver went from 92 cents/oz, to now about $17/oz. No more Silver to back our currency. Only Trust. I’m going to repeat something here, because I want you to reflect on this. In 1964 a new Chevy sedan cost about $3600., now that same quality of car would cost about $25,000. In 1969 a Cadillac Fleetwood was $6900, now that car would cost $56,000. Now that’s inflation you can believe in.


What made this nation great; was the freedom to start a business, and prosper, the founding of industry that hired Americans who become the “Middle Class”. More and more of those industries have left America, and those products replaced by imports. Now these industries in other nations, have discovered “We no longer have the money to buy their “cheaper to manufacture” product, so those nations that it “seemed like they were prospering”, are now “floundering”, and blaming America for destroying their economy.

How can we continue to buy the products from other nations, since we have lost our American jobs?


Will the next generation of Americans do better than their parents?

Would this ever happen again for the Middle Class, will the beginners in life of all the American families ever again have a prosperous future?

No way in hell. America has been sold, and you with it.


We are going to continue to fail in the next four years, until our leaders tell us we’ve surrendered, that our descendants do not deserve to continue with the American standards of living; that we must shut down America for the betterment of the rest of the world.

That’s about the facts of life, with Obama as our President.

On to Global cooling.

It’s going to be a cold day in hell, before your life gets better.


It is time that the citizens of this nation return control of our nation to the people.

The Congress and the Senate have led this nation to destruction.

Have we been too prosperous for our own good, now turn off America.


We must stop this globalization, unless you want to be part of the



Our government has planned to destroy our freedoms. You are seeing this happen every day now, are you willing to fight back or surrender? 

If this website disappears or fails to update, before I tell you “I am ending this”, it will be because our government has shut me down, to stop my message “as dangerous” to our “Out of control” government.


                    We must RESTORE, not CHANGE America.

         We must return manufacturing to our nation and stop Globalization.

                     Close our borders, and protect our nation, NOW.


   News flash: Alaskan Senator Stevens got $250,000 free improvements on his Real Property, now the Attorney General says, he was picked on, being convicted of 7 felonies was unfair, he just forgot to report those gifts. (Hey! It worked for Clinton.) Now Stevens is innocent? Sure he is.

Did he pay income taxes on that benefit?

How many more of our elected officials are innocent?

If you got $250,000 from some “benefit” would the Federal Government expect “you” to pay taxes on that money? YES, and if you didn’t, then what? Your government loves you, as long as YOU PAY.


Our schools in America are at the bottom of training our children, it’s not just today’s schools, and they weren’t any better when I went to school in the 1930’s. Luts Rustore edukaton in Amiricca.


Have you heard Obama’s plan to reopen the 47,000 factories that have closed down since 2002? Of course not! Why not? So you can dig ditches?

When are you going to stop the government screwing you?

Did you want real jobs?


I will restore real businesses, not sending you out to work on our roads, not that our roads and bridges don’t need rebuilding, but we must restore Private REAL JOBS in America, JOBS that make a profit for the employer, so the employer can pay you a middle class income. I do plan to make changes in the roads in our nation, but that’s a different matter. I’m going to have prisoners do that work.


Stop all of the foreign IMPORTED goods in our stores. Don’t buy anything that does not say “Made in the USA” You have cut back spending, to just the essentials, now cut back more, buy only “Made in America”, so the retailer will stop ordering foreign products and return the stock to the importer, who can send this crap back to China. Buy that Whirlpool made in Mexico, the people laid off in Evansville, IN don’t care, will they be living on Welfare, or cutting grass, and delivering newspapers to feed their families. New jobs for all.

This “born in Indiana” candidate will be here for Evansville, IN, for Elkhart, IN, for every city in America where Americans are out of work.

Will those ex Whirlpool employees be living in tents in the civic center to survive, or sent down the (Ohio) river?


                  Why was “a nothing Obama” set up as the Democrat Candidate?

                  Where did the $650 million campaign funds for Obama come from?


So far, the only money to enhance and provide jobs is what was included in the $18 Billion of Pork, and money to GM and Chrysler.


What has the other $850 Billion got us? Bonuses? Life-long debt?

Obama didn’t demand any one in the financial organizations be fired when they needed Bailout, but GM? Hung.


Go ahead “Buy Foreign products”, end America, you don’t deserve freedoms?

Do you want your bank to be run by the Government? That will sure simplify filing your Income Tax statements. Talk about direct taxation, automatic withdraws when the government needs more of your money.


I’m sorry that some of our citizens want to harm the recipients of those bankers Bonus payments; I understand the frustration of our citizens, when our citizens find themselves penniless, and homeless, and bankers walk away with Huge Bonuses.

