Independent Candidate


for President in 2020




     with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL”




Is the American Dream dead?

Land of the FREE, what a joke!

Yeah, you are FREE as long as you obey.


18 September 2018


Why me?

Because: I'll protect your Rights.


We are being invaded and told: The invaders have rights, once in our nation,

 that children born to illegal aliens within our borders

 are legally citizens of the United States of America

 by virtue of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution,


I'm putting this in plain language that you'll understand.


The 14th Amendment was never Ratified by the States,

the 14th Amendment is not LEGAL,

our leaders just decided, even if it's not a legal Amendment,

they want to use this to validates that:




Why can't we get along?

This is a shame, what is the answer?

IF I had a business, and rioters entered

my store to rob and destroy,

I don't care what color or race you are,


These rioters destroy the good people of their race.


"Most people" are good people.



Who makes our Laws? Congress “AND?”



have you broken?


You have no idea how many of These: Someone has decided

“they” need to control how you live, “or else”!


Congress is a piker at making Laws, to Control US.


We have two major problems in America

ONE is Asset forfeiture abuse, where the police can steal your property

 and claim you bought the property with illegal drug profits,

or that you are going to use your money to buy drugs,

so the cops confiscate your money or property without any trial,

daring you to try to get you money or property back.

The police and any Government entity take everything you have

so you can't afford legal representation,

so most victims never get their property back.


Problem #2 Eminent Domain,

the Governments take  your property

to sell to another citizen,

so they can use your property for their needs and profit.

A bicycle business in Chicago was told to give up their land

 and building so a developer could build

new multistory apartment/business building on the land.



Google: Asset Forfeiture Abuse.

and: Eminent Domain Abuse.

Learn: before it's you that's screwed.

We must stop our rights being forbidden. 


Our Government generates Departments, Bureaus and Agencies

that then make their own Rules and Regulations, without the need

of Congress to interfere. Departments: of Justice, Education, Labor,

Agriculture, Homeland Security, Health, Transportation, State,

Energy, Revenue, Treasury, Interior, Social Services, Commerce,

Veterans Affairs, Defense, Housing and Urban Development,

Interstate Commerce Commission, and Environmental Protection Agency.

Then: Bureau of Labor, Indian Affairs, Reclamation,

Land Management, Mines, Engraving and Printing,

Federal Trade Commission, Federal Prisons, Census,

Then SERVICES of ?

I may have missed a few, you name it, and our Government

has control of EVERYTHING we do.

They make Rules and Regulations and Codes, and Ordinances, and ?????

all kinds of ways to control of us.

We have Government up the ass.

OH! Did I forget Administrations, such as the Food and Drug Administration,

what else? Every day, I run into more and more

Government control in one way or another. And this is in a nation

supposedly FREE of Government abuses.


And this is only at the Federal Level, now State, County, City!



I thought America would continue to grow,

now it has become stagnant, with no future

unless you elect an Independent Candidate

to lead us into the future.


Please take a moment to review my: Opening Statement, to see my original starting information,

    if you want to preserve America. “Be patient” as it loads, so you can see my concerns for YOU.



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"Monsanto," = "our food is poisoned".


      EVERYTHING UNDERLINED in this website is a LINK to more information, “click and learn”, Save our nation,  IF you love your nation.


      I can’t put all of our problems in 12” of text. So keep reading, learn about the problems of our nation, while we still have a nation.

 I’ve done this using Microsoft Word html, it leaves a lot to be desired.

But: This is all I can afford, and know how to do for this website, please understand.










The future of America depends on YOU.

The security of Europe depends upon America.

We must RESTORE America



10 October 2017

I have recently analyzed the situation of

the massive fires  in Santa Rosa, California.

How did the government set

"3600" homes on fire

"in minutes"?

Viewing the remains of these homes,

versus normal household fire

remains, leaves a lot of fear

that we have a government

that will use any means necessary

to destroy communities, (Google: Santa Rosa)

The city demands: "New rules of construction"

to who wants to restore their homes in this area.


Were these homes destroyed

by high power "Laser weapons"?

Google: Santa Rosa Fire. > LEARN

How did all of these homes

start burning within minutes,

so excessively on fire,

that the local fire departments

had no opportunity,

to even start controlling the fires.

These home in Santa Rosa were destroyed,

"beyond normal".

They were essentially vaporized.

View the remains,

not even a "Ceramic Toilet" survived.

WHY? How?

To start Agenda 21 conversion of America?



The local city bigwigs say:

"Now is the time to build Multifamily apartments"

in this area, as the city had planned in "June 2017".


Added "new" Building Rules and Regulations

may financially stop rebuilding homes as they were.


How convenient ::::::

Ready for Stack and Pack housing,

coming soon to your area!


Now stop to think, as I do:

Can our government drive down our streets

using High Power Microwaves aimed at our homes,

and cook all living persons in the HOMES?


How do we defend against that?

The walls of our homes do not stop Microwaves!



It is really a sad day to witness

what is/has happened

to "OUR" United States of America.



The TRUTH: We no longer have "any RIGHTS".

We must immediately submit to any Police Officer,

we must not complain,

or resist in any way,


we will be arrested, or killed,

for "Loitering" or "Disturbing the Peace".

OR that favorite of the COPS, "Suspicion"



This is what goes on in my area of LA, County, CA.

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs

killed Mr. Mallory, an innocent 80 year old man

in his bed in the middle of the night,


when I, an 91 year old man would call

the Sheriffs for help

they declined to protect ME.


They don't arrest "women" for Abuse.

This caused me to lose ownership

of my 100% paid for home.

Cops don't care, it's screw the public.



I have never been convicted of any crime,

only DETAINED 72 hours each time,

time after time: on "Suspicion",

over and over 1944 to 1949.


When I see a COP: "I fear for my life".

So: Can I legally kill a COP?,

that's why COPS claim:

They have the right to KILL US,


"They fear for their life".

I fear for all Americans who face this threat

every day in America.

This must STOP.    






Citizens are now being stopped

on the highways of America,

with cops demanding the right

to search our vehicles,

confiscating any cash citizens may have,

as little as $139,

claiming: This cash tested positive for drugs,

or: WHY! "Do you have CASH"?

So the government can take your money

and in many cases your car and/or truck

without any TRIAL or CONVICTION.







Don't trust any cop, down deep all cops are ASSHOLES.




Will Americans finally wake up and ReVote.

