The US Federal Government constantly confiscates land and property of citizens, it is time to fight back and stop this.

The following expose will inform you what is happening all over our nation.



Various rivers, lakes, streams, and land are confiscated in this nation against our rights of the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. View my Menu subject on this as Item 12 EMINENT DOMAIN.


It’s pathetic that the US Government can put up signs stating “US Government Property NO Trespassing”

Yet citizens who own land on our southern border put up signs “NO Trespassing”, and when Illegal Aliens invade the land, and damage the owners property the owner is told he has no rights to protect his property, if he even tries, he is prosecuted for denying Illegal Aliens their “Civil Rights” I want you to think about, who is the government? I thought it was “We the People”,

if so then “WE the People” own all that Federal Property, it is OUR land.


Look folks, this kind of crap does not make it with me, I will defend American’s Rights, and screw any Illegal Alien invader. Citizens have a right to protect their property, with “shoot to kill” if necessary.

Just as our Federal Government would do to me if I trespass on so called Federal Land or Property.


Our local government now inform us, they do not have to obey the 4th Amendment, they do not need any Search Warrant to demand and force entry to your property to make sure your property meets the home Codes.


What are you going to do when these agents of your government enter your property with guns drawn, just in case they have any trouble with you?


This happens in Los Angeles County, and citizens are told, you will submit to inspection, or else. Is this still America?


In the 1930’s up to recently we have built Dams to “control flooding” and to generate electricity as an additional benefit, so called “Green no polluting energy”. Now we are being told we must remove the Dams, to save some little fish. America is being dismantled to destroy our economy; do you have any idea what is going on in our nation? I do.


    Are you ready to turn off the lights when you are the last one to leave the United States?