This Bonus plan has been the normal big business for many years; stock market investors get the leftovers.

It is depressing for our citizens to see Congress and the Senate give away our tax money that we know will never be paid back, only on the back of all of us.


Remember that we taxpayers pay Congress and the Senate members $14,600/mo. Outrageous?


“Congress” spent $89 Billion to help AFRICAN nations, then decided Africa could not pay us back, and cancelled the debt, so our government (that’s you) lost that money. Would that $89 Billion help Detroit? Well, NO, Detroit is beyond help.


Our auto industry is in trouble, but if they are helped should the government step in and control these companies? but Yes as part of my plan to restore sales, by reducing foreign competition.


We are not controlling the government, when are we going to do that?

Read the Constitution of the United States. Government, by the people.


The entire Stock Market is a scam where the CEO’s take huge payouts and

the stockholders get pennies on the dollar.


Why did the current Depression start with the excuse that

   Homeowners bought homes they couldn’t afford?

     Why the sudden crash of the Real Estate Market?

       Why the sudden Adjustable Rate home interest jump in 2007?

         Why the sudden jump in Credit card interest rate to 28%?

           To shut down: The economy of America?

           Why are we taxpayers bailing out Millionaires?

          I will limit interest rates at 10% maximum.

          Confused? Study my presentation, and I’ll explain it to you.

        Almost every item of our Bill of Rights has been cancelled. WHY?

     Don’t be suckered in anymore, learn what is really happening.



                                Our nation: “of, by and for the People”?

       The British in America didn’t have gun controls in 1776,

WE DO NOW. Even if we didn’t have Gun Control, we are out gunned, and you had better believe it. Do you own tanks, grenades, tear gas canisters, machine guns, NO! Of course not, and you think you could stop Martial Law takeover of our nation? Dream on.

We will never have a chance for another militarily Revolution.

          “Time to Revolt? ReVote to save our nation”!

We must not return fire against our military, but replace members of Congress and the Senate with candidates that

“Want to preserve this nation”. “Don Cordell for President”.


Replace our leaders; they plan to send the military in to our communities to put us under Military control.

There are plans to use United Nations troops because, they would have no reservations about shooting you.

Do you think the American Military would shoot you?


There is great fear in the Homeland Security Department, that Veterans and our trained service persons, might take to Heart the nonsense they SWORE to: “To Protect our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”.

What if our military personnel and Veterans demand:

     They will protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights?

That upsets their future intentions by our government, joining us to the One World Government.

What is our government to do, when citizens try to protect America?

I gave that oath in 1946, and I’m still ready to protect America from all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC.


Your local cops are Americans, will they shoot you?

Are you a threat to the government’s plans? Not if you submit.

                                       Stop this:


                     The following message from for you:

A secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center lists Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who display bumper stickers, people who own gold, or even people who fly a U.S. flag and equates them with radical race hate groups and terrorists. This is merely the latest example in an alarming trend, which confirms that law enforcement across the country is being trained that American citizens are a dangerous enemy.


What are you going to do when it’s illegal to fly the American flag?

The police are making a list.

You will be under suspicion if you fly our flag!

Are you on the list at the airport? Why do we have a list?

Christians are terrorists, are you a Christian?

Better not discuss our nations problems in church.


Are you ready to be beaten into submission by the police who are

here to Protect and Serve? To: Protect and Serve WHOM? Not you!


Is it a Terrorist act; to carry or possess a copy of the

  Constitution of the United States? You can be arrested?

    How dare you claim you are protected by the Constitution!

      Are you a troublemaker, claiming: “We have Rights”?



View this Video link about a woman being arrested for refusing to identify herself at a roadblock; then the police discover she had a copy of the Constitution in her car, no wonder she is a threat to the control of the citizens of this nation.

A troublemaker: if there ever was one.


View guillotines threat:

Are you a coward or Patriot of this nation? How much treason is too much?

                                  Or do you even care?


I want you to consider this scenario:

        How to make you Surrender! And you will.

First they will turn off all of your utilities, electricity, gas, and water. Then all TV and Radio stations are turned off (FCC controlled); then the government stops all trucks delivering food to your area. Road Blocks. Military guards at local grocery stores?

The Telephones and Internet access turned off. If you and your neighbors gather and “March Peacefully” to complain, how many of you have to be shot, before you return to your homes with

your tail between your legs?

       Got Guns? Great, but; you are outgunned by the troops.


    Newspapers are going out of business, and any attempt to publish any newspapers will be considered treason, and publishers will be arrested.