It's time to ReVote to Restore our Rights.



"My ancestors" had to resort to violence in 1776

to bring FREEDOM to this nation,

do we have to resort to VIOLENCE "again"


retain our FREEDOMS?


We must stop the Government we've elected

 and elect PATRIOTS who will stand up for US

and "DO IT NOW",

Or: There's "no tomorrow" for us.



You no longer have any rights in America.



Wake up>

Shut up or else! ,

or else your dead.


This is our new America

Sorry that shit doesn't make it with me.

"I'll protect you".


We have Corruption to the Nth degree

This is happening all over our nation.



In the past we saw Chinese riding bicycles

Now the Chinese drive cars and

our government wants us riding bicycles.



It is against the law to "Just walk down the street",

citizens are being stopped and the COPS

demanding that you must identify yourself

or "face arrest".


Where are you coming from or

where are you going

is NO business of the COPS.


What in the HELL is going on in Amerika?

When did we change to a Communist Nation,



You "DO NOT" have a Right to drive a car.

Driving is a Privilege, "if we kiss ass".

Walk everywhere and fear arrest?


By the way,

be sure to walk on the correct side of the street,

facing traffic, or you'll be arrested.


Elect ME and I'll end this shit.


Our Government plans to TAX us out of our cars:

First they will refuse to issue a license

if your car uses gasoline,

then only license Hybrid cars,

and finally only license Electric Cars.


Of course that's for you and I, not THEM.


Remember: When  you ride a bicycle you "must" ride in the street.

When you teach your tiny child to ride a bike,

your child "must ride in the street".

YOU don't dare teach them to ride on the sidewalk.

That's the LAW

OR off to jail they go.


When bicycling be sure you obey all VEHICLE traffic laws,

no circling in the middle of the street,

no fun riding, or face arrest for having fun.


Motor vehicle laws now apply to riding a bicycle on the streets of America.


The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face,

 with a conspiracy so monstrous,

he cannot believe it exists.

The American mind, simply has not come

to a realization of the evil,

which has been introduced into our midst . . .

It rejects even the assumption

that human creatures could espouse a philosophy,

which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
- FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956


“The duty of a patriot is to protect their country from its government.”
THOMAS PAINE (1737-1809)








IN 1940 America started preparing for a War "they" knew was coming.

After December 7th 1941 our factories converted to producing the weapons

 we needed to protect America and to beat Germany and Japan.


Now those factories are closed "and torn down".


 we had to arm America again,

do we import the Steel and Aluminum we need,

and who will produce the Electronic equipment

we will need to DEFEND AMERICA?


We have left America defenseless,

is this part of the PLAN?


"We the People"

no longer run our nation.



Every branch of our Government

invent up to 20,000 NEW LAWS every year,

to give you more Freedom?,

//  or    to    Control   you?




What went wrong?

We are mad as hell, and

"We are not going to take it anymore!"








by the


financed by the



   Cocaine Import Agency

                      1. Clintons revealed

2. CIA

                         3. Hillary as she is, for real

                       4. New World Order


Google: "The Dark Alliance"/ & "Kill the Messenger"/

 + read book: "Compromised", by Terry Reed

The story of our Government importing Cocaine

to raise money for guns to aid the Contra's fighting in Nicaragua.


Many Californian Black Americans were sent to prison, many for life,

for selling the Government Imported Cocaine,

so our Government under Reagan could raise Illegal money

to fight Communist takeover of Central America.

Those Black citizens should be released with an apology for being part of a crime they were used for.


This involves Lt. Col. Oliver North, the Clintons,

and all the shit our Government brags about "controlling Drugs",

when the bastards we've elected

bring tons and tons and tons of Cocaine into our nation,


Keep reading:

This is

"OUR Nation"


Research this on the internet, and you will see why

I'm still attempting to save our nation and our citizens from the treason in Washington DC


Congress doesn't want our borders closed.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

W- h- y?


Death by China, is in the works, when we buy: Made in China,

the profit has financially aided China

to expand their military, to attack us in the future.


China does not love America!


How many Americans have been laid off

while the product "we made",

are now made in China?


Too many factories have been closed, 

sending our JOBS out of the nation.



In April 2009 I offered to help restore General Motors.

In June 2009 they filed for bankruptcy.

Now it's

General Motors of China.












Congress says: You simple people "need to be controlled". OK?


It can't happen here?


Watch: Population Control coming for you.

                                                                          Watch: >>>>>> It is happening here

                                                                          Watch: Will you surrender because you're too lazy to fight?


While I DIDN'T advocate violence against our Government

after you watch "Will you surrender-"

You'll realize IF  you don't defend yourself NOW, it will be too late.

If  you haven't viewed this video,

then watching anything more in this website is useless,

because you don't care what is happening to our FREEDOMS.

The Police in America are out of control, WE must defend Americans.

                                                            Watch: These cops deserve to be killed, we must protect ourselves.

                                                            Watch: Typical cops like this should be killed to protect our rights.

      This is the mind set of all too many cops. ^^^^


Watch: What happens when you try to film cops



YOU must watch a number of Police Abuse cases on this Site,

"continue watching more links in this Site"

and you'll see what is going wrong in America,

Try this site for Police Abuse you'll be stunned

as to what is happening in our nation,

by cops that don't  Serve and Protect.


WE must fight back for Justice.

Every year this is escalating, more and more open abuse,

and citizens killed by police,

IF you refuse to follow cops orders in less than 15 seconds,

 a cop has the legal right to KILL YOU.

and they do.





Remember "YOU might be next, or your spouse, or your child".

AND you want to cops to take all guns, leaving you undefended?


Until WE take the police at task to end this abuse,

We have no Justice for ALL.


 My intent is to be here:

 "To protect you",


I won't allow this to continue in America.

Believe me, this shit will cease when I become your President.

This is a disgrace to be happening in our nation.

Do you want to be protected?

This cop is telling you the truth, you have



This is the real America.


All this milk and honey story about our Freedoms is a lot of shit.

You wave the Stars and Stripes and they'll shove it up your ass.


The cop tells  you straight out, "you will lose".


No more pretending you have Rights, you're screwed.

And they get away with it

"because they can"!


When a cop violates your Rights, who are you going to complain to?


Lets ReStore those Rights, that so many have died to give us.

OR has all of this been a big lie all along?

Imagine trying to complain to Hitler how you were abused.

