There is no magic, our resources have to supply what we need,

and we have to do this in a safe manner.

I want you to realize that our government will tell us

that there are Carbon contaminations, (Global Warming)

that harm our ecology, and since that is a sin,

to continue this contamination, you will be charged a TAX

to compensate for this continuing contamination.


Why a tax?

To collect that TAX.


The World Governments want “US” to stop using Energy,

so they call this Global Warming to scare us in to submitting to their agenda,

stop using energy, don’t even use Oil Lamps,

or fireplaces or any energy PERIOD.

Save all these resources for the Very Rich,

for now

and the future,

they really deserve these resources.


See: Our government is all heart;

they only have the cleanliness of your community in mind.

So they will TAX you, to force you to reduce your usage.

Is that all clear?

The price of Energy is going up,

so to conserve energy,

they will TAX you even more,

so the VERY RICH will have this resource available

for them in the future.


We have to stop wasting our resources on the poor,

undeserving lower class.