Only the right news will be delivered to you, to explain how; “You will cooperate and behave”, or else!


    You will be told: “You must surrender all weapons” when the SWAT team comes to your door, (Public Law 87-297) or you will be arrested (killed) for “failure to comply”.

What will you do? Do you realize how brutal police can be?


When Martial Law is enacted, you must not go outside; or you will be shot. Shocked?


   So what would you do? Stop sitting there; believing this can’t happen in America,

it is happening, to you and all Americans. It happened in New Orleans.


                          Why is our wonderful government training returning troops for:

                      “Citizen Insurrection” control?


   Will you be controlled when your family is starving? When the banks are closed and you have no CASH, to barter or to buy anything, what are you going to do, complain to Congress, or the Senate? Remember there will be no mail delivery or pickup.


Food confiscated! One report I read (Executive order 10998) will give the government the right to enter your home and confiscate “excess food” you have; for the needs of the community. (Or to deprive the community of food?)


With no electricity, the pumps at the gas station won’t work! No portable gasoline generators to supply electricity to your refrigerator or other items in your home.

Your food will spoil!


It will be against the law to drive unless you are Military or Police. Then what?


In just one week, you WILL surrender to authorities, and beg for food for your family, in exchange for your guns.


Our government wants to have huge surcharges on electrical power generated by Coal, to raise

the price so high you will stop using electricity, or heating your home, or living.

Remember $5./gal. gas? More to come?


Your government is only trying to help you: To accept Surrender.


              Are you tired of this crap? What are you going to do?

              Are you waiting for the “Change you can believe in?”

                America! You have seen 300 days of Obama’s plans.


$160 Billion handed out to AIG, and for the measly $15 Billion they dragged their asses to help our Auto manufactures that are stressed, because OUR government has encouraged foreign auto “ASSEMBLERS” to invade America, and drive “our” auto industry in to near (or total) bankruptcy, that’s a crime. Now it turns out half of the AIG Bonus recipients were foreigners, that don’t even live in America.


I believe the amount of money invested by AIG into political campaign funds is unconscionable,

then Congress “pretends” trying to control that financial giant.

What if they hadn’t helped the banks, then what? The FDIC insures your money?


Well! Americans are finally seeing Washington DC in a new light, and it isn’t pretty.

Not that it has ever been pretty. What about the other Financial Firms we already Bailed out and they gave their staff huge bonuses, and then closed the companies.


“You” have elected these clowns to Congress again, and again?

If you stick with Obama, we are going to lose this nation. He was picked to be naïve!

If we continue with Obama, where will the Stimulus monies come from next year?

You can’t hire citizens to do “government paid jobs”, unless you get the same amount of money each year to pay them, how much are you going to pay in taxes, to keep Millions of Americans on WPA (Work Projects Administration-1935) projects? It didn’t Work in 1929-1939 and it isn’t going to work now. Bring American Manufacturing jobs back to America for Americans.

What are our governments plans for America?  More plans?


We are losing: Our Economy; our Country, our Manufacturing, and Wealth, stop this.

I know this website is not fancy with a lot of pictures and graphics, but this is all I can afford and know how to do. I do not have financial backers; I’m in this alone, “for you”.


I need the help of all the descendants of my Quaker relatives in America; the Coffin’s, Macy’s, Huddleston’s, Gardner’s, Starbuck’s, Worth’s, Charles’ Overman’s, Swain’s, Gifford’s, Stanton’s, Reynold’s, Cornell’s, Clarke’s, Shattuck’s, Barnard’s, Bunker’s, Soule’s, Cooke’s, Nicholson’s, Albertson’s, Kimball’s, (all those Nantucket settlers) and so many other Mass, RI, NC, and Indiana Quaker families.

Come on my conservative Quaker descendants: Join with me:


We must join together to save this nation that our ancestors struggled to give us.


I am related to 22 of our American Presidents, From George Washington, to George Bush. It is time for me to be your president, I know we can and we must Restore and Preserve this unique nation of nations. Join with me. Make that 23 Presidents, I’m related to Obama. Ugh


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, turned England over to the European Union, and now Ireland has lost its sovereignty to the European Union.


Now on to the New World Order as Obama decides we have no choice but for the “Change you can believe in” we also must join the New World Order.


We have a serious situation in The United States of America.

I am putting my heart and soul in to this effort to “Save our nation”.

I am more than concerned about what is happening in our nation.


There were many Patriots that fought fiercely to give us our Independence to succeed, and many that died so that we all had opportunities, that we, and our children are free to enjoy the dreams of being American’s.


We have LET traitors destroy our future from within, and if we do not stop this, and do it in the next year, we will fail as a FREE nation.


