Do you want to be a Free citizen, in a Free nation?

Donít believe me? Check these things out for yourself. You are looking at this website to learn about candidates, so learn about me,

read all of this website, it will revel what is going to happen to the sovereignty of our nation in the next few years.


Americans; will you stand up, and demand that we stay free, or will you just submit to a totalitarian takeover of our nation? Our Military will inform citizens that they wonít tolerate any civil demonstrations, or disobedience, when they proceed to takeover areas of our nation.

When they are at your door demanding you hand over all weapons, or else, what will you do?

View these videos, and hear one of our soldiers admitting embarrassment at having to invade homes and disarming citizens in New Orleans, he explains he canít believe he has been ordered to, and carried out this mission to disarm American citizens.


WE must stop this now. SWAT teams exist in major cities to affect such invasions of any location our government demands entry, without any reason if they so desire in the future. When you confront the government about this behavior you are told to shut up or else, that itís none of your business. You donít want to be in trouble with the law do you? It might make your boss lay you off. He doesnít want any trouble with the law either.

Always threats of FEAR to make you cooperate. Like the IRS.

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Do you really want our service persons to retire, come home, and forget about protecting our nation? Well maybe you will get your wish when we disarm, discharge all of our military, and surrender to the United Nations troops.


It is apparent in America that when you try to dissent against the government:

You are creating a disturbance.

You are removed by the police.

Do not interfere with the rulers of our nation, or you will be silenced.

Is that what you want to continue our future?


Any attempts to Complain in writing or publication and you will be considered an Enemy Combatant, and dealt with severely.

Total cooperation is a must, or all electrical and natural gas for your home usage will be turned off. Now we are looking at your permanent record started when you were in school. You will not be allowed to bank or use any money for purchases until you have registered for your new National ID card, and have submitted to have an ID chip inserted in your arm.

This is coming unless you stop this right now in 2010.

Further comments in the link about the: Sedition Act of 1797 and 1918.