JOBS: Now estimated at 11% unemployment. Up to 40% in too many American cities.

We must help American manufacturers return to America, that’s where we must start,

so you make money to spend.


and that’s increasing.

The young, and over 40 are more affected, African America unemployment is about 20%. How can you claim 30 Million are 10%, then the 300 Million Americans are not all eligible to be counted as employees.


 Our nation is in a desperate struggle to survive.

  533,000 American jobs lost in November 2008

   524,000 American jobs lost in December 2008

     =2.6 Million American jobs lost altogether in 2008.

      540,000 jobs lost in the week of Jan. 12-18 2009”

From Sunday Jan. 19th 2009 to the 21st +33,000 more laid off.

January 26th +70,000 lain off in one day, 70,000 Americans

who will not be able to pay their bills next week/next year!


651,000 jobs lost in February 2009,

708,000 jobs lost in March 2009,

Only 495,000 jobs lost in April 2009, much better?

Unless you are one of the 495,000 who lost your job in the month of April.

May 09 over 600,000 jobs lost

June 09 reported only 465,000 jobs lost, but later updated to over 640,000.  

July 09, only 250,000 jobs lost, it’s a slow summer.

August 09, wow, getting better, only 216,000 jobs lost, just wait until Sept.


Over 15% of the population downsized, or workers left the job market completely due

to no jobs, is this going to continue?

Of course, you are not spending money; that shuts down business’ that you do not frequent.


The Stock Market collapsing! So what is the solution? Well just end the United States of America, join the New World Order, and live like all the rest of the peasants of the world under total domination.  That’s the Plan.


America is averaging about “500,000” job losses per month right now, this is going to actually escalate as we continue later into 2011. We must stop this! Obama doesn’t realize; it’s “Outsourcing and Imports” that are the problem.

Go to any store; try to find anything that says, “Made in America”.


Obama will not stop this.


In Los Angeles May 09 the unemployment has reached 10.5%.

In my Community, NE Los Angeles County, CA, unemployment is now 18% (June 10)

I’m sure it’s getting worse all over our nation.

What are we going to do?

No more Maytag repairman, no more (American) Maytag.

If you study the history of 1929, when the Great Depression started, unemployment went

to 29% in one year, and then got worse.


In 2008, 808,000 FOREIGNERS were given Visa’s to work in the United States.

Microsoft wants to lay off 5000 Americans, but not foreign workers.

Stop Buying Microsoft Software. Upgrading is a scam.

How many foreigners will our government bring into our nation in 2009 to compete for your jobs?

They will work for less $, than you?

You can earn up to $30/day in India, want to move to India?

You shouldn’t have to compete with immigrants.


30 Million Americans unemployed right as of (July 1, 2009), are you next and it’s going up every day, WHY?


20 to 30 Million Illegal aliens demanding Amnesty so they can continue to stay in our nation,

taking the jobs employers won’t hire you to do?

In July 09 in Los Angeles, the illegal aliens are marching, demanding that they also get free health care, what gall; give all of them a shot of arsenic.


Obama has already claimed: “We can’t throw Illegal aliens out of the United States”.

He will try to give Illegal Aliens AMNESTY. Will you let him?


Did Obama tell you in his Inaugural Speech, that Hispanics will still do jobs African Americans won’t do? As long as we employ illegal aliens, they will attempt to enter this nation.

4 million Amnesties 1986

30 million illegal aliens in America 2008

How many for Amnesty next time in 2030, “100 million”.


Of course when we become the “North American Union”, there will be no border to keep anyone from coming to this nation to take those jobs you won’t do.


I do not want to hear any African American complain about being out of work, you elected “HIM”. Obama thinks Hispanics come before you.

You will get what you voted for: CHANGE, what a shame, I wanted to restore the jobs for all Americans, doing the jobs “YOU CAN DO”. NO AMNESTY’S.


We/you are being destroyed. We must return manufacturing to America.

Disaster time if we don’t!


While I’m concerned about that 30 Million, I’m also concerned about even ONE citizen that is out of work. Every single waitress, every single barber; every citizen that loses his or her job; hurts. 


The Dakota restaurant in Elkhart, IN with maybe 6 employees, closing because the workers at the nearby RV factories have been laid off, and can’t afford to eat out anymore. The cooks, and waitress‘s just as desperate, as thousands laid off from another large factory.

Unemployed is “unemployed”, no matter who you are, or how it happens.

I’ll tell you what happens when honest citizens are unemployed; out of money, they will try to survive by committing what we call CRIME.

Trying to get money to eat or survive.

A bad check for food = 2 years in jail


Americans we must stop this. President Obama has been placed in office (illegally) If he doesn’t work quickly, we are in major trouble.

Many politicians and correspondents tell us, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, are you ready for WORSE?

The end of January 2009, more disaster in the job market. An estimated 27,000 Retail business closures; expected in early 2009, and this will continue into 2010.