Our so-called leaders have convinced themselves; that your Indifference, means Acceptance; are they RIGHT, have you already Surrendered? If you do Nothing; they will end all of our rights, and we will become totally dependant on government handouts, in exchange for total obedience, is that what you want for the Future of our Nation?


We must continue the fight to remain free: Will you fight for America?


Our government is handing out these Billions of Dollars, telling us that it will ripple down to us, the “ripple down” effect, well they have been drinking too

much Ripple® (wine), and they are drunk with treason.


I agree this money is rippling down to Millionaires, but not us.


Our government has given Billions to bail AIG out of financial disaster. Does AIG appreciate the gift of your tax dollars? They sure do and those who brought failure to control the company want Millions in Bonus’ for failing to do their job, now we are told a Bonus is actually a deserved financial gift. I thought the word Bonus indicated a reward for service “over and above” normal, now we are told a Bonus must be paid for failure. Have you applied for your BONUS?

This website will help you learn that: If you become totally dependent upon the government for your survival, you will obey the government or else you won’t survive.


You can call this any “istic” or “ism” that you want, but we are losing our future as Free Americans, as planned by those who have programmed the demise of the United States.


There are those who have planned the New World Order from day one, (like J. P. Morgan) and they are running the show, in the future we will just be slaves, “IF” we don’t break up this plot to steal our nation.


Do you think you will ever see our nation out of bankruptcy?

How and Why are we in this situation? Ask yourself HOW and WHY.

Do you want answers? Continue reading.


If you are concerned about the future of America, you must read all

of my information about what we “must” do, and do it “now,” not

“Four More Years” from now.


I don’t see how we lasted 100 days with Obama. Obama believes that when you are bankrupt, you spend more money, does that work for your family? Just go out and spend more money on credit, now you will feel wealthy, (or more broke), but he is spending “YOUR” money, isn’t that wonderful? Maybe if you print your own money this will work, it works for our government. Maybe if Obama sent us $1000/mo that would improve the economy.

But, Obama is spending your money, and it’s not coming back to you!


We do not have enough GOLD in Ft. Knox to cover 10% of our debt.

Unless; they raise the value of that GOLD to about $4000/oz.


Remember how our government wants you to invest in the Stock Market, instead of depending on Social Security for your retirement!

Screwed again, screwed again. I know, buy Chrysler & GM stock.


A new emergency is the bill for the “LOST” program, the

                           >**********Law of the Sea Treaty**********<

A treason to let the United Nations control all waterways in the world, they say it’s only to control every inch of the oceans, but that little tagline that says: “And everything that drains in to the oceans”, that means; what drains out of your yard, or when you wash the car, or what ever the United Nations wants to control worldwide. It is these little bits of law that you do not pay any attention to; That I do, for “YOU”. “I read between the lines”.

Do you want the United Nations to tell us where our Navy can sail, if allowed to sail at all?

So write the Senate and Congress and tell them to defeat the LOST bill.


Now “Let’s Drill Baby” off the beaches of our ocean borders. Lets become energy independent, until we have to take over the Middle East.

Stop sending our Alaskan oil to Japan.


I am just one American, an 88 year-old guy, retired on Social Security, with no investments. I am like most of you; I trusted our government to run our nation,

to protect our security, for prosperity. We are broke.

I paid in to Social Security “as demanded by law”, now that’s broke.

I’m like 90% of Americans living from Check to Check, and I see our nation headed to a serious collapse of our Republic form of government.

Dancing Cheek to Cheek is about the only fun I can afford any more.

I have this website to educate, and inform you what we must do, or

we will be surrendering forever, to never, ever be a Free nation again.


                       Wake up, our nation is in total failure, we must stop this.




“If and When” we close all the American auto plants, where will we produce Military vehicles and equipment needed to protect America? We won’t. Why?

So we will no longer be able to defend our nation. We will just surrender, the

new government will take care of you, and of course they may have to reduce

the population count, to reduce costs.


If America was to be attacked, and we had to defend ourselves, which would you trust to manufacture our military needs;

                                              AIG, or Ford, Chrysler, and GM?

Remember “Pearl Harbor”, “Remember D day”, “Remember “9/11”.


So you think those “foreign brand” ASSEMBLY plant will make Tanks? I will not let the New World Order take over.


Stock Market: 14,000 in 2007, down to 6600, up down, going, going, down, now back up to 11,600 and holding?

Just hang in there; someone is making money it may not be you, but there are “important people” making money or getting a Bonus.


You tell me: What manufacturing facilities are going to reopen,

to Restore jobs in America? We export cotton to China, Wow!

