I    Don Cordell

Will  restore

America the Beautiful

“My country tis of thee”,

Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.

See:      America” Not Mexico, Not the United Nations.



This is continuation of my website, it’s still kind of a large file (50 pages)

 even though I’ve broken down a lot of this into those other links on the home page.

But this is all important, and if you love and want to keep America strong,

then I hope you will review all of this message that I’ve put together with a lot of effort, all by myself.


I have no fancy gimmicks here, just some plain facts that are important to all of YOU.



"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.

 Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me."

Martin Niemoller, German anti-Nazi pastor during World War II


I’m speaking out for YOU, before they come to get YOU, before it’s too late!

If you wait much longer it will be just like in Germany in the 1930-40 era,

people didn’t complain when it wasn’t them,

by the time it was happening to them it was too late. I’m here for YOU.


Our government awarded a contract to have new Aerial Tanker planes built by French “Airbus”.

10 July 08 Now it seems that so many have complained to Congress and the Senate:

This plane may be built in the United States after all.

At last Congress is reconsidering Airbus and may restore this contract to an American manufacture.

The People have spoken.


Our citizens are not really paying any attention to how our government operates; because our government wants

to keep you in the dark. I know you don’t want to take time to think; what is it going to cost you, if you don’t get

on the ball, NOW.


They didn’t want you to make a knowledgeable vote. We get a lot of double talk from our government, to keep

us confused. Our government uses negative proposals, like “You don’t want to do that, is that right? Yes or No?”


Do you know our nation is in trouble,

are you going to be so complacent as to allow this nation to fail now?

Don’t you see what is happening?


You elected a Democrap in 2008, we “are” going to lose this nation.


It is up all of you now in 2020, do we save America,

or join the United Nations New World Order?

Obama has already told you, “The North American Union, is the way”.

Obama has already contacted and had discussions with the President of Mexico.

Now we are being told, that Mexico is about to collapse, if we don’t help them.


There are so many others in America that are trying to wake you up,

“Wake up, and smell the poison brewing in our nation”.

Nathan Taber’s  book “The Beast on the East River” will explain it all. (United Nations)



Toys, and almost everything you were shopping for in our stores,

that you were buying for Christmas 2017, were all from China!

Great! Why aren’t all those items being manufactured in America?

When I see pictures of all those Chinese working in toy factories,

I burn:

Those should be American workers turning

out toys for our kids “in America”.


Buy only “Made in America”. I’m just as guilty as all of you, because I’ve bought things made

in China, myself, but no more. Let’s save America now.


Europeans: I wonder how many in Europe realize that if the United States ceases to exist,

and there is another war in Europe, who will come to rescue them?

So, who wants to get rid of the United States?

When “citizens” in the European Union finally realize they’ve been screwed,

who is going to come there to assist you?

I know you will eventually tire of Germany

trying to control what you want for your nation;

your nation that use to be a Free Nation.

When the United Nations is the only military, then what?

Being “United” States worked, because we wanted to be One Nation,

with One Language, with rights between all of the States.

We had a Civil War 1861-1865 when some states tried to break away,

which they really had the right to do, but we joined forces together again as one nation, with peace for all.

If we have lost our freedoms and become just part of the United Nations, we won’t be able to help you.

Will you be under the control of the “NEW World Order” Government?


When American local police are replaced by the United Nations,

“non”-Americans in charge of our country,

armed military then patrolling our streets?

Then what?


Now I’m not saying that; Europeans all working together, in peace is not a good thing,

I’d love to see that.

Of course a unified European community will need a single language,

as well as a single government, along with a common currency, so what language?


It will mean finally starting to use one language (English? Or German?),

and feel as though they are actually now “One Nation”,

as are our states in America.


Since medieval times: European nations have fought each other, for no reason.

It would be wonderful if all of you can work together now,

if you don’t get upset over those who migrate from other nations in to your area, to find your jobs.

But be wary of Muslims who want to convert your nation to Islam,

and they really do.

The borders of European nations have constantly moved over and over the last 1000 years.

Nations have come and gone, and probably will continue to do so in the future.


America was a great nation, but it’s falling apart, as we’ve allowed being invaded.


Bush tried his best to be our new dictator, ignoring our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, claiming,

“He does not have to follow the law, we are at war,

and he was the total commander in charge” just like being a dictator.

Now he’s out.

“You still don’t count”.



Why me for President?



Do you want me “To save our nation”? I will do it.

Those of you who are viewing this website from a foreign nation,

I’d like to know why you are interested.

Please email me, and let me know why you are looking at my website.

I really want to know.

So far viewers from 64 nation have viewed this website,

other nations are concerned about how America is going to be run.

Our nation controls a lot of behavior of politics in the world.

Other nations still look for us to retain some sense of freedom in the world. 



What is happening to America?

I started to research a number of problems in America,

and I found a lot of books to tell me what is wrong,

but not ONE book, about “What Someone HAS to do to stop this.”

We must wake up, and Stop the problems, and correct these wrongs

while we still can.

If you continue on this website to where I discuss the books I’ve been referencing to,

you will see a list, and discussion of what these books revealed to me,

and what treason has been planned for our nation.

I hope Obama has read these books, but I’m sure he is not even aware of our problems.


See Books I’d recommend each of you obtain the same books at your local library

or bookstore, and read, read, read.

I want you to realize what is going wrong in America,

how we’ve been sold out.

You can only ignore this for so long,

now it’s time for you to get off the couch,

and do something while you can.

You only had until November 2008 to stop this destruction of our nation,

now it’s 2018 and things are worse, what to do?


“If” you LOVE America, you have to make a serious decision in 2020.


You elected a DemoCrap in 2008,

you risked that our nation will cease to exist as a free nation by 2020.

You elected President Trump in 2016, he still hasn't closed our borders or stopped the invasion of our nation. WHY?