This could happen to anyone of us tomorrow, will it be you?

                                                            I'll stop this shit, when I'm your President.


This happened in Mai Lai, So. Vietnam too.

                                                           Innocent woman and children killed by our troop's, "on orders to kill".


Now  Citizens killed by our (Military armed ) Troops  in Blue in America.


Remember the Gestapo in Germany were

"only following orders".

So gathering the Jews and killing them was legal.


When the Cops are killing you,


This is happening everyday in the

"Land of the Free and Home of the Scared Shitless".



Many Police departments now have "Military Vehicles" to assault us, why?

So they can DEMAND YOU follow orders?

We now have an internal Police/ARMY

To protect the Government "from you".


The Constitution is screwed, you will submit or else. 

HELP ME, to Protect YOU.

WE must stop this criminal Police behavior NOW.

over and over I'm telling you, we are screwed.

Remember these Cops believe they have the Right to tell you what to do,

and you must instantly follow their orders, or be killed.


Cops tell you: "They are the law"

(and they believe it) and you must do as they say, or else.


I keep repeating this because it's true.




In 1935 We were Ordered to obtain a Social Security NUMBER

"before" we could be employed.

In other words, "you are now a number", so we can keep track of you.


Now: You are Ordered to obtain Social Security number for your children before 1 year old.

So we can keep track of your child from birth on.

Is your child property of the Government?

We were Ordered to get a license to drive

We were Ordered to get a license for our car before we could drive it.

We are "ORDERED"

We will be Ordered more and more, to follow Government ORDERS

for many things in the next 20 years, will you comply?

When I hear: "YOU are Ordered", I tense up ready to fight.

When are "you" going to stand up and Fight?

What are  you going to do, when they demand

you must have an ID chip inserted in your hand, or else?



Just now in Los Angeles, CA (2018)

They are starting to denying building permits for single family homes

Demanding: Permits will only be issued for 5 to 8 story apartment buildings.

If you get a permit for a single family home,

they now demand "you must" install Solar Panels on the roof.


Where will  you plant  your healthy garden for those wonderful

non GMO fruits and vegetables,,,,,,,,, on the roof of your huge apartment? SURE!


Some FREEway lanes in downtown Los Angeles area are already Pay Lanes.



We must be forced to use public transit, walk, bike, or skateboard to get around

"or stay home".



Existing homes must  be 100% energy efficient, or be removed,

to be replaced by new multilevel buildings.


Plans in many cities will eliminate all parking in downtown areas.



for equality



OK: What is * Agenda 21?  **********


You must review the plan to see just how serious this really is, this plan means disaster.

(requires Adobe  Flash Player) “be sure to link “to the various reports” to see all of the plan”.


Agenda 21 |  to end the USA? No way?


Idaho land owners screwed, lets fight.



    Population reduction”,

Population forcibly moved to public housing, or else?




Who really owns “your” land, and decides what you can do on it?

The Government.


You are “SCREWED”

Remember this: The Government believes you only deserve to live

 as long as you are contributing to society,

when you get to old to contribute,

you should lay down and die.


In the future you will be trained for the job the Government believes

"you were born to do",

they will place you in that job as a slave,

you will do exactly as you are told, for the good of society.

Now try going on strike for higher wages.


The elite will determine what  you deserve, no less, no more.

The Elite are looking 200 to 500  years in advance and

must restrict our wasting the resources of the earth

needed for "their" descendents, not yours.


Mr. Trump tells us, he believes: The Government has the right

to take any property owned by citizens to use for better needs

of “the Community (Government)”, We must not allow this.


 The Constitution specified that

only land

needed for Government roads, buildings

for Government Civic needs” could be taken.

Now many Government officials believe

your land can be taken for “any” commercial use

“that would benefit the community”

(benefit the Politician) for Stores, Factories, etc AND is fair game,

If it will benefit the community (Politician) Commercially”,

and bring in more taxes for the (Politician) Government.

Or for the parking lot of Mr. Trumps casino in Atlantic City, NJ


They could take your home, destroy it

then build an apartment building,

for better use of the land,

and more taxes for the city politicians.

The Government in Oregon is planning to take homes for a new factory.


They are now building huge apartment buildings in Los Angeles, CA,

without parking spaces for tenant’s cars,

since the new tenants will be walking, biking,

or using public transportation from now on.


So, if you and your family (spouse and kids) decide to visit friends/family,

imagine dragging the stroller and diaper bag and assorted needs

for your children on public transportation

and maybe have to transfer a couple times

to another transit vehicle, after one try for that, no more visits.

You are ready to go home and your kids are a sleep, that will be fun.

Back to living like the 1930's.


These laws, by those "privileged" to make the laws,

will still have a car that they deserve:

Paid for by us.


There is still danger for America if we don’t stop Agenda 21.

AGENDA 21: will demand we all live in Government assigned apartments,

Not in private homes,

their Agenda:

To Concentrate Population Centers.



100% Government control

of where the citizens of this nation will be allowed to live,

to concentrate the Population,

to restore all the land to wilderness.

I predict that in the next 50 years;

no one will live in single-family homes, except the (Politian's)-/very rich.


A small business building was taken from the owner, & destroyed to build

a larger competing business building that brought more taxes for the city.


Justice? NO WAY.


This is Mr. Trump’s business plans: Walk all over all citizens.

We praise President Trump for what he is doing,

Remember: The German citizens praised Hitler, when he took control of Germany in 1933 


     Study this website for “my plans”, because I’d put America back together.

     I’d stop the disparity in Taxes that drive American businesses from our shores.




Under my plan, the only land the Federal Government owns is Washington D. C. Period,

any Federal Building for the public in other cities, also, but not one other inch of land.

Yes, we have Federal Highways, since they continue,

with the only purpose of the Federal Government is to provide state to state travel .


It is time for us to control who is the Federal Government, as elected by all the citizens.




Up until about 1960 in Southern California the tax assessor came to our doors every February

They had the "Right" to enter our homes to assess the taxable value of your possessions.

This was finally outlawed, but now remember the Fire Department

 has the legal right to enter your home at any time, (most never do)

but it's legal for them to demand entrance to inspect your home for fire safety.


For your safety the Government says they have the right to enter our homes

to see if your home is SAFE for us to live in.


Now they plan to demand entry to check on the energy usage of  your home,

to see if you are wasting energy, is your thermostat set to high in the winter

 or too low in the summer, to see if  you are hoarding food,

and other things to be more compatible to exist with nature.