So China can make clothing to ship back to a store near you.

Where are the jobs for you?


What will you do when our government reneges on the FDIC to cover “your money” in “your bank”?


That $250,000 insurance limit, ended on Jan 1, 2010


5 March 09: Now the FDIC reports they are nearly broke, no bailout for you.

When your bank fails, at least you can go to church and pray, if the bank has not placed your church in foreclosure.


Big deal: Barney Madoff took some $65 Billion from depositors, and their money is gone, our government has also taken Trillions of our money, and it’s gone, so who should go to jail? People willingly gave Barney Madoff their money, trusting Mr. Madoff, while our government took our money from us, by force, so who is more guilty?

Did you make a mistake, “trusting your government”?


If we join the New World Order, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights will be cancelled, you will be told, our new government is no longer responsible for

your investments, so the new government can start with a clean slate.

“Your money is gone!”


You will obey the New Government or else. Want to demonstrate your anger, “be careful” you will be sent to Camp for re-education, or a reduction in population count.


We will have a national SWAT team to ensure your compliance.

What our government can give, they can also take away.


Is it true? That there is nothing we can do about this situation in our nation?

Just let the government do what ever they want, while you do nothing?


That’s the easy way, “You do nothing”, and we have no future.

Are you a nothing? Will you settle for nothing?


I’ve had enough, and I’m mad as Hell, are you mad enough yet?


               >>Now Obama says: We may need $3.6 Trillion to “Start” Recovery<<

What he didn’t say; is how much we will need, to achieve” Recovery.


How many Trillions to continue this BAILOUT, when you only have government paid jobs, not “Real” manufacturing jobs that make a profit? $3.6 Trillion this year!

Will we need another $3.6 Trillion again each year? Do the math.


Those Trillions of dollars, are your dollars, you will have to pay back every one of those dollars to the government that they are now loaning/paying out.

Do you think these companies that we Bailout will repay those loans?

Of course you will never have enough dollars to ever pay back anything.

America is too many Trillions of Dollars in debt.

So? Solution? Bankruptcy of America! Maybe!

     Just until we join the New World Order.


  Question? How much is a Trillion dollars?

That’s “A Million,” MILLION DOLLAR bills.

If a Million dollar bill is .005 inch thick, times 1,000,000 bills, that’s 5,000 inches/12inches equals a stack of 1 Million dollar bills, 416.6 feet high.

So how much is $3.5 Trillion, or 25 Trillion? Scary isn’t it?

3.5 Trillion is a stack of “Million” dollar bills, as high as the Sears Towers in Chicago, 1456 ft.

I’d settle for just a 1” stack of Million dollar bills, wouldn’t you? I don’t want to be greedy. That’s “$200” Million/per inch.


One Trillion= a stack of 100 Dollar bills, a tower 8’ high, by 8’ wide, by 812’ long.

From the year “0” that equals 2009 years, X 365 days=733,669 days, divided in to

$1 Trillion = spending $1,363,726 every single day since Christ was born.


“You” will owe taxes to repay that money, the recipient of these Bailout funds are not going to pay back this money, you are, Yes YOU, HOW? WHEN? When bankers give themselves an $18,000,000 bonus for work well done, they go home with your money?

Where do you go?

Return to Beginning


    Many Financial Reporters state that 2009 essentially went down the drain; that we just had to sit out the year, and a number of these same reporters claim; things may not really start to improve until “2012, or later”! Of course they have a job, or did; Do you, Will you?


 They tell us Americans are just going to have to hang in there, until things start to Recover! HOW? How does anyone think, you can “just hang in there”, for the next 3 or 4 years?

Tell your creditors they will just have to hang in there, until you can afford to start paying them again. You want Amnesty for your bills.


In 1929 it took 11 years until we started WW II, to bring prosperity, is that our only hope, another World War? We will not have the infrastructure to make what we need to win WW III, then what?

Where did President Obama get his money prior to becoming an Illinois State Senator, how was he employed?


I want you to remember how FEMA helped our citizens in New Orleans. Remember they shipped those citizens out of town, with nothing to return to.

Is that all you want for your future? Most of those from New Orleans were African Americans, guess they are not worthy of more help, they just lost their land to the city, since they didn’t return.


Do you trust our government? Why?


Busloads of Chinese are now arriving in American to see and buy those foreclosed homes you had to leave, because you do not have a job that has been moved to China.


  You’ve lost your job, then you lose your home, then if you had any investments, you try to sell them: as the Stock Market continues to go down the drain. Start selling possessions, the value of collectibles is also going down, so what will happen to America by 2016? Surrender.


