“US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

 justified the “Repression of Free Speech”,                  


“When the exercise of Free Speech,

Constituted, a Clear, and Present “DANGER” to America”


Danger as defined by the Government, the Authorities

can legitimately suspends the First Amendment”,

and probably all Constitutional rights if it so pleases.

Our government, using Homeland Security: in action, against us.

The President intends to stop any questioning of what the he wants to do.


Read more about the Sedition Act of 1797, and 1918.

Think your phone is safe from wiretapping?

Guess what! “The Terrorist Act” gives “your government”,

the legal right to monitor all phone calls automatically

with “Voice recognition software”.

Does that work?

How many phone calls do you now make where the answering machine asks you,

“What do you want to do?”

“Make a payment”;

“talk to an operator?”

Etcetera: Voice recognition in action.


Many of you are too young to remember the dossiers that J. Edgar Hoover,

Director of the FBI was gathering for years on American Citizens.

Only upon the death of Hoover, was all of this brought out in the news.

However we don’t know what other police spying has been going on

all over the country, for a long time.

Of course the police feel they have a right to do this,

“after all”

they are above reproach,

they are the police,

you’re just stupid (pawns) citizens.

See #59, and #64


Now let's discuss police, your police department,

local citizens are now our police, lets replace those police

with United Nations troops, or Non American’s

employed as your police department

who will do the Federal Government demanded control of your community;

ready for that?

I know, you don’t think our government can do that, WRONG.


Your government at work again:

All our government has to do is claim your civil rights are un-American,

and a threat to “Government Peace”.

Constitution, and Bill of Rights (eliminated) suspended,

after all we are at WAR;

that gives the President Power,

power with a capital “P”.

Do you realize almost all of our school children believe

“Freedom of Speech” should “not” be legal?

That “freedom of speech” is hate speech.

Who taught them that? Not me!