I    Don Cordell

Will  restore

America the Beautiful

“My country tis of thee”,

Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.

“America” Not Mexico, Not the United Nations. Also repeated on Page 5

Opening statement: pray if you wish!

I know I repeat a lot of statements in this website, it’s because we are in such trouble that I want to make sure

I get your attention in the worse way. We are about to lose our nation and this is so serious, Please wake up.


If our government has lied to us about the murder of Kennedy, and who shot Reagan, how can you believe

anything our present leaders in our government tell us? Who did 9/11? Read on, you’ll be shocked.

If you have read the Warren Reports about the murder of Kennedy, you can’t find where it tells about the

back of Kennedy’s head was blown away, so, how can you trust the Government produced 9/11 report?

Lie’s, all lies


Repeated from the Main Page of this website, because this is so critical.

Start here: The Wilderness Act is the destruction of all our RIGHTS.

We must remind our Federal government that the only property they own, is the District of Columbia;

the Federal Government SHOULD NOT own any State Property.


The Federal Government is continually confiscating States lands, under force, sorry,

wait until you get hit with “Wilderness Act” to return: >>>>> Your property to Wild Lands.

Click on each link of this website to learn what our Government has planned for us.



All lands belong to “WE the PEOPLE”. We have way too much Federal Government.

Whom we “Employ/Elect, to “RUN” OUR Nation, not “RUIN” OUR Nation.



We the People have not been in control of our nation for the last 150 years.

We believed we were electing candidates to represent us in Washington D. C.

But, starting in 1872, (less than 100 years after Americans struggled to establish freedoms for our nation)

while WE, believing we were still a free nation, we let Wall Street establish control of our Government.

We still vote, believing that we are a nation of electing candidates to run America “for us”, we have been suckered;

our nation has been stolen from us. Where did we go wrong?


The billions we spent to protect America from Communist nations, while we still blockade Cuba,

and now we are business partners with Communist China, WHY?

Threats from N. Korea, and Iran, and we are doing nothing.


J.P. Morgan, the Rockefeller’s, the duPont’s,

the traitors that established the Federal Reserve banking system,

to steal our banking industry.

While we were working our asses off trying to support our families,

we believed our citizens and nation was protected by the Constitution.


Well think again, while you were asleep, others were plotting the overthrow of our nation.

They couldn’t beat us directly, so they kept telling you: “elect Republicans and Democrats”,

ignore those Independent candidates.

You “must: elect one of the two MAJOR parties to lead our nation,

they tell you, “if you vote for an Independent candidate, you are wasting your vote,

vote for the DemocRat or RebubliCon party candidate”.


They have led us to destruction; they have promised you

that only by sending our jobs to other nations,

can we really be fair to the rest of the World?


Do you believe Global Warming is causing the freezing weather we have sometimes in America,

we’re told: It’s colder because the earth is getting warmer!


Well these are the results:

Continued increases in unemployment, while they are telling you,

recovery is just a few weeks away. (in 2020)


Now shut up and get back in the bread line, or no bread for your family.

Keep telling your children “they are not really hungry”, do this for your nation.


Do we fight to RESTORE our nation (?), or go on with the destruction that Obama says:

WE //  HE CAN DO ===(after 2013)?


Are you actually paying attention at all, or just going on blindly? Wake up.

Martial Law.

Our new Federal Law for when you just won’t shut up, and try to be a Patriot.


I keep telling people: Do the Math, yes 2 + 2 = 4, but $19 Trillion in Debt, adds up to failure of our

economy, we can no longer survive this Debt.


We must return the jobs to America; stop destroying America to foster improvements in the rest

of the world. Cuts in Social Security? are certain to be done next year. Bankrupt!


Our only future:

Slavery to the New World Order Leaders, the end of civilization as we had in this nation

for about 100 years after the Revolution.

Do you want to be Independent, or Dependent on Government?


We have been programmed for failure since 1872; for a One World Dictatorship, lets finally stop this.


We have not had “Education” in our schools; we’ve had “Indoctrination”, teaching us to accept that

the government knows best, we have been led, to accept Police Control, Military Control.

The idea that we Citizens could possibly form a Militia of armed Citizens (2nd Amendment) to confront

our Government, as promised in the Bill of Rights is a farce. We have allowed this to get out of hand,

it’s time for us to RESTORE our Nation and our God given Rights, before we are sent to Detention

Camps; already built and waiting for us. REX84

At 9 years old, I already knew how to say Bull Shit.



The #1 problem in our nation is lack of JOBS,

that’s where we must start:

RETURN Jobs to America.

Our Government tells us:

We are doing great, unemployment is only 5%,

wonderful, wonderful.

That means only 160,000 unemployed, that are at least trying to find jobs,

how many have given up completely and are on WELFARE.



Stop imports:


In 1948 our leaders told us, we must bring Democracy to all nations of the world,

bring Freedom to all peoples of the world, so our leaders commenced

to send leaders to other nations, to bring jobs to them, to enhance their life style;

to live like Americans. Oh Great, doesn’t that sound wonderful.

Freedom for all people. Yeah sure!


Save our Factories, Save Our Sovereignty, close our borders, protect America: then worry about the rest

of the world, after we have taken care of Americans first. I want to reopen those 42,400 plus factories

that have closed since 2002, to rehire American Citizens in those factories to make American products

to sell in our stores.


Only when there are no more hungry children in America,

can we worry about other nations, and how their government takes care of them.


If any foreigner threatens America, instant execution, quit this pussy footing around,

Protect America NOW.

I want Maytag, made in the USA. Don’t you?


Look: Ladies and Gentlemen of America, we have a great problem.

I want you to see what is going wrong.

I want you to see that our leaders are taking us for a ride down the wrong path, to destroy our nation.


While you may not understand what is going on, “I DO”.

I’m the kind of person that all my life has analyzed facts,

to come to conclusions, and what I see happening with our politicians is scary.

So follow me a bit, while I explain some facts.


What has Jesse Ventura found about 9/11?

It’s all about ”Building 7”, that’s the clue about 9/11.


So what is going on in America? Let’s start with 9/11. Let’s analyze why 9/11?

Check out this file first, then compare what is happening in America.



A Special TV program was recently shown on the National Geographic channel on Feb.2nd 2010.

Google the Video “Loose Change” this is a good Video that covers data on 9/11.


“Building 7” in NY City was pulled down on 9/11 “on Command”.

It was a 47 story very new Steel frame Government occupied building that was one block deep,

two blocks wide, and was dropped “on Command” to fall in 9 seconds. More about 9/11


“Who” placed the explosives and “when”, to allow this to happen?

It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t you, so “who and why”?


Bush was not surprised by the plane crashes,

it seems they had known since July 2001 to expect something like this.


NO Plane Crashed into Building 7,

while yes; there supposedly were Oil Tanks on an upper floor, according to the Government.

“OIL TANKS”, not oil spread all over from ruptured Aircraft Tanks.

So who pulled building 7?

That’s what tells us

9/11 was “an inside job”.