How many of the unemployed lost their homes, and Health Insurance when they were laid off? Where and how are these people surviving?

There are communities such as Elkhart, IN, and Manteca, CA where the unemployment rate is up to 40%.

If the auto plants (actually in many American towns) are closed we will have unemployment in the 20% rate within 3 months, as other collateral businesses in those communities close, because they lose sales to those out of work. Workers will be unable to pay their rent or home payments, so, more homes in foreclosure.


We are being told this should only last 18 months, isn’t that great! You will be employed, and not living under the local bridge anymore. Don’t hold your breath.

I do not see any recovery, until we return manufacturing to America, and do it now.

You are going to see a huge increase in crime, as Americans try to get money to survive, to feed their children.

Remember the crime waves in the 1930’s?

Get ready for more: “It’s called the will to survive”.

Maybe the local bank will loan you money to live on for 18 months, at 28% interest (and your right arm) of course.

Review what happened in Flint, MI when GM closed the Buick plant, and tore down the building.

The last I heard; Buick’s are now made in Brazil, by Brazilians.


If we keep Obama as our president, I don’t see any recovery for America.

Obama has been selected as the fall guy, to be blamed for the failure.


This is an extreme tragedy, and we just can’t allow this to happen.


The One World Government planners didn’t win out in 1931, they tried to convince Americans that Communism, Fascism, or Socialism plans were the best for our future.

We didn’t cave in then, will we now?

At least 30 million involved in the auto industry represent 10% of the United States population. Americans we are in trouble.


12,000 40” long containers of cargo arrive daily at our shores in California containing products Americans should be manufacturing.


1.3 million foreclosed homes of people who had good credit,

but now losing everything, and this is going to get worse.


                                     People are out of work.


By November 08, 10% of all mortgages in America were at least 3 months late or already in foreclosure.

40% of home foreclosures are Single mother households.

I can’t let that continue, can you?


Where are these unemployed Americans, and families if they have any? How do they survive?

How are they eating and feeding their children?


Are you one of those 30 Million plus? Join me is some way to rescue our nation from this financial destruction, before they turn us over to the United Nations.


I assume that the unemployed no longer have Internet access to get my message, let them know;

I am here for them.


Our nation is in the final stage of being destroyed, and we will be led to remove our sovereignty, to join with Canada, and Mexico as one nation, THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION. Innocently called the North American community. Supposedly now to protect all 3 nations from further invasion, (but of course they will tell you we really should include all the Central American nations). That’s next. The “New World Order”.

Let me explain why governments have led China to find Consumerism.

When China is offered to join in One World Government, their economical needs will lead them to follow as one of the rich “New World” leaders.


Then, because your government has been pushing World Ecology, (Call that: Global Warming)

we should let the New World Order run our courts to protect the world from us, as they want to do, under the guise of Environmental protection of the world?


There is more information in this website to show you proof of what is happening.


The SENATE says that: If they bailed out the Auto Industry the failure and downsizing of other businesses, will demand (riot) to be saved, well why not? Now General Motors claim they need and additional $40 Billion, and still plan to lay off 400,000 employees. Executive pay must be upheld to keep their appearance in the community, and pay the help at home.


SO! What’s wrong with that? Rightfully so, the failures are the results of “Lets ship manufacturing out of the UNITED STATES to help the poor of the world earn an income”, “lets drag the UNITED STATES down to THIRD WORLD STATUS”.


YOU have been sold (screwed), lock, stock, and barrel. I’ve been telling Americans for the last 8 years, that our government has been selling America, since the United Nations was formed in 1945.

Fisher Price Toys and Mattel Toys are you listening? Make it in America.

This situation is going to get worse. Are you MAD yet?


I want you to know right now, our government and the corporate big wigs of the world have planned this ending of our nation for 66 years.


The end of WW II started the plan to build the European Union, which these powers have finally achieved.


Remember, laid off Americans:

Can’t afford to pay their bills,

Can’t buy products from your business,

Can’t pay taxes to continue the income needed by our governments to run the nation.

Can’t feed themselves or family, or survive.


Congress and the Senate want autoworkers to take a $20/hr pay cut.

What bothers me is how many Americans earn less than $20/hr to begin with?

Do you earn less than $20/hr.? Will Congress and the Senate work for less than $20/hr?

Less than the amount of pay-cut the Unionized workers won’t settle for!

There needs to be a re-evaluation of wages paid to all Americans, before our nation quits completely.

Too many Americans are trying to survive on minimum wage, and that does not support a family.

Why pay Americans, when you can get Illegal Aliens to work for half pay, especially when the employer also does not pay unemployment tax, Social Security, medical care, and other expenses of hiring real Americans.

Inflation the last 30 year is killing our economy.

We’ve always had inflation, always will, but how much, and why?  BANKS.