Do you want to be a Free citizen in a Free nation?

Go back and review those Video sites I listed to educate you as to what is happening in our nation,

if you want to save our nation?

Donít believe me?

Check these things out for yourself.

You are looking at this website to learn about candidates,

so learn about me, read all of this website,

it will reveal what is going to happen to the sovereignty of our nation in the next few years.


Do you fear our government? If you donít! Then you donít understand

what is going on.

Donít forget Waco, Texas; Ruby Ridge, ID; Oklahoma City; Vietnam; and Iraq; Illegal Aliens; China; Tapping your phone calls, etc.


Americans; will you stand up, and demand

that we stay free,

or will you just submit to a totalitarian takeover of our nation?


Our Military will inform citizens that they wonít tolerate any civil demonstrations,

or disobedience, when they proceed to takeover areas of our nation.


When they are at your door demanding you hand over all weapons, or else, what will you do?


Fear? Surely our government follows the laws, and you are protected.


If you really donít think you have to fear our government;

that we have laws to protect us;

let me remind you how our wonderful government handled

the David Koresh situation; the destruction of the Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas,

with Men, Women, and Children burned alive.

For what? The fact that in one ďlocked roomĒ in that facility,

there were GUNS, my goodness, they had GUNS.

Maybe if the room was unlocked so the children could play with the guns,

then that would have been OK.

I understand what happened in Oklahoma City,

retribution against what happened in Waco, TX?

But unfortunately innocent children and citizens were harmed,

not our government officials who were guilty.

Any change we could punish the government operatives

and Janet Reno? Of course not.


None of the members of David Koreshís group had committed any crime,

they wanted to arrest David Koresh on trumped up charges,

did they wait until Mr. Koresh was out of the building

and in town where he often went?

Did I forget to mention the next day,

TV stations in Oklahoma City announced

that TWO unexploded bombs

were found INSIDE the basement of the Federal Building.

Gee how did those bombs get INSIDE the building?


No! Our government attacked American citizens with tanks

and attempted an armed invasion of private property.

This is an example of what our government is capable of

and ďwill doĒ.


And you want to fight back; Coward, you wonít?

Armed confrontation at the Davidian Compound, tanks,

FBI, extremely loud audio aimed at the residents of the Davidian Compound,

Women and Children finally burned alive, by our Military operation. Justifiable?

Sure, to prove to citizens that you have NO rights.

Donít you dare confront our government.

Do you want more of that?

Iíll stop that immediately, or else.

My ancestors fought to give us freedoms,

will you just surrender?


Would our government Shoot US?

In 1932 our government led by General Douglas McArthur shot at Veterans who were marching on Washington DC, demanding payments promised them after WW I,

no problem shooting American Veterans!

Do you want to demonstrate against the Federal Government?

Even I know better than that.


Where do you think you stand

if you demonstrate against the government coming to your door,

demanding surrender of any and all firearms?

Our government will shoot us just like they did students at Kent State, in Ohio

who were protesting the Vietnam War.

We have rights?


American citizens are just too dumb to realize, our enemy

the United States Federal Government

doesnít give a damn about the Constitution, or Bill of Rights.

Our government abuses our rights day after day,

with no power from you to stop anything.

You can complain,

but the government will claim they have the right,

for some reason, so shut up.

Try to enter Federal Buildings in Los Angeles

and see the arrogance from the guards searching you

before you are allowed to enter.

It is disgusting.

Yet they wonít bother Illegal aliens marching openly on our streets

demanding the right to break our laws.

So if our own government is willing to shoot demonstrators

who do you think United Nations troops would shoot us? OF COURSE.

Do not interfere with the government, or else.


I do not trust our Government,

I hope you will wake up and realize

we have to make changes to restore our rights.

This last year, an unarmed Black man, with some friends

exited a business late at night,

and that unarmed man was shot over 50 times, killed, innocent. Why?

Ask yourself WHY?

Iím asking Why? for you.

I want answers, and I can be demanding if Iím your president.


I thought the Second Amendment gave us the right to own guns,

I guess that is a threat to the takeover of our nation by the United Nations.

If you own guns, and donít peacefully surrender them to the government

when they are standing at your front door, guess what?

Oh thatís right, you have rights!

Sure you do!

Not one of you has the guts to refuse the National Guard at your front door

demanding you give them all weapons in your possession.

You will be confronted by armed SWAT type military

demanding the right to search your home,

what are you going to do? Shoot them?

Sure you will!

Wonít ever happen, you will just stand there,

looking stupid and helpless as they cart away

your weapons to be destroyed.

You have rights!

Donít bet on it, when our government demands

you surrender everything, you have nothing.


After all you have a family, and you own your home,

any confrontation with the law, and they will take

your home, and put your family out on the street.

So you will just help the government disarm you.


Then start checking Google for Ruby Ridge, a location in Idaho,

where citizens were set up to be eliminated,

for the convenience of the FBI.

More treason in our government, against citizens.


This is what is coming to our citizens of America if we donít stop this now.

There are other incidents of this happening to others in America.

WE must stop this now.

SWAT teams exist in major cities to effect such invasions

of any location our government demands entry,

without any reason if they so desire in the future.

When you confront the government about this behavior

you are told to shut up or else, that itís none of your business.

You donít want to be in trouble with the law do you?

It might make your boss lay you off.

He doesnít want any trouble with the law either.

Always threats of FEAR to make you cooperate. Like the IRS.


Do we run the government, or does the government run us?

Many of our Freedoms are being outlawed.

Enough of this treason. So many have died to preserve our rights

to be Free, and ďbit by bitĒ our government has cut more and more rights. Stop this.


"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression.

In both instances there is twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged.

And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air

--however slight--lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."

Justice William O. Douglas


Do you think Iím overreacting?

Suppose it was one of your loved ones in the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon,

or on those planes that crashed on 9/11.

View the Information in the following Videos that explain why 9/11.

When are you going to wake up?

Look at all of my website and think.

We have been attacked, and we are being subject to treason from our politicians in Washington DC.

Letís stop this now. Or else!






Do you really want our service persons to retire, come home,

and forget about protecting our nation?

Well maybe you will get your wish when we disarm,

discharge all of our military,

and surrender to the United Nations troops.


It is apparent in America that when you try to dissent against the government:

You are creating a disturbance.

You are removed by the police.

Do not interfere with the rulers of our nation, or you will be silenced.

Is that what you want to continue our future?


Complain? Yeah! Sure you will, until you see large crowds detained

and never seen again. Then what?

Remember the WACO action.


Any attempts to Complain in writing or publish

will be considered Enemy Combatant, and dealt with severely.

Total cooperation is a must, or all electrical and natural gas for your home usage

will be turned off.

Now we are looking at your permanent record started

when you were in school.

You will not be allowed to bank or use any money for purchases

until you have registered for your new National ID card,

and have submitted to have an ID chip inserted in your arm.

This is coming unless you stop this right now in 2015.


Further comments in the link about the Sedition Act of 1797 and 1918.

The end of Freedom for American Citizens.