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Begin: Why did you elect Bush instead of Al Gore in 2000, if you wanted to protect America?

You elected a Republican, because you didn’t have any confidence in another Democrat,

 and now you’re complaining?


Actually you elected Al Gore by popular vote,

but the Supreme Court elected George Bush, after the fraud in Florida.

Bush’s grandfather Preston Bush,

was a financial compatriot of Hitler in the 1920’s before WW II started.

Now our government is still planning to unify all nations in to ONE,

just like Hitler tried to do. But again in 2004 you didn’t elect John Kerry, why?


Are we still controlling Germany,

or have we given Germany back to Germans, war over?

I wonder if Germany would have given our nation Freedom,

50 years after WW II if they had conquered us?

Our soldiers, your husbands and sons, died for what?

Remember ”D Day”? June 6th 1944, when 50,000 soldiers died on that one day to rescue Europe?


We experienced massive Voter Fraud registrations, by a company called ACORN.

That company complains that government wants to keep poor people down.

NO! That is not what is happening, OK! If you are poor, “you can still vote”,

if you get off of your behind, register, and VOTE.

Laziness is not an excuse.

But know what you are voting for.

One voting location in Ohio, had about 675 registered Voters,

but there were over 4600 votes for Bush. HOW? FRAUD.


But to a degree, if you are poor, you don’t get a 5 or 6% loan,

you get an 8 to 10% loan, which makes payments even higher,

leading you to more likely fail to make your payments.


My plan is to have the FHA offer 6% loans to “all” homebuyers;

solves that problem.

So join me, so we can level the ability of all Americans to buy homes.

I would invest Social Security Trust Funds (those funds Congress already spent)

but the new excess funds we collect will finance home loans

up to $200,000 @ 6%, to assist modest Americans to afford a basic home.

We need to build homes that modest families can afford,

3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 to 1800 Sq Ft. with at least R 30 insulation.

We have so much substandard housing in America,

and poor people live in this housing. How do you exist?


It was reported that Obama gave $800,000 to ACORN

to help get citizens registered to vote.

When so many Americans make only lower Middle Class incomes,

acquiring a 20% down payment to buy a home, is nearly impossible,

I still believe in "NO Down" home sales, as the other fee’s

to buy a home are already a struggle for many Americans.


I hear people “complaining” that “they are responsible”,

so why should we be helping those irresponsible homebuyers who are now in default?


I wonder how many of those “complainers” would be asking for help

6 months after they were laid off from their jobs,

jobs many have been employed at for 10 to 20 years.

It’s OK to be so smug, when it’s not happening to you. But you may be next.

It happened in Flint, MI, it can happen to you too.


This depression will continue to snowball,

and shut down some of the best businesses.

Remember! Sears; Sears is no longer owned by Sears.

How did that happen?

A major American retail store over 100 years old,

Montgomery Ward's gone,

I can name hundreds of businesses gone the last 10 years.

 Why? Where is Western Auto?,

Sunbeam moved to  Mexico, and many other companies,

they didn’t take you with them?


You’ll keep complaining, as a Democrat was elected this time around.


Now I already had that, as MY PLAN, before Obama started offering this plan,

but he must be reading my platform, because day after day,

I see them discovering what I already knew we have to do, to save this nation.

Will they implement all of my policies?

I doubt it, and I don’t believe them, after all they are Democrats,

who you can’t believe: Yes, they lie.


Now is the time to wise up. You have come to the right site,

to learn about what is happening to our nation,

and what we must do to save this nation.

We know what worked for our nation, why are we in this trouble? Jobs, loss of jobs,

loss of millions of jobs. While those jobs left America, to assist Globalization of the world.

There are powers that believe America must step down, and let the rest of the world takeover.

I won’t let this happen if I’m your President.


I want our nation to return the standards of Industry that made this nation great.


I’m the only candidate that has this plan; everyone else believes

we must continue with Globalization.


Are you planning to move to another nation to find jobs?


Let’s restore the American lifestyle.

Did you asked Obama what he plans to do about Globalization?

He won’t even discuss this problem,

they want “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”,

well are you out of your mind?

Did you help elect Obama?


This is not going to be a magical moment of recovery,

but we will have to tighten our belts for a bit,

 get manufacturing returned to our nation,

reduce the inventory of foreign products in our stores,

and start Americans back to work on producing for Americans.


To counter the discussion about job losses,

they brag that 450,000 new jobs have been established in 2007,

maybe so, but at what salary?

I’m sorry but replacing a $25/hr job

with a $10/hr jobs does not recover our economy.


Are you one of those downsized Americans who couldn’t pay your mortgage

and lost your home of many years?

I’m here for YOU. I watched the reporting of a single lady

who had illnesses over a one-year period,

she worked hard as truck driver, but with that she just couldn’t save her home,

no sympathy for her, just out in the cold,

those are going to happen,

 and we can’t save everyone, sometimes life is hard.

She was not in an expensive home,

I believe it was $180,000, which in many areas, is an inexpensive home.

I wonder where that single lady lives now, and how does she live?


We will try to give some financial aid to restore manufacturing

to those companies that have shipped all production out of our nation

or to restart manufacturing here again.


I will reduce all Federal spending on PORK,

taking care of only the essential needs of our Military

and security of our borders, until our economy is recovered.


I want those employees working in “all” foreign owned manufacturing plants

to have an equal pay scale, to equalize manufacturing costs with American brands of products.

I want the profit made by foreign car manufactures in the USA,

to stay in the USA, and not sent back to Japan, Germany, Korea, etc.

I want all materials for those auto’s to be made in the USA, not Mexico, or wherever.

I’m tired of seeing, Assembled in the USA.

Or more likely, Assembled in Mexico.


I want foreign manufactures to have the same environmental control requirements

in those manufacturing facilities, as we demand they meet in America,

or they can’t import their products in to our nation.

I want the same employment restrictions, age, etc as we have in the United States,

“no child labor” to cut costs.

We have to equalize costs of manufacturing to level the playing field.

Any company found not meeting these requirements

would be blocked from being able to import any products

in to America for One Year, one year for each infraction.


I want to restore the manufacturing of electronic equipment in the USA.

We can do it America, if you join with me, to make it happen.

I want our clothing tags to say, Made in the USA by Union Workers.

Remember those days? Let’s rescue our nation.

I want furniture, clothing, White goods, tools, light bulbs, and dishes,

all made in the USA, by Americans.

This is the United States, not the North American Union,

or a subsidiary of China, “YET”

Then you will have medical insurance again,

isn’t that what you want for Americans?


I am someone who understands manufacturing costs,

and business expenses, and know what we can do,

and must do, to restore our economy.

We must do this Now, not 10 years from now.


We must control the price of energy, to restore our ability to survive.

It may mean reducing driving to very essential needs for a bit.


Governor Palin of Alaska, makes sure she gets money from the Oil companies

and shares that with the citizens of Alaska,

because Oil is their natural resource.

Sounds great, except I thought Alaska was part of the United States,

and as such shouldn’t all American citizens get a payback from the Oil companies?

Isn’t Alaskan Oil part of the resources of America?

Or has Alaska seceded from the Union?


We must reduce some empty Airline flights to restore the profits in the Airline industry.

To fly a plane across our nation with only 40 or 50 passengers is ridiculous.


Read, Read, Read: Your life depends upon this information.

Read all of this presentation, and then decided if you need me.


Congress bails out Wall Street executives with $850 Billion of YOUR MONEY;

those who pay themselves millions a year.

Our nation, with over 15 million unemployed,

the Federal Government bankrupt to the tune of $52 Trillion.

Confirms: Our Nation is broke, our States are broke, our Counties are broke,

our Cities are broke, and our Citizens are broke.


Did you honestly think Obama was going to rescue us? Why?

Are you broke? Not yet? Just wait your time is coming.

Are you still filling your gas tank, or just topping it up a little at a time?




It’s the PLAN, No more Middle Class American jobs, why?

It’s simple.


American jobs gone


Do you want “Change you can believe in”,

or do you have the Courage to stop the way our economy is going,

and help me return our jobs to the United States?

If you don’t have a job, how are you going to recover?

Just call Congress and tell them you need Rescue,

they will be right at your door, (in 100 years) to help you. Ha Ha.