If you voted for “The Party”, as usual, you’ll get more of the same that we’ve had the last 40 years.

No one wants to be related to Bush and his Party.

I think the public is really looking for someone to save this nation,

and they sure don’t see it coming from Republicans or Democrats.


52% of you voted for “a” Democrat: because, you won’t vote for any Republican or vise versa?

The Democrats act as though Obama was elected by every single American,

but the Electoral College system is totally unfair to the wants of the majority of American voters.


You are going to pay “more taxes” on “less income” than you have now,

let me reiterate that if you are making “less money”,

and the government needs “the same amount of money”

guess who is going to pay more?

30 Million out of work and no longer paying income taxes!

Are you still working?

You will pay more income taxes to make up for the short fall.

Tax reductions by President Trump will be repealed by Congress.

Inflation caused by War and Oil prices are bankrupting us.


What next “Welfare for illegal aliens”?

OH that’s right, their Anchor Babies are American citizens,

and that makes them eligible for “Aid to Dependent Children”,

not Welfare.

How could I have overlooked that?

I’ve screamed at Congress for 30 or more years to stop this.

They haven’t.

The bill is in Congress right now to correct this, Will they?


If, I had been elected, Congress and the Senate had better be walking the straight and narrow,

because I’d have watched them like a hawk.

No pimping for sex in the airport restroom, or making a mess in the Oval Office. 

No propositioning Congressional pages for favors.

Let’s have a clean honorable government. Can’t our elected politicians control themselves?

We citizens deserve the best.

We’ve certainly paid enough for good government.


In June 07, we told the Senate “NO AMNESTIES”,

but these candidates continue to disregards the desires of our citizens.

Is this what you want? Revolt > ReVote.


Americans are mad, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.


How is our government going to balance the budget,

if they don’t get drugs to sell on the street?


Of course you don’t believe me, of course not, read

Read on about how our government actually does this.


It is we older citizens, who remember how nice our country use to be,

safe clean neighborhoods, good middle class jobs, an upcoming economy, now gone.


Let’s return to the wonderful life Americans can enjoy.

I’ll at least get you that.

You’re fed up, but are you going to do anything? You’d better!



We are “The United States of America” Hear us roar.

They’d better: Run in fear.

Europe tried Diplomacy with Hitler, look where that got them.


What is Diplomacy? Explanation:

How much you are ready to surrender to keep from being attacked, and plundered,

or how much do you threaten someone to keep them in fear of being attacked and plundered.

This only works with intelligent people that actually understand

the ramifications of failure of agreements between adversaries.


When my children started school in the 1960’s, we had to show our children’s birth certificates,

now that would be unfair to the children of illegal aliens, so no birth certificates needed now.


Kindergarten children arrested for sexual abuse in our schools?

If the accused abuser is a boy, he’s registered as a sexual abuser the rest of his life.

My god, that 6-year-old boy touched that girls arm, arrest him!

It is fine to explain to children that it's not correct to touch each other, especially girls,

that some of us do not want to be touched, and have that right.

BUT NOT ARRESTED. I am outraged: What next? Our World is coming apart.



History lesson: In the middle 1930’s our nation was in a terrible depression,

the Communists were here to tell us, “Join the Communist Party

and we will help you, recover for a better life”. We didn’t.


Once done, there will be no going back to the Sovereignty of the United States.

Then we will be told: “If we combine with the rest of the nations to join the United Nations

that we will be better off, and be safer”,

we won’t.

Now you’re reaching for straws, you were willing to try anything, even electing Trump.



We are losing our nation, and these traitors have this all planned.

Watch Ford, Chrysler, and GM go down the drain,

then other large companies out of business in America.

IBM, Xerox, with products already made overseas.

You are reading this on a computer made out of the United States.


More and more of our major manufacture’s closing shop here and all production made in some other nation.



I’m trying to show you what our elected officials are planning to do to:

“The United States of America”

Just keep reading, and “check things out”, then “maybe you’ll understand too”.

We won WWII, but we are losing this war, and not a shot was fired.


We are losing, because of apathy; “you do not care”!

For WW II everyone pitched in, women working in our war plants,

we had a nation to save; now no one cares?

Are you too lazy to care?

You can be so complacent and believe all is well,

all the way to the guillotine,

so stick your neck out and study this website,

our nation depends upon you.


It takes an intelligent person to analyze what some of the items I’ve included “as links” in this site,

are all about.

Educate yourself; our future is at risk.

It is sad that most citizens have no interest in what is happening with our government,

and don’t want to know, because you don’t believe you can make any difference.


You can, if you follow me! I’m ready to work for YOU.


I hope after you read this information, and try the links I’ve included in this website,

you will become more informed, and make the right decision as whom to elect in July 2009.

You are looking on the Internet right now to learn.

I hope you will check out all of what is happening that affects the future of Americans.


About 50% of our citizens don’t vote anymore, why?


Because many of you feel most elections are a fraud,

we are usually voting for the lesser of two evils, so why bother?

You had finally better care, or we won’t have elections anymore.


We haven’t really had a leader for the future of our nation for some time.

We are floundering, with no guidance for our future,

because the present government has no plan for “our” future as the “United States”.

Why? Because they Plan that we have NO future as a free nation.

Viva the United Nations? No way.


As long as you voted for any Republican or Democrat “PARTY” candidate,

you will continue to be disappointed.

That’s why I was/still am running to be your President.


You vote for something, and then some judge tells you that it’s against the Constitution,

Federal judges negate your vote, over and over, so why bother to vote?

Judges now making the laws, not Congress!

Judges bought and paid for.

Now I agree, this is a Republic, and not a Democracy;

minorities have rights, not to be trampled by the Majority.

So in some cases it’s a matter of the Majority

not being able to override the rights of the minorities.

If only the Supreme Court would back our Constitution that says,

our money must be backed by Gold and Silver,

well where are these judges now, when we really need someone to support the Constitution.

