Food shortages caused by more population, with more exports paid for by your taxes

($1.1 Trillion/year) to feed the huge world population that are starving.

Since the weather affects food production, these shortages can happen on a seasonal basis.

Rationing may return to America, so we can feed the world.


I see a hidden rise in prices, as the contents are reduced from 16 oz. to 14 oz, to 11 oz for the same price.

A recent discovery, a gravy packet, that listed “heat 3 cups of water, and add the powder to one cup of cold water”, now lists “heat 2 cups of water” the packet price increased from $1.19, to $1.29, and now only makes 3 cups of gravy instead of 4 cups in content, that’s an increase of 33%.

Plus the price increase of ten cents, (8%).


All too often this is happening to many of the products in our stores. Tuna now comes in 5oz. cans instead of 6oz’s, at the same price or more. Hidden costs that all too many shoppers do not realize.


Repackaging, label changes, to hid these increases, or increased water content, all affect the cost of feeding our families. I am angry that a certain (6 oz can) brand of Tuna that was listed as “Solid Pack” with about 1/2oz of liquid, now contained 2oz of water.

This is representative of many pre-packed food items, lower content, lower quality, false packaging, and often increases in package price too.

Review this expose by Cornell University explaining this situation.