What is; “The Security and Prosperity Partnership”;

> We must stop the “North American Union” <

Our nation is in serious trouble, and about to end if you don’t take control NOW.

Get up off your behind and do something.


Quoted: I urge you to educate yourself.  If you have access to a computer you need to read what your own government has posted on their official websites such as the http://www.Whitehouse.gov, http://www.State.gov


You will be aghast at the nearly complete destruction of our sovereignty, Bill of Rights, Constitution, laws, Republic, and freedoms they have ALREADY achieved.  This heinous ongoing treason has been engineered by an entrenched cabal of legislators, courts, military brass, and government employees in this, and prior administrations.  The tyranny is being facilitated by hundreds of people embedded at all levels of the executive branch and Congress constituting a so called 'Shadow Government' who are working in concert to dismantle this country in plain sight.  Their agenda was engineered by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and kept secret by a deliberately silent media who work in collaboration by treating the America people like mushrooms. 

We are kept in the dark and fed you know what . . . mislead by their propaganda.

If you don't have a computer, get one.  It is the last bastion of freedom to information and knowledge left to 'We the People'.  Be advised that the congress is working hard to eliminate, curtail and control your access to the Internet as we speak.

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You keep hearing these words/phrases, “North American Union”, “New World Order”, “Globalization”, “United Nations”, “SPP” (Security and Prosperity Partnership), “NAFTA”, “CAFTA”, “WTO”, AAAA TO ZZZZ, on and on, and on, plus that word “Amnesty”, but are you listening? No! You don’t bother to listen because you believe; there is nothing you could change anyway. You could if you elect the right people.

We have some 700 military bases around the world; that we are supporting, why? Way too much of our money to run the world, that we don’t own. We must bring our service persons home, and protect America.


Bush say’s “We are just going to join our Friends in the Western Hemisphere in a partnership, United for Prosperity”. Bull:


What do any of you understand about the “North American Union”?


See, I knew you didn’t have any idea what I’m talking about, read on.


Some TV Commentators: Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, and others are telling you daily about the problems of America, but they won’t mention a single “Independent” candidate, so they talk a hard line, but don’t follow up with any help to bring the “Independent” candidate names to the public.



Liberals all berate Patrick Buchanan, who espouses “Save America”: Why?

You citizens are being told, America must diversify, remove our borders, join the United Nations, let everyone enter our nation, and destroy our freedoms. Bull


Now, every moment of our lives is controlled by an “out of control government”.

We are losing our Freedoms; we are losing our nation.


      Here I am still harping on this one subject again.

 *****United (corrupted) States of North America******

March 23, 2005: President Bush, Mexican President Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, met for a special summit at Baylor University in Waco, TX, where they worked out the ending of our borders between our 3 nations. For “The North American Union”.

    President Fox visits all over our nation, at will, to praise his citizens for invading our nation, and converting these areas into extensions of Mexico’s border.


March 2006: Again, the leaders of Canada, United States, and Mexico met in Cancun, Mexico to further plan the “United States of North America”.


President Bush is doing his dishonest best to remove our borders.


I’ve been accused of spouting Conspiracies, YES! There “are” Conspiracies, check out the links I’ve placed in my web site,

read these things that our government is planning to do to destroy us.

READ if you care about our Freedoms: If not I’ll understand, something else was more important than America. Unfortunately Americans like you will be the biggest cry baby when our nation fails, and you will wonder why someone didn’t tell you this was going to happen.


March of 2007: President Bush again went to South, and Central American, begging them to join us in the “New World Order”.

The little dictators of those countries do not want to give up their sovereignty, but our politicians will give up ours, in a minute. WHY?


August 2007: If they are not planning to remove our borders? Then why did President Bush have “another” meeting in Montebello, Canada in with the Prime Minister of Canada, and the President of Mexico?

Bush is still pushing for the North American Union?

No more borders for the United States? No Way!

It wasn’t to share tea with visitor’s, I’m sure of that.


Congress doesn’t have a clue.


   Are you ready to surrender your American Citizenship? A March 23rd 2006 White House press release says: The “SPP” will compliment, rather than replace, existing working groups that are performing well. These groups are laying the foundation for a European Union-style integration of the: “Security, and Prosperity Partnership of North America”.    


You will see that this is a government plan to merge the United States to Canada, and Mexico.

Then search for “REX 84”, and New World Order.


http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59099, The ACLU by Pat Boone.

http://www.newswithviews.com/Yates/steven11.htm Erasing America, HOW?


Domestic Martial Law would make it much easier for the super elite to get what they want without putting up with the grass-roots scuffles it had to deal with over CAFTA. It will enable them to coerce silence from the public and imprison those who refuse to shut up. Admittedly most Americans are still too busy watching some ballgame to pay much attention to this; but it is doubtful that they are sufficiently conditioned for Martial Law. After all, Bush’s approval ratings were at an all-time low, and the number of people who didn’t trust his consolidation of power at the federal level has been on the increase especially since the Katrina debacle. They can do so, by the dissolution of this country like a bunch of sheep? They can do so by your continuing to vote for Demopublicans. Or citizens can put a stop to it by recognizing that something has gone seriously wrong, waking up, and could have got behind a credible Independent candidate in 2008. It would be nice to see Independents elected to Congress in 2006, but it’s doubtful since such candidates ought to be building up their war chests now, and I know of no cases, if America’s masses continue mindlessly voting”. By Steven Yates.

   Does the total ineptness of our government officials bother you? Now believe me, they are really not dumb, they just hope you are, and will remain so, while they close America, and join us with the “New World Order”.

Our government considers it a done deal, to open our borders to Canada, and Mexico. It has been in the planning for years, to make our country into, The “New World Order”, as planned by the “Trilateral Commission.”

Bush said: “You can fool “some of the people”, all the time”. Are you fooled? Have you had enough?

Thomas Jefferson said: If the government is capable of supplying all your needs, it is also capable of denying your needs.