They plan to demand your home be energy neutral before you can sell it,

this may cost you up to $50,000 or more to install double pane windows, solar panels,

"in wall installation", and other modern upgrades, or your home will be non-compatible for sale.


What are you going to do, when they deny you a license for your car,

if it is not a hybrid, or electrical only?










What if you have to get a Government permit

to travel more than 50 miles from where you live?






Come on folks wake up and see the slavery planned for US.


Our ancestors rebelled in 1776 for this?


Now our Government calls Christians EXTREMISTS.

Is that you? are you an EXTREMISTS when you go to church?


Should Chick fil lai a Christian business be run out of NY City?

Because they follow Christian values!


Wake up folks, before it's too late, and we are outnumbered,

placed in FEMA Camps.


Why do the Cops limit how many bullets you can have in your gun,

when as trained professionals,

Cops can have unlimited number of bullets in their guns?




I started  my quest to be your President in the year 2000 because

I saw the poverty and abuse of citizens happening "again" in America.


In 1936 I decided that "maybe" someday, "I" could save America.

I was born in 1927, I lived the Great Depression,

as 1990 came along,

I began to see the same poverty happening again.

Could I make a difference to Restore the opportunities that America once had?

What was happening in America?


Then: In 2000 I discovered a book:

"America: What went wrong"?

A composite of articles in a Philadelphia newspaper in 1990's

That opened my eyes and I realized I HAD to try something,

I couldn't just sit back and watch our nation be destroyed.

So I'm here trying, if you want America ReStored.

It is a crime to be homeless in America,


yet millions are facing this fact every day in our nation!

When in fact it's the people we have elected that are the "CRIMINALS".


I review the video's online, of the Homeless all over the nation,

citizens being "arrested" because they have to sleep.


What choice do these unemployed people have?


Cops arresting the homeless as criminals,

criminals because our Congress fail to protect us

from imports that is shutting down our economy,

because of jobs citizens lost that they use to have in America.


In Los Angeles, CA I see block after block downtown of tent city survivor's,

what I don't see are any Porta-Potties

for the sanitary needs of these people,

who is guilty?

Our politicians who do not provide services

for the minimal needs of humans.

I do not see any Porta-Potties in any homeless areas of America

Why NOT?

What do our ladies have for female needs?

How are children surviving in this disaster?

Homeless children in the greatest nation in the world!


WE need to put our elected officials to task to provide for "ALL" citizens.

We need this in every city/community in the nation

to provide for those citizens that are unemployed,

through no fault of themselves,

because their jobs left our nation the last 20 years.


WE must stop this crime against citizens of our nation.


These millions of homeless people from coast to coast,

yet our leaders go overboard to provide


who invade America every day.

What illnesses do these invaders have to infect US?

Remember, the homeless do not qualify to vote, they have no address's.

Something is wrong in America.

Citizens: We must do something to save America!


Help Me, to Help America.

To help you.

It starts with returning Jobs to America,

we must put people back to work to earn a living.

   Unfortunately I've tried to help homeless people and they steal from me. WHY?


IF you think  Cops are out of control now,

wait until all guns have been confiscated,

for a Safer America!


What is the new/old plan, population control,

"you must obtain a permit to have a child"

and only those with the proper ancestry of the Master Race

 will be allowed to have "A" child,

to ensure the right type of child adds to the population.

Excess children will be eliminated.


For the security of the New World Order.




The real 911 <<<<<<<<<<<<

Why 911 happened

Research this, no matter what the Government tells you,

you’ll know, they lied.

You owe it to yourself to know the truth.




There are Traitors in our nation,

we are being attacked!

"By those we Elected".

By the Police our Elected traitors hired.

This is the real TREASON.


WE must fight TREASON.


After the gun violence in a Florida High School,

citizens are demanding: Make guns illegal,

so ONLY the Government has guns.


Wow, you have finally been suckered

 into believing that you

 "the citizens"

of the only free nation in the world

will finally be SAFE.

Bull Shit



People were telling the Police and FBI

that this man bragged

"He was going to shoot kids at school",

 and they did nothing WHY?


So people would demand citizens

no longer be allowed to have GUNS


I'll tell you why!, our government sits back

 laughing at our stupidity.


Watching the demonstrations all over our nation,

citizens demanding

"Make Guns Illegal",

"Disarm all Citizens".


Hitler must be doubled up in laughter in his grave,

as American citizens demand we surrender all guns.

Exactly what our leaders want.

A disarmed citizenry, ready to follow orders,

Surrender all RIGHTS.


Illegal INVADERS (aliens) now taking over our nation,

Supreme Court says: Illegal INVADERS (aliens) have RIGHTS.

Are they Illegal Aliens or Invaders?

We are being INVADED.

When they form a large percentage of the population,

they will demand we follow their laws, now part of Mexico.

As for us, do as cops tell you "or else".

Or else what?


It’s 1984 all over again, if you remember

the movie 1984 where the cops decide

to detain citizens because they “might”

THINK about committing crimes.


How many have been arrested for Conspiring to commit a crime?

They haven't committed a crime, just arrested for Conspiring?


Congress is Conspiring to eliminate us, is that a crime?

I don't want to fire those Conspiring against us, I want them in Prison.


Over centuries governments have abused/killed citizens, to protect them.

The usual story is: We are restricting you for the good of our nation.

This is real, history coming true, the end of the USA.


Chicago/Detroit are the most crime ridden cities in America at this time.


Are you conspiring to rob a grocery store if your kids are starving?

How will you get past the cops guarding the store?


The cops have decided to detain “possible” criminals

to protect the country.

This is going to happen all over our nation,

so the cops can control us.



We need police to protect us, not abuse us.

What can we do?


By LAW: The Police "are NOT" obligated to Protect Us.
only to "CONTROL us",


"To protect the Government".


"To Protect and Serve" is a lie.


Cops can stop us, and take all the money we have,

and "do so", we are being robbed legally.

That's to prevent us from buying anything illegal with cash.

We citizens need to stand up and protect our nation, or else.



Just think how safe we would be

if the police could entered all homes,

to determine what we really need,

to confiscate anything that can be used as a weapon,

to remove all knives, pots and pans, hammers,

screwdrivers, and knitting needles, ect!

to establish how we should live,

"for our own good."!

