How to control citizens for a Dictatorship:

The history of human life on this planet, started out with small community of humans, striving to exist, to learn survival, then larger communities, the development of language, then after 100,000’s of thousands

of years, an attempt to record learning with a written language of which many systems started first as pictures, and still different means such as the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with symbols for whole words. Finally with the invention of alphabets to form words, to record learning, so future generations learned from previous generations. Until the invention of the printing press, books were hand written,

books and paper was very rare, and very expensive. Only available to the Richest of Rich, the Royalty leaders and families. The Rich have obtained control by convincing you, that they are more deserving,

and they have the weapons to make sure you submit, or else. They really are more important than you.

It really is easy to control citizens, you take a few, and give them a slightly better life than the masses,

and those (troops) citizens will enforce your control over the less worthy.


Eventually as civilization expanded after 1480 A. D. with the invention of high speed printing, the manu-facturing of paper at lower cost, books became more available for the lower level of financial status.

Schools were developed for the upper classes at first, then for the middle class, and finally in some

nations for all levels of society in Democracies.


When Dictators want to take over a nation:

The first method necessary is the elimination of the “Educated”, as history will prove has happened. Educated people want to be FREE. A Dictator is at risk, of educated citizens, so schools are restricted to only the Government Caste System. The masses must be kept subservient, and uneducated and to believe: They are happy. In the 1930’s depression, we were happy if we just had enough to eat.


We are headed to a One World Government Dictatorship, and what was the United States “must” be eliminated, the education of the masses lowered and then eliminated. The food for survival reduced, to save the best food for the most deserving. Farms reduced, food distribution reduced, population reduced, and the first necessary method is to reduce education. Libraries have been burned, and books destroyed as Rulers started people doing in the 1900’s. Books were burned to clean up the community of subversive learning materials. Movies such as: A Clockwork Orange, and George Orwell’s 1984 showed, control of the people, that the removal and destruction of Books must be done.


We have had an explosion of learning and schools since the 1900’s, which must be reduced. Censorship is a must, and we see that beginning right now in China. China has found their population earning more money, learning new jobs, but in horror find the population using the Internet to Learn, and that is destructive to the future control of the population. Censorship of the Internet in many countries is happening. I see more and more restrictions coming, and censorship of the Internet a must to control the population. This has been an unexpected resource that governments didn’t quite expect, the Internet is out of control, and that must be censored.


So as books became easily obtainable in Europe, and in the Americas affordable to the masses, this plus the development of more means to educate, is a danger to those who want to control people. With the invention of the Radio, then TV, and now Computers, the people are capable of self-education; Dictators can’t allow this. Censorship must be enacted, less education for the masses, less food for the masses, less money for the masses, less Freedoms for the masses. Less population, as the history of each Dictatorship will prove was the system to take control of those nations. Only one child per family allowed in China, and since we are running out of resources, certainly the massed must be reduced, and the less worthy eliminated. Millions have been starved to death to reduce the populations in Russia, China, the eastern European nations after the Russian Revolution. Conquerors systematically starve the populations after they invade nations. It works.


Starvation, deprivation, 100% control of all existence must be controlled by those more knowledgeable of whom are more worthy to be allowed to exist. More and more laws to control citizens, to reduce their impact on the usage of the worlds resources, by rationing, but not so the people know it to be RATIONING, but TAXING us to where we have decided We can’t afford to use these resources that only the more worthy deserve to have available. It still works in India, the Caste System, that only certain class of people worthy of the upper class living. In the 1930’s when I was a child, it was unusual for many homes with lower income to have educational books available. There are still many families that still do not buy educational books to have in the home. So many of our children grow up with only the knowledge obtained in Government schools.


So those intent upon Dictatorship develop a plan called CAP AND TRADE. Meaning the Dictator will Tax you for any usage of Energy, housing, any usage of resources, to save those things for the more worthy. So they are not reducing your usage, you are, as you can’t afford that usage anymore. Not Rationed, directly, but you have decided to reduce usage on your own. Right?


The quality of Basic Education in American schools has never really been that good, and the last 50 years, less and less education has been taught about the history of the founding of this nation. Since most of the children are being educated in Government controlled schools, the current education of our children has lower and lower, with indoctrination that we are now a “One World Community”, and that the United States citizens have been unfairly using more than we should. Our children are believing that the Bill of Rights exceeds the rights of citizens, that some censorship is a must for survival of the Government, and restrictions on ownership of weapons is a must for a safe society to exist. That the Government knows best, and Free Speech is Hate Speech, Free Speech is Seditious, that the Government needs to keep harmony, and peace, and submission of the citizens to maintain control for “the good of society”.  If you compare today’s school history books with the history written by Quaker Charles Beard in the 1920’s you will see a marked difference in the facts presented to today’s children in our schools. (Charles is a relative of mine).


We are at “that” state right now in the world. We have World Leaders the “United Nations” that want to reduce the impact of humans on this planet, to reduce the usage of the resources of the planet, for only those more worthy.


Closing down the farms to return the land to its natural state, enacting The Wilderness Act plan for all of the United States. A world wide Dictatorship can only be developed by first destroying the United States system of life. The nations of Europe do not realize, the Unification of all those nations has been done, to disarm all those citizens, after all of they are all “one nation”, they no longer need any armament to protect their borders, “to end wars between nations”. Elimination of guns in the possession of the citizens, that only the Police, and Government “in general” need guns to control any misbehavior of citizens, until total submission of any attempts for Freedom has been eliminated. People are being misled that they do not need, nor shall be allowed any ownership of weapons, that the Government will protect you and issue what the Government believed you deserve. Minimal existence at best; as we see in all Dictatorships in the world.


Is this to be the future of all civilization, or will Americans wise up soon enough to stop this total One World Government leadership that is being forced upon us.


As usual this comes on a gradual level of change, so the population accept this as normal evolution of society, a Social Justice to make all of us unworthy to have less ownership and Freedom, for the good of the nation, to reduce our impact upon the world.


Rationing of food, of all resources, of all housing, of all jobs. Citizens will be assigned jobs needed by the government, and reduce the manufacturing of most items that we, the lower class really do not need.


How to do this?

The reduction of education; control by the government of Radio and TV programs to only what the Government believes society needs to know. The inspection of homes to remove excesses of ownership, to make sure you no longer use any of those incandescent lamps, to restrict ownership of Radios and TV’s. The Government will control your use of energy for heating and cooling, with computer control of your home usage. Use too much, and that utility will be turned off before the end of the month.


Ownership of educational books must be restricted, as that might make the population want more Freedom. The censorship of all media, to only what the Government will allow mere citizens to possess. To reduce the average citizen to do exactly what the Government will allow, citizens will become mere labor pool, with complete control of all behavior. Look at all Dictatorships in the world, those citizens are under complete control of the Dictator, misbehave and you are eliminated.

Is this what you want our future to be like?