Maybe they will even send you on a vacation party, to celebrate your recovery.


What are we going to do? If you elect me, I’ll turn this nation around to recovery.

We are being told: We must step back now and let the rest of the world advance,

and it’s happening. Stop American productions, move all jobs to other nations.

Stop America? Bull hockey. We have been too successful; will you surrender?

I won’t surrender; I’m fighting for your future. Join me.


I’ll tell you what I’m doing; I was running for President

to stop the final collapse of our nation.

I want you to know why I was running for President, and why you still need me.


If you had written in “Don Cordell for President” on your ballot,

that would have shown our government, that citizens can still run this nation.

(I wanted Ron Paul for my Vice President, but he believes we should not worry if Iran gets Atom bombs, I worry,

so I’ve carefully selected my vice President, I want Jesse Ventura as my Vice President.

I want David E. Kendall an Attorney in Washington DC, a real Americans I am proud of, for my Attorney General).


Or do you want the “Electoral College” to elect our Presidents?

They do you know,

“You did not actually elect the President”,

the Electoral College does. (in Dec.)

Unless you write in the name of whom you want for President,

only then can you actually elect any President.

UNLESS” you “Write In” enough votes to beat the Party Choices.


You should have researched all the candidates before you elect anyone last November.


See Item #13, in my Menu about the election rules.

Do you want the Supreme Court to decide who is our next president

as they did in 2000?

Do you want to elect the next President,

or have the Electoral College elect our President?

Remember what the state of Florida did, in 2000,

where at least 50,000 African Americans were bounced from the voter rolls,

and not aware of this until Election Day.

How much of this treason goes on in the African American community on Election Day?

Lets elect the President our selves.


African Americans: I want you to realize, they want to give Aliens Amnesty again.

So they can do the jobs; that even “YOU” won’t do.

(What is the rate of unemployment in your communities?)

Not me, Illegal Aliens will be gone in 30 days.

Congress decided that low income Americans don’t deserve home loans,

unless you pay at least 10% interest, since you are not reliable.

How many foreclosures; are homes of African Americans?

You got a home loan, now you are out of work, why?

Because you don’t deserve to own a home, but those on Wall Street

pay themselves $20 Million/yr. All of us pay Congress $14,600/mo.


Members of Congress can afford to pay cash for a home.


We have to make sure people in foreign countries have jobs.

So they are doing the Jobs Americans no longer want to do.

How many or you have a retirement plan that pays millions?

If you are a young African American;

there probably won’t be any Social Security for you when you retire.


See more in My Menu # 51 about Golden Parachutes (executives retiring) or Return to Beginning


Now the serious part, we have to weigh and balance what Americans need.

Do you want “Cradle to grave” care, in exchange for Freedom to do what you want?

Do you want Socialism, or Communism? Do you want a government that supplies where you will work, supplies you with a project apartment in which to live; complete medical care they believe you deserve, and not more than you deserve, to decide what you will have as possessions, income that just supplies the basic needs to exist?

NO private ownership of anything. How much Freedom do you want to give up?

If so, you don’t deserve any Freedom.


I didn’t think so, With Freedom to excel, you have to make choices, sure you have face uncertainties, but the freedom to live where you want, how you want, and of course in our system, you only have “what you work for”. That has been the American way. BUT, that means having a government that supports the American way, and we do not have that now.


I would protect that American Way of life for you, so that you have an opportunity for those jobs, to earn a Middle Class income, if you are willing to work for it, not Welfare.


We have a government that has decided that we must now join the World Market, that we must stop hiring Americans for jobs, we must send jobs to other nations, that are not free nations, nations that are run by dictators, to give their citizens jobs at way below what even minimum wage pays in our nation. A worker in China, working for a Walmart manufacturer, earns $3/day, works 8 AM to 6 PM, and if ever questioned by any investigator is told they must lie about working conditions or they will lose their jobs, with no chance of rehire.


We decided that for our nation, the children had to have an education, so they will have the ability to get a job. Now today’s children need more than a real High School education for advanced jobs. I want all children to get at least a Jr. College education.


The millions of jobs for factory workers has been exported, those jobs that for generations supported the American way. I want to return those jobs to our nation. Do you want that? Elect me.


Explain to me, how our schools have graduated students that do not know how to read! Affirmative action?


My first action right after the inauguration, would be to send ships back to China, Obama did not do that?


I’m giving you the truth about the treason facing our nation; so please study this, this next year the entire future of our nation is about to end, if you do not know what other candidates are planning to do. There are many problems facing our nation.


Other candidates have a fixed website, my website is updated daily with the latest changes, and warnings as to what is happening that will affect you, as the result of the election in November.


In the 1960’s our young citizens, believed they had no future, and turned to living as hippies, they figured that the Bomb would wipe out civilization, so live it up now, free love, drugs, anything to hide the fear, that life would soon end. They didn’t see that they had any future. Vietnam war, for nothing, but that ended, and life went on.


Now our children are seeing the same thing, adults losing jobs, the loss of homes, and only minimum wages, that don’t support a family, make our young people wonder “why even try”.


Gangs controlling many areas of our cities, out of control drugs all over our nation, what is going wrong in America? We have to stop this planned destruction of our nation. Dumbed down education, employers claim they have to hire foreign H-1b Visa employees, because they can’t find Americans with the skills they need. WHY?


Why has the CIA been importing drugs, Border Guards fired for finding drugs?


Now the Banks are crashing! You’re bank deposit is insured? Sure it is! Until our government claims they have no more cash to do this. When Social Security tells us they do not have any more money, then what? $850 Billion to bail out Wall Street, and you won’t get a dime for help, this is happening right now in our nation.

I’ve been warning citizens for the last 20 years about this happening, and here we are!


Read on. I want our schools to train students to fulfill today’s jobs. I want to see our schools teaching “job skills” again, advanced Job skills, for today’s jobs. I want Free Adult education classes available to retrain those Americans who did not get this education in our present school system. I want Americans educated, so Americans can earn a living wage.


Wall Street Bailout? (renamed Rescue), means Congress needs campaign funds for the next election.

The term Bailout sort of made you think of your financial status, so to make it seem more palatable they decided to call it Rescue, certainly “you” do not need to be rescued, or do you? Now they are telling us; “That we must let these CEO’s earn “take” $20 million a year incomes, to get the best”. If this is the best we can get for $20 Million, we are in trouble, but you knew that, didn’t you? Or they want us to pay them to quit, just $20 to $60 million to quit. Now evaluate how many employees are we talking about, in those companies Vs: say, saving a manufacturing plant that hires 30,000 employees. Money talks, especially in Washington DC. Unfortunately the only thing money says to you is “Goodbye”. So now they are telling you, you can get loans that you need. Great! Now all you need are jobs so you can pay a loan. Congress and the Senate are telling you it is not the fault of the Mortgage companies, it’s your fault that you bought homes you couldn’t afford, (after they raised your interest rates from 6% to as high as 14%). Why can’t you afford these homes now, you could when you bought it (@ 6%), but YOU have been laid off, you don’t have your Middle Class income anymore, whose fault is that? Congress?


At least our elected officials are pretending to listen to you now, yet they still passed that bill to bail out the very rich of rich. Who is doing this to our nation? Congress, and our Senate, and our Presidents who have begged other nations to do the manufacturing that we were doing in America. They have sold you out. You’ve been screwed, and there is more to come. They are not done with you yet. Manufacturing that Americans won’t do anymore.


Congress and the Senate; “Did this to you on Oct 3, 2008”, your investments may crash. We are only talking about the Home Mortgage Business, but they claim all business will fail, if we cut the pay of the rich.

YOUR pay has been cut, your jobs have left our nation; we are, or at least are continuing to downsize the Middle Class in this nation.

Did you actually go vote for them last November? Is your employer having financial problems? Is your job in danger of ending at anytime?

I worked for a business in 1961 that called us in, just before lunchtime on a Friday, to tell us to get our toolboxes, and turn in any company tools, as we were laid off. No warning, just “Thank you”, and we will escort you to the door.

Are you next? Where is the government going to get $850 Billion? From YOU?


What is the solution for our nation???????? JOBS; more JOBS; and more JOBS.

We need Middle Class jobs NOW, starting in 2020 right here in America.

Trump wants to retrain you, so you know how to use a floor waxer?