Then: The steel from “that” building was immediately removed from New York, shipped to

Louisiana  and supposedly (we’re told) was used to build a new Navy ship, the USS New York,

that recently sailed into NY City.


Everything about 9/11 is a lie.

Why were Fighter Jets that are stationed to protect Washington DC, sent 200 miles away.

Military Pilots were told to Stand Down, while Flight 77 was headed to Washington?


When I hear lies, I become suspicious, I investigate, I analyze,

and I do not like what I see happening to OUR nation.


Conspiracies? YES: Our government, is guilty of what is going wrong,

our government laughs and tells us we are crazies, that: “All is OK”.


Just trust the Government? Oswald was a retired MILITARY,

                                                                  Terry McNichols was a retired MILITARY!

The death certificate for Terry McNichols stated his occupation: US ARMY.

Once a SOLDIER, always a SOLDIER? Think!

Why was Oswald thrown out of Russia? SPY?

Wake up and smell the crap they are feeding us while American industries are shipped

out of our nation. Now the rest of our industries must close to prevent Global Warming.

We have been lied to, and we must stop this.


When you analyze 9/11 then you will know the truths, and it will anger and scare you. WHY 9/11?


All flights were grounded on 9/12, except for the Royal Saudi family that flew out of Texas back

to Saudi Arabia, WHY? The Royal Saudi family and “George Bush” were in the oil business, Hmm


Ex Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura has also been researching this situation and has done

a few video presentations about this, continue to review Jesse’s revelations below, and then stop

and think about what happened that day.

We blame the Muslims, and immediately go to war against Iraq and Afghanistan, not Saudi Arabia

we are spending our nation in to financial collapse, while you believe this

crap from our elected traitors in Washington.


Jesse Ventura recent Governor of Minnesota, was awakened by the 9/11 Fraud against Americans.

I had links about 9/11, about Global Warming, but these links have been removed from the Internet.

I hoped at last someone might listen and begin to question the crap our government has fed us, about

war, freedom, taxes, the whole destruction that is happening to the ending of the United States.

Jesse’s links were shown in full on “Tru TV”, but you can be sure, the local Broadcast TV stations

will not be allowed by the FCC to run these on the air.

Learn how they destroyed Building 7 upon the Command: “Pull it”.


Ventura’s videos “were” on at 10 PM Wednesday nights in Dec, 2009 and Jan, 2010 on “Tru TV”.

Check the listing for your local area, or Google for “Jesse Ventura”.

This series were rerun starting October 15, 2010 on Tru TV.

These films are again being shown on Tru TV in December 2010.

Check your local listings if you get this channel on Cable or Satellite.


Maybe, Jesse Ventura can awaken Americans to the threat that faces all of us.


So! How? and When? were explosives installed in Building 7, so they could destroy it

in 9 seconds? When you realize that, it will bother you.

Why were so many people killed in this tragedy by our leaders?


To: Give our government the excuse to start the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

To: Enact the Patriots, and Homeland Security Acts, + in 2006 the War Commissions Act.

To: Cancel our Constitution and Bill of Rights in America.


What’s the death of a few thousand people,

to bring complete subjugation of

the citizens of the United States?

Has their plan worked, will you submit? You will!


After all, you are law-abiding citizens aren’t you?

You wouldn’t disobey the government would you?

After all, don’t rock the boat; submit peacefully.


Until our government can prove to me,

they did not bring down Building 7 without explosives;

I will believe “our government is the enemy” against us.


There is a lot more wrong with this entire situation, that if you continue to my Main Menu,

and review my explanation about how President Kennedy was killed, and who shot President Reagan,

you will see a series of lies, and how our nation is being destroyed

so we will be forced to surrender our sovereignty,

so there will be no more United States.

When you realize these lies, then you will begin to question everything else

that is happening to our nation, the financial collapse of Wall Street, the bailouts

with huge Trillions of our dollars given away, the destruction

of the manufacturing factories in America, to build up other nations.

If you study all of this website, maybe, just maybe you will wake up in time to:

REVote and Restore the United States of America.

Now continue. On to Obama fraud lies.


The historical lies that bother me are:

The bombing of Pearl Harbor

The murder of John F. Kennedy

The death of Marilyn Monroe, (suicide?)

The murder of Robert Kennedy

The death of Mary Jo Kopeckny

The shooting of Ronald Reagan

The death of Jon Bennett Ramsey

The bringing down of Building 7

The election of Barack Obama

The phony birth certificate for Obama

The constant invasion of America from our southern border, still not stopped.

There are too many events with already questionable facts, not to worry about who is doing what.

Who did what to whom?


Never fear, “Cordell is here”. I’ll tell you the truths.



Wow! Obama told Americans in his “State of the Union” address:

He was going to set aside Billions of Dollars that will open up,

up to 2000 jobs for  ?Americans? He’s was all heart,

now all we needed were 29,998,000 more jobs;

wonder how much that will cost?

Since there are approximately 120,000 jobs needed every month for those,

just entering the job market for the first time, we have a negative job market,

a negative economy, and WE can’t continue this way.


Obama bows to the rest of the world, apologizes, and: Says he is ashamed of America.     


I do not bow or bend over for anyone; you get screwed if you don’t stand tall.


How do you increase jobs, “when the companies have left America”?

 How many citizens will commit crimes to feed their families?

                The Prison will give you a job.

                One loaf of bread = One year in jail!

                Join Congress and steal like a pro.


Obama was telling you: What you want to hear. What you would like to believe is coming.

Obama was telling you: Your children should learn: “Gay is normal”.

Obama was telling you: Getting everyone Welfare, worked in Chicago; now for all Americans.

Obama was telling you: “If you do work hard” and make a lot of money, share with those who

                                         are out of work, it’s only fair, share your wealth. Work harder, pay more.

Obama was telling you: We must Progress/(scrap) our founders Constitution.

Obama was telling you: The Government knows best, the government must tell you:

                                        How to live to control our lives, bit by bit. That’s called Marxism.


I’m telling you: What you don’t want to hear.

                           Because you fear: I’m RIGHT.

Listen up.

         Bank loans do not save businesses, PROFITS save businesses.

Foreign Imports compete with America businesses, to kill American jobs.

        Excess taxes kill businesses, Obama says: TAX, until it hurts.


         Obama was sworn in as our President again January 20, 2013.

         Did you see any celebration for his four years in office?


                What’s to celebrate? Our nation did not have a real leader!


          Obama did not represent me, whom did he represent? Not Americans.

     Do you want someone who will “lead America to Recovery?”

Read on.


I don’t understand why Bernie Madoff is in prison for stealing $86 Billon from investors,

our government does the same thing, and we don’t complain, well yes we do;

but it goes on deaf ears.

Mr. Madoff should have been elected so he could steal more and no punishment.

Works for Congress, and they are not in prison: YET!

(Well some of them are in prison, but not enough of them)

We have invested Billions to finance Social Security for Retiree’s,

the government has stolen that money, why aren’t they in jail?


We started 2009 a New Year with hope to survive with Obama?

Now it’s 2018 and we are in worse shape.