To control what we eat,

what hours we can be awake,

"for our own safety of course".



The news reports the corruption in our Federal Government,

President Trump is constantly accosted to leave office

and turn this nation back to Democratic Party Control,


President Trump has upset the planned

destruction of America.

The assholes who were destroying our economy,

are convincing you


"Americans are destroying the earth",

so, we must stop our wonderful life,

"to live in poverty" like the rest of the world.

Just Like Hitler did to Germany.


Americans, wake up and research what has happen to people

 in nations where only the government has guns.


Then become slaves to Law and Order,

the Governments Laws and Ordering you to submit or else.

Once we give up any ability to resist "all ORDERS"

we have lost any and "all RIGHTS".


This is the final nail in the coffin to our Bill of Rights.

If you think the police are abusive now, just wait until

you are told, you will do as told, or else


Governments love

Law and Order,

their Law's and Order's,

not your RIGHTS..



What can we do in America to protect us

from Government control of our Communities?

Our Police/Sheriffs are busy abusing citizens

for traffic offences or other offences that bring in fines

"to enhance the police profits".


Most cops are too gung ho to realize,

they are Pawns; removing our Rights,

until they are "also under command"


History repeats, study the past.


IF you call the police for help,

you are likely, to be assaulted and violated.

Call the police as a last resort, for your own safety,

because the police are annoyed

when you bother them to help  YOU.




Your home robbed?

Just notify your insurance company, not the police.

The Police don't care.

Being a senior citizen abused!

Sorry they aren’t interested in helping you.

The Police don't care.

Spousal abuse: The man goes to jail,

because the "woman" couldn’t possibly be at fault.


I’ve lived 8 decades in this nation,

I’ve seen a lot of abuses and destruction of

what this nation was.

It's time to Restore our nation.


We no longer have Rights, because our Rights interfere

with the police running our nation.


Never ever trust a M er F  ing Cop

I have personally witnessed Police Abuse since 1936,

I'm tired of seeing YOU abused.


I want to return this nation to a land of hope where we can have

Peace and Opportunity to make a better life for all of us.


We are stopped by officers who demand total submission,

total surrender of all Rights,

FOR: total abuse from our

Police Departments that claim:

That the officer was within his Rights to abuse us,

or KILL us if we refuse to submit

without any resistance,

or demand our Constitutional Rights.


IF the officer is found guilty,

all the officer has to do it retire.

NO punishment at all.

then rehired 3 months later

What has gone wrong in our America?







I  was hoping we could recover our nation by REVOTING,

but I wonder, if the only way to restore our Rights is by REVOLTING?


I’ll Protect ALL OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS, and Protect our Freedoms.

In 2020 I'll be 93 years old, but still not too old to stand up and defend every one of you.


I'll be here for the next 10 years, I won't quit until every citizen is safe.

GOD has given me the health to do this job, for YOU.



Why ME?

I’m following in my ancestor’s footsteps to defend this nation.

One of my 4th Great Grandfathers: Seth Huddleston

a Quaker, fought in the Revolution in Dartmouth, MA from 1776 on.

He stood up with weapons to defend this nation,

do we have to use weapons to Restore our Nation again?

After the Revolution, in 1787,

Seth and his wife Lydia Gifford followed his wife’s brother

Jonathan Gifford and Jonathan’s wife Eunice Beard

of Nantucket, MA who moved south to Guilford Co, NC,

for a better place to farm, as Massachusetts land was not good for farming.

Seth settled next to Eunice (Beard) Giffords parents:

William Beard, a Felt Hat Maker, there is a marker on the road

in Hightower, Guilford County, NC where Beard’s hat shop was.


Seth’s son Jonathan Huddleston was born in Dartmouth, MA in 1778

Seth died in 1794 leaving his son age 16 an orphan.

Jonathan Huddleston was my 3rd Great Grandfather.

In 1798 Jonathan in Guilford Co, NC married Phebe Gardner,

Granddaughter of Richard Gardner

who had moved from Nantucket, MA in 1772

to Guilford Co, NC going from seaman to farmer.

Phebe’s father Eliab Gardner was

living in Guilford Co, NC during the Revolution.


“The fight at the Guilford County Courthouse”


As a Quakers, disapproving of the conditions of slavery in NC

Eliab Gardner moved north to Indiana in 1806

Jonathan Huddleston followed them in 1815.

Many Quakers did the same

as they did not approve of the slavery in the south.


Jonathan Huddleston was part of the Underground Railroad

to help slaves escape to the north.

My relative Levi Coffin of Wayne Co, IN

was the President of the Underground Railroad

to help slaves escape to the North.


Although these families were Quakers, that abhorred violence,

if they did not take up arms in battle,

they became medics to help the wounded.


99% of American citizens do not realize the importance

of the 3rd Amendment of our Bill of Rights,

that: “citizens could no longer be required

to house soldiers in their home”,

in other words, (COPS) British Soldiers, (COPS)

can you imagine if you were now required

to provide housing for one or more COPS in your home


This is what early citizens were commanded to do before 1776.


Many of today’s citizens have no connection

to the families who were here during the Revolution,




Citizens revolted, because of many things:

TAXES, one called “The Stamp Act”,

citizens were fined or property taken

when any soldier (COP) entered your home

 and found any piece of paper in the home

without a Tax Stamp on it, guilty,

then The Boston Tea Party, a fight against Taxes.

Two of the three ships were the Beaver, and the Dartmouth,

owned by a relative of mine from Nantucket, MA.


Many people could not afford to have a Newspaper in their home.

Many injustices were forced upon citizens

that had come to the New World for FREEDOM,

now controlled by British Soldiers (COPS),

sent by the British Government almost immediately

after The Pilgrims came in 1620, “to control these escapee’s”.

How dare they confront the “legal rulers” of these immigrants.


After 1620 the English, called "Puritans" came to America,

to control those stupid Pilgrims, to make sure they worship correctly

according to the Anglican version of religion.


I know the history of the founding of our nation.

The struggles my ancestors faced to finally seek



MY Pilgrim ancestors were almost immediately ordered to

OBEY the British Soldiers/Cops or else.


Citizens were fined for not attending the "proper" church.


Many of my early ancestors were of the Quaker faith.

A faith not allowed by the British leaders.


My ancestors not only fighting the Native Americans

over the land the Pilgrims and Puritans had invaded,

but the brutal assault of the British Rule,

the Pilgrims had tried to leave.