Our money is only backed by our trust in our government; we are really in trouble “America”.


They love when you give up, so you just let the government run things the way they want.

They want to discourage you from voting, why?

You are discouraged aren’t you? So you just stop bothering to vote.

Who actually runs this nation? It sure is not us, but it had better be.


The “Party” promises you Changes, then you get more of the same, no change,

so you are discouraged, and rightly so.


Do you want changes?

Or do you want to return to the wonderful America we had?


Are you tired of this?


I’m tired of this, so “let’s do something about this problem”.


When you voted in 2004, did you vote for the person you wanted in office,

or against someone else you didn’t want in office?  Against Kerry?


Well, please take the time to scan some of these links;

you will see our nation has some serious dangerous problems.


If you think, “All is Well”, (it’s not), then don’t bother to read any further.

I’ve used Quotation Marks to emphasize what I want to catch your attention about, and there is a lot of that.


If you’re a concerned American citizen, then continue to check out what I’m presenting for you to consider.


Let’s get down to the real problems in America,

let’s get together to save this wonderful Nation.

The United States was the pride of the world;

most people respected our nation, as the nation

 that always rushed to help those in need.

Catastrophe in the world! Who rushes in to aid those in trouble, the United States.

Then we are hated, because we have the ability to take money from our citizens,

so we try to buy the love of the nation in need.


Now! We have invaded a nation that did not directly attack America, based upon bad information.

There were other ways we could have gone in this terrorism battle,

but attacking Iraq was not the right thing to do, this time.

To liberate Kuwait, yes! To invade Afghanistan Yes!

However let me temper this statement, it was OK to go into ‘Afghanistan,

IF it was actually Muslims that destroyed the Twin Towers, and hit the Pentagon.

If not?


But now where do we go? I will decide that, if this is not solved by Jan 2020.


Of course every time we help some nation we try to inject our political opinions,

we mean well, but our aid usually comes with strings, and these Dictators hate us,

for interfering with their government, these leaders do not want Democracy for their citizens,

they want subjugation of the peasants.

Americans stay out; just send money!


Bush and Cheney stated: They were not part of the Executive Office! Well, we knew that!

They have set themselves apart from being Americans, to ruin this nation.

So, they were not bound to obey our laws.


You probably don’t want to find out what is planned for our sovereignty,

our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights?


Hey! Just order that Pizza and Beer, and forget politics,

leave politics to the pro’s in Washington,

they know what they are doing (you don’t care).


Watch this video of William Gheen, of “Join Americans for Legal Immigration” http://www.alipac.us

William spent endless Hours, and web time to convince our elected officials to end this Invasion.



The protectors of our southern border are the Minuteman Civil Defense

Corps, Inc http://www.minutemanhq.com/

Check them out, and join them to help protect America.



AS Goes California, so goes the nation:

The state of Californian has decided in Jan 08 that the only way to control the increased traffic

 on our “free” ways is to establish a Toll Road plan for our “freeways”

to increase tax income to build more Pay Roads.

Each car requires a windshield decal that can be scanned as you pass certain toll readers,

so you can be billed by the Departments of Motor Vehicles.

Each car will have a specific bar code. “If No visible bar code” your car can be towed until you comply.

Utah already has this plan, the Car Pool Lane, can be used by single occupant cars

IF you pay for a special permit, MONEY!

So you can go past the other cars not in the Car Pool Lane.




California has already collected taxes on fuel,

which was equal to the Federal Tax of 18 cents/gallon,

now raised to 39.5 cents/gallon, and that has been spent on other projects.

Money the state wanted to use for something else came from our gas taxes.

That was spent on non-highway projects,

now 2018 the State wants more money from the roads that we’ve already paid for.


So the state will hold us captive with Toll Road taxes

on highways we taxpayers already paid for.

There will be inspection stations on every road as you enter California,

where you will be issued a bar code only IF you have a billable credit card

to collect your highway fees, no credit card, you do not enter California.

At each entrance ramp, a reader will: Record the time entered,

and when and where you exited, the time and location,

so you can be billed for miles used and “was this at a high traffic or low traffic rate?”

And you thought your Permanent Record in High School was going to follow you in life, now this.


Add 10% sales tax in California when gas was at $ 3.69 gallon, we were paying 33 cents Sales Tax/per gallon.

Then we also pay Sales Tax on the State and Federal highway tax,

 good old California “Screw the motorist” plan.


Heads will roll if they try this.

This is happening all over the nation.

You agree to pay some tax for some needed infrastructure,

the politician diverts that money for something else,

2 year later they are again telling you

“The state needs money for that same project” that you already funded 2 years before,

but you have forgotten you already paid to fund that.

They bank on you not remembering.


“Since” you elected Trump,

this will probably be the last election in which citizens will be allowed to vote.

Before 2020, this will be the “North American Union” under control of the United Nations.


I will continue to keep this website, so when you are ready for a recall election,

I will still be here, waiting to save what is left of our sovereignty for you.


(21 June 07) Now ask yourself

“Why did the New York mayor Bloomberg declare himself an Independent?

Not a Democrat, nor Republican any more.

Presidential aspirations?

Being a Democrat, or Republican right now is a detriment.

Now 60% of registered voters; are registered as Independents.


Americans are angry.

Are you an American, or a slave of the New World Order?


Gun Control law been enacted. Why?

“To confiscate all weapons from Americans”,

so if you will no longer have guns, you will be safer?

See White House, Item # 15 on this government site, to totally disarm citizens “and our Military”.

Did you know this? For more information on this;

Click on another site to check Public Law 87-297 on the internet (look for  the entry

Thomas Loc.gov Library of Congress”)

this calls for the Complete Disarmament of all citizens,

so the UN can "Maintain Internal Peace”.


Quote: about FEMA, read the Executive Orders.