Or make Fries to go with those Hamburgers?

Low level minimum wage jobs, nothing Too Good for you.


NO Bailout for you? They told you, when you were losing your home to foreclosure,

that you made mistakes and must live with it.

Now Wall Street Millionaires can live with it, and our Congress right along with them.

Reminder, you pay Congress $14,600/mo to do this.

I wonder if any member of Congress has mortgage problems?


Many homeowners fail to make home payments, because:

 “They are out of work”, out of Middle Class jobs.

There have been 800,000 jobs lost from Feb 2008 to July 08,

80,000 jobs lost just in the month of August 2008,

we can’t continue this failure of our nation, or we are destroyed.

10’s of Millions out of work in our nation, while China hires 10’s of Millions

to work in their factories to make products for sale in our stores.


When we are told, there is 10% unemployment; they are doing the math, not you.

Out of our 310 million citizens, how many are we comparing versus employable citizens?

There are probably 100 million employable citizens.

So I’m not counting the children, or elderly retired population.

How many are unemployable single parent households, living on Welfare,

or the disabled no longer able to work.

That brings our unemployed percentage to a more probable 20%.

One out of 5 Americans out of work.

80,000 jobs lost in August 08, The Labor Dept. now reports that

Sept. 08 159,000 more people were laid off from jobs.

November 08, 533,000 laid off

December 08, 424,000 laid off

Over 30 Million right now out of work, or working some minimal part time work,

maybe even mowing lawns in your community to survive.

Doesn’t that make you feel like our nation is in recovery?

If you are still working thank your lucky stars.

After January 2020, let’s see who else is going to downsize.

How do you watch the inauguration of our next president when you are homeless?

The TV stores don’t have TV sets operating in the store windows anymore.

I wonder how many of those 20 Million people

won’t be able to pay rent or mortgages next month. And you elected WHOM?


On the news 1 Oct, 08 it was reported that 12,000 Foreclosures a day are occurring. That is disgraceful, by Oct 30th foreclosures were reduced to 2700 a day. Remember in Jan 06 when Ford, Chrysler, and GM each claimed they were eliminating 30,000 jobs. Those 90,000 Americans out of work while these manufactures were building new plants in Mexico. The fallout of other parts suppliers to these companies adds at least another 900,000 jobs. Wonder why we have Foreclosures, Obama is all for this. DO YOU want them running our nation? At least Ford created New Jobs; unfortunately the Jobs were in Mexico, where they claim they’ve built 6 new plants.


I grew up in Detroit from 1935 to 1944; I knew how the auto industry worked, many sub-suppliers, everywhere in town. Now Detroit has been turned off, destroyed, factories gone, economy gone, soon our nation gone. You have to visit the cities where factories have closed, the destruction of the entire economy of the city. Michael Moore’s book “Downsize This” about the destruction of Flint, Michigan when General Motors closed the Buick plant is an example. Where do they build Buicks now?


In one of the books I listed under “Books”, is “America, What went Wrong” about the very rich who buy business’s, bleed the resources of the company, and then lay off everyone, close the business, and head to the bank. Enriched beyond our wildest nightmares. Absolutely NO concern about the employees laid off, or the destruction to the towns that they do not live in. In this book it discussed the end of a company in Wisconsin that published court legal decision books, and how they ripped off all their assets. That was the start of my knowing “I have to try to do something”. I can’t just sit back and say, “Let someone else do this”, because no one else is doing anything.



Obama, thinks he just invented this solution, he raised the FDIC amount to $250,000, but: While $100,000 insurance by the FDIC may have seemed like a lot in 1970, now it’s not a large sum, but we’ve had 1600% to 2500% inflation. So if I’m elected, I’m going to raise FDIC to $1 Million/per depositor account, more so for business accounts, based upon their payroll and business needs, as protection from Bank Failures.

That $250,000 insurance on your account ends on Jan 1, 2010.


Where will we get that kind of money? Well we just “Print more”, we no longer have to give you anything of real value for your paper money. They are even looking for cheaper ways to produce our coins; after all, it costs the government 2 cents to make our 25cent coin, maybe we can make then thinner. “Has-been” nations even make coins out of aluminum. In 1964 our government said we do not need anything of real value to support our paper money, just “trust in your government”.

We might as well print the money on toilet paper, that’s about what it's worth. That’s what Bush did to our Constitution, converted it to toilet paper, to wipe his ass.


Copper plated Zinc Cent coins, older coins now worth 1.2 cents for metal value. Lets reduce the size of our paper money to represent it’s real value. $1 bills 1” X 2”, $5 bills 1.5” X 3”, $10 Bills 2” X 4”, $20 bills 2.5” X 4.5” $50 bills and $100 bills 3” X 6”. That would save on paper and printing ink. We could save even more, make all of our coins out of Aluminum, anodized for long life. Of course our coins would be Black, maybe we can have them Gold Anodized, wouldn’t that be pretty.


Now we have had at least 1600% inflation since 1964. And do you still trust our government?

Sorry, I’m all out of trust.


In 1970 a 2400 sq, ft. home in Los Angeles sold for $20,000, now that same home even in 2018 market, would have sold for $250,000 (now 2019 at $480,000). That was over 1250% increase in inflation. How can we afford this you ask?


We have to make some revisions, to return our nation to the stability we use to have prior to 1980. Reagan, Clinton, and Bush have allowed and encouraged businesses to leave our nation to help Globalization, as they have to deliver us to the “One World Government”.

They have preached this is the only solution for the whole world. Bring the United States down to Third World Status, and put us under Martial Law with United Nations Troops on our streets.

I don’t give a damn about the rest of the World; I care about our nation, and you.


This recent election was about the total future of our nation, this has never been more important than it is now. As you have elected Obama you can kiss the United States of America goodbye. He will continue to destroy our nation, to join us with the New World Order. Believe ME.


OK let’s get serious here and now. You have elected Republicans, and you have elected Democrats, and now you still elected “One” of these parties again? What are you expecting? It’s the party that runs things, that’s why we call them, THE PARTY. Do you want to continue the PARTY, or are you Partied out?


As I’ve said: It’s time to get down to business, we have a Challenge; can we meet the Challenge to save America? The Democrats and Republicans have put our nation in trouble, they just didn’t expect this financial breakdown to occur until after the election. Clinton sold American secrets to the Chinese, Clinton and Bush have been courting the Chinese to manufacture goods and ship them to the United States, so we can build up Communist China, and destroy the economy of our nation. And still you elected a Democrat? Why?


This is like videotaping a ball game where your team loses, and you hope the next time you play the tape that your team wins, cause and effect. Don’t you ever learn? This is totally serious now, this is not a game; this is our future. It’s all up to you; this is the last chance you have. When you keep doing the same thing, and expect the end result to be different, you have a mental problem.

You had better be paying attention; this is your final chance to save our nation.


Sept. 08: President Bush finally confessed that our nation is in trouble of total collapse, he talked around the actual truth, to keep from scaring you, but this is scary, and our nation is near total financial collapse, worse than 1929 could have ever envisioned. WHY? “Our factories have closed and left our nation, how do we start them up again”? There is very little restoring our production, but we must do this. I’ve known we were in trouble, didn’t you? What took Bush so long to realize our problem? I can name hundreds of American brand names that are gone, replaced by “Made in China”; do you want to continue this? The last Maytag washing machines (a disaster) were made in Korea.


Let's make a deal, elect me, and I’ll protect you. I will restore our nation for YOU.

So Bush wants to bail out the Investment companies with about $700 Billion, and not a penny for you, are you allergic to sugar? Now Congress wants to sweeten this Bailout with another $150 billion of added Pork. That’s what I call Guts. $850 Billion down the drain, a gift from you, you taxpayers, you’re all heart. Do you understand money? Do you realize that 150 billion is 150,000 Millions? That our so-called National Debt is $22.3 Trillion, that is 22.3 Million Millions. $22,300,000,000,000.00. When we are talking money, you need to see those Zero’s in real time. That would be a stack of Million Dollar bills, 6847.5’ high, or a stack of $100 bills, 8’ high by 8’ wide by 840’ long.


Do you think Congress is going to bail you out?

You have been drinking too much! It’s time for sober reality.

I’m sober, always have been.


