28 Jan 08 President Bush stated:

ďAs we meet tonight, our economy is undergoing a period of uncertaintyĒ


Then Obama came on the scene in February 2009:

Itís been years, since that infamous speech,

and we certainly have learned a lot,

that Bush was clueless about what was about to hit America.

Thank goodness he is out of office, and to be retired on Full Pay at our cost.

Gee if I screwed up like that, I certainly wouldnít expect to continue on full pay.

Bush had no idea what was going on, he was in Fantasy Land, with no idea what heíd done.


Now, How many Americans fear being downsized as our manufacturing leaves our nation?

Of course when our nation is turned over to the United Nations, Obama,

the reigning King will be out of a job,

as the United Nations director will be running the show.

Bush said: ďMore people have jobs nowĒ; unfortunately about 10 million of those jobs

are filled by Illegal Aliens, not Americans.

How many of you are making less than$10/hr?

How many of you are working part time?

So your employer does not have to provide, or offer you benefits?


In how many families, do the husband and wife

both have to work to afford middle class living?

This is the downsizing of the United States.

Are you happy with our economy?

What are you willing to do about this?

Half of Americans make less than $30,000/yr.

We have 50% less spending power than we had in 1990.

Millions of jobs lost since 1990.

Billions of dollars spent on War every day,

and our present candidate have no solution to stop this.

Obama said, heíd have the troops home by August,

he just didnít say which August.

Now he sayís: 2012 or so.

My plan! WIN THE WAR and come home.


Then it was September, and Bush said:

We are in serious trouble,

He sure didnít understand that last January 08.

This was not suppose to happen until after the election,

now our elected officials are in a panic,

and want to delay doing anything about Wall Street

until after the election, but itís biting them in the behind,

and you are seeing the destruction of our economy.

Itís going to be a bad future, you didnít elect me.

You had only this one chance, how brave were you?

How many more banks do you want to see fail?

Our nation is winding down, and you just go on believing this canít happen.

Our nation had been sold to the lowest bidder, the Bilderberg Group.


On December 5, 2008 Bush says:

We have a Recession, but we will survive,

he didnít say the word DEPRESSION. Youíre there.