(1961 -- The U.S. State Department issues a plan to disarm all nations,

and arm the United Nations. State Department Document Number 7277 is entitled:

Freedom From War: The U.S. Program, for the “General and Complete Disarmament” to have

“a Peaceful World”.

It details a three-stage plan to disarm all nations, and arm the U.N.

with the final stage in which "no state would have the military power

to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force.")





Press 1 for English, Press 60 for? Had enough of this? Enough already?


I hope you’re listening to these political discussions by the Republicans and Democrats.

You will notice in those interviews you got no direct answers,

just indirect, no detail of what they would actually do if elected.

All you heard was “Its time for Change”.


More and more citizens are asking for more than 2 parties,

we have had more than 2 parties,

you just haven’t noticed before, are you ready now?


What is wrong; is the Media totally ignoring the Independent parties,

 the Media really have a duty to help bring all candidates to the public's attention,

but they seem to have been bought, to shut up.

We must change this.

I’ve had people really give me positive comments about my plans;

I wish I could have reached many of you to help you understand how serious this is for America.

With equal money: as Obama and McCain had the money to do.

My heart was really in to what my plans were for YOU.


The Two Parties have the elections tied up by the Electoral College voting system,

to make sure the rich stay in control of our nation,

since the very first election in our new nation.

You have been told:

Voting for an Independent candidate is a wasted vote, let’s change that.


We Independent, and other Third Party candidates have been locked out of competing

as any danger to the Republicans and Democrats,

let's stop this, and have a new beginning for the office of President.


I’m sick at heart to see what is happening,

I love this nation:

I love those who have come to America to join us,

not to separate our nation into various Nationalities.

Just continue to research the items I’m telling you about.

I thought our system would last forever,

but I didn’t expect the treason that is happening now.

While I saw failures happening in my lifetime, I was blinded by:

This can’t be actually happening in my nation,

we are immune to such failure, I was wrong,

it is happening. Stop it.


For almost 400 years people have immigrated here

to form the most unusual nation, a nation of people “who together” have had hearts of gold

to help everyone in the world when disaster strikes.

We have all worked “together” to enjoy life,

collectively making this the greatest nation of freedom for everyone.

Now there are those who want to divide our nation,

to work against each other, to destroy our way of life. Is that Freedom?


Well! Almost freedom, we are losing freedoms bit by bit, restriction by restriction,

we do not have the right, in all places in this nation, except by special permits “to be armed”

as the Second Amendment gave us, thanks to the Supreme Court.


We do not have the right to privacy anymore, thanks to the Supreme Court.


Our property can be taken from us for the use of a richer tax base user.


We will lose every right; when they establish this North American Union,

thank goodness that didn’t happen before Nov 2008, but maybe by the end of 2020.


WE are the “UNITED” States, not the “ASSORTED” States.

Unite with ME, keep our states “United”.


What “You want”: As “American Citizens”,

is of no regards to “Congress, the Senate, or the President”.


They are not “listening to you” (well yes they are wiretapping you),

but! “you” put them in office, why? “I’m listening to you”; write to me



Wake up Americans, we are being scammed. Read more below.


We had some 451 candidates for this election,

only a few can come up with enough money to get your attention.

Notice that only Republican and Democrats were invited to participate

in CNN Political Panel Discussions at no cost to them, to get your attention.


We Independent candidates are totally ignored.

This is my situation right now, I love America, and I’m afraid we are going to lose our freedoms.

I have solutions for America’s future, and I want to do what is best for our citizens.


Most of you are too busy working to support yourself, and your family.

Most of you DO NOT pay much attention to politics,

“I know you don’t”,

and unfortunately most of you are just going to vote for one party or the other,

IF you even bother to vote,

so I/You/We are about to lose our nation.

I’m watching this treason every hour, every day, every week, to report to you,

what the present politicians are planning for our future, it isn’t pretty, it’s treason,

as they actually plan to give our nation to the: United Nations

for the “New World Order”, more Globalization, let’s stop this “NOW”.


It’s all about money folks; my problem is how to get your attention

 with what I can afford to spend.

If I had millions of dollars,

I’d have more of a chance,

are you going to limit, whom you will elect,

by who spends the most to get your attention?


Is “money” going to buy this election, rather than the best candidate to save our nation?

I can only afford to pay for this website,

unless I get more donations from concerned citizens.

I’m not asking for donations.

So far I’m only spending $10month for my website, and a few postage stamps.


Are you finally tired of Millionaire Presidents running this country in to the ground?


Why do you elect a millionaire,

when you expect him to be beholden to Millionaires?

Are you a Millionaire?


You never will be either, with a Republican or Democrat candidate.

See # 51


The politician wants you to invest in the stock market for your future;

Hey there’s a great company with a great future, “ENRON”.

Oops, the treason in that company lost Billions of investor’s money,

there must be good investments! I know invest in “T Bills”

Those have the security of our nation behind them.

Oh! Maybe that’s not a good solution either.

“Imagine”, all the paper work about the failure and rip off by ENRON,

was in one of the vaults in the Twin Towers, now gone bye-bye. Imagine that?

Buy gold and silver, put that in the bank;

then our government can confiscate it when they are bankrupt again.

When they make ownership of Gold and Silver illegal.

You could buy State Bonds; but; so many states are near bankruptcy

from taking care of illegal aliens needs that they may default on those bonds.


By the time you get to the end of this website,

you will be mad at what our government is planning to do, to your nation.

I want you to be mad at this planned treason; I want you to help me end this treason.


“Get MAD”


Read below about TREASON by our government, save our Constitution.


I just promise you “honesty”, and to run America for “YOU”,

the average everyday citizen,

who would be homeless if you miss more than two paychecks.


If you’re out of work, we’re downsized:

If I’m out of work, we have a depression, (no in reality,

I’m retired, it’s you that are out of work, “you” with millions of other Americans).

Our government says only 11.5% are out of work,

what is 11.5% of 300 million?