By 1640 more of my Quakers ancestors started arriving,

and again more attacks on them for not worshiping “correctly”.


My ancestor “Katherine Chattam” later Huddleston

was put in prison for months when she arrived in Boston in 1660,

for “being a Quaker”, driven out of town afterwards,

but returned again and again.


For the next 150 years my Quaker ancestors were persecuted for being different.


I’m not afraid or ashamed to be a Christian,

and I’ll fight to my death to protect your religious rights.


We are now called: Radical Christians?.


Now our religious beliefs are being put down:

How dare we have Christian Morals,

that’s not fair to the rest of the citizens who do not believe in Morals.


Our churches are being attacked, our beliefs are now WRONG;

the churches must be driven out of existence

because Christianity is under attack.

Will you surrender your religious rights?


Do you know who is spying in your place of Worship?

to make sure your leader is not discussing Morals.

My goodness, we have to protect you from any Moral beliefs,

or discussion, to ensure the rights of the Immoral Minority.


I don’t deny any Rights to any citizen,

but protect everyone to enjoy those Rights

that are awarded any other citizen. Free to chose.


Will your religious leader be led away in handcuffs for preaching Christian Morals?

Do any of you remember when it was illegal to sell condoms for birth control?


“It’s for sure, Congress and the Senate, have no Morals”.


Religion is a danger to the Elected Leaders, so: churches must go.


How will our Government kill the churches in America and”

 “That is part of the plan”

It’s simple:

They’ll tax churches out of existence,

Property taxes, Utility taxes, Income taxes,

and more taxes, and you won’t have one word to say about this.

The IRS does not take kindly to any resistance.

Are you afraid of the IRS?

        Shut up and pay, or else!!!!!!!!!!


The IRS will then eliminate Income Tax deductions for any donations to religious organizations.

Remember, they’ll tax that church property at the value the land “could be used for”: result?

Churches gone?


I’m related to at least 30 Million citizens now alive in America.

  I’m fighting to restore the FREEDOMS we’ve lost


I gave President Trump One Year to do

as he Campaign Promised.

1. The Border is still not closed.

              2. The Illegal Aliens are still in America.


We need at least 47 Million new jobs paying a living wage

(about $40,000/year for a family of 4)

NOT minimum wage “beginner’s jobs”.


Many who’ve paid for and earned a College Degree,

still can’t find more than a minimum wage job.

What a waste of Time and Money


I want you to know,

the United States is in



I can tell you why in one word, “Government”.


There is so much wrong, you must study this entire website to learn why.

I can’t tell you why in one page.

I know this is a “LARGE” problem

So bear with me, and Learn, while you can.


I am the kind of person that takes FACTS and analyze what is wrong.

I’ve been a problem solver my entire life. I look for what is wrong and WHY.

I then look for solutions, and how to correct problems.











We have over taxed many of the businesses

to leave our nation.




Reduce Taxes on the RICH

I mean on all of those who OWN a business,

businesses that hire workers,

many businesses Manufacture items

needed by BIGGER businesses.

Bring all businesses back to America, and hire American citizens.

It’s all about economy of our nation. IF big businesses fail they

no longer need the small businesses, = you are out of work.


While I’ve covered this item later on in this website

I want you to

Realize how much is a Trillion Dollars?

(Remember the United States is over $19 Trillion in debt)

“1” Trillion Dollars is a Million Million, or

A stack of Million Dollar bills 412 feet high.

That’s a Million Million Dollar bills laying flat.



The United States change tremendously from 1800 to 1900 from 13 colonies to 46 states.

I started my quest to be your President in 1936. Why?

I saw our nation in trouble, and at age 9, I thought:

IF only “I were President”:

I’d do something to help people.


Well I’m still here and ready to help YOU.


In 1936:

The Democrats said: Elect US, we’ll give you a Government job


The Republicans said: Elect us; we’ll give you a job in our factories.

I became a Republican, now I'm an Independent.


The Republicans have failed us.


Because: We were living during the Great Depression,

of course at that time I didn’t know what it was called,

all I knew was “WE were Hungry”.

I was Hungry, others were Hungry.


I walked to school with holes in my shoes,

because we couldn’t afford new shoes,

I wasn’t driven to school by my mother,

mother couldn’t afford a car.

I didn’t have lunch at school,

I didn’t have lunch at home,

because we didn’t have food.


I didn’t know why we couldn’t afford food, but that was the time.

In 1935, we had moved from Indianapolis, IN to Detroit, MI

in hopes that my stepfather could find work in the factories of Detroit.


In 1936 my stepfather soon became a friend

of Walter Reuther,  a coworker Tool and Die Maker.

Walter became the leader of the United Auto Workers Union.


I began to learn the history of what was happening to our nation.


My stepfather was part of this struggle for the Unions.

There was great upset in the factories as workers were revolting

against the employers greed, they wanted a living wage, and safe working conditions.


At 9 and 10 years old, I saw the striking workers “beaten by the cops, with chains and clubs”.




I realized we were not living the Great American Dream,

I decided America needed “me” someday

to lead this nation to prosperity, to stop Hunger.



In 1971 a big change began in my life,

I decided I wanted to know more about my relatives, and my ancestors.


I researched how these immigrants; my ancestors came to this land,

were so desperate, that they risked their lives to find a better life.


I discovered my some of my ancestors came to America

on the Mayflower in 1620.


Why did these people decide to leave the security of Europe,

to struggle and starve just to find Freedom of Religion?

There must have been such a bad life, that they struggled

and were willing to risk their lives “to find Freedom”.

Each of The Pilgrims had to supply “their own food for the trip”,

Then left off the shore of Plymouth, MA with NO food,

in the beginning of Winter.

Thanksgiving has big meaning to me:

" In 1621 My ancestors were there"


Some of my ancestors were fined because they befriended those of the Quaker Faith.

Many of my ancestors were punished: Because they were Quakers. 

I was now aware of how my invading ancestors

took advantage of the Native Americans,

how they drove them off of “their land”.


The Native Americans tried to welcome the invaders,

and were taken advantage of.

I’m embarrassed how this happened, but now I understand

 how desperate these immigrants were,

for a new life free from the European Rulers.

The King or Dictator controlled everyone in the European World.

It was time to find a new way of life, at any cost.


What went wrong?


By 1776 all of “my ancestors” were here in America,

they rose up and fought for the Freedoms they’d wanted since 1620.

