Inflation in 2020 > future

Are you: Unable to afford Air Conditioning now,

or will you be unable to afford to heat your home this coming winter?

So. Calif, Edison sent me a notice that my rates were going up 34% in 2009,

+33% in 2010, and up another 8% in 2011.

Coming to your community soon.

I canít afford Air Conditioning now,

This last summer, I was sitting here and it was 108 degrees in my home;

I have to tough it out, just using an electric fan.

The same thing is happening to Natural Gas rates this winter.

Natural gas is tied to OPEC rates for Oil. WHY?

Will you: Have to walk to work?

Want rationing of $10/gal gas?

Can you: Afford a 300% raise in utility rates?

My utilities are up 400% since 1971, are yours?


Do you think your job is secure? for how long?,

if there are less and less customers.


Businesses after Businesses are cutting back,

because ďyouĒ can no longer afford to shop with them,

then they lay off more employees.

Remember that local business dealer in your community

is not eligible for unemployment when they close their store.


Airlines cutting flights, laying off more and more employees,

having to cancel flight after flight because it doesnít make economical sense

to fly a route with half-full planes.

This week, airlines raising prices,

sort of like 7.5% Federal Excise Tax.

State Sales Tax,

Fuel Tax,

Landing Fee Tax,

Luggage Tax,

Airport Tax,

over and over FEEíS added on to the price of your ticket,

and being accosted by arrogant Airlines employees. Why fly?


America is being destroyed, wake up citizens.

Is this the America, you wonít fight to save?

Are you going to surrender?

Local businesses: going out of business When will this end?

Oh! maybe just maybe things will get better

when we join the New World Order,

as subjects under the United Nations.


What is happening in the United States?

What inflation is about to hit us?

How are we going to save our nation;

are we to become a Third World status nation?

How are we going to afford energy of any kind?


There is more about Inflation below,

check what happened to the value of our money. Itís all about Silver.

Our economy!

Are you ready for 300% inflation?


*********** Saturday 15 March 2008, Associated Press: by Betsy Blaney **************

The cost of Wheat has tripled in the past 10 months.

80% of grocery prices will spike too,

because wheat and other grain prices are used

to feed cattle, poultry and dairy cows.

Wheat prices have shot from $7/bushel to as high as $24/bushel:

Shipping costs out of control.

You havenít seen anything yet.

A can of tomatoís was 50 cents in 2009,

now 58 cents in 2010, thatís 16% inflation in one year,

similar rise in prices of other vegetables,

yet Congress tells me there was no inflation this year,

no raise for my Social Security for 2010, and 2011.


The food you canít afford to buy,

our government will tax us to buy that food to feed the world poor, who are hungry.

Global Poverty Act of 2007 (S.2433) only $845 Billion,

sponsored by then Presidential hopeful Barack Obama,

now passed in 2009 at over $1 Trillion/year.

When you can no longer afford to feed your family,

at least you will know we are trying to feed the rest of the world.


The worse is yet to come.

Cereals, the staple of our childrenís breakfasts will go to $10/box.

YOU have to be my age to really see what inflation has done to our nation.

I remember when bread was 10 cents a loaf, and Milk was 10 cents a quart (1945).

Minimum wage was 75 cent/hour.

That meant I could buy 7 quarts of milk for one hour of minimum wage,

now I could only buy 4 quarts of milk,

soon you will only be able to buy 2 quarts of Milk

for one hour of minimum wage.

At that time, minimum wage was considered to only be for beginners,

without any skills, dishwashers, busboys, clean up crews, etc. not to support families.

You didnít have a family until you had skills to afford to support them.


Large furniture companies in So. Calif. ďWicks FurnitureĒ and Levitzís

going gone out of business.

No one needs new furniture when they are losing their homes.

Other local furniture stores are also closing in my area of N. E. Los Angeles County.

Home Depot, and similar businessí in American report record loss in sales,

as homeowners canít afford to do any upgrade or maintenance expenses.


Outsourcing our jobs, Imports of almost everything we go to buy.

Let's stop this Americans!

We have to return control of our nation by a candidate

that will stop this treason, and stop it now.

If we donít stop this, this year,

we will be bankrupt in more ways.

Home Depot just announced they are closing many stores,

laying off all employees, to cut losses.

The ďMiddle Class citizens are being destroyed,

so our government can hand our nation over to the United Nations.

I will stop this; help me to stop this.

Big shocker, our medications now being made in China, and contaminated.

Heaven help us.

Be careful not to buy medicines from Canada,

they may not be good quality,

buy your medications direct from China!

Guaranteed to kill you.

Saves on Social Security of our retired.


Inflation is killing our economy:

Do we just surrender or fight back to save the United States of America?

I donít know about where you live, but in California inflation is going up each year,

from 10%, to as high as 75% for dairy products.

Cheddar Cheese went up 100% (I donít buy cheese anymore), milk up 40%.

Ice Cream went up 50% from one source last year,

so I started buying the cheapest bulk Vanilla Ice Cream

and that just went up another 10% this January.

Checked on Ice Cream today 25 June 2008, (Thriftyís)

a brand that Iíve bought the last 40 years, was $2/half gallon in 2004,

$2.50/half gallon in 2005, $3/half gallon in 2006/7,

today wonderful ďnewĒ package, 1.75 quarts, (not half gallon)

and only$3.99 a carton.

What next 1.5 quarts for $4.99 in 2018, yes.

Gasoline is up 60% this last year.

Shoes Iíve always bought (Dr. Schollís) went up 60%,

from $25 in 2004 to $40 a pair now

(and they are now made in China).


Today, June 25, 2008 I just stopped by our local supermarket,

ďAlbertsonsĒ to price check some items, the last time I bought Flour,

it was 5lb for 89 cents, today the cheapest brand of 5lb was $2.99, and up to $4.59.