Really what is 11.5% of probably 100,000,000 employable persons,

that is still 11,500,000 unemployed, but we have at least 30 Million unemployed as of Dec. 2010.


We have millions homeless in this nation,

because of loss of these jobs,

this is going to get worse, as

more and more of you lose jobs to Globalization.

We must stop Globalization; help me.


When I hear that we have homeless women and children

living on the street in cardboard boxes without any sanitary facilities,

I find that very depressing. Don’t you?

Unfortunately the Police arrest the homeless; that is the crime.

Being homeless “should not be a crime”, “being homeless is a shame”.

We need to find some way in these communities to provide safe shelters for citizens

who are homeless, to take them off the streets, not long term care,

but to provide them with safety,

to help them obtain some kind of long term home,

and jobs if they are capable of working.

We must have some compassion for these lost citizens.

Are they homeless, because they are unemployed?

Whose fault is that? Globalization?


How many paychecks are you away from being homeless?


How can this be happening in America?

We must stop manufacturing leaving our nation, and everything you buy is imported. # 15.


I know there are other problems too, but this is a start.

Email me about your problems.


* See the link: “What Can We Do For Real” from Congressman Tom Tancredo’s R(CO) book, In Mortal Danger”

About what You, I, and the Government “under my command” “can do” to “save our nation”.

If you really want the lowdown on our Government.


Do you figuring there is “NOTHING” “YOU” can do?

Of course, if you just sit on your behind and don’t get involved,

then of course nothing will happen.


I want something done, so I’m doing something about it,

join with me and let’s restore our rights. Fight Back now.


There is something you can do, “If you’re finally mad enough”.

Get Mad now. I’m mad, and I’ve had enough, and

I’m not going to take it anymore, are you?


Don’t stick your head in the sand, this is totally serious,

The present administration doesn’t care about “American Citizens”

only the Illegal Aliens who are daily invading our nation,


Clue: (“New World Order”)


Please: You need to look at all the Internet websites I’ve included in this presentation,

try them, you won’t like the messages you will read, it is scary.

You will feel real disgusted as you actually read some of the online site’s I’ve included.

I promise you, you will be saying,

“They Can’t do That!”

Yes they can, and they’re going to doing it.


How dare you demand “American Sovereignty”!

Who do you think you are, “Citizens?”


The First Amendment of The Constitution

give us the right to “peacefully demonstrate our grievances”

against the government,

which you can do “peacefully”,

until the police show up with batons, and tear gas.

(When Peaceful didn’t work in 1776 we had to resort to violence,

is that our only solution again?

Don’t tempt me, but I will restore our rights.)


The police gave themselves the power to decide that:

“ANY assembly” is an “ILLEGAL ASSEMBLY”,

the police announce it is an “Illegal Assembly”

and tell you to leave or be arrested.

You have seen this in action, as far as the police are concerned,

they demand you do not demonstrate.

When you have to get a permit to March, and that permit can be turned down,

you have been denied your First Amendment rights.

This happens even in Washington DC,

the home of our Federal Government,

Do not Demonstrate, you might upset the holy rulers, of this Kingdom.


“But: If you’re illegal aliens, you can March, and Demonstrate, all you want, legally”.


May 1, 2007: Illegal Aliens demonstrated in Los Angeles, after marching from downtown Los Angeles

to about 3 miles west to Mac Arthur park,

finally some demonstrators a few blocks away from the park started to accost the police,

“THEN” about 100 police in Riot Gear charge through the park, batons ready

 to assault the Illegal aliens,

who up to this point in the park were non-violent.

Not all the people in the park were the marchers,

many were families sitting on the grass, with small children,

and the cops just Billy Clubbed their way through the park.

This is not how to affect crowd control when small children are present.

I’m not all heartless, just a little bit.

Then while I absolutely object to all Illegal Aliens being in our nation,

I was offended when the Riot Police accosted the News Media

who were present, to present the News to viewers.

My huge question is “How many illegal aliens did the police arrest

for being in our nation in the first place. ZERO, that’s how many.

How many did the police arrest on May 1, 2006 when some demonstrators even marched

on the Harbor Freeway in downtown Los Angeles,

and on the St. Vincent Thomas Bridge, in the South Los Angeles county area,

interrupting traffic? None.

The police were so polite to them, why?

Because; the police are afraid of the Hispanics.

The police are outnumbered.


NOW as of February 2008, the city of Los Angeles has laid off some 3700 white police officers,

and hired some 3700 Hispanic officers, since so many citizens in Los Angeles are Hispanics,

Legal or Illegal!

When the new Hispanic mayor of our city claimed he needed more money to hire

(as he said, 1000 more) police, he didn’t hire them. 

He didn’t ask for a vote from the citizens if they would approve being taxed some $18 per home, per month

he said he was adding $18 to the cost of everyone’s trash collection.

Where is the money?

He didn’t hire 1000 new cops, and where is the money?

Some of it went for raises in City Hall, and the rest?

Who knows?

Down the drain I guess, and he is still collecting.


Now I’d react to those kinds of actions, if I still lived in Los Angeles,

I’d tell the trash department that I was not paying an illegal tax that the taxpayers didn’t vote on,

and if they didn’t pick up my trash, I’d dump it on the lawn of City Hall.


“I’m: Give them Hell, Cordell”.


That’s because Americans don’t show up 300,000 at a time,

demanding government improvements,

if it were American citizens,

we would have been arrested immediately.

Why weren’t Illegal Aliens arrested?

Americans are too complacent, you are not aware of what is going on, why?

Don’t you really want to continue this nation, or just surrender now?


How dare we demand criminals illegally in America be arrested?


Oh! By the way, it’s criminal to arrest a criminal who has children,

and deprive those children of their parent,

we are heartless to do so,

and the Hispanics tell us this is so. SAD

Do you want the cops to stop arresting any criminal that has a spouse and children?