Congress is at fault for our dilemma, they’ve had the responsibility to protect our nation, to protect our borders, to protect us from imports, to protect our shores, and they have not done that. Instead they’ve spent endless hours figuring how to export American jobs: To aid other nations of the world, to live like Americans “did”.

While Americans are going to live like other nations use to live, “in poverty”


Now farmers in California are being told, there must be restrictions on water to grow the crops that feed 50% of America, so we can import foods from other nations?

We are now out of snow in the Sierra’s, the snow pack now it at about 80%, maybe it’s time that the farmers start using Drip Irrigation, instead of sprinklers running in the middle of the day. Time for farmers to learn water conservation. Those farmers use 90% of the water for the state, while they tell residential users that now we have to cut back 20% and pay “more” for water, since we will be using “less” water.


So cities in California use 10% of the water, farmers used 90%, and WE must ration our 10%. No, actually that’s an excuse to raise our Water Rates so we pay more money for less water, if we don’t turn off the faucet.


Because of my budget, I’ve already let my lawn look the worse in the neighborhood, now they tell me, I must cut back another 20% to 30% or pay excess fees up to 80% more. Guess I’ll have to cut back on showers and let the lawn die, then the city can fine me for failure to maintain my grass.


The officials in Lancaster, CA are all (………..) opp’s guess I’d better not use those words. In the adjacent city Palmdale, CA in July some homeowners found water bills went from about $90 to almost $400. Those who cut watering their lawns were issued summons from the city, $500 fine if you do not maintain a Green Lawn, is this the Greening of America, or Greening of the bank accounts of the Department of Water.

I’m furious about this too.


I told you, that in 2009 after the election, the Stock Market was going to go “way down”, well it has started, when will it stop? Why? Because now, investors have no faith that things are going to get better. They can see what is coming and trying to get some recovery. We have not hit rock bottom yet, have you? Will you?


    If you depend upon Obama to achieve this, well good luck.

Billions, and then Trillions of Dollars; of YOUR money, Taxes that you’ll have to pay back, the rest of your life, now going out the door.

How are you going to refinance your home loan when you do not know if you will have a job next week?


Not only that, at one time after paying for 20 years, you had more than 50% equity in your home, and now you find you are at the point that your equity is equal to your loan or worse. What are you, and what other American’s going to do? Most of what you paid for 20 years was interest, and you still owe 40% of your loan amount.


Where are the Jobs, how many are being laid off? Who is next?

    You need a President that will return jobs to America, not a President to make “taxpayer paid government jobs” for a “few” years.

This is not a “few years problem”, this is the serious future of our entire nation. We cannot continue this nation on tax supported government jobs. After they have spent the first Trillion, then what?


    Our politicians, who are already in power, have orchestrated this outsourcing of our manufacturing for Globalization of the world’s jobs. Stop this and save “our nation” with a President that will work for YOU, for America, and stop Imports from all over the world.

                               I want those things you go to buy, labeled:

                Made in America, by Americans, for Americans”.


                    Are you scared, have you had enough?

               I will “RESTORE”, not “CHANGE” AMERICA:

               and I will” DEFEND ALL of our Bill of Rights!

        We Can, and WE Must restore manufacturing in America.

        “Government jobs” paid for by “your” taxes are not the

             “CHANGE, you thought you wanted to believe in”.


                         It’s up to “We the People” now.

            Who is Obama? What do you really know about him?

             Other than he is an African American, from Chicago.

                 Recall Obama while we still have a Chance.

                      Do not surrender our sovereignty.

                                            Who am I?


Do you have the guts to save America, tell your friends about this website, lets get more action going NOW.


The Army wants you: “All of you; young, old, male or female”.

We are in trouble: Our Army has Instructions: Our Army will help you: See how!

Will you go peacefully? Or handcuffed?


   We do not have “Four More Years” to experiment. 2008 to 2012 to 2016, did you see improvements under Obama?

Our nation is in serious trouble, IF you don’t wake up, and smell the rotten treason our nation is facing, we will lose all rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.



What are you going to do, when you are still unemployed after Unemployment Insurance runs out? Your kids are hungry, your friends can no longer take you in as they are also unemployed, you have no one else to turn to, and you are being put out on the street? Let’s be honest, this is coming to a city and community that you lived in, and it may be YOU. Are your neighbors eyeing your possessions; that might fill their needs. Get ready for more crime in your area.


9/11 was the wake up call, but 9/11 will be like a Sunday picnic; compared to the Depression you’ll face with our future under Obama’s lack of Restoration.


Why did they push Obama as the Democratic candidate on us?

Who put up the $650 Million to get Obama elected? WHY?