Hopes: Dreams of recovery? Dream on.


I keep making changes and additions to this every day, to keep you informed as to what failures we have

in America, because I’m furious that we are losing control of our nation, and I won’t stand for that.

I want you to know what is happening to America, and why.

I’ll stand up for you. Are you mad enough yet?

Are you ready to surrender America

without a fight?



I’ll restore the PRIDE of being an American and a nation.

          We do not want wars, but our enemies do.

  I’ll show you how to win a war if necessary, with pride, and with in 10 days.

Wham Bam, brutal total destruction.


I’ll start by protecting our “own borders”, from Illegal Aliens, and

imports that steal American jobs, since “Congress won’t do it”.

You’ll stand up and cheer when I wave those Stars and Stripes.

A Lot of Americans have died to protect our flag, Obama won’t salute it. 

I will not apologize for America; I’ll Praise America.

   I do not like war, but I will not surrender America to anyone.

We have tried to bring Freedoms to all the people in the world.

Royalty/Dictators want submission of all citizens (including us).


 Do you like what is happening to Americans?

It is time to stop being Democrats and Republicans, and become Americans.


WOW! Massachusetts voters ReVoted: Sick of Obama policies already, the 4th shakeup

“RepubliCon’s win over DemocRats” in one year, but the Republicans are the same crap,

  just in another wrapper. Only an Independent President can save us.


     Screw the rest of the world,

America first.

          I don’t know how to do/nor “can afford” any fancy Graphics,

all I have for you are “Just the Facts”,

“Just the hard Facts you MUST know”.

Read every bit of my website, and if you do not believe me, tell me.



The American Media, TV, Newspapers touted Obama as the “Messiah”

that would lead us to the Promised Land.

They ignored John McCain and Sarah Palin, you heard Obama 99%.


     Obama was a Fraud, he would lead us beside Turbulent Waters,

and push us in: To drown.


Not sure about electing ME?

Well, start exploring my information, and then you will see that


     must do “SOMETHING” about this Situation, and do it “NOW” to “SAVE” America.


Look folks, I was born in 1927, I lived during the Great Depression of the 30’s.

I never thought I’d see this situation happen again in America.

In 1936 when I was a student in school, learning about the Constitution

and Bill of Rights, somehow that did not match

what I saw happening to our nation under President Roosevelt,

and as I questioned these variations, I did not get answers: So I asked: Why?

I also found out as a child I had no rights, the Constitution did not say, only adults had rights,

so who was protecting my rights, NO ONE.

Let me tell you one of my most used words in my life is “WHY”?


Remember how kids keep asking you “Why” and you give them the simplest answer possible?

You are going to see a lot of “Why’s” in this website, I WANT TO KNOW “WHY” I do not

want Simple Answers, I want: “The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, don’t you”?


9/11 was the final blow to take complete control of every citizen, and to remove all of our RIGHTS.

You may not think so, until it’s your day that you expect to be in court,

and find they removed your rights to go to court “Habeas Corpus” was eliminated in 2006,

now you are in limbo, and your “ass is grass”, you can be shipped away, never to be seen again.

Gone, Bye Bye.


I’ve done a lot of research in my life, I review facts, and I make decisions based upon “FACTS”,

so I want the Real WHY’S, and I have a good memory, so don’t lie.

I know my government lies to me.

Remember how Mom knew when you were lying?

Don’t lie to me.

Our government lies to us.

Why has our government pushed manufacturing out of America?

We have “Environmental laws” that other nations do not have to observe!

“Federal Reserve Money” in our Pockets that have less and less value.

No Gold, no Silver, in our money; we’re told: “Just Trust our government”.

Well, WE are we out of Trust?

National debt now escalated to $19.5 Trillion, and you thought Monopoly® money was worthless.

But we can’t play games anymore; we live in the real world, with real problems


That’s your debt; pay up. = $488,000 for each and every Man, Woman and Child in America.

Most of you are too busy trying to earn a living, pay your bills; taking care of your family;

to study what is going wrong in our nation.

If you do not get involved NOW, it will be too late by 2016.


Let's see: What is a Crime? OH! You were just demonstrating against the government “taking away your rights”,

and the SWAT team surrounds all of you, beats you, gasses you, arrests you, because you told them you had Rights,

sure you do, or you did.


Didn’t our government tell you to stay home and shut up? You just didn’t believe they meant it.


When you disappear, anyone who asks too many questions about you, can also disappear, just

like Hitler did Germans after 1933. Am I next? I don’t know, but until then, I’m here trying to

open your ears and eyes.  Do you fear our government? That’s the Million Dollar question.

Many others in America are also trying to tell YOU, so Read, Watch, Listen & Learn!


I’ve watched the politics of our nation since 1936, reviewed earlier Facts, and it all adds up

to “NO GOOD”. Our Government doesn’t care shit about we citizens. Oh yeah! We get a

lot of “What sounds good”, But “bit by bit” we are being SCREWED ROYALLY.


We’re at a crossroads, if we do not get off our dead asses and retake control of our government,

We’re going to lose America. The New World Order is here, for your protection!

Do you believe in “Words”, or “Actions” by our politicians?


Do you think our Government gives us the TRUTH? “They do not”. It’s all about 9/11.


Wake up, and smell the truth, the Truth stinks of Treason. Obama lies, George Bush lies.

Who is going to tell you the TRUTH? I WILL!


In 1990 Ross Perot tried to tell you what was going on in America, they shut him up quickly.

I won’t shut up until: I RESTORE AMERICAN FREEDOMS, for you, or until

they force me to turn off this message as too threatening to the New World Order treason.

Obama said: Just wait until he’s “reelected” in 2013 for things to get better. Did they?


Can you wait? The “Very Rich” believe we peasants are using the world resources, that only

they deserve. So we must reduce the population of Earth, to restore “their” right to live better.

Any volunteers to die, to reduce the population? Come on now, don’t the rich deserve more

than you? We are being told, there are too many people on earth,

so reduction of the population must be done.


Chicken Little (Al Gore) has an emergency warning:

The Sky is falling, all will be lost if we do not reduce how many there are of all of us.

Only about 1 Million are needed to make the supplies needed for the Rich, others must be

> What’s a nice word for “population reduction”? (Genocide; will do)


Al Gore wants us to get rid of Cattle, they pollute the atmosphere.

Great, let's get rid of Milk, Cheese, all dairy products.

Al Gore promises us, we must stop our way of life, “we’re not fair to the world”.

You can feed your babies Soy Milk, or (?) reduce the population; there are too many people already.

Stop having babies, that’s a government order.

Hey! it works in China.

Only you can save the environment “for the rich”.


“Why” does the Supreme Court refuse to investigate the Birth location and citizenship

of Obama?




Or What?

I want answers. See Obama 10

Obama tells you where he was born, listen to him in person tell you:

This link has also been removed, wonder why?  “I was born in Kenya”

I don’t care where Obama was born, the CONSTITUTION STATES:























Of course they serve (themselves) in Washington DC

and become Millionaires, and they retire on 80% of full pay. Do you?


