In 2006: They made it a crime to complain about our government in public.

(War Commissions Act of 2006) We can be put in jail for demonstrating against the government.


Like screw: the First Amendment, Free Speech, and the right to Assemble to Redress our government about anything we are unhappy about.


Yes we had Free Speech as long as you are not complaining about the government, or anyone else.

Now this is called a Hate crime.

You see, just bit by bit to eliminate our Bill of Rights, and you just donít see what is coming, do you?


When you are in jail, who is going to come to help you? Any one who comes to help will be under investigation as in collusion with you, so soon everyone will ignore anyone detained out of fear of being invited to join you,

in detainment. REX 84 in action.


They didnít build these Detention Centers to detain Illegal Aliens, or they would be full already, they built these Detention Centers for American Citizens, YOU, if you dare get in the way of turning this nation over to the United Nations.


You demonstrate> You disappear.

Worked for Hitler, will it work for our government?