When Hispanics show up by the “hundred-thousand's”,

not a peep out of the police to arrest them,

gee you wouldn’t want to upset the “illegals” would you?

Are you getting mad enough “yet”? You’d better be getting mad!


There is still so much that I haven’t included,

but I know you don’t want to read all that is wrong in this country.

We have come to a crossroads,

our future is really in trouble,

that’s why a regular guy like me,

who has worked for that weekly paycheck all my life

has decided that the Republican’s, and Democrat’s can no longer to be trusted.


I’m not a politician!

I’ve never been a politician!

I do not like the politicians I see!

Do you like politicians?

What is a politician?

Someone in your community that convinced you that if you pay him enough money,

he or she, will go to the seat of the government and represent you.

Of course he or she forgets immediately that they are representing “you”.

They are representing the BIG fundraisers who got them elected,

who want some special benefits after the politician is elected.

Many of them have been lawyers before running for office,

and of course you like, and trust lawyers. You DO, don’t you?


Why should I bother?

Because no one else is going to stop our nation being sold to the United Nations


because you are not paying attention to this treason.


I’m just a simple retired senior citizen who is worried about our future; thank goodness I’m still healthy.

Trust me, and read all of this.

Our total future is at risk, and once lost, will never be returned

unless we have an armed Revolution, like “my” ancestors did in 1776.

Someone has to be the next President, to be a politician,

if you are not happy now with the politicians you know,

do you want more of that?

If we don’t stop this NOW,

we may never ever again have a Free Nation,

once lost, there will be no return to the government we want.


If you don’t take time to read all of this, do you really deserve any future in America?


How are “you” going to have another Revolution when “you” no longer have guns?

You will now be controlled by guns in the hands of the United Nations troops in our country.


I’m not the only person who is aware of the problem of the problems of America.

Many know; many are telling us; what is wrong, YOU know things are wrong,

but NO ONE is offering any solution’s, except for ME.


I’ve been told the New World Order (rape) is inevitable so enjoy it; it’s a done deal.

Keep on reading, it will get worse, if you don’t fight back now.


With “your” vote, We “will” retake America, for the “Citizens” of The United States.


There is a wonderful saying by: Thomas Jefferson:

When the government fears the citizens, that is Democracy:

When the citizens fear the government, that’s Tyranny.


Do you fear our government?

If you don’t!

Then you don’t understand what is going on.

Don’t forget Waco, Texas; Ruby Ridge, ID; Oklahoma City; Vietnam; and Iraq;

Illegal Aliens; China; Tapping your phone calls, etc.


Are you disgusted? Have you just given up, WHY?


You complain, complain, complain, and “NOTHING” done to solve America’s Problems,

What are “YOU” going to do?


Congress isn’t listening to you. The Senate isn’t listening to you.


It’s time to take action “NOW”. We are being invaded, and our jobs are leaving America.


What is coming: More Illegal Aliens; Higher taxes; More loss of jobs?

The RepubliCons and Democraps don’t have a solution “But I do”.


Do you want to work, for less than minimum wage, with “no” benefits? “Illegal Aliens do!”

Some employers don’t care about America, only $$


In 1938 our (new Socialistic) government established how many hours at straight time,

and how many hours at overtime would be allowed.

Then OSHA was enacted to ensure safe working conditions in the work place.

We realize this was for the good of the entire nation’s work force.

Do you think OSHA is watching those factories in China? HA.

This condition is what enabled the Unions to start.


How much do you want our government to run our employers?

Now our government tries to control more and more of our industry.

So they left our nation to hire unprotected employees.


You, as an employer can’t even fire someone without facing government investigation,

be forced to rehire or pay severance pay for a non-performer employee,

or worse yet a financial penalty for firing an employee.

Good old government controls.


Wonder why our manufactures are leaving America to hire employees

who can be fired on the spot, no recourse problems,

no environmental regulations, more profit, and “no back talk” ie: Slaves


These rules “only” protect “hourly” paid employees, not those on Salary.


Now “YOU TOO”, can now share “Poverty”, just hang around, and do nothing, until 2012,

(Then I can say, “I Told You So”.)

Ready to be Downsized? You are going to be saying “Why didn’t someone tell us what is going on?”

We’ve been telling you, why aren’t you listening?



Presidents Reagan, and Clinton, tried to reduce spending in this nation,

they soon found the old timers in Congress, and the Senate refused to do anything.

Reagan, and Clinton soon found out, that they didn’t understand

how Washington DC operates.

Don’t you love paying taxes?

What about our money problems, and federal budget?

Congress, and the Senate ensure re-election by sending money back to their state,

to show you constituents that they’re doing “something” for you.

Please send our government MONEY so they can HELP YOU.


Yes! They’re doing something for you; they’re taking YOUR money from you,

and then returning a portion of your money to your state.

About 25% of your money returned to you,

with a slight “users fee”, of about 75%, “for the politicians”.

The following is typical for every year.

See #55; for some actual Pork projects; for 2007, amazing. You’ll be furious, believe me.


“I” understand how Washington DC operates,

I’ll take them on, and we will have some ECONOMIZING in this nation, or else.

I’m frugal; I’m thrifty; others call me cheap, oh well!

The Federal Budget is a disgrace, loaded with unbelievable expenditures that you can’t imagine.

I’ll squeeze every nickel, until it screams.

A 25 lb book published each year to describe our budget.

Have you had enough of your money confiscated, for this nonsense?

How did we run this country, for 125 years with no income taxes?

How many businesses fail, because of excessive taxation’s that kills them?


I’ve had enough! Let’s YOU, and I, do something about this.


I’m trying to save this nation; for all of YOU who live from paycheck to paycheck,

(about 80% of us do),

 so those of you who make less than $12/hr now,

and for those families where both husband, and wife have to work to survive,

you need me.

While your children come home from school

to an empty house, because you’re both at work.


