If we disarm our military, will our nation be safer?

Lets discharge all our military and send them home to you, OK?

Some Americans believe that if we do not fight back, everyone will leave us alone.

They are wrong. Unarmed, means “America will surrender to terrorists”, here they come.


That seems to be the consensus of so many Americans,

 who believe we do not need to protect our nation anymore,

that people so love us, there will be no more WAR.

That: No one will ever again attack our nation.

That: Freedom does not need to be defended.

Sorry those pacifists are wrong, we have to be strong,

and armed to protect our Freedoms, or we will lose them.

Others are armed and ready to attack us “with violence”.


It really is hard to put all our problems listed “first” in this presentation.

But the sovereignty of our nation has to pretty much come first.

If we lose our national sovereignty, there will be no more United States to do anything.

So bear with me, and read all of this if you want to continue the United States of America.

I’m not going to give you any sweet talk: Just the facts MAME.


I have no other desire than to save the freedoms of our nation,

to preserve the life style that has been the envy of people all over the world.


Our government already has plans to totally disarm our military. Public Law 87-297