Do I have a foreign policy?

You bet, “Don’t Tread on Me”.


No way, we have turned our back too much.

I’m not out to appease anyone,

no more of this giving in to these little tyrant dictators.

I don’t care if they like America, as long as you like America.


Continue to check my platform;

and see what I have planned for you, for our future.

Yes! This website is large, because America’s problems are LARGE,

this is all-important to the continuation of our nation,

so please read all of this and analyze what we must do.

Can you afford to ignore our problems?

This is a serious danger to our nation; help me, to help you.


Inflation is killing Americans,

“the War on the Middle Class”.

Read how we must end this downsizing of America;

stop building up China, to compete with America.