Monsanto plan: April 2010 for a new America by Monsanto.

The end of America, IF we do not rise up and return control of our food to our farmers.

Check these sites to see what Monsanto is really trying to do, to end the independent farmers of America, and control all of our foods with Genetically Modified Foods.


In the 1840’s in Ireland, the peoples diet was based upon the potato; a certain variety of Potato gave

a larger yield, and suddenly this variety developed a mold, destroying crop after crop, causing starvation of millions of the Irish people. Some were lucky to escape to America, others just died.


With the current treason to allow Monsanto to dominate the seed and plant growth with monopolizing all farm crops, we are facing a world wide threat of starvation, if, these Genetically Modified plants are allowed to force all farms to use only Monsanto patented seeds. We must have a diversity of plants, in case the failure of any variety happens.


View and research more about this huge problem, NOW. We must stop this before we destroy our independent farmers right to survive and grow the foods to feed us. This is a worldwide disaster coming to your community.


By LAW farmers may only grow with seeds from Monsanto, at 4 times the price, and when the crop dies farmers lose their property and lives.

There are many parts of the story of The World According to Monsanto, this is part ONE, if you are concerned about our future without Monsanto, please view “all” of these parts, this is VERY serious.


Research and join this organization who it fighting for Safe unmodified food sources  Monsanto seeds video

Search on “YouTube” for these videos, it will outrage you!

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It's A Small World After Monsanto Takes All - Go Go GMO

Read this website and the letters in response, before this site is closed by the government as subversive.

Protect American farmers, reVote


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Codex Alimentarius World Food Safety

Monsanto seeds, or else?

Monsanto Milk contamination?


Monsanto sues farmers

Home farming illegal ?

New Hampshire farming


Sponsor: - Keene, New Hampshire police move in fast as a man protests the city's force-funding

of a food co-op by starting one of his own. Live video from Free

The world according to Monsanto


Lynn Says:

I read about this on a local group…St. Louis gal lived a mile from Monsanto Headquarters most of my life. I wanted to also make you aware of the FDA Globalization act of 2009. Basically requires the makers of food to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to prove their food is safe. Basically requiring a validatable paper trail of the safety of their product from seed to fertilizer etc to market. Smell something fishy….of course in the light of the samonella outbreak will probably get much support, but will ultimately put organic growers, and the jam & jelly group out of your veggies from a local weekend farmers market…they will soon go away.
I make natural and organic skin care products in a cottage industry fashion, have documentation to validate GC & MS clarity of products, but will be obliged to validate the safety of my workplace even though I am VERY small scale. I don’t make enough from selling in my niche market to even come close to applying to have the permit process start, so I will go back to just making things for family and friends after I have them sign a affidavit that they won’t sue me for making lotion for them
Here is a link to the Natural perfumers Guild that has a link to the FDA bill at the top.


H. R. 875

And S. 425

Agent Orange from Monsanto? Still a danger?


Medical research about food, and additives GM = Genetically Modified


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Barbara H. Peterson is a Writer and Activist,

 Global Research Articles by Barbara H. Peterson



The Gestapo Food Act, H.R. 2749, Must Be Stopped - Reject HR 2749 and Clean Up Factory Farms Instead

Stop HR 2749 Action Page:

A new food safety bill is on the fast track in Congress--HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009.

This bill needs to be stopped!

Monsanto must be stopped, worldwide.