You (your government) are bailing out the Investment Company with your taxes (money), which of course we are going to have to do this, or our banks may totally close. Your bank may fail, and you know if you are failing the bank will be here to bail you out! Are you crazy? Keep on believing Fairy Tales it keeps you from crying, bite that lip and keep believing the Republicans and Democrats are here to help us. Jobs are available, however those jobs are in China.

This is serious, and only going to get worse, but all of us are in this completely, and we are all about to crash.

This has gone on for too long, can we save our nation now? I hope so.


So now is the time for Congress to tell us “we have to join the New World Order”, in order to survive. Are you ready for that? Merrill Lynch bank collapses, but the CEO, Stanley O’Neal quits with a $66 Million retirement package, Ken Thompson of Wachovia Bank system, ousted in June 08, with $5 million severance pay, then these banks, and Investment companies want we taxpayers to bail them out. See my Item # 51 about Golden Parachutes below. Stockholders of many companies are screwed out of their investment holdings, by so many executives; you get pennies on the dollar while they walk away with Millions. Enough? Congress promised us that none of the executives in the Bailout of Wall Street will not be allowed to earn more than $1 Million/year, but changed their minds and those executives can still set their own salaries. Isn’t that great, that Executives who have screwed us, will not have limited income. How can these important people make it on millions a year, just brings tears to your eyes to see them suffer. In (June 2009) the banks have given some employees 50% raises so they can keep the talent that brought them to this condition to begin with.


I want American made products in our stores and in your home. Government has Wined and Dined Globalization, as the future of the world, at the expense of the sovereignty of the United States of America. I’m tired of being told, we are a global economy now. We have to let foreign manufactures compete with Americans.


So this is what I’ve been trying to get across to you, that our nation is in trouble, and I know neither the Republicans or Democrats will restore our economy, they have been so involved in destroying our nation, they have no program to return manufacturing to our nation. I want you to have Middle Class Jobs.


Do you think Obama is going stop imports from China, to return manufacturing to America? Got Vodka? Getting drunk might help you understand this.

I understand: It’s screw the Americans, lets end the United States, and let the rest of the world arise.


When do you expect the government to bail you out of your financial mess? HA.

Do you actually think the government is going to save your mortgage? What kind of fools are you?


Over 30 million Americans out of work, and Welfare won’t pay your mortgage! Now what?

I do not want Illegal aliens taking your jobs, I do not want people in our nation that hate our nation and claim they are here to return our land to Mexico. I will stop all of this nonsense; I will protect our nation, and your future when and if you elect me.


It may take a year to restore jobs, but we must do this; or the Stock Market will collapse, and banks will close, and “all” of your jobs will end.


We have returned to 1929 in the extreme, because now we have outsourced our nation.

In 1929 we didn’t have foreign products to compete with American products in our stores, our factories were closed,

but not forgotten. Now the factories closed, and moved everything to Mexico. All the factories in Detroit have been destroyed, that is pitiful, I cry when I see what has happened to that wonderful city.


Now when we stop buying from foreign sources, those nations are going to crash, the whole world economy is going to crash, but better them than us. WE have to save our nation, NOW. The rest of the world will have to recover, on their own. Oil: for $20/barrel?


Our elected officials should be fired, and replaced with real Americans, the present bunch in Washington DC have been intent upon ending the United States of America.

We have been scammed, to raise the living standards of the world, at our expense; I won’t surrender, will you?



Let's see how Obama plans to increase JOBS; do they plan to stop imports from China, or export you to China? Ask him, watch him Waffle and Stutter, and double talk, but NO he will not do anything. Oh! They say Jobs, but what Jobs, how do they intend to do anything? Will they help business’s recover? We have to invest some money to get business back to America. Many industries have closed, and the factories either converted for other uses, or destroyed.


Obama’s offer of more Welfare, or Unemployment is not the answer. “JOBS” are the answer. Demand American manufacturing return to our nation. Stop the New World Order Globalization. Right now you are watching the world Stock Market downsize (crash), and this reminds me of an old radio show of the 1930’s Major Bowles, where they spun a wheel, round and round, and where it stops, nobody knows. When will this downturn end? We can’t afford to gamble. We must fix this problem now.

Globalization is following the crash of our Stock Market. Some nations are closing their Stock Market?


Black and Decker, return manufacturing to America.


Unemployment Insurance is a joke, that won’t pay your mortgage. You need the return of American Middle Class jobs, to pay your way, not bailout for a week. Who is going to pay the taxes to send you Welfare or Unemployment checks? Only you. It doesn’t work any other way, you pay while they play. Remember while you are unemployed and broke, you are not paying taxes to run the nation, who is? If you still have a job, you are going to pay MORE taxes, to make up those who can’t pay. Wake up America.


What have you been smoking to ease the pain? Not an alcoholic? Maybe you will be, so you won’t be so aware of this total destruction of our nation.

Or Sober up, and join ME to save this nation.


The very first thing we have to do, is return jobs to America, stop Imports and make our products in America with Americans on the job, Middle Class jobs. Cut the pay of all elected officials by at least 50% immediately.

We pay Congress and Senate $14,600/mo.

Let's see how dedicated our elected officials are when we cut their pay, if they jump ship its goodbye, good riddance. We have to cut Government spending, and do it NOW. I can just hear Congress and the Senate scream if we cut their pay, well it cost them a lot to live, too many American citizens don’t make $14,600 a year, and Congress doesn’t really care.

We are probably going to need enough money for Food Stamps this next year. We must feed America to sustain our health, until the new rulers take over our nation.


Let's find citizens that are really dedicated to serve our citizens in this nation.

Let's have a tax amnesty in 2016 to restore our economy. We must refinance our nation, to restore home ownership, and put food on your tables, gas in your tank, and some chance of restoring this nation to survive.


The way Congress tosses Billions around so easy, they must have an unlimited supply.

I am concerned about You, Your children, Your grandchildren, and that Your future descendants, having a future in America, the land of the Free, and home of the brave.


I want you to understand one basic point: What is the Government’s Money? Your money.


Just ask yourself, “Why has our government pushed Foreclosures” To move citizens out of homes? There is a reason, keep reading all of my website to see why we are losing our jobs, our homes and our nation. Our own government is trying to shut us down.

I want you to have Jobs, Homes, Family, and a Free Nation.


So to protect your investments, our government gives some of your taxes (or taxes you’re going to pay), to a company that you gave your money to as an investment! Confused? It was these companies that were issuing loans to home buyers, at say 6%, then after 2 years raised the interest rate to 8, 10, 12, 14 % interest, and laughed at you as they foreclosed on your home. We were somewhat stable in 2000, what happened starting in 2001? Outsourcing finally met a limit! Massive layoffs of American workers. Down with Middle Class: Up with treason against American citizens.

You are going to pay taxes to get back your invested money.

After all those executives of the Investment companies deserve $ Million incomes.


No Dictionary handy? Let me Explain: Bailout. That’s when the government takes money (your money, Billions) and gives it to Banks and Investment houses, to keep them from going bankrupt, ”BECAUSE” Of our government's policy of sending manufacturing out of the United States, to help other nations live better, while you are lose your job.


They’re giving Billions to help prevent bankruptcy of financial institutions, which had money that was invested by citizens, hoping for a return on these investments, and now value of those investments are in the tank. Do you think that Bailouts are going to stop the foreclosure of home loans, “of citizens out of work?” Of course not.

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Let me explain “Social Security” to you right now. Congress has spent our Social Security nest egg, and gave us “T” Bills to represent our future funding. T Bills are not money, they are IOU’s. You can’t spend IOU’s at the store. Now you will pay income taxes to refinance those T Bills, so Congress can put our money back in to Social Security for you, they really do not plan to replace that money. Gosh what don’t you understand? Congress used our Social Security funds to “Balance the Budget”, so we were not broke, don’t you understand now? YOU PAY. But they still claim Reagan balanced our budget, that others (YOU) have now put us in bankruptcy.


If you continue with Obama, this downturn will continue. It is the Parties Plans for this failure, to destroy the Security, and Sovereignty of our nation, to join us to first the North American Union, then the United Nations, New World Order.

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You do have another                                      


If you had the guts in November, “Now is the time to come to the aid of your nation”

to straighten out the problems in our nation.

Did you have the guts to elect an Independent Candidate to preserve our nation?