Many of our citizens were led to believe Obama would give Americans Free Health Care,

or order insurance companies to insure you, but you are so wrapped up in that;

that you do not see what else is happening to our job market.

Of course Obama plan to tax you if you do not buy insurance =.

PAY UP! “AND” he’ll tax you on the insurance you already have.


If you are the 86% who had jobs, then the 14% who are unemployed are no worry.

I know towns where the unemployment is at 45%,

and in the minority communities, up to 25% and more.


Convert that 11% into 30 MILLION under/unemployed.

Are you one of the 30 Million? (480,000 jobs lost Feb 2011)

Will you be one of the total 30 Million next year; Unemployed?



I am reading about a new case, the IRS drags a woman in to the office in Seattle,

claiming that she only put down some $18,000 income, they claim it’s impossible to live

in Seattle on that little, so she must have hidden income! Pay up or else. Can you believe that?

Lets dump the IRS for a start.

I’ll return our taxation to what the Constitution enabled, “nothing more, nothing less”.

We have to live on a budget; it’s time our politicians learn to live on what we give them.

At least 75% of our taxes are wasted.

Hey! Things are tough all over, they’d better get use to it.


How to get FREE

You can get Free Health Care, Government Jobs, Free Food, and Free Housing. You can work for a Government

confiscated company (GM or ?). Then the government will assign you an allotted space to live.


You won’t exactly get paid directly, but it will be in your allotment account to spend in the “government owned stores”.

There will be Deductions for housing (government owned and controlled), and medical care (IF the government

determines what you really need, if they think you deserve to continue to live).


You will be supplied with the rationed amount of correct food:

the Government will determine what you need to be healthy.


Remember now, we must start feeding the hungry of the world,

at your expense, it’s only right for society, after all


Americans have had it too good, now we must pay our debt to the rest of the world’s poor.


Decent clothing (from China) will be supplied;

and you will get passes for Public transportation, or walk.


So all your needs will be met “that you need”, as determined (by the government).

All of this is Free of course.


Ready to sign up for this? There won’t be any cash;

all your reserve credit (taxes) will be used for government to

supply your Free Needs.

Of course no money wasted for Cigarettes, Alcohol, Coffee, Sugar, or Meat!


Get ready for a lot of Cabbage treats, and Corn Meal mush.


After all the government knows what is best for you.

They will decide what you deserve, no more, probably less.


But you will be taken care of “Cradle to Grave” (Cremated of course).

Seems to me they call that Communism.

The Workers paradise?


In 1942 “American Citizens” of Japanese and German and Italian descent were detained (imprisoned)

in (concentration) RELOCATION camps. I ask you to think, when did they build those camps?

Two months after Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th 1941 they had camps for 120,000 people. HOW and WHEN

did they build the camps? When and Why did they build the camps in the first place?


“American Citizens” were taken from their homes and businesses and detained behind fences, in “camps”

(as slaves) until after WW II was over, then given $20 and a bus ticket home. But they no longer had a home;

the government had confiscated all of their possessions. They were made to work in the Camps, either they

worked or “else”! Get too close to the fence? Shot dead! Are you next?


Ready for REX 84, your home away from home, forever?

Your government is all heart. Right up to the Crematorium gates.


What is REX 84? that is when our government did some research in 1984 and tried some exercises about:

How to control citizens in case we got so upset that we dared to confront our government, and get “rowdy”.

Right now we are driven back, beaten, and arrested, to enable our local police to keep us inline.

They have spent Billions to equip our local police with Military Riot Gear, armored vehicles, machine guns,

face shields, and came up with the idea, of establishing 900 Detention Camps where we can be sent, and

kept or:


to maintain peace and tranquility in your community. Is there a Camp near you, are you next?

Remember they have to reduce the population count somehow; will you volunteer to leave earth for heaven?


Like: “Did you know”, John Hinkley Jr. that shot President Reagan, that “his” family were personal friends

of the Bush Family? While George Bush Sr. was “Vice” President. If Reagan died, who becomes President?

I can smell a rat 3000 miles away, Gee, Washington DC is about 3000 miles away from me, imagine that!


I’ve watched the creeping treason, Congress ignoring “unlimited imports” without duties to “protect our manufactures”.

All this globalization; to help other nations prosper; while America is being turned off.

Lets stop this right now. I want “MADE IN THE USA” on every product in our stores.


We must remind our Federal government that the only property they own,

is the District of Columbia; the government does not own any State Property.

The Federal Government is continually confiscating States lands, under force,

sorry, wait until you get hit with “Wilderness Act” to return:

Your property to Wild Lands.


All lands belong to “WE the PEOPLE”. We have way too much Federal Government.

Whom we “Employ/Elect, to “RUN” OUR Nation, not “RUIN” OUR Nation.




Do you want Clean Water? Of course you do, don’t you?

Lets see, Congress has passed, the so called “Clean Water Act”,

it gives the government total complete control of “ALL” water sources in America.

Total control of rainwater that falls on your property, or farm, or roof, or?


It’s not just Clean Water it’s Your Water.

Stop this, write to your Congressperson, and tell them to stop stealing your water.

Of course they will still go ahead and take control of our water, it means money

for someone who gives them campaign money, and more control over YOU.

This is just one more means of control over our Freedoms.


Got a farm, got a small pond on your farm; that will now become property of the Federal Government,

to force you to maintain that water level in the pond. Or else!

Don’t believe me?

Research this yourself. It’s called the Wetlands Act.


What do “We the People” own? We the People don’t own Shit,

no maybe that’s all we own, “SHIT”.

The GOVERNMENT can take our property from us, anytime they want it.



Environmentalists plan to turn off America, destroy our jobs.

We must stop Globalization. Stop all these Treaties, to outsource America.

The only Treaty I want is: “To protect America, and American citizens”.

Lets start with protecting our borders, which our government never has done.



We’ve been fighting the World Trade Organization for years, but our leaders march

backwards to turn off our future. So we must rise up and Protect not Transform America.

The Council of Foreign Relations; is the council to control America for Foreign nations.


Most citizens look the other way, because they are afraid to face the certain failure of our freedoms.

Do you realize this is happening, or, are you in denial?



Can’t pay your mortgage, that’s OK the government will take over your mortgage.

Can’t pay the government! That’s OK the government will take your home.

Own your home, but can’t pay the taxes? That’s OK the government will take your home.

Can’t get water to operate your farm, going to lose your farm, that’s OK, the government

will take your farm.

The government sets Minimum Wage, when will they set Maximum Wage? That’s OK?

The government knows best, they know what’s good for you. Surrender?

Or Join with ME?

There is a great increase in the job market; unfortunately it’s to hire Debt Collectors. HA


Our police forces are Politically bound to maintain: Law and “Order” at all costs.

Should we surrender now, so we can get used to being slaves to the New World Order?


Have our Veterans died in Vain to protect this

nation, while you ignore what is happening?


Did our Veterans shed their blood; to protect our Freedoms,

while you to sit back and do nothing now?

