INDIANA: The Turnpike across Indiana has been “leased” to a Spanish-Australian company to operate for the next 75 years. We are giving away our nation, bit by bit, by your politicians, in this case, by Indiana Governor: Mitch Daniels.

I hope truckers will refuse to pay the tolls, and blockade this highway. Unless we fight back we are screwed. I believe the citizens of Indiana should recall the governor.


Hoosiers! Don’t put up with this, have pride in Indiana; Our Interstate Highways are not for sale to any foreign company. Our seaports are not for sale; America is not for sale. Our Presidency has already been sold; lets take back control of our nation. 

By the way, the Indiana State Police will still patrol the turnpike “for free”.

Citizens, it is time to revolt: Enough treason. Join me to clean up America.


   I could not believe when I was just reviewing a nice book I have on the State of Indiana, “my home state”, when the author was describing Hoosiers.  What is a Hoosier?

Text by Jared Carter: Hoosiers are: “Shrewd, Independent, Conservative, Tradition-Oriented, (and contrary)” I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

That’s all me. I love our nation, and what it can be again, if you will trust me to lead you.


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