Video revelations: X


I’m a Very Conservative Candidate, brought on by being older. Why? Well as you get older you realize that some of your youthful enthusiasm for change, left a lot to be desired,

Hey! Some of the old folks just don’t understand, we are going to change the world with our new idea’s. Yeah, sure, some ideas that on the surface seemed good or even great, but as time went on, maybe not so good, sure you meant well. I may be 85, but I’m very very healthy and I’m still going to be here for another 20 years. We have Senators and Congress members still active in their 80’s, shall we demand they quit? Well some of them, YES. Am I too old to save America? Citizens are never too old to save our nation. We have many young people in this nation that do not care if we survive, they feel no reason to honor the nation that use to have the most hope for all the world, now that is down the drain,

As you get older you know what works best for a nation to survive.

We must do something to survive, or we will surrender to the United Nations.


We are at that point now; the youth (all of you under 65) must let Experience lead the way, or you will lose this nation. This is no time to experiment, our nation is failing fast, I only hope we can recover before most of the citizens are unemployed, as happened in the 1930’s. Once we have lost our sovereignty, we will never recover our Freedoms.


Remember in the 60’s, when hippies thought they had no future, so they found The Way! With communal living, free love, and drugs; but experiences led those young people to finally realize, that commitment, one partner, family, home, and jobs; was the real American life style that led to satisfaction.


That was not the way, now if we are to have a future, it is time to go back to those standards that give us a secure home, family, job, and commitment; are you ready to commit for a secure future, to restore those values that have led this nation to be the greatest place to live? I’m sorry our youth of that era felt they had no future. Now again, we are faced with “Do we have a future?”


Do you want to Chance, “Change you can believe in”?

We’ve had enough Change; let’s return to what we know works; Jobs, Homes, and Family.



I retired in Dec 1992 @ age 66: So why should I bother running for President now? BECAUSE: No one else is going to save this nation; we have traitors in our government who plan to continue to destroy our sovereignty. I’ve looked at the websites of “every” candidate, and not one remarks that the loss of JOBS are causing all this failure, not one claims they will stop imports from China.


I could just commit to Change until my life ends, but I won’t,

“Not while I’m alive, if I can help it”.  I’ll lead the way; follow me.

Why do you think we have so many imports? How many unemployed have no

Computers, to get my message, please tell them, I will return jobs.

Why have our borders: not been secured?

Why are we friends with: Communist Red China?

For years we have boycotted Cuba, because they were Communists, now China?

Look at the many details I have for you in this website.

I’m doing this for you.  I could just sit back and watch America fail.


I’m the kind of,

“Roll up your sleeves, and get to work to solve problems”: type-of-guy. Let's get back to work, to make America Work.

I want our factories to reopen and see “Made in the USA” on everything in our stores. Our government wanted all of you to buy new TV sets before Feb 20, 09,

TV sets made everywhere except in America, or you will not be able to see any more TV news or entertainment. I do not believe our citizens can afford to make the change to Digital wide screen TV’s right now. After the final turn off of NTSC television on June 10th 2009, there are millions in America who no longer get any TV reception. Oh well that’s only the poor, who do not need access to information about their government, or daily news that affects their lives. The poor need to be kept in the dark anyway.


First right off the top: No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Stop the invasion.

“Obama promises Amnesty for all Illegal Aliens.

I’ll protect our borders, no sanctuary in America. Jobs for Americans only.



You don’t want to believe this treason, but it’s Heeerrreee.



WHY did our government cancel your right to Habeas Corpus in 2006? That’s, “Your Right to face your accusers in a court of law”, “your right to a trial” to see if you are guilty! (Go to see Denver police). The 6th Amendment of our Bill of Rights cancelled while you try to demand your 1st Amendment rights of Free speech.

What do you think they’d do if you demanded your 2nd Amendment rights to own and carry a gun?


What do you actually know about Obama’s intentions to run this nation?

You don’t know much; all you’re getting now is Glitter, not facts. You’ll be sorry.


Obama? All you hear is: “It’s time for Change you can believe in”.

Change comes in two styles, Positive and Negative.

Totalitarianism is Change,

Poverty is a Change,

Kill the Bill of Rights is a Change,

Martial Law is a Change!

Do you really want Changes when you don’t know if they are Positive or Negative?

When the candidate won’t tell you what Changes, do not get carried away with his mantra, that you need him to give you Change.


Do you ever read the label of contents when you buy products? Make sure you know what you’ve bought last November, don’t buy a “Pig in a Poke” (with lip stick) read carefully for all the unwanted ingredients in Obama’ package of Change.

Only “I believe his bag is empty”, empty Rhetoric, just Chanted to make you believe he is the magic solution for our nation. Don’t be blinded by empty Chants, look for real promises, for real action, by a real American who believes in YOU.


He slipped recently (2007), and remarked he was a Muslim. Are you ready for a Muslim led Fascist government? Why are so many Muslims migrating all over Europe, demanding Islamic law enforcement? How many Americans are Muslims?


After, we are no longer a Free Nation, whom will you complain to? If African Americans vote for Obama, are they racists? If we do not vote for Obama because of his skin color are we racists? That name-calling goes two ways. I don’t care what race Obama is; I care about the future of our nation, do you?

The most sickening thing I know about Obama is that he believes it’s OK to bash in the skull of an infant just before birth, to kill that baby, called “Partial Birth Abortion”.

How sick is that? You have only one choice, Don Cordell. Return to NOW


McCain? All you really knew was that he was a Prisoner of War, so was he qualified to “Lead our nation”? Courageous? Yes! So: Why did he choose a Woman as his running mate?

Well, he was struggling to have something to offer you, since he was not much to vote for.

The selection of Governor Palin was strictly a political ploy, to entice women to vote for their package of sexism.

She does not seem to be any prize either. Study her performance in Alaska, as mayor of a small city now $26 million in debt because of her leadership.

Mayor of a town of about 6000, with that kind of debt. Check out what she would offer our nation if she actually became President. McCain has been in Washington for 26 years, what has he done, other than collect a monthly check? Check “Keating Five”


Was that enough for you to gamble our future? The Republicans and Democrats have failed us. They have destroyed our economy the last 60 years, both parties have been in power in the Presidential office, Congress and the Senate. They have put us in this situation. STOP THIS FROM CONTINUING.


It’s time for a “Hand Up”, to help our citizens to rise to their potential, not a “Hand Out”.


Welfare will not lead our nation to recovery. The ONE Check we got this summer; did not restore jobs. Have you been able to recover your mortgage with ONE check? Lets restore our economy, with jobs, and a secure border, and return American to prosperity.


I’m hoping to show you the Conspiracies that are about to destroy our security, our sovereignty, our future, our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.



Let me tell you what I was gonna do, if I was elected as your President.

Our nation has been going in the wrong direction the last 60 years;

We must “back up” and return jobs to our nation. This is what I’ll work on.

I would: Stop the Globalization; that sends our manufactures out of this nation.


There is a lot really happening in our nation that is critical, please bear with me and study my website in detail because WE have to do something before our nation hits rock bottom. We have a job to do, to save this nation, join with me.

I cover a lot about this and many other subjects in my messages to you.


How many homes do I own? 1-with a huge mortgage, like many Americans?

My home was paid off when I retired, but a family member caused me huge financial loss. Because when I called the police for help, I was ignored. Men are not protected against spousal or senior abuse.

How many homes does McCain own? 7

How many homes does Obama own? 1 @ ($1,500,000)

We pay each member of Congress and the Senate “$14,600/month”

Does the cost of Homes, and/or $4.00 ($10.)/gallon gas, affect them?

Does it affect YOU? “What are YOU going to do about this”? ( ---- or    get off the pot)

We have to do something. Are you hurting financially now? It will get worse, before it could ever get better with Obama.

Obama has a Jet to fly around the nation? Do you? Remember conserve fuel, when you drive to work or the grocery, you could have walked.

Can Obama relate to our struggle with the failing economy?

Of course not: Why don’t we quit whining?


You elected Democrap, so our nation will continue to downslide in to oblivion.


CONSPIRACY THEORY! Keep reading I’ll convince you.