This is a real problem in this nation; mothers used to be homemakers to care for the children.

When children don’t have a parent to come home to from school

they all too often get involved in trouble.

Our children feel lost and not part of a family anymore.

That bit of sitting down to share supper together,

to discuss the day, to be together is now a rarity.


So many marriages are burned out from overwork.

Finances, and Taxes, are a great burden on middle class families

 that on the surface think they’re doing great,

until that day when they come home, and look each other in the eye,

and wonder where the years went.

One day when you’re 40 or 50, you’re wondering what happened,

the excitement gone, and you’re not doing as well as you did when you were 25,

and things are going to get worse

if you don’t elect ME: Don Cordell.

America is being downsized.


The government claims over 800,000 jobs eliminated by outsourcing in the last 7 years.

1.1 Million jobs lost just in year (2008)

I estimate there are 30 million unemployed or under employed in our nation.

That is a disgrace.

How many of those lain off, also lost their homes to foreclosures?


If I don’t do something to bring our jobs back to our nation,

we will have a depression that will put 1929 to shame.

In that depression, factories closed, and as employees were laid off,

they stopped buying, just like now.


Now our factories have been destroyed, so there is no coming back to work.


“One” American airlines reported as to have lain off 163,000 employees since 2003.


How are those ex-employees doing financially?

Are these employees part of the 800,000 lain off since 2003,

I doubt it.



How are we going to get that?

I’ll be here for you, Americans in distress.

We have to “stop” manufacturing from leaving our country.


Veterans: I “will” take care of our Military Service persons, and   “Veterans”


Read more of my presentation, and you will see how I’ll do this.

I promise you what I “will do”, “will happen”, or heads in Washington DC will roll. See # 26


*I Don Cordell will save America, *

for the “Citizens of the United States”


YOU keep hearing that Hispanics are doing jobs Americans won’t do,

Well Congress,

The Senate, and

The President

Are also giving our country away, “they’re not” doing the jobs Americans elected them to do,

they’re letting our country be invaded, and giving away our Sovereignty.


“Are YOU going to wait until all members of CONGRESS, and the Senate are HISPANICS?”

Believe me, when a Hispanic runs for political office, all the Hispanics will show up to vote for him, while YOU sit home, and don’t bother to vote.

Then what do you think the Hispanic politician is going to do to this country?

We had a Hispanic Mayor Villaraigosa in Los Angeles, and it’s already evident where his allegiance was, for “his” countrymen,

Villaraigosa claims he has to help “HIS people”, not just AMERICAN citizens.


Los Angeles Daily News 2 July 07: Call it Latino Power; call it the emergence of Mexican America.

No longer are Latinos talking about attaining power in California, home to the nation's biggest Latino population.

Now the conversation focuses on “what they should do with it”. Can you believe that?


Rep. Raul Grijalva, elected for a third term in the Tucson, AZ district 7 area this year openly brags that “Mexico is the future of the America, that all non brown-people should get out of America”.

He is a Chicano activist, and proud of it.

We are at WAR to preserve America, and YOU do nothing! Wake up Americans.



These bastards now in Washington, are traitors.

We must save our nation NOW. Politicians all over our nation are kissing the ass of the Illegal Aliens, letting them take YOUR jobs, giving away “YOUR” nation.


Hazleton, PA finally decided to take action, to drive the Illegals out of their city.

Now the Supreme Court says; only the Federal Government has the right to control Illegal Aliens, but the Federal Government isn’t doing it, why?

Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; New Haven, CT; Indianapolis, IN; Terre Haute, IN; Maywood, CA, and San Francisco are some of the many Sanctuary cities in America that welcome illegal aliens, regardless of the fact that, these people are in our country, against the law.


A location in Virginia reported that they held some 20,000 illegal aliens in their prisons, that were reported to ICE for deportation. Only some 680 were actually taken by the Fed’s, the rest of course were returned to the streets of America to do more crime. Where is the crime? Right there in Washington, DC.

We need to do this in our entire nation. Let’s do it now.

If you don’t take action in 2010, it will be too late to save America.

We “will be” part of the “North American Union”

Do you want “no Borders between the USA, Canada, and Mexico”? Yes

I keep repeating this message, it is so important, you must be aware and take action now.

Keep on reading, I know this may be a long presentation.

“You” deserve an honest government “I will give you that”.


CANDIDATE ROSS PEROT gave our politicians a scare, and then he chickened out,

WHY? Was he threatened? I won’t give up. This is too important I’m in this, for the long run, to save our nation for YOU.


THAT IS BECAUSE; Not enough of YOU are MAD enough to save this nation,

so you’re going to let these parties bluff YOU into continuing with the present destruction of our nation.


WAKE UP AMERICANS, join with me, and show the world, that you do care to save America.


I’M DOING THE BEST I CAN to guide YOU to what we must do “are you just going to quit”.


I’m willing to spend my time to guide the citizens of this nation, I’m not doing this; for money, or prestige, or power, I’m trying to spend the last bit of my life to make this nation what “MY ancestors”, and our founders envisioned; for the people of America, the Freedom’s we’ve had, that no one else in the world has.


WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS, which are supposed to give us the power to govern ourselves. This power has been subverted, and distorted by the present politicians, with questionable morals, who may not be millionaires when they enter office; but they sure enrich themselves once in office.

Are they here for YOU? I wonder! Do YOU really think, “they’re here for YOU?”


IT’S TRUE that “some citizens are elected, and are very honorable”, but soon find they get nowhere with the old timers in power, unless they play along. So soon they have the same attitude of the old-timers. It’s “go along, to get along”, or else!


I’m pretty stubborn; watch me “shake things up”.


In 2008 you had a chance to finally choose someone who actually cares for America, and to hell with the rest of the world. “America the Beautiful” FIRST, or we are done as a nation.

So will YOU give in to the United Nations? To let them tell YOU how to live?