                                          JOIN ME.

Our new Attorney General Eric Holden says White Americans are Cowards, are you going to take that laying down?

Are you a Coward or Patriot? Tell me.

Eric Holden wants realistic discussion about Racism! OK lets have some realistic discussion, like from Reverend Wright’s attitude about racism. I’ve discussed that issue in my Master Menu #23 and #68 of race problems in America, and it isn’t pretty, but realistic.


There is only one race in America, the human race, but we come in different “behaviors”, and that’s where the problem lays.

I’m tired of turning the other cheek, and pretending we have no problem, “we do”, and until there is a change in Civil behavior of some citizens, we will continue to have this problem.


Lets bring this out in to the daylight and stop pretending “all is well”.


Welfare is not the “Change you wanted to believe in”!

I’m a Common Sense person, and I’m going to tell you like it is.

I totally believe in EQUAL rights, along with EQUAL behavior.

Let’s start right there. I wish we did not have any different feelings for any American of any nationality.

BUT: Arrogance is never pretty.

I’m here for every single American, if you behave. Can you?


We must stop Obama from destroying our nation.


 The Police are constantly violating your rights,

   and tell you to “Shut up”; They are the power.

    They tell you: You “do not” have the right to Videotape

      any police action, shut off your cameras.

        The Police are the power, and you are nothing.

        You will submit or else, to Police terrorism!

          Don’t go to, or stop anywhere in El Paso, TX



You are protected by (from) the Government; unless however!

   If you dare to demonstrate about our nations situation, you will be detained; you will be told you have no rights to attack “your” government.

   Demonstrators beaten and arrested in Washington DC at the International Monitory Fund meeting in (April 09)

   Demonstrate and “You are creating a disturbance”. Forget 1st Amendment!

If you disagree with Obama, you are not welcome to his meetings, only Sheep may attend, only to Praise Obama (Ceasar), throw yourself at his feet (or get arrested).


You will be sent to CITIZEN CENTERS (Detention Camps) to protect the government from citizen uprisings. You will be told, they have temporary housing for you, in safe camps with protection, yes protection! Of course the gate will be locked, to keep out harm, but you are not allowed to go out the gate, “for your own safety of course”. Then our government can start to reduce the population to control the overcrowding, so those deemed to be undesirables can be reduced (to ashes).

New Flash: HR645 has renamed these locations as National Emergency Centers.” Who’s Emergency?


   The Government will maintain Peace, even if they have to cancel all your “Constitutional Rights”.

   The Government rules by FEAR, most of our politicians love the power they have

to walk all over you.


   You do not need guns to protect you from an out-of-control government, as our Declaration of Independence offered us.


   The government will protect you from the government with the governments armed Militia’s on their terms. Stop laughing; this is serious.


       Our police rule by FEAR, you know they will find you guilty, if you don’t obey every command, “even” if you “are” innocent of any crime. We must fight this and return freedom to our nation.

       If you resist any illegal action by the police, you are still guilty of “Refusing to submit”, resisting authority is a crime in it’s self.


Get up, and tell your politician: “You’ve had enough, and you are mad as hell”.

Lets restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights, from Washington DC, to the smallest community in America, to every single American.


What would I have done?

I’d have cut all income taxes on “Earned Income” for a couple of years, to help restore our economy. What did Obama do? Oh! An extra $30/mo. in your unemployment check. Wow!

Oh yes I’m getting a $250 advance on my Social Security check, I just have to pay it back, next April 15th Is this an April fools joke from Washington DC.


We must set up food banks, or facilities to feed all of these unemployed citizens.

We have school facilities in many communities where we can perform this service this next year.

Some Food distribution program might help, if these hungry people have a place to cook food, if not, Then what?

Now: Private surplus Food Distribution Centers are being swamped by citizens in need.


Americans, and our children must not go hungry!

We must restore our nation.


You are on the Internet now; but governments are planning to shut down our unlimited access to any and all information, other than looking at Websites of Sellers, and emailing friends. They want to shut us up. Stop informing citizens of any treason’s, citizens must submit.


I’ve tried to look up the word “Ethics” in a government Dictionary, but couldn’t find that word anywhere, must have been stricken from any explanation, so our elected officials would not be confused when they are accused of being unethical, as they sure do not understand the meaning of that word.


There is a lot going on in our nation, it’s time for Citizens to take Charge.

This is the most important website for you to research, to save America.


There is a lot going on in our nation that is “wrong”. I’m trying to be here for YOU, to show you what is serious to your future freedoms in this nation.

YES, I know this is a long and detailed website, but! Are your rights, and safety in this nation important to YOU? I believe so, and I’ll RESTORE these rights for you.