Originally this web page was all one file (189 pages): Because; I wanted you to read and study every bit of my presentation. I split this in to many files now “Indexed”, so it will load faster, because every single word is important. Why do I bother? Because; I love this nation, and while I will not be here 30 or 40 years from now, many of you may be here. I care, do you? I know there is a lot for you to read, you do still read, don’t you? Your total future hangs on this coming election.


Since 1776, many patriots fought and died to give us these Freedoms, will you just surrender without a fight?


If you do not want to spend the time to read every bit of each page, then you do not understand just how seriously we are being destroyed by conspiracy against The United States of America. Are you out of work, or underemployed, why?


I have researched many things that are happening in our government, looking at past history, that our schools have not taught our children.

Do yourself a favor, and study this election carefully, it affects you.

How could I believe such things? Can you spare one day to learn about this?

Well! As Americans you have a duty to know the truth, and you must be aware of what is happening in America, because it leads to the ending of the United States of America.

Instead of complaining, do something to make this the nation you can be proud of.


Join ME, if not me, there are other Independent Candidates, but they are Liberals, and not one of them, (except Ron Paul [R]) are exposing these conspiracies to you, that are happening to our nation. I want you to investigate what I’m telling you, investigate on your own, so you will see what has happened, and what is planned to happen to you.

Analyze what has put our nation in this financial bind; open your eyes and mind.


I’m not asking much of you, I am concerned about the future for you.

If you don’t believe conspiracy, then start with my revelation about

JFK Murder X, then about the attempted murder of President Reagan X.


I was born in 1927, I’ve reviewed and experienced a lot of history, and IF you read every bit of this website, you would not have elected any Republican or Democrat last November. I am related to 24 American Presidents, including the Bush’s.

It is time for me to do my duty to this country, and serve your needs.


You must take “make” time to know the truth?

It’s your country; do you love it? Do you want to preserve our way of life, or just surrender to the New World Order? Because that’s what is coming, if you don’t stop this now.  Our government is lying to us, and selling us out.

They don’t give a damn about you. It’s all big money. Do you have big Money?


Do you want the Stars and Stripes flying over our Nation?

or a White Flag of surrender?


This almost pales in comparison but also affects your living quality. Check this.

(Want Regular Gas $1.29 gal?) (You can buy Gas for 18¢/gal? for real!)

Do you want Gas for $10/gal? Or Rationing? If not, you should have elected Don Cordell for your President Nov. 2008

Check out my plan, some rationing, some expensive gas, some at $1.29/gal.

*I am really concerned about the 30% of Americans that are already broke, and unable to pay all their bills each month. What is going to happen to them this coming winter, when they can’t afford to heat their apartment, or homes, or buy  food to feed themselves, or their families?


How many poor citizens/families are actually going to die from cold/exposure, or lack of good food this

coming winter, or the winter of 2014, trying to survive with this loss of jobs and inflation?

The Republicans and Democrats do not, and will not care.

We are paying them enough that they don’t have to care.


Inflation is killing the poor in our nation.

Wheat last year $7/bushel: this year $27 bushel: ready for Bread $10 loaf?

Aren’t you shocked now when you see really good bread at $4/loaf? I am.

Sorry it’s day-old White Bread on my menu, an occasional loaf of day-old Rye bread.


No needed clothes for your children, shoes worn out, then we watch CEO’s of Major Companies paid (take) $20Million/year. (They earned it?)


How many, “Won’t be able to afford to drive to work”, where public transportation is not available. Bicycles do not do it, in snow, or rain. (Maybe your Congressman will come by and give you a ride in his Limo). I care about Americans, do you?



Hey you didn’t think I meant the State of Georgia, did you?  Our government in (2008) announced plans to send $80 Billion in aid to the Country of Georgia, not the “American State of Georgia”. Not one penny to our citizens in the State of Georgia. $80 Billion, that’s 80,000 Million, (to a nation that tweaked Russia), do you want to help them. Write Congress and tell them what you think.

What would that money have done to help the citizens in the “State of Georgia”?


People of Denver, CO, and St. Paul, Minn. USA”
I just watched a Video of Denver cops denying a citizen the right to stand on the sidewalk.

Well if I’m elected, I will preserve your rights in Denver, and every city in America.

The Bill of Rights will reign again. I want every cop in Denver put in jail. No badges to identify them? Of course not!

So we start with the Chief of Police, One year in Jail for denying you your Civil Rights.


Watch an ABC Producer arrested for doing nothing, in fact he was just standing on the sidewalk, talking on his Cell Phone when this cop demanded he move “NOW”. Go back above and review what Donald Rumsfeld said about the Media gathering the news to share with you. The Media must stop reporting the news, it interferes with the government’s plans.

“ABC demand compensation”. Stop the Gestapo. Lets hire police in Denver that are Americans who know your rights. If you think this is bad, wait until we are under the command of the United Nations, New World Order.

Watch this: 50secs

And this: 4:13m

I thought that was a “one-city” experience, then I’m finding out the cops did the same thing in St. Paul, MN. So this is the New Government already in power. Again our News correspondents, attacked by the government. Americans, it is time to stop this, are you going to continue to allow this treason in our nation, or are you going to demand this stop. I’d expect this from cops in Los Angeles, but not all of America.

Are you ready for United Nations Armed Troops on the streets of America?


You will read further why I say I hate cops, once you get to these sites, check out other abuses of citizens on videotape on Youtube. Then read #’s 59, 63, 64, and 65 in my Menu about Cops doing wrong in America. This kind of crap goes on all over our nation; it’s time to stop this abuse. I will do it. I’ve never had any respect for police, because as a child growing up in Detroit, MI when the Unions were trying to get established, the police under control of the rich, beat citizens trying to picket to establish Union control in auto plants, cops were the Goons with no respect for citizens at all. I saw this with my own eyes. Many of our police are out of control.

We need to control the police in this nation, now. HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH POLICE BRUTALITY?


Can a Woman lead America? Did McCain select a woman for political reasons?

Of course. Did ex Governor/Mrs. Palin represent someone that you would want to actually run our nation?

Yes! Women have led governments, but how successfully?


A woman has led Great Britain, and now the Sun has set on the British Empire.

Do you want the Sun to set on America? Women do not have the brutality to protect a nation, they always want to “talk” to solve problems, but some problems take brutality, our enemies are brutal, talk does not do it.

While I respect Women with equal rights, not Governor Palin as a potential President, because I don’t believe she has enough experience to lead our nation if that were to happen. Women want to concede for peace, (unless they are filing for divorce) they do not understand that you have to “fight” to retain peace.


Peace: Easy to lose: Hard to restore. If we surrender to the New World Order, that’s it.


Elect an American that wants: Jobs for you: Not Welfare, we can’t afford Welfare, What are we going to do, when Obama has all of us on Welfare?


We did that in the 1930’s, do you want that again?

The only jobs available were those the government made you do “to get Welfare”.

The WPA. (“Works Project Administration”. (or “We Play Around”)

Restore America! Jobs for Americans: not Illegal Aliens.


I’m an Independent Candidate, because I want to represent all Americans, not just Republicans or Democrats.

I want to unite Congress and the Senate to run this nation for YOU, not the party. I do not want to pay these people to run our nation; that are fighting each other, I want them working together for US. The Democrats and Republicans claim they are working across the aisle, when in fact they are in bed with each other, to close America.


Unite with me, to lead this nation backwards: To restore this nation as we were; Before Globalization; and outsourcing destroyed our jobs.

We can’t go forward, with the present “government plans” for us.

Who put our nation in this situation? The Republicans and Democrats! Not me.

I will RESTORE jobs so our citizens can feed their families and pay their mortgage.


Stop: “Made in China” in our stores, stop H-1b Visa’s to employ aliens:

Employ Americans. Do you actually think Obama is going to stop imports from Communist Red China? Read NAFTA


We are the United States, for the moment, but soon to be the

Un-United Territory of the North American Union, under the United Nations, New World Order.

The end of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights!



America is being Downsized, to Destroy us, is that what you want for our future? 300% inflation, like happened in 1974?

Let me remind you that in 1971 a can of Chicken Noodle soup was 18 cents, have you priced the cost of that same can of soup lately?


Banks are crashing due to bad Home loans, how many banks are going to close? Just think about this right now, Millions laid off from work; Millions of home loans in foreclosure; more and more business’ fail, and lay off more people, is your employer or your business likely to fail this next year, is your mortgage holder going to fail, and close the doors?