Get up to bat Americans; we have a game to win.


We must hit some home runs, and be the winning team,

join with me, lets do it.

Lets “Save the United States of America”,

so our children have a future.

If you do not think this is the right thing for America, write and tell me!

Will you be saying next year: “I wish I had listened to Don Cordell, when he warned us”.


CO2 Contamination, is a scam, to tax Americans into submission, to finish destroying our economy.

A little lesson in Chemistry:  H2O + CO2 = H/C Compounds=Hydrocarbons = (FOOD) + 3 OXYGEN.

CO2 is not a contaminant, is it necessary for all plant life to exist.


Let me make something real clear Ex Vice President Al Gore is a RICH Dumb Ass.

Global Warming by CO2 is a scam. Al Gore thinks you do not know what he is planning.

Thank goodness he was not elected President in 2000.


Al Gore says: The earth’s core is several Million degree’s, stupid (it’s about 2700o F).


The environmental meeting in Copenhagen, Voted that “CO2” is now a danger to the world,

that The United States must turn off the lights and leave town, to save the world.


What food we do have: Obama wants to share with the world.

Obama will spend $1.1 Trillion/per year “of your money”, to feed the poor of the world (Africa)


Who is going to feed these children when they become adults, and have more children?

Lets see: We cause contamination by growing food, now we must share that food with the poor

of the world at your expense. Shall we submit to the “New World Order” now?


Something is wrong with this scenario, don’t you think? I know so! What are YOU going to do?


More people have died from Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO); than any other chemical on earth,

shall we ban that too? Remember when you could have taken Chemistry? Review DHMO, laugh.



Can we protect our nation, or must we submit, and surrender, and live our future in poverty?

Are you just going to sit home and ignore what is happening, or fight for your survival?

God knows, I’m trying my best to inform you what is going wrong in America

Terrorism in America,(IRS) you better believe it.

The land of the Free, home of the Brave, yeah sure.


FEMA is ready for you, to protect you from our Constitution.

Do you believe “Authorities = Terrorists”?

They do in America.



Are you dissatisfied with our Elected Government: WHATCHA GONNA DO?

Would our Government lie to us? Our Government is guilty of FRAUD against us.

Do you trust our government? Who owns America? Do our elected politicians represent US?

You won’t find any Political Correctness here; I call it as I see it. JOIN WITH ME.


I’m told: The average citizen “Can’t restore this nation”!

That our future is planned by those: Intent upon downsizing the United States, and that

I don’t have ONE CHANCE in HELL of becoming your President. Who am I?


Well! You’ll see HELL, if I’m not elected. You have no idea what Obama’s bunch is doing.

Obama will destroy our cities, our political system, and sell us out to the New World Order


There are always those who want to Subject us to Tyranny, I will fight this, for us.

As long as we haveDemocRats and RepubliCons” in power, “we have no Rights”.

Our government wants to lead us to submission, will you submit, or stand up and fight?


If the “DemocRats and RepubliCons” are the problem, Then what is the solution?


Check >>>>>   “The Independent voters of America”.


American voters who study the issues and vote with their brain.

None are so blind as those who won’t open their eyes to see the Treason that will destroy us.


How to save on Income Taxes

Did you know: 30 Million citizens do not have to pay any INCOME TAXES! WHY? WHY?

Because they are UNEMPLOYED/ UNDER-EMPLOYED, or on Welfare, do you want to join them?


30 Million Americans unemployed, and GM makes $billions in China? HOW

How many: Of the unemployed did not celebrate Thanksgiving this last November?


How many: Of those unemployed did not go shopping for Christmas gifts, on the day after


How many: Now make much less income, that are not UNemployed. But hurting financially?


How many: Do not know where they are going to get something to eat today or tomorrow?


How can I:  Not be concerned about these Americans?


How many: Of those 30 Million are on the streets, or will soon be, with Nothing?


How soon: Before it will be “YOU” amongst the 30 + Million or more unemployed?


How many: Of you are worried about our future? Do you want to continue this way?


How long: Before hiring begins for jobs, next year, the year after, or 2020?   Suurrree


How many: Just graduating from High School, or College, are going to find jobs?


How many: Do you think lost their jobs in 2017?


How can I: Allow Visa’s for up to 800,000 foreign workers, while Americans are out of work?


And The Answer is:  Do you want what’s behind door #1, door #2, or door #3.

Is your family secure, today/tomorrow?   Are you sure?


Is Detroit, MI the future look for all American cities?

See Detroit, MI > NOW”.

Will your city look like Detroit in the next 20 years? VIEW all links!

This will be “America” “If we do not stop Obama, and Globalization”.


Obama offers you: Redistribution of money, resources, and possessions, so the poor are equal.

Do you believe: That means you will be equal to the Rockefellers?  Or Obamaized American’s?


Those who profess to offer you EQUAL: Mean to Reduce you to be Equal:

Equal with the others in Poverty, not Equal to the rich.

You will not be richer, but Equalized. NO incentive to work anymore.


Isn’t that what they offered the citizens of Russia in 1918? Everybody was equal?


“Listen for yourself”, when Obama tells you: HE is a MUSLIM, how he loves ISLAM & the KORAN

Obama forgot, he is not in South Chicago anymore, he is in our nations capital, would someone

please tell him, that Welfare does not Restore America, but it sure does CHANGE America.

Welfare may have brought money to the poor of Chicago, but if we are all poor, where will he find the money.

As one African American woman thrilled about getting more hand out, called it “Obama Money”.

No question in her mind about where the money comes from, Just Free “OBAMA Money”.

He listened to those in Chicago about how to help “his” people, it’s a shame he didn’t listen to his White Grandmother.

He still thinks there is enough money to give everyone Welfare, and Health Care.


Our current elected officials think nothing of taking our Land, Liberty and Property from us.

Caused by: Blind allegiance by those who still voted for Democrat or Republican Party candidates

Candidate’s who are destroying our nation, Wake up America.

Both DemocRats, and RepubliCons are spending us in to Poverty. Aren’t you worried NOW?

I don’t like listing states, as RED or BLUE,

what I want are states that are RED, WHITE AND BLUE.


Either we retake our government by the ballot box, or will we have to use force?

Under Communism, the government owned all businesses, is that where we are headed?

We must retake control of our nation, to stop the globalization plans of our current leaders.


*We AMERICANS “had” Rights, I will return these Rights, or else.

*I’ll arrest anyone (cops included) who: Deny us our rights.

*The Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court better listen.

* When our government tells us:

* “WE must submit”, that:

* “WE have no choice”.

*  Oh! Well then:

* “WE must fight back”.

*  We must go back and restart this nation with the ideals that our founders and

*  My ancestors gave us, to run this new nation.

*  Is Obama doing what you think is right for the future of America?

*  Obama wants to turn off Freedom of the Press (Newspapers, TV, Internet, ?)

*  I’ll give you a government you can TRUST.

* By honest “People, for the People”.


If you have trouble with anyone in OUR government, MY office will be open to help you.

If you are unhappy with our government, I want to know it. You have the right to work hard.

