If you study Hitlerís atrocities, you will learn how he tried to dominate Europe;

you wonít believe what our future will be,

if we donít stop the New World Order NOW.

There would have been no WW II if all those nations had just surrendered

to Hitler, nice and peacefully.


Some have negatively commented on my statement that:

ďWe have to eliminate all Muslims, to ensure future peaceĒ

Radical Muslims have been responsible for terrorism since the formation of that religion in the 630 AD era.


My ancestor Charles Martel, of France, started to defend the world from Muslims,

he wasnít successful enough,

so my ancestors had Crusades starting in the 1100ís to 1400ís to eliminate the Muslims,

they didnít, now itís time to finish the job.


Charlemagne (my ancestor) also tried to eliminate Muslims.


Spain finally had to expel all Muslims starting back in the 1100ís.


Are Muslims peace-loving people? NO


Did Hussein kill the Muslim Kurdís in North Iraq? Yes.


Did the Turkish Muslims kill 1.5 Million Christian Armenians in 1912-1915? YES


Have the Muslims attacked America?


Have the Muslims attacked, and killed tourists at a Cafť in Bali, Indonesia?

202 people killed who were only there to enjoy vacation. WHY?


Just Google for ďMuslim TerrorismĒ, and learn about these people.


Over and over, the Muslims want to kill non-Muslims.


We must stop this, and Iíve commented more on this, further in this website, so read on.


Europe is now being overrun by invading Muslims, insisting

that the laws change to Muslim ideas of what the law should be.


Got Muslim women who misbehave, kill them, they deserve death.

We have a large group of Muslims in Dearborn, MI

who are already demanding Sharia Law is the correct way for America to live.

It will be a cold day in Hell before I allow our nation to be overrun,

and changed to a Muslim law controlled nation.


So now, itís time to finish the job, when someone professes that

they are going to kill all non Muslims, you do not wait until you are flat on your back,

before you defend yourself. Want War, Got War and I intend to win.