We had taken over the land of the Native Americans in an embarrassing way.

We took "their" land, and our so called “Self Appointed Leaders” “sold it” to the new immigrants.

Invaders continued to come from European nations to find this Freedom.

Invaders came here to join, not divide "the new way of life".


They were anxious to learn English to become American’s.

They suffered poverty and worked hard to find the American Dream.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost our way.

We have allowed New Invaders to demand “their way”,

not to join us, but to take us over.


I want the love of America, to be in their hearts when they come here,

not march in the streets demanding "we must change our nation",

not joining us, but dividing us.


We now allow these new invaders to become citizens

when they don’t want to learn English,

They don’t want to know of our History,

why and how we became the United States.


I now know many of my ancestors, the many surnames of these ancestors,

too many to list on this page, but realize at least 30 million people

in this nation of European ancestry, are my relatives. 

I want to protect those 30 million relatives,

and all the citizens in this nation,

to again: Live the American Dream.


Right now President Trump is struggling for new Tax control.

I hear your anger that he wants to give the RICH a cut in TAXES.

Why? Because many of the rich businesses have left America

for lower taxes on their income.

The RICH closed the factories you use to work in,


Because: Congress taxed them out of America.

If you were taxed at 39% in America, and found another place

to work and live with only 15% tax, would you move your business there?


Do you want the American Dream again?


If so, elect me at the next election, and work with me to Restore America.


We are at WAR

TERROR in New York again!


When will our Government realize we are at WAR

A Muslim claiming Allah Akbar, (God is great.)

While our Left leaning citizens argue that:


Shouldn’t consider the religion of immigrants:

Another Muslim has declared WAR on us.

This is just one more Muslim killer.


I declare WAR on Muslims.


My ancestors started the Crusades in 1100 AD

To drive the Muslims out of Europe.

Will you ever learn?

Until Non Muslim places of worship are

allowed in Muslim nations,

I don’t want any Muslim places of worship

in the United States - Period………

"11 Terror attacks in the last year in America using vehicles to kill"!



Income taxes on Earned Income are ILLEGAL.



**********Hillary’s Uranium**********



Why no release of the Kennedy murder papers



If you read all of this website it will scare you.

99% of American citizens have no idea

what our Government is doing to us.


I finally started my real quest to be your President in 2004,

because: I became so aware that much

“of our nation was in serious trouble”

by the treason happening to US.

I don’t believe Mr. Trump has the ability to save America.


Former FBI agent Comey claims there is a chance Trump will die before 75% of his Presidential term. WHY?


Welcome to NAZI America.

The only right we have anymore is: The Right to remain Silent.

Even that can put us in jail, for “Contempt of Court”

When some asshole Judge demands we tell them what they want.


IF we citizens do not retake control of this nation,

we will live AND DIE as SLAVES.

We are now constantly told: WE have “No Rights”, only Privileges,

Only if the Government grants us “Privileges”.



The 1940 movie Casablanca brought that to our attention,

When the powers to be, demanded: “Papers PLEASE”

We were shocked as the citizen was shot in the back

for attempting to escape,


Citizens are confronted everyday by COPS.


Show me your ID or “ELSE”


You can be ordered to pull over your car,

“not for breaking any law”, OR, If you’re just walking anywhere,

then ordering us to show proof of who we are, "on suspicion",

Name, Date of Birth, Social Security number, or else.

How do the police have your Social Security number in their computer? Why?


Does our Government have a file on us?


What the hell is going on in our America?


This is exactly what was happening to me

7 times between 1945 and 1949, events

that turned me against all cops.

I was never guilty of anything, but held in jail on

72hour hold each time, held on “Suspicion”, WHY?

“Walking after dark”.

Then was I released from the jail?

At 2:30 AM in downtown Los Angeles.

To walk home, 7­+ miles or more.

The last detainment was in 1949, I was ready to KILL any cop.

I didn’t, but my anger is still there.

Are American citizens going to finally rise up and

Revolt against the unjust cops, are they going to start

Killing Cops ?

Because enough is enough.


This Bull Shit charge of “Suspicion” is enough.

My plan would be, “Arrested on Suspicion,

and then not found guilty of anything”,

an automatic $10,000 given to the citizen

for the inconvenience of being illegally arrested,


I know the cops would lie and find you guilty of “something”.

Even if they had to lie!

I have hated every Cop since 1949.

Cops better review what is going on with citizens:

 who have had enough injustice!


Cops be aware we’ve had enough Bull Shit from you,

Read the Constitution and those Bill of Rights,

before this backfires on YOU.


Americans can rise up and Revolt

when they have “finally had enough”. 


Elected politicians:

You had better change the attitude

of those cops you've hired to run this nation,

because citizens may take you on too.


Can we ReVote peacefully or will we have to resort to Violence?


Wake up, WE are no longer FREE!

You’re ordered: “Submit to search or else”.

IF your refuse! Guilty of interfering with the COP.

Raise your voice to complain: Guilty of Disturbing the Peace.

“Refuse to show ID!”, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL.

Refuse to talk to the cop: Arrested for failure to cooperate,

then read your rights, “The Right to remain Silent”.

Consider: The Cop, Prosecutor, and Judge work for "the Government",

and then there is YOU, guess who's side the Judge is on!

If the cops made a mistake, that's OK, they meant well.

Remember, it is legal “for Cops to lie”

If you lie, it’s a CRIME

A dead cop can’t lie!



In 1950 we went to War OOPS, Military Exercise in Korea

To protect South Korea, in 1953 we had a truce?

Since 1953 we have kept about 38,000 American Military

in S. Korea to protect S. Korea,

so S. Korea can manufacture items

to sell to the United States

so we can close American factories.

Yet we can't, or won't protect our borders.


Without American JOBS, America will fail.

In 1963 the Russian President said:

America will fail from within.


He was Right, we are failing, WHY?




Just wait, the Government will assign you jobs,

Like the “WPA”, Works Project Administration

 in the 1930’s,

Citizens were given Government jobs working

on projects for Government lands.

So just wait.

the Government will take care of you,

all you have to do  is follow orders and



Elect Democrats, and live in poverty.


What is the A#2 problem in America?

Let’s review some basic math.