I’d like to do this peacefully if possible, if not, they will have a fight on their hands.


As your President, and as an employer, I’ll need your SS#, so I can check your “online”

Medical records, and with the IRS to see if you have paid your taxes, and the DMV to make

Sure you are a safe driver, and check your Bank records, “and” your Credit Score, well you

get the idea, your Permanent record. Wonder if the schools still have your Permanent Record?

I’ll need that! Do you want this? How much government do you want? Are you sure?

It will be wonderful for everyone to have access to your medical records online. Won’t it?


14 NOVEMBER 2009

Two new News Flashes: #1. The Supreme Court decision that took a personal home and land from a

citizen in New London, Conn. for a private company to build on that land (Phizer) is now a dead issue,

as Phizer has declined to continue this project. The city of New London spent some $60 Million, and

now the project is dead in the water. How many owners have lost property from court action against

our 4th Amendment clause of the Bill of Rights? The Supreme Court made a bad decision in this case,

will justice prevail in the future?

It is time for us to retake control of the Supreme Court, Citizens shall rule again!

This was one of many Eminent Domain cases that I am 1000% against.


News Flash #2: Conservative talk host: Lou Dobbs!

Obama wants to shut down Conservative Talk; was Lou Dobbs scared off of TV?

Lou Dobbs of CNN, who’s home was recently shot at, while his family was near the home,

retired from CNN! Now he’s back on FOX. Fear or what? How dare he, complain about Illegal Aliens!

Will all of our Conservative Talk Patriots be “scared by Obama” to stop educating American’s about

the treasons happening to our nation?

“Now” Lou Dobbs talks backwards about Illegal Aliens when confronted by a Hispanic talk host,

back tracking on his speeches about Hispanic invasion.

Another Coward? big talk, no guts. Remember how Ross Perot quit?


Why has our government allowed over 32,000 Muslims (only men, not one woman) since 2001,

who were caught (no estimate of how many were not caught)

trying to illegally invade the United States from our southern border.

When caught, “they asked for Amnesty”.

The INS reported that 93% of them failed to show up on “assigned court date” to achieve Amnesty.

Where are they?        WHY are they here?

Our government sure doesn’t know! Do you?

We wouldn’t want to annoy Muslims, WOULD WE? “Muslims who have sworn to kill all of us”

We have a huge settlement of Muslims in Dearborn, MI who are VERY anti America, why?


Now to stir up more Terrorism, our government is holding court in NY City, for Muslims.

I will personally walk down the streets in Dearborn, carrying the Christian Cross, and if

Any Muslim attacks me: ho boy, are they in for a surprise.

Are we crazy or what?

Ft. Hood, Texas: A gun free area?

Where was the Department of Homeland Security”?

A US Military base, and “no one had a gun”, it took a civilian policewoman to

defend our soldiers, WHY? Do we train our soldiers with Toy Wooden Guns?

If you think this was a disaster, wait until the entire United States is

Gun Free, as per Treaty with the New World Order. Public Law 87-297

If Ft. Hood is not safe, how safe are “you” from terror?


9/11 TRAITORS PROSECUTED in America? read Wes Vernon comments!


? Do you want our churches run out of business by the IRS ?

We are told “NO discussing politics in church” or the church will lose its Non Profit tax status.

I wonder if REV. Al Sharpton, and REV Jesse Jackson discuss politics in the churches they visit?

REV. Martin Luther King? OH that’s OK, they are/were African American churches, and members.

How many of those churches are stating: “God Damn America”? Does your pastor do that?

Was Rev. Wright’ church denied Non Profit status? If not, why not? Certainly that statement qualified.

Will the leader of your religious organization, council you on: “Orderly Submission” to the government?

What next, Amnesty for all Muslims, and open borders for all?

Welcome to the New America?


Do you know our children must be taught about “all other religions” in school, but not Christianity?

Our children must know about Islam, and the Koran, but not the Bible. Why?

Same sex marriages, the only right thing to do? OK, will the right to Polygamy, or Child Spouses be next?

Laws are such a drag, you see one of them; you’ve seen them all, just to deprive you of fun.


Every possible plan to totally disarm our nation is in the works, so we will have a peaceful

World, no more Wars, no more Freedom, no more demonstrations, go home and shut up.


Shut up and; Do as you are told, or else?


Don’t be hoodwinked about what happened in Fort Hood, Texas, another “MUSLIM” attack!

That traitor did not suddenly flip out; he came armed, ready to kill non Muslim Americans.

We have not heard one more word about punishment of this traitor.

Obama orders our military personnel: “Do not discuss", keep your mouth shut, or else!

Or else what? Sent to Indefinite Detention?

Where are those 32,000 Muslim men immigrants?


Global Warming conspiracy!

Al Gore DOES NOT KNOW what he is doing: Al Gore is not a scientist.

Obama does know what he is doing, and IT’S “not good for America”.


Read, WHY? We must ImpeachObama

Is this the Change you really wanted?

Thomas Sowell remarks: > Text 1    view > The Fall of the Republic


President Obama dismantling America, Column 1: Thomas Sowell

President Obama dismantling America, Column 2: Thomas Sowell



Do YOU know what THEY are doing? “I DO” You Should, You Can.

If we wait until 2016, it will be too late; we must un-elect Obama and Revolt/ReVOTE,


This is like a trap, the farther you go in, the harder it is to back out. Don’t be trapped.

In traps, the gate is closing behind you, there is no escape; there is no reverse,

this is one of the traps, once we surrender, there will never “ever” be another:

United States of America. EVER


Interested in the Medical Care bill “1990” pages, read it HERE (Adobe .pdf)

Review My assessment of our medical needs, and what can we afford.

I’ve included a number of Video links in this website to educate you as to what is

actually happening to our nation, please view all of them, and rise up to defend us.

I want you to view these Video’s, See and Hear for yourself what is really happening.


The founders of this Nation in 1776 “had to use Violence” to achieve the goals for our

Freedoms, how are we going to retain, and restore our God given rights?

Do we have to use Violence again, or can citizens elect someone like me,

that will “Return this nation, to restore our Constitution and every single Bill of Rights”?

We can’t wait even one more year; we must restore our “Rights” NOW.

What is 30 million? Will you be one of the 40 Million this year?


The DemocRats and RepubliCons tell us, they are “The ONLY Choices”:

One party or the other, but you “must” elect only a RepubliCon or a DemocRat.

Republicans and Democrats are ONE and the Same, for total control of Americans.

You were worried about the future of America, and you thought “Change” meant

“A future for America”, it didn’t, it isn’t, it wasn’t, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, worse.

Every day the police assault more and more Americans when citizens attempt to:

“Demonstrate against our “out of control” government”, the police put us down.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Are you just going to surrender to a Police State, or Fight?

Take a good look at the police in your community; do they look like Military

controllers, or your local friendly “Here to help you” police?

Are you ready for: “We are the police, shut up and obey, or else!”

is this the America you really want? Does SWAT mean: “Shutup We Are Terrorists” Watch them!