Eggs $2.79/dozen for medium size.

Milk was $2.49 for half gallon, for the cheapest milk of course.

I could buy two gallons for essentially $2.49 gallon,

but I could never use two gallons by myself before it would go bad.

Tomatoís were $2.99/lb. Iím sorry but I just canít afford fresh vegetables at those prices.

I can still buy carrots for about 50cents a lb, and some onions, got potatoís recently 10lb for $2.98,

so have to shop carefully to live on about $20/week for food.

I bought a loaf of Rye Bread at the second day

Wonder Bread discount store, only $2.79 a loaf, but of course thatís better

than $3.79 for first day baked at the super market.

White sandwich bread though for only 99 cents.

Some things are bargains; of course 10 years ago

White sandwich bread was only 69 cents for first day baked.

But then Iíve received almost 25 percent raise in 10 years on Social security. Wow.

I canít afford $7 movies, in fact I canít afford any entertainment anymore.

All I can afford it watching TV, how about all of you?


Now youíve been downsized to earn less than Middle Class income.

How are you going to feed your family, heat your home, drive to work, survive in America?

In Southern California, all of our homes are heated by Natural Gas,

but Iím worried about citizens in Middle America who still use Heating Oil to heat your homes.

How are you going to pay $900/mo to heat your homes?

Itís coming. Of course we will probably keep the heat on in the poor house,

or maybe there will just be so many of you in the poor house

that they wonít have to turn on the heat,

just human bodies will heat the place.

Youíll probably have to set your thermostats for 55o, or off.


Are we just to believe our government, that inflation

was only 2.5% in 2007? Wow in 2008 I got a raise on my SS of 2.5%

now I get almost $35/mo. more to blow on unnecessary food.

What are we to do?

It wasnít too long ago that a can of Chicken Noodle soup was 18 cents,

now thatís $1.35, looks like almost 470% inflation to me since 1971.

Would Congress lie to us? Nah! You havenít seen anything yet. More to come.


The economy? There is a solution!

Reduce the population of the earth, to just the Very Rich,

and the human beings necessary to support the needs of the Very Rich,

in The New World Order.

That will reduce the usage of natural resources

for the continued enjoyment of life by the Very Rich.

Thatís the Plan, of the Trilateral Commissions plan.


Next: is our economy, Jobs. American Jobs.

I am going to cut all imports 10% a month,

so at the end of 10 months we will stop all imports of retail goods.


We are: Losing jobs? (800,000 Jan-July 08),

533,000 in November 08,

claimed by government.

Our trade with China has cost Americans 2.3 Million jobs,

no wonder Americans are facing foreclosure on their homes.

There are 30 + million Americans out of work, or underemployed since 1990,

and itís going to get worse. Let me stop this.

You are: Losing homes? (Because: You lost your job? $hame on you?)

You are: Losing the ability to $upport your family?

You are: Losing patience?

You are: Looking for $olutions? So see Solutions

Our borders have been unprotected for over 50 years

and Congress has failed to do anything, and wonít; that fence isnít built yet.

Of those 20 Million now unemployed,

how much have they stopped spending in your community,

in your stores that soon will close for lack of profit?

Look around your community, how many businesses are closing now.

This is trickle down economy in action, trickling down, down, down.


I want American products in our stores.

I want manufacturing to return to our nation.

I want those production lines going 24 hours a day,

with you making a living wage, to pay your mortgage, or rent,

and to support your family.

In February 09 we required new TV sets,

for the new Digital future.

Not made in the USA.


While your pay is being cut 50%, prices are going up 200%,

how much longer can the citizens of the United States of America stand this?

San Fernando Valley, CA Daily News: 07/29/08

ďNew President to get record Red InkĒ.

Budget deficit $483 Billion, well that was old news.

We are in debt to the tune of $26 Trillion.

Mind-blowing? You bet! So what to do? Let me worry about that!

Get serious. Itís all about the economy. Our economy is going

Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down.

You are seeing the destruction of our nation daily,

this crisis, of the price of oil, and all commodities,

going up by at least 300% in the last few months,

and did you actually think Obama, or McCain

would really do anything to reverse this?


They are telling you Changes canít happen for at least 12 years.

Can you wait 12 years of this outrage? So what do you think you should do?

You had better do something, and do it now!

Do you honestly think they are going to do anything about the price of fuel?

How dumb can you be?

What did the government do when gas went from 29 cents, to 89 cents?

Remember about 1960 when you rented an apartment for $95/mo.?

Now that apartment rents for $1200.

I could play this ďRememberĒ game all day long,

but that does not put more money in your hands today.

You work hard, get a raise of 5%, but prices go up 7%,

you never get a better standard of living.

Thatís the plan of the world powers to shut us down.


Iím ready to fight for our nation, are you?

Are you ready for this 300+% inflation on top of everything else?

Read the rest of my website, and see how this has destroyed our nation,

as we deal with RED China.

Notice how we have stopped calling it RED China, why?

Itís still ĒCommunist REDĒ China,

and then thereís ďCommunist CubaĒ we donít deal with.

Read on how I will give you gas for $1.29/gal.

My Congressman tells me inflation does not really affect my purchasing power

since I got that 2.5% increase in my Social Security. ďBullĒ.

Manufacturing leaving (left) our nation. So, do you want more of this?

ďOh thatís right, you donít want to work anymoreĒ.

So, do we need illegal aliens to do the work



I will stop this, and restore our Middle Class incomes.

We are in trouble to feed our families when our government is sabotaging us.

Even when we point out it takes ďmoreĒ energy to make Ethanol;

our government goes right on spending more money to make Ethanol. Why?

These are the same people handling our budget, HUH?

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