Comment by Don Cordell:

This is only the tip of the iceberg as our nation’s police powers

 want to control your home.

Under the fraud of "the Greening of America",

there are plans to demand homeowners

make their home more energy compliant,

when the government tells you,

you must install insulation,

must install Thermal Windows,

must, must, must.

Until you find they demand you make changes,


 your property will be torn down

and replaced with new compliant homes,

that no one can afford,

while you and your family move in to a tent,

under the Freeway bridge.

This is an example of what is coming for the future of America.

So study these events in the NE corner of Los Angeles County, in California.


This is the New Freedom plan!

Now the Los Angeles County Code Enforcement team are not afraid of the citizens,

they arrive often with 3 cars, and 10 to 12 agents, with guns drawn,

in case the homeowner is angered by the invasion without the expected Search Warrant,

and tell the homeowner that

"They do not need a Search Warrant to enter your property,

that they have the right at any time to inspect your property,

and any resistance to this, and you go to jail".

Buying property in California comes with the implied consent

to be searched at anytime.

Our government can tell you what plants you can use for decoration,

that you must maintain a green lawn,

the government can tell you what color you can paint your home.

To tell you what fencing you can use around your home,

how high the fence may be,

and you thought you had Freedom?

Wake up Americans,

we lost that a long time ago.


Nuisance Abatement Team.

Let it be known that postings, links and testimonials within this group

may or may not be known the absolute truth and may be considered hearsay.

Only the Victims, Accusers and County Officials know for sure.

View this site about driving people off their land.

Read the testimonies from citizens being attacked by these bastards,

called Code Enforcement Officers, IE Gestapo.

On this website

You need to be a member of

Nuisance Abatement Team

announced by Antonovich to add comments!

Comment by The Administrator on September 16, 2009 at 12:18pm

For all concerned,

This network was put into place as a forum

based on the Freedom of Speech for all!

A place where one can speak their mind and hopefully communicate.

Some posts may be fact, some may have some fiction.

(Freedom of speech is fiction- Don Cordell)

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation.

The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to denote

not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking,

receiving and imparting information or ideas,

regardless of the medium used.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are closely related to,

yet distinct from, the concept of freedom of thought.

In practice, the right to freedom of speech "is not absolute"

in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations,

such as on "hate speech".

(Such as hate against the Government-Don Cordell)

The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right

under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

and recognized in international human rights law

in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as

"the right to hold opinions without interference.

Everyone shall have the right to

freedom of expression".

(As long as you do not berate the Government -Don Cordell)

If one does not agree with a post or forum then

they are more than welcome to reply and state their case.

(Of course you may end up in jail if you piss off the elected Leaders-Don Cordell)

If a correction needs to be made or if a post should be deleted or edited

for misinformation or misconduct then a response and the facts

should be made on that specific post or forum

stating the reason why and then reported to The Administrator for review!

Comment by The Press / AV on September 16, 2009 at 12:05pm

I received the following story from an anonymous source.
A Very Interesting Read. Family is evicted because of Code Violation

NAME: Terry Matchett
ADDRESS: 1279 W. Kildare (formerly 543 East Ave. J-1)
PHONE NUMBER: 661-945-2207
DATE: 07/01/2009
TIME: 6:27 p.m.

I’m writing to let you know that the Code Enforcement goons are not only harassing people in the rural parts of the Antelope Valley. I lived on Avenue J-1 off of 5th Street East in Lancaster. On March 11 of this year, a posse of Code Enforcement guys (with one Justin Lewis in charge) showed up at my home. On March 13 of this year, I was homeless; Mr. Lewis "vacated" my family and me from our home deeming it was "unsafe" due to code violations.

 (Google map this address on 543 East J1 in Lancaster, CA and see the home)

My 13-year-old daughter was in tears as they kept us outside and wouldn't allow us to move from where we were sitting. They kept threatening that she was going to go into foster care, so I called my brother-in-law when they had their backs turned to come right over to pick her up and take her with him. When he arrived, they were not polite asking, "Who is he?" and I told them I told him to come and take my daughter because they were not about to threaten my daughter.

I have never been in any trouble, of any kind with the law. My husband, well he's had some run-ins, but they were for bookmaking (gambling).

Now, we had lived in this house for almost 13 years. I will not deny we were in violation of many of their codes, but not to the extent to "vacate" us and put us out on the streets. Also, I was in a pending bankruptcy case at the time, but Mr. Lewis told me at the time my home had been sold (which when I check with the tax assessor was found to be not true. but now it is). How is it that my house could be sold and HE knew about it, but I knew nothing of it?

When they came on March 11, we were told we could go into our home to retrieve belongings or correct violations; when they came back on March 13, we were told that if we wanted to enter the premises, we would have to have one of THEM escort us. Any attempts to get them to escort us were futile, as they were never available.