When the Colonists started some means of controlling citizens, the controllers used violence.

My ancestors were jailed and beaten in Boston in 1660 for being Quakers.

Google: (Katherine Chattam)

It seems to be the nature of anyone in control, to tell you exactly how you will behave, or else.

Police in Boston in the 1860’s, Detroit in the 1930’s, where ever we gave someone the “authority

to protect us”, they “abuse us”, human nature?

The Police are always under control of the “Elected Servants” you voted in to office.

The police are no longer here to “Protect and Serve”, but to “Control us” at all costs.

When does “Protect” become “Control” of our rights?

If WE Citizens cannot Assemble and Petition peacefully, then how and where?

I want to be YOUR President, not just THE President!


I’m a Hands On kind of person; we must take one problem at a

time, solve it, in days, not months or years.


We must do things, I, 2, 3, in order, to reestablish our economy, then and

only then, can we restore this nation.




Join and support our Military “Oathkeepers” who swear they will NOT follow

“illegal orders” to “put down citizens” who attempt to retain our Freedoms.

BUT you know as well as I know, those Oathkeepers will not be on your street when

they come to get you. They will have been given a Dishonorable Discharge.

Your local SWAT team will be only too glad to shoot you, if you fail to follow orders.

We need Patriots to defend our Rights. Are you a Patriot? or a Coward?

Do we have the right to defend ourselves, when being assaulted by “Battle ready Police”?

Unidentified by any badges, ready to shoot us, to assault us with Tear Gas, to deny us

our “First Amendment Rights” when we confront our government “peacefully”?

If not PEACEFULLY; then How and When?

In the ballot box: Next election? Or a Recall Election NOW!

Unfortunately not all of our Military are Oathkeepers. Many of our military personnel

did exactly as told in New Orleans after Katrina, they did enter private homes, under

Military Orders, and did confiscate privately owned weapons.

When you join the military, you are told: If you refuse to follow orders, you can be shot.

Blind obedience or else? It’s called Discipline, you follow orders or else. Right or Wrong.

Are you ready to follow orders, or else?

Will our USA Military “under orders” Shoot you if you resist? Are you sure?

Our military are being trained “right now”, in “Crowd Control, and Detention Control”.

If our Military are trying to round up citizens, armed with GUNS,

and you resist, or fire on them, what do you think they will do?

Will they shoot back to KILL you? YEAH!


Our military are training troops right now, to detain you in Camps for Citizens.



A very serious problem in America, what ever shall we do?

Our cities and communities are now being overrun by Criminals;

Criminals who until recently were Homeowners, Families, Employees, now Unemployed,

who are now Homeless, and Destitute, so that makes them Criminals.

How dare these citizens/ families camp out in the local parks,

or where ever they can, trying to exist with Nothing.

Still up to 3100 homes are foreclosed every single day.

******* “Time” report on Homeless living in their cars 14 Feb 2010

On the 12th of February 2010 I read in our local paper, reports of the unemployed homeless

being arrested in another city by police to clear up this mess of homeless families squatting in local parks with tents.

How disgusting, why can’t these people just get lost?

Maybe it will be you and your family next week, do you care? I sure do,

and it’s my priority to put all Americans back to work, and back in homes, and back to supporting their family.


Our wonderful police only doing their duty, to clear the community of these trashy citizens.

These Citizens are now a menace to the community, and we certainly can’t allow them to exist anymore.

They should leave town, disappear, out of sight, how ugly for these citizens to think they can exist anymore.

How many of you would be right there with them, if you lost your jobs, and can’t pay the rent?

How many weeks of unemployment before it’s you and your spouse, and children Homeless, and Destitute?


Just how long until its YOU? Disgusting?

If you were illegal aliens, the government would give you Welfare.

Are you Homeless? Please be considerate of your neighbors, now that you’re unemployed, don’t pitch

your Tent (or cardboard box) where it can be seen, citizens who still have jobs do not want to see

you slumming. Hide out of town, or the police “will/and are” arresting citizens for Vagrancy.

(It looks like we are going to have to open the Poor Houses again, or set up those tents (hidden) on the other side of

the tracks, as those who believed Obama, got left behind in the Stimulus handout.

I want to see some action to Restore American businesses.


What gives our police and elected officials the right to demand: “We stop demonstrating” when:

This is our “First Amendment Right”, “as long as we are peaceful”?

You do not dare raise your voice against our government. You will submit or else!

Just shut up, your government knows best! Or do they? Are you just one of the sheep?

When you attend City Council Meetings, you are given 3 minutes period to complain, other than

that, the city doesn’t want to hear from you. Over 3 minutes if you continue, you are arrested, why?

As long as citizens are gathered PEACEFULLY, orders to disperse by police claiming:

When your gathering is called an “Illegal Assembly” that is wrong.

The police/city laws say “You must leave now or be arrested”.

What has happened to our Bill of Rights?

Resist those orders, take your case to court if necessary, to demand your rights.


When Illegal Aliens are demonstrating, do you see the police force them to leave?


If it’s American citizens on the other hand, it’s tear gas and riot batons.


******** Do we “have to have” another Revolution to restore our Rights? ********

If so: It’s time to Revolt/ ReVote and Elect a President that will honor that

“Sworn statement” to defend: The Constitution “and the Bill of Rights”. Obama won’t.


What are we going to do, when “all of you” are unemployed, that’s our politician’s plan.

“Jobs for other nations”; turn off the United States, shame on us.

We are being told, we must make amends with the rest of the world, stop living so well.

Obama says: We must redistribute the wealth of America, with other nations.

I wonder if he means nations in Africa, especially in Kenya where Obama has siblings?

Racist? I wasn’t but I’m getting there as I watch and listen to Obama.

I want that illegal alien sent back to Kenya, and an American as our President.

Preferably ME.

America has made a mistake do you want this to be the end of the United States of America.

Who do you think is going to return this nation to prosperity? Sure won’t be Obama.

Unless you are corporate millionaires, the jobs are going, going, gone. I’ll stop this.


Reverend Jim Jones has returned from Jonestown, his name now is Barack Obama,

and suckers are following this traitor, who plans to destroy America. I will stop this.

Don’t swallow his drink (Welfare), it will kill you, you’re swallowing his rhetoric and it is POISON.


MMM, Obama must go.

MMM, Obama must go.

MMM, Obama must go.

MMM Obama must go.

Did Obama sell us out, to the G20 World Government leaders in Copenhagen in Dec.

Obama believes it is time to share the wealth of America, with all the Third World nations.


I’m retired, I live on Social Security, and I don’t have millions. But I’m a Patriot, are you?

I’ve received only three small donations for my campaign; I’ve paid for everything else myself.

Notice, I am not asking for any donations at all, although any donation would be welcome.

“I” do not need to be your President.

“YOU” need me to be your President.

I’m 90: “I could just sit back and ignore the upcoming disaster happening in and to this nation”.

Let someone else do this? I can’t do that, and ignore what is going on, I love what America WAS.

I want to RESTORE our nation so that you and our Children have a future. Do not surrender.