There are 310 Million Citizens in the United States

+ about 32 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS

There are 48 Million citizens and

“ILLEGAL ALIENS” on Food Stamps

Trump has put so called 1 Million people

back to work on JOBS


Now realize, those 48 Million on Food Stamps

And that’s: More than ONE person per account,

at least 2 people for EACH recipient,

that’s 96 Million people at least on food stamps,

that’s about 1/3 of the people in America.

We need 47 MILLION JOBS.

Unemployed workers are not paying any taxes

Our Government is $19 TRILLION IN DEBT.




Many citizens under 50 don’t remember when we had American products,

such as RCA, GE, Philco, Admiral, Sylvania, Westinghouse, & Zenith,

now you buy Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and other foreign products, why?


When I buy a pair of pants at Sears©, the label says:

Made in South Vietnam, that’s COMMUNIST VIETNAM

When I buy a nice shirt from COSTCO©, the label says:

Made in Vietnam, that’s COMMUNIST VIETNAM.








WE must REVOTE and RETAKE America,

Or we’ll all be slaves to the Government

When only the Police and Government have GUNS,



In America, someone is arrested every 2.5 seconds “every day”.

But we are not a POLICE STATE!

Or are we?


The current subject is: DACA / THE DREAM ACT,





Where are these 800,000+ children?

Everywhere in America

We are told they love America,


We should give them sanctuary, to remain in America

What is wrong with this scenario?


They love America?


How many of them have applied for citizenship?

We have educated them, fed them, housed them,

and they have offered what to America?

They’ve taken, not given.

Realize, many of them now are 30 to 40 years old,

Do they speak English?

Or do they still love their native country?

And: They Demand:

We speak their language to accommodate them?

I’m tired of: Press 1 for English.

Something is wrong with this situation.


IMMIGRANTS march down our streets waving their country's flag.

I don’t care how they came to our nation, if they are here illegally!

I want them gone.


The REAL problem with this plan is called Family Reunification,

where these Illegal Alien children after getting the Right to stay in America

are: Then offered the right to bring other family members

TO JOIN THEM in America.

the RIGHT to bring those family members,

such as their grandparents, their own siblings

and the siblings spouses siblings children, and spouses parents

and their grandparents > TO America,

in some cases I’ve researched

this amounted to as many as 50 additional persons,

just for each ILLEGAL child

Demanding: The RIGHT to stay in America.



2016-2017 Illegal Children entering our nation without parents,

welcomed with open arms, come on in, everyone WELCOME.

Who is going to care for them,

they did not come here because they love America,

but entitlement for housing, food, education, clothing, etc!

When does it END?

Remember, this help is not available for citizens.


I’ve become more and more disgusted with the INJUSTICE happening to our CITIZENS,

and the 32 Million Hispanic’s invasion of America. I'll restore and protect our Nation.




Do you suffer from PAIN, do you need PAIN medication?

WOW! You’re a criminal, the Government has decided if you

Need PAIN medication you are a



Our Government is so paranoid that they believe

anyone who needs any Opiate Pain medication

should suffer without any Pain relief.

What the hell is wrong in this nation

 when those “Pain in the Ass”

politicians running our nation

believe: You should suffer. 


“How to get rich in America”

Rent any storefront location,

Put us a sign

“Pain Clinic”.

You will be instantly swamped with patients,

wanting Pain Medication.


Because so many Americans are in PAIN, suffering with PAIN,

so why would they come to your clinic?


Our Government does not want us to have relief from PAIN

Legally educated legal Doctors

are afraid to issue medication for PAIN


Because: Our Government watches Doctors

who issue PAIN medication and

 arrest them for issuing “too much” medication.



Our government doesn’t care if we are in PAIN

That’s why patients flock to any clinic

that might prescribe medication for their PAIN.


I am one of those patients,

I’ve been in severe pain since 1994,

but I do not take any medications for pain,

because if Darvon® (that I’d used for the last 40 years

does not eliminate the pain), I’ve also tried a prescription

for Hydrocodone, and that doesn’t help me.

IF those two medications don’t help,

“I will not take anything else.”


Too many pain medications are deadly,

the “after effects” could end my life.

I’d rather suffer the pain and stay alive,

I’m, otherwise healthy, and I’m 91 years old.

I am not on any other medications at all.

I’m more concerned: About being here “To save our nation”,

than the pain I suffer every day.

Our Government doesn’t care if we are in PAIN,

Do they believe: If you are in PAIN you’ll follow orders?



I want you to go to any store, Walmart, Sears,

whatever and look at the labels

as to where the merchandise was made:


Why NOT, because America is dead.

Stand up and demand

“Made in America” NOW.


What are you going to do:

When you or your spouse and children are hungry,

and you don’t have any money or a job,

“you WILL steal food, or money to buy food”.

Is this what you want Americans to have to do?

If President Trump does not establish more American jobs



Throw him out of the Presidency, and elect me “NOW”.

Can you survive 2 more years waiting for things to get better?

Our elected leaders are planning new ways

to speed imports from China to our stores.





Do you have any CASH on your person?

Why are you carrying CASH?

How much CASH are they talking about?

Probably anything over $20.

Why do you need CASH?,

What are you going to buy with CASH?


COP: “Well”, “we think:

You intend to buy something illegal with CASH”?,

So: we’ll just take your CASH from you

to prevent you buying something illegal.


NO trial, no legal rights to protect you,

Local, State and Federal police

robbing citizens of CASH, WHY?

Because they can, and you can’t fight back.



Scene: Citizen, legally in public.

Cop: Demanding to citizen:




Then ordered: Hands on your head, walk backwards towards my voice.

:STOP: “Hands behind your back.

You are not under arrest, the cuffs are necessary for my safety

until I determine who you are”.

Citizen: What are you doing? I’m not doing anything!

Cop: Shut up and follow my orders OR I’ll arrest you

          for Failure to cooperate with my investigation.

          Do you have any identification? WHY NOT?

          What are you doing here?

         Citizen: I don’t have to tell you anything!

(OH BOY! That’s a mistake.) >>>>> On the ground, NOW!

This happens all over our nation, it continues


Solution? Kill COPS? Not likely.

Elect honest politicians? HA HA HA HA.


NO! Elect Don Cordell for President.


 I want you to take the time to view this video about:

How American Police Steal citizens money, and laugh at us.

 Cops have gone one more step in Oklahoma,

the cops take a citizens debit card and empty their account of all money,

to leave citizens powerless to fight to retain ownership of any money.

             To our current cops this is just a game, and