“Conspiracies? You bet.”

Now for a bit of history to give you something to think about:

Remember John Hinckley Jr.?

He shot President Reagan.

So who was John Hinckley “Sr,”?

Did you know, he was an oil business associate,

and a Golfing buddy of Vice President George Bush Sr.?

Did you know, that on the evening of the day that Reagan was shot,

that John Hinckley Jr.’s brother Scott Hinckley,

and his wife were supposed to be the dinner guests

of George Bush’s son Neil Bush, and his wife,

of Silverado Savings and Loan?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Just search for John Hinckley Sr. on Google,

very surprising facts. Conspiracy?

Now that you know, any thoughts about that?


If Reagan had died, that would have made George Bush Sr.

instantly President.


Did you also know that, “WE” bailed out

Neil Bush’s Silverado Savings and Loans failure

of about $1 Billion in loan defaults?

That’s $1,000,000,000.00

for George Bush sons business failure.

Of course our government got even with Neil,

they fined him $50,000.


Who shot Kennedy? It was just as treasonous.


I’m telling you treason’s exist in our nation.

Open your eyes.