I’m trying to warn you, because I don’t believe many of you are paying any attention at all.

SO WHAT TO DO? I’ll tell you what to do:

Revolt/Re VOTE: “You do have another CHOICE

I am here for you: To Restore this nation; to Restore our Pride; to Restore our Future.


OBAMA is planning to protect you from anti-Obama information, (al la Fox News) you do not

need the truth, “You can’t handle the truth”, You must believe in the great Obama, or else.

I may be forced to remove this website, I’m expecting a knock on my door any day

How dare I try to inform citizens about treason against us! Obama must shut down negative talk.

Welcome to the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (HR 645) to protect you?

So you will only get the Great Obama’s messages, to end any controversy.

Our government is considering giving everyone access to the Internet, on “their terms only”, so

that you get only the correct information, as supplied by our government, so you will be happy?

Hey it works in China, why not keep Americans in the dark too.

Be enlightened, research more problems affecting America. Is there any humanity left in

the world? Is there any Justice in our courts? I don’t think so.

Why do you elect Millionaires, and then wonder Why we are forgotten?

Read these 38 pages first; then you will want to know more: “There is more”.

See I told you, you would find a lot of WHY’S in this website, so lets find the answers so we know WHY!


In November of 2008 you panicked: You heard Change

You knew something was wrong, so you elected Obama.

Did you notice the Network TV stations spent 99% of their time with news about Obama,

and not one word or interview with ANY Independent candidates? Obama served to you on a Silver Platter,

as though he was to be our savior. Do you feel saved?

See how American politics works, the Runner family serving American voters?


Do you want our “Constitution and Bill of Rights” Defended or Changed?

I will Defend, and restore “every single one” of our Bill of Rights, for you.


When you are unemployed and have to depend on Welfare to exist,

then you will follow our glorious leader Obama, as slaves,

and “You will follow orders” or “NO Welfare”, what a shame.


Our stores are filled with “Made in ???????” everywhere except “Made in America” products, Why?

Because there are no environmental controls in foreign countries, no child-labor laws:

Why do we tolerate this?

What next: The United States of China?

I will forbid the importation of “any” products until other nations meet the same

ENVIRONMENTAL controls that we have for manufactures in America.

There is wide spread contamination in these nations, and we are told, it’s none of our business.

Well, I’ll make it my business, as your President.

In 1906 the USA established Child Labor Laws to protect children;

now 12 + year olds are working in foreign factories making $5 week to support their families,

does this shock you?

Recently a fire in a clothing manufacturing plant in the Bangdalesh killed 45; 12, 13, and 14, year old girls,

working in the plant. How can we buy these products made by children?

Another factory roof collapsed and killed 1100 workers; Oh well there is plenty of employees.

Have you no shame? And you continue to buy this merchandise?


In 1953 we had the “Senator McCarthy investigations” about Communists in our entertainment industry;

now we need to investigate whom Obama is dealing with, we are in trouble America.


450 Mayors want to end our rights to own guns; makes it easier to subdue you.

New plans: Put down your guns and come out with your hands above your head.

New Taxes?      Fuel efficient cars?

I have a great idea, lets make Chicago part of the United States, with a government that is run by the citizens.


The powers that be: Have only one Quest: THE END OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

We now have a “Police State”. Our First Amendment, the right of Citizens to seek redress

of our complaints against our government, now cancelled.

Police order you to disperse; they Tear Gas citizens, demanding you forget the Bill of Rights.

If we do not stop this denial of our Rights we will see more of this police behavior, and worse,

they plan to (and are) turning off our Constitution AND Bill of Rights, I’ll stop this.

Our government has taken control of:

First our manufacturing base,

Then our agriculture base, what next?

The (San Joaquin Valley, CA) Bread Basket of America is in trouble, help!

The Growing Fields in Central California, are now dust bowls, the Feds turned off the

irrigation water, they say: To save a 3” Snail Darter fish in the Delta?

WHY ELSE? To destroy more of our food sources?

To Import foods from Africa or China?

Unemployed farm workers in Central California given Carrots “from China” at the food banks for the poor.

Do you want American foods, and our farms shut down?

Try this link for the 60 Minutes broadcast on Dec 27, 2009

to hear the California governor explain how the Feds turned off the water, and do not care.

Many orchards in California will be “are being” destroyed if they do not get water.

CBS “60 Minutes” revelation; Governor Schwarzenegger discusses the Federal blockade of Water for our farmers,

(this takes a bit of time to download, but worth every second for you to hear the audio of this situation).

Can the food stocked in your home be confiscated? “YES,” Read how!

You must know that our government using Martial Law can confiscate all the food in

your home for the needs of the community. Resist and you’ll be shot.

Will you submit, when our nation is controlled by the military Martial Law?

Our government is planning to control all the farming in our nation!

In 1943 a farmer was told he could only plant 24 acres of Wheat, he planted 25 acres,

so our government demanded he destroy the yield from the 25th acre.

So: More imported foods from Peru, Mexico or China? Or starvation?


Department of Homeland Security says: Patriots are a threat to our government.

Patriots must be eliminated, we might cause trouble.

What are your children being indoctrinated with in your local schools?

In 1936: We children were being taught in the schools in Detroit that joining the Workers

(Communist Party) was the best thing for America. Our parents didn’t.

We were also being taught the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,

only I did not see our Rights being honored,

I saw our Rights denied, and when I questioned that fact

I was told, our Government knows best, and we will obey our Government, or else.

NONE” of our elected officials, take an oath “Swearing to uphold the Bill of Rights”

is that OK with you?

Have you surrendered already? Or don’t you care? That’s sad.

Have you ever thought about the “Swearing in” ceremony, when the candidate:

Swears to protect our nation from all enemies, foreign and “DOMESTIC”

WHAT DOMESTIC enemies?: “The FBI”, “The ATF”, “The Congress, The Senate and The Supreme Court”?



Oh Yeah! October 2009, Medical Care bill passed by Congress!

Either you buy insurance or Do not pass GO; or “you will go to jail”!

How do you do that, when you are unemployed?

I’m sure you can’t wait to have your medical records online for all to search.

Just wait until your employer, or prospective employer at the hamburger stand

wants to see your medical records, “or no job”!

Won’t that be great? The employer then checks your Credit Score, too low?

OH! You may embezzle from the cash register, so no job.

And you just loved Obama?

Sure you did!

“Wait!” do you hear bells ringing?

No? All you can hear are cash registers ringing up the taxes,

Yeah! that’s how it goes.

Remember those promises about your SS number, would only be used for SS purposes,

and “never ever” as a means of identification?

Either you submit for Flu shots, or you go to jail? (in Mass. already), more to come.

Don’t you just love your government, promise after promise reneged, and you still trust your government?

Hey I still have a Bridge for sale in Brooklyn, no cash offers refused, send “cash only” to Don Cordell,

I promise I won’t tell anyone you bought the bridge.

I can keep secrets if you can. I’ll even let you paint your name on the bridge (late at night).

Have fun, but hurry, this offer is available only on a limited time basis, expires in 2050.