This is Snowballing, and you are in the way of being under the avalanche.


This is not going to stop, Obama will tell you we have no choice but to join the North American Union for financial reasons, then to join the United Nations for security from anymore wars. This is going to accelerate, more and more people without jobs, and out of their homes. See  Ending Sovereignty

To stop this; you should have elected Don Cordell.


I’m trying to inform you what is happening in our nation, so you could have made a choice to save our nation last November.


You only really had one correct choice last November; but you elected Obama, our nation now intends to disarm all citizens, then disarm our military, to turn our nation over to the United Nations. You should have elected an Independent candidate, now you will get the New World Order: For a One-World Government. Check I know you’re saying; “Our Government can’t do that, we have laws”. Well then you tell me why we have such Executive Orders, to put us under Martial Law?


Why do we have the information of our Army having directions of how to handle Civilians detained in Army facilities? Why laws to enslave us, with no right to a trial? WHY, WHY? Why is our Army advertising for Soldiers to volunteer to be involved in serving in Detention Centers, to control Americans detained? These soldiers will be trained to support only the Governments viewpoint.

It was time to elect a candidate other than a Republicon, or Democrap. You failed.


We have been downsized to prepare us for this. (5 Sep. 08) reports that 1.2 Million homes have entered Foreclosure since April 08. We now have at least 20 million homes in foreclosure.

To Stop this; you could have elected Don Cordell.


(10 Sept 08) 3 Million homeowners are more than 3 months late on home payments, if you are not in foreclosure now, will you be soon? Oh! You live in a rental! What happens if your landlord can’t pay the mortgage on that property, or his taxes? What happens to you if you get laid off from work?


In the 1930’s my grandfather bought homes in foreclosure for as little as $200 each, then let the previous owners continue to live in the homes for free, until times got better. My brother Gene Cordell states he remembers going with grandpa to collect rents, and the renters didn’t have the $8/mo for the rent.

He left those inexpensive homes for my Aunt to inherit; she gave those homes to Reverend Jim Jones in the 1960’s as she joined the Peoples Temple. Edith Cordell (and 20 other family members) died in Jonestown.

(40 years ago on Nov. 18th 1978)


84,000 jobs lost August 08. How many of those will start to lose their homes? 680,000 jobs lost since this January 08. Millions lost since 2000, this is disaster time. How is your job, or your business doing? Honestly! America shut down?

Since Jan 09, each month at least 500,000 jobs lost.


Stop this; demand Don Cordell as your President.


Stop this: Demand that we get out of the United Nations.


Ready to turn our nation over to the “New World Order”


Want a fancier website? Send money, but it’s the message that’s important, not style.

Can an average American be elected without Millions of Dollars?


Do you want someone in office that really plans to Restore this nation,

and return us to the wonderful lifestyle we had for many years?


McCain has stayed in Congress for some time, (26 years), that’s dedication for you,

It couldn’t just be for the money could it? How long would you stay, for $14,600/month?


America is more than South Chicago; we have to restore our entire national structure.

Obama helped citizens recover from loss of jobs when the steel mills closed.

Did he restore the steel mills? No!

More jobs, NO?

Why did the Steel Mills close? Cheaper to buy Steel from China? Certainly not to improve the environment for America, but to continue to destroy our nation.


So Obama helps citizens after the Steel Mills closed, how? Welfare? Or training to sell hamburgers?

Do you want Welfare, or do you want jobs?

Millions out of work because the factories have closed, and more of that to come.

The Democraps are good at giving social help in communities, not jobs, paid for by those who do work and are “taxed to support Welfare”. It was the Democrats that gave us the WPA starting in 1935, socialism.


Welfare: That’s what women, and children get, “IF” the father is out of the house. Why does the man have to be out of the house; because we have an old idea that the Man is suppose to support the family. If the man can’t, he must leave the house, is that sexist? After all, if a man can’t support his family, he must leave. This is stupid. Do you agree?


I want you to have jobs, not Welfare. I want the family to stay together, and I want that job to support family needs, not for you to have to visit food pantries to feed your family.


More Welfare? Obama want to make Illegal Aliens, citizens, so they qualify for Welfare.

I want them out of our nation, don’t you?


Obama claims that Amnesty is the only thing we can do. Do you agree? I just can’t handle that destruction of our family life in America. I’m fighting to return the wonderful life we have had in America before they decided to turn our nation over to the United Nations. There are many criminals the police haven’t caught, should we give Amnesty to all the Criminals?

Wake up, and demand our nation be protected, and deport all Illegal Aliens.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

WE do not need ”CHANGE”, what we do need, is to “Restore this nation”, return to the Real America that had opportunities right here in this nation, not in Third World Nations.

I realize the rest of the world would be better off if they had jobs, and an economy that raised their standard of living, but not at our expense.

WE can’t afford to go broke, to save the world, as we sink.

(We are broke; $26 Trillion broke)


What did McCain actually do while in the Senate? Oh! He helped Lincoln Savings and Loan officers to screw the public out of $50 Million. The Keating Five: situation, to save political contributors. McCain has been in office for some time, and is not a shining example of someone to run our nation, but to ruin our nation, to remove our borders.


Look at what the RepubliCons: and DemoCraps: have done to this nation the last 60 years. Had enough? How much more do you want to suffer, before you fight back?


OK! So, I’m asking you to elect me, what am I going to do for America, and the citizens of this nation?


We know that the, New World Order; the Globalization; the United Nations; the Global Warming threat; NAFTA; CAFTA; WTO;  (SPP)Security and Prosperity Partnership Act; The Patriot Act; the Homeland Security Act; The Terrorist Act; the War Commissions Act of 2006, Act, Act, Act, that all these treaties will dilute the chance for this nation to survive, as they are pushing to destroy the sovereignty of our nation. I will stop this.

Stop this; you should have elected Don Cordell.

So whom did you elect? Did you register as an INDEPENDENT?

Did you vote for an Independent Candidate, or did you still elect Obama, because you still do not know what you are doing? Are you going to continue the downsizing of this nation, by voting for the PARTY?

Stop this; you should have elected Don Cordell.


America is being sold.

The Chrysler building in NY City sold to a Muslim in the Middle East, bought with oil money.


I can’t believe that Americans can be so naïve about the problems facing our nation, and our sovereignty, and yet if you elected Obama you will be complaining for years that: “You Still have the same problems in surviving finances, and Freedoms”, but you elected them, so who is at fault?



Do you even care if you have Freedoms anymore? Are you so unconcerned that you probably didn’t even go to vote, because Obama is going to lead us down the same path of destruction that we’ve experienced the last 60 years.


The DemoCraps and RepubliCons have led us down this path, to give the sovereignty of our nation, to the United Nations, and you won’t stop this, unless you stop these two parties this year.

We must restore The United States of America. MyPlan



I believe I am the only candidate that is really serious about these conditions, and I need to get your attention, I know what we have to do, or “we will lose this nation”. I can’t sit back, and say “let the “younger generation” worry about what is going wrong”, because they are either, NOT aware, or NOT interested in what is wrong, they are not paying attention to what is happening to our freedoms.


Since the 1960’s: Our schools have indoctrinated our youth, and middle-aged citizens, to believe Sovereignty is a dirty word. Well! I have some dirty words for school systems that do not teach Patriotism and Love for our nation.


I’ve been following politics since 1936, and I am aware of what has to be done, or our nation will be taken from us, without even firing a shot.

Is this what our brave veterans gave their lives to preserve for you, and you won’t lift a finger to protect our nation and stop this? WHY?

Stop this; you should have elected Don Cordell.


Believe me, the European Union (United Nations) is run by Dictators,

Appointed, not elected by any of the citizens of the European Union.

Do you want that for America? If not, you need to study everything I’m telling you about in this website. Because our present leaders in every department of our government; are leading us in this direction.

That’s why we are being downsized, manufacturing leaving our nation, foreign products over loading our stores. WE MUST STOP THIS.


Read my item above about Foreclosures of our homes, and why. Foreclosures: to end home ownership in America. Then our new government can decide who really deserves to live in these homes.


Since you elected Obama, and you are unhappy next year, I will still be here to be elected after you recall either of them, because I know you will be disappointed with their non-performance.