Take time to be an American. So bear with me, and review all my data, and please look at the VIDEO’S listed “just below” the Master Menu listing. The police in our nation all too often overstep their authority and abuse citizens, be sure to click on “Item # 59” and review what is going on with the Police power in our nation.


You “must” Submit to the police to be searched at “anytime” they want to accost you in public.



The 4th Amendment states: “The Right of the people to be secure in their “PERSONS”, HOUSES, PAPERS, and EFFECTS, against UNREASONABLE SEARCHES, and SEIZURES, and shall NOT be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but on probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and persons or things to be seized”.


If you refuse, is that unreasonable? It says, “Probable Cause”, AFTER describing the reason, not “Lets search you first, and see if there was any reason.

Notice that it states: PERSONS, while the police tell you, you will SUBMIT as a PERSON, to be searched “or else”, that “If you do not SUBMIT, you may be Shot and Killed”.


This goes on every day in America, are you tired of this? I AM, and I WILL PROTECT YOU.


As you now see the police accost CITIZENS, and demand they SUBMIT to search, or else!


What next? When they knock on your door, or forcefully enter your home, and demand everyone in the home identify themselves, and submit to being searched, then they proceed to search your home for any illegal substance, or “question your possession of any item in the home”, as to where you got the item, and demand you submit proof of purchase of everything, or have it confiscated, “to aid the police fund”. These police are Americans, how will New World Order cops treat you?

Forget that crap they told you in school, the police are not “your friend”.


I’m fighting back, will you? Do you want any Rights?


Remember how wonderfully that worked in Germany under Hitler’s plan to remove undesirables, just break in and remove unarmed citizens who couldn’t fight back. Those citizens thought they were just being questioned, only they never came home. Will you fight back, or just surrender? That’s OK!

You are honest citizens, and we have laws that protect us from this type of police behavior, don’t we? NO we don’t!


“Wake up Americans”


 My message brought to you in Red White and Blue

I’m sorry this website is not fancy, but this is the best I can afford, to present my message to you.

I’m like many retired Americans living on Social Security, I do as much as I can afford, and hope for the best.  


(Saturday 21 February 2009) Hershey announces that they are closing a plant in Hershey, PA and sending production of Mints to Mexico. Don’t buy any Hershey product, until they return all production to America. Make it in Mexico; sell it in Mexico, not America.


(Friday 20th of February) Announcement that more American Icons about to end, GM reports they will drop “PONTIAC”, we already lost our long time dream car, the “Oldsmobile”. Since 1950 we’ve lost Packard, Hudson, Kaiser Frazier, Plymouth, DeSoto, Nash and Studebaker. What next? Of course the present styling of most of the cars for aerodynamic reasons all look the same. The so called Mini Vans are weird looking, but nothing anymore with the style that made us drool to own that set of wheels. What ever happened to real bumpers on our cars, now we have plastic trim, or expensive grills, hanging right out in the open, and even a fender bender is a $6000 jobs to repair.


F**k the courts:

The court has decided that an Arizona landowner does not have the right to protect his property from Illegal Aliens who invade our country, they destroy his property, and then claim:

He illegally denied them their Civil Rights.

Like Hell, I’m telling you, if I entered any land identified as “Do Not Enter, US Government Property”; and I forcefully entered that land, my government would shoot me.

NO Civil Rights for Citizens.

What happened to:  “Do not enter, Trespassers will be shot”?  Does that only apply to American citizens? Illegal aliens do not have to obey America’s laws?


(Thursday 19th of February 09) Obama flies on Air Force I, to Denver to sign papers; I wonder just how much that cost our budget?

“Air Force One” uses “50 gallons of Jet Fuel/per MINUTE”. = .18 MPG


(Wednesday 18th February 09) We have loaned General Motors Billions, and now they inform us, as of April 30th 09 they claim they have to lay off 400,000. I’ll bet not one of those “laid off” will be an executive making millions of dollars, you have made their day, now they can sleep in peace without worry.

Doesn’t that just make you feel warm all over?

I know I’m warm, no not really warm, I’m hot; I’m burning HOT with RAGE.

I want to restore GM and all the jobs, let’s help restore our manufacturing in America.


(Monday 16th of February 2009), and the Senate is ready to help you. Of course they’re going to saddle you with debt, debt that you will never be able to repay, as they continue to destroy our nation. The government will be like a monkey on your back to collect this money; they give you Welfare, then demand 50% of it back for taxes. Are you concerned about your freedoms that are being destroyed? Read on.


(Saturday 14th of February 2009) You paid for