After a week or so, they allowed us to go back into the home for a week to get 13 years of our life moved out - not that we had anywhere to move them to. At the end of that week, when they came to board up the house, they arrived with their black van full of gun-toting officers who charged out with their guns loaded. My husband, who was sitting outside the house when they arrived, was detained with a gun to his head, as was his friend. When they entered the house, that no one was in, they came out with an empty bag they said contained drug residue and a glass pipe and arrested my husband (he has since been to court and any charges were dropped because there was no case), but $600 later to get him out of see where I'm going with this I hope.

When I went to City Hall to see about filing an appeal to what they did, I found out it would cost me over $300 to do so, which they knew I didn't have since I am unemployed. I also received a telephone call from Mr. Lewis who asked me if I was going to go through with this appeal, and went on to tell me what would happen to me should I go through with it. He proceeded to tell me that "I" did this or "I" did that, and that each of the code violations carried a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail and since my name was the name on the house I would be the one going to jail and paying the fines. I told him "I" did nothing and that my husband told them I had nothing to do with getting no fucking building permit for the patio he enclosed or the pool he put in my back yard and he told me it didn't matter that I would be going to jail if I proceeded to go through with the appeal. Needless to say I never filed the appeal.

A few weeks after my daughter and I moved into my mother's home, which my younger brother also resides in, we were raided by a "Probation Sweep". My brother is in compliance with EVERYTHING he went to jail for. He works, he pays his fines, he appears in court whenever he is supposed to be there. The people that came to my mom's home during this "raid" were all the same ones that, low-and-behold, were at my house when they arrested my husband. I was frisked by the same bitch deputy that frisked me when I drove up at my house after they arrested my husband (right in the middle of the street), but this time in my mom's living room, even after another deputy told her that it wasn't necessary (he remembered me and knew I had nothing to hide), and I kept apologizing to my mother because I told her I knew it had something to do with what happened at my house. The little bitch deputy kept asking me, "Where is your husband? Where is your husband?" and I told her he didn't live here and I didn't know where the f*** he was. She asked me, "Well who is the person on probation?" I told her it was my brother.

They proceeded to come in with their video cameras and search the ENTIRE house, my room, my daughter’s room, my mother’s room, etc. My brother, who wasn't home at the time, had an appointment with his probation officer that day, and upon arriving he found out that his probation officer had been changed and he questioned the events of the day. They had no knowledge of this "raid". Normally, when there is a probation sweep or any kind of sweep you read about it in the paper the next day. There was NEVER anything published about this.

I just wanted to let you know that this crap isn't only happening in the rural parts of this valley. I was "vacated" out of my home, put on the street, and we still have belongings in this house which we were never allowed to get out since they bogusly arrested my husband with their trumped up drug charges.

I would be more than happy to describe what these gun-happy, lying, goons did. What do I have to lose? My marriage has gone down the drain, my house is gone, the only thing I don't want is them coming to my mom's home and harassing her any more. If I put my mom in any kind of danger from these jerks, I have to withdraw. Me on the other hand, I won't go to jail, but I would be happy to let everyone know what kind of bullshit tactics these idiots use.
Thank you for reading this.

Comment by The Administrator on June 4, 2009 at 10:27am

Web Sites to find abuses by the NAT (Nuisance Abatement Team)

Nuisance Abatement Team announced by Antonovich
Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

and County Public Works Director Don Wolfe announced the development

of a new nuisance abatement team and expansion of the County’s Graffiti removal services for the Antelope Valley communities. “Deterioration of the community spreads like a cancer, decreasing the quality of life and sense of neighborhood pride. Without intervention, the neighborhood that was once vibrant is destroyed,” said Antonovich.

Funding to create two nuisance abatement teams, one committed solely to the Antelope Valley was secured by Antonovich.

Lead by the department of Public Works the nuisance abatement or “NAT” teams, involve multiple County departments.

The purpose of these “nat” teams is to improve and strengthen code enforcement

and prioritize property rehabilitation throughout the fifth district.

The County’s code enforcement team has had tremendous results.

Since 2006, 318 cases have been investigated and 211 of those cases have been resolved.

One example, two properties located north of the City of Lancaster have been cleaned up.

These properties were not only blighted, they were a threat to public health.
They want the people GONE, empty land for developer to buy for pennies on the dollar.

(Don Cordell)
In addition to the “NAT” teams, Antonovich recently committed funding to enhance his long standing “zero-tolerance” graffiti removal program. In the past, the County’s programs targeted those communities where graffiti was a particularly troubling problem. “Because graffiti is impacting more communities, I committed to expanding the “zero-tolerance” graffiti removal for all unincorporated areas in the 5th district,” added Antonovich.”

The County’s Department of Public Works operates a 24 hour hotline at (800) 675-HELP

that refers citizen reports of graffiti to the graffiti abatement providers for removal within 48 hours


(These teams have been driving owners from rural property all over the Antelope Valley to restore this land to nature, in other words get out of here, move into stack and pack apartments, so the government can own all the land for free. We are no longer wanted in the Antelope Valley. I will fight back for citizens rights to own property.

I live in Lancaster and have been abused by these goons too.)