That is: If I’m not arrested for interfering with the United Nations troops taking control of our nation. I’ve never owned a Gun in my life, but maybe we should all be armed to preserve our rights in this nation, because they are going to try to give our nation to the United Nations. Of course they intend to disarm all of us before then.

Will you surrender your guns? Sure you will, when the SWAT team is at your front door, armed, ready to shoot you DEAD if you don’t submit.


I have solutions, please explore all the links on this website, so you can make an intelligent selection for President this November.


The purpose of our government is to protect our borders, to protect us from invasion:

Ask yourself, if they have done that.

We need to protect our industries; they have not done that.

We need to control imports, and exports; they have not done that.

We need to upgrade our infrastructure; (highways, bridges, train/rail system), for a safer

Nation; to take care of America’s needs first, before we rush off to aid the rest of the World,

They’ve not done that enough. We have a lot of work to do in this nation.

There are so many substandard highways in our nation that cause many of the accidents that

Drivers experience. Most of our highways were developed before 1940 for 35 mph traffic, our

Interstate system was built between 1953 and 1970.  Half of our highways are falling apart, rotted

Concrete and/or Iron bridges near failure, while we keep sending money to other nations to

build their Infrastructure, which seems good, except much of that money disappears into

the pockets of the Dictators in those nations. Let’s take care of America first, and do it now.

We are going to put those in our prisons, to work to help rebuild and restore America’s



NEW: Our government now wants to convert our Freeway systems to Payway systems, selling our taxpayer built highways, to be run by Foreign Companies collecting the toll’s (as they do in Indiana).

Highways you already paid for, “Sucker”.

Mexican Truckers on American highways, NO WAY! “Truckers unite”

Stop this; elect Don Cordell.


California is passing a Bill to charge a Toll to use the Car Pool lanes, computers to read a tag on your windshield as you pass each “toll point”. Up to $1.50/mile.

As they do now on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. That Toll was just raised from $5, to $6. Why not $10, or $20, there is no stopping greed in our governments desire for taxes. Drivers going into or out of San Francisco have little choice if they want to use that bridge. Many of our local roads have been closed when Freeways are opened, so you must use the Freeways.

How long before they add Tolls on all lanes of our streets and highways?

Aren’t computers wonderful? Remember, a Drivers license is not a right, it’s something the government lets you do if they want to, otherwise NO WAY, they call if a privilege.


About 10 years ago, California passed a One Half Cent Sales Tax for Los Angeles County, to support 50cent bus fares. Long forgotten by the taxpayers, the bus fare is now $2, that additional sales tax is still collected. Soon to raise even more, and more sales taxes for public transportation, because Los Angeles County is so large, so many work many miles from home, if they have any jobs at all. With the rising cost of fuel, higher bus fares. An additional ½ percent sales tax was passed by the voters Tuesday, and now the Governor wants to add another 1½ percent sales tax to that, where we will now be paying 10 1/4% total sales tax, until further notice. Then the governor plans to raise the license fees on our cars, while runaway inflation is destroying our own budgets.


I live in Lancaster (Los Angeles county) in Southern California, but in what is called the High Desert, (Home of the Space Shuttle and the B2 bomber), where it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to 8 degrees at night in the wintertime. (“43,000 cars a day” drive out of this area to go to work, in the San Fernando Valley, because the aerospace industry moved to Alabama)


Now, I’ve only been able to only afford to heat my bedroom in the winter. Inflation has gone up at least 90% since I retired in 1992.

I’m experiencing the rising cost of food, up as much as 40%, no more eggs, the cheapest hamburger, if any meat at all. Many meals are mixed canned vegetables, some potatoes, and cabbage. Which I’ll have to admit is healthy.

I grew up Detroit, MI in the Depression; I know what it is to go two or three days without food, or heat.

I never thought that would never ever happen to wonderful America again, but here we are, and it’s going to get worse.


Help me folks, lets restore our nation's economy for you. I only spend at the most, maybe $20 week for food, sometimes only $20/month for food. Can you imaging, buying a $1 jar of Olives is a luxury.

One $2 Tommy Burger a month, a luxury.


How can many of our citizens feed hungry children? I do not want to see those parents buying cigarettes, or alcohol if they have children to feed and clothe.


I buy a $6 bake it yourself Pizza that will feed me for 4-days, a $3 chicken that will feed me for 4 days, with a few potatoes, and a $1 box of Stove Top Dressing. A can of Tuna and “Tuna Helper” can feed me for two meals. One can exist on very little expense for food, if we have to. Beans, spaghetti, vegetables, day old Bread, peanut butter, all good staples if we have to do it. Yet I live healthy.

A few fresh vegetables, and fruit to round out my diet. Thank God, I’m healthy, for now.

I don’t spend any money on medications. How many Americans are in the same situation?


I’m very much in favor of inspection for Consumer health problems; inspecting 1% of imports is not enough, when the health of you and your family are at stake.

Now we hear that Infant formula is at risk, at risk in America, one child near death in Florida because the mother could not afford to feed her infant full amount of formula, she watered it down too much. That is really SAD for that to happen in our nation. I must help Americans who are this poor, if I can. Children at risk? There is no excuse for this. No child should go hungry in this nation.

I did in 1937, this is not 1937 anymore.

The Consumers Union, a non-profit company has tried to bring this information to you since 1936, I commend them for their efforts.


Here I am trying to be elected to run this nation, while living on Social Security. I do not have Millions to get the Votes.

Can I win by using the Internet to get your attention? (I didn’t.) YET!


Email questions to:


No wonder Justice wears a blindfold, she would be shocked to see what is going on right out in public, it’s better she is protected from the truth, or she would cry.


You are complaining about the cost of Gas, and loss of jobs, are you going to see why this is happening? Wise up Americans, while it’s still legal to make these presentations to you, next year these presenters, and Myself may go to jail for trying to show you what is going on in our nation.


It is time for you to come to the aid of your nation, stop whatever you are doing and start reviewing these Videos, because I want you shocked at what treason is happening to us, by our government.


These are not Videos I’ve shot, these are reports done by other investigators: Watch as our police tell reporters to turn off cameras, do not record what the police are doing, get lost or you will be arrested.


Just recently the courts refuse to end the law; that reporters can be arrested if they reveal any information about our government misdeeds, and refuse to tell the courts where they got the information.


In other words, anyone who squeals about our government’s misdeeds will go to jail if they find out whom you are: Unless you are President Bush’s friend.


You could have stopped this, if you had elected Don Cordell.


By the time you get to the end of all of this website, you will be mad at what our government is planning to do, to you, to your nation.

Muslim Hate! Attempts to control the world.

Do you think we have Freedom of Speech? Here is the website of a man in England that is being harassed, threatened with jail, charged with inciting Racial Hatred because of his remarks on the internet about Muslims, do you want that in America, arrested because you make “Anti anything remarks?” If it can happen in England, it can happen here.

Our government calls this “Hate Speech”, and you can be arrested for using Free Speech in public. We already have Muslims threatening American Publishers if they publish any books that upset Muslims. American Publishers have refused to publish books that they think Muslims would be offended. Do you want to stop this?

Read this website. The Muslims want to spread hate. Are we next? They want to end all negativity about Islam, and they are willing to kill you to do it. More terrorism?

We must make sure this does not continue in the world, we must stop Muslims controlling anything, in our nation. This is not an Islam nation; it will not be an Islamic nation. This is a Free Nation. You are free to worship any religion or no religion, but I will protect all of you, unless you want to restrict anyone else’s beliefs. Christians back me up I will protect you.


“Get MAD, and don’t take it anymore”


As your President, I’d have brought PRIDE back to America.

You deserve a better government, “Than money can buy”.
Again, last, but not least, “Buy American”


Review the items on my Menu and such items as the NAFTA Super highway from the West coast of Mexico to Kansas City, to increase the incoming products from China to our stores, to replace items made by American in the USA.


Contact me if you want me to speak to your organization. All I ask for is economy coach transportation, and necessary lodging while on location. I’m just fine in economy lodging, and eating at fast food facilities.

I can’t spend millions you or I don’t have. Being your next president is the most important thing.

Why should I bother, when I can just sit back and enjoy retirement?

Because; you need someone to run this nation for YOU, and I’m it.

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