Remember President Nixon, and the presidential tapes, “Expletives deleted”, well there is going to be a lot of Expletives when I face some of these clowns who are trying to screw us out of “America the Beautiful”.


I’m not some kook, or crazy nut, I’m a really concerned citizen who sees, and knows what is going on, and it is scary. I think WE can really do this, if you had voted for me.

IF my name was not on the ballot, you could have Written in my name, let this be a first, show the government that the citizens are in charge, that you actually want to elect a President with your vote.


“We citizens really aren’t in charge of our government”.

The Constitution says we are, we can be, we’d better be.

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of our nation.


I will give all Whistleblowers total protection from the “Office of the President”.

Government employees, tell me of the errors, and criminal behavior in your department that are happening, and how you’re threatened with financial, and political ruin if YOU tell on your bosses. I’ll protect you.

There “must be” SOME honest citizens employed in our government. Somewhere?


Could we save America? Heads going to roll, no more business as usual in the White House, total clean sweep, and NEW Administration, no more $600 Hammers, but at any price, that Hammer will have been made in the United States.


Return to Emergency


Was this (highly suspected to occur, but ignored, to get the citizens in the mood for war?) an event like Pearl Harbor on the 7th of Dec 1941 to get us in to WW II. The intention is/was, to have a reason to suspend our Constitutional Rights for an emergency.


Well we’ve have had an EMERGENCY, and we have lost our rights, with the “Homeland Security Act” and the Terrorist Act, and the War Commissions Act of 2006.


What will I do about 9/11? Well! There is an old saying, “Vengeance shall be mine”, and I’ll take care of that situation in totality. The Koran tells Muslims that they must kill all nonbelievers.

The war between the United States, and the Muslim nations, must be solved.


We will stop all terrorists, so we can enjoy our America again. No Muslim killers anywhere in the world.  No more Illegal’s from anywhere entering our country. This will give you an insight into what incompetent bunch of clowns is running (ruining) this country.


This is totally serious, not a joke. Wake Up Americans


African Americans: In Florida, many African Americans showed up to vote in 2000, only to find their names had been deleted (typically Democrats) from the Voting Rolls, why? Well! Supposedly; for criminal past, or they hadn’t voted in the previous election. Then they found out that they had been deleted incorrectly. Some consolation that was, “after the election was over”. Collusion? Hey! With George Bush’s brother Jeb, the governor of Florida, what ever would make you think that the Republicans got rid of 50,000 Democrat voters who couldn’t fight back “on” Election Day. In 2008 Ohio voters found the same scam was operating, long lines at less Voting locations, to discourage Black Voters from voting.

Let alone the fraud caused by the voting machines not registering correct votes.

African Americas join me in saving this nation for all legal citizens.


? WHAT CAN YOU DO? Get off of your behind, and finally do something.

You saw our Dictator George Bush, and his followers are take away your freedoms.

YOU didn’t do something; now it’s too late. You could have Voted to save America.


Had enough? Then let’s do something! You should have elected me, because none of the other candidates for President have any intentions of stopping this destruction of America. This is part of “THE PLAN”

The Plane, the Plane here comes the Plane, No! Here comes the PLAN, here comes the Plan, the Plan.

The PLAN: The New World Order, under the United Nations.


Notice: ”TREASON” The federal government (George Bush) wants you to know, “NO WHERE” does the Constitution, or Bill of Rights guarantee you the “Rights of Privacy” What ever made us think we had that right, “when” the security of the Nation is involved? Bush defends his right to spy on citizens, without warrant’s, as essential to American safety. That is a lot of bull, Hitler’s tactics.


To maintain the freedoms the “Constitution declared” we have as citizens of this nation.

What has happened to:

“One Nation, “Indivisible” with Liberty and Justice for all”?

Has it become, One Nation “Divided”, without Liberty, or Justice for anyone, anymore?

United we Stand, Divided we Fall, and we are Divided.

For the good of the government: (the people WE elected).

Return to: Read about TREASON


Taxes: I’d have “cut, cut, cut,” our taxes, and “a lot more”, read on, “your” future depends on ME. There would have been “huge cuts” in Federal Spending, NO MORE PORK. I’d have watched the Federal Budget as if it were my money, and some of it is, a tiny part, even then I’d evaluate what we pay for “everything” I’m a very frugal shopper, OK so I’m “cheap”, frugal sounds better.  See # 55

Search on Google for “Temporary Tax Increase” What a laugh, there is no such thing as “temporary”

Like Temporary permits for aliens to work in America, yeah temporary, FOR LIFE.

Now imagine, if I cut Government spending by 50%, all citizens with incomes under $50,000 probably would not have to pay “ANY” (illegal) income taxes. It can be done.

I read somewhere, the first thing to do to budget is “Control Spending”, somehow our elected officials didn’t read that book. During Obama’s campaign, he also claimed if you make less than $50,000 no income taxes, wanna bet he reneges on that?

I made less than $50,000 this year, and I paid income taxes.


I will protect our Social Security System, See # 31

Believe me, “Congress intends to end Social Security” But not “their” retirement benefits. They retire on 80% of their pay.


If you don’t vote for me next time, you may “never” get the chance to vote again.

I want to lead you in to the future of an America our founding fathers intended for us to experience, and to share forever.


If we don’t constantly fight for our rights, we “WILL” lose them, don’t let the current government leaders continue to cancel our rights, as they totally intend to do this, help me to stop them. Vote like your life depends on it, it does.


Our government has absolutely no consideration about YOU as a citizen, only the enrichment of those in power, the very rich, who intend to get more riches while they send “all of our manufacturing to the third world countries”.  Read # 15


Bush backed “giving Faith Based funds” to churches, “if” they praised Bush; if they don’t, he informed the IRS to end that church’s “tax exempt” status. Your Priest, Minister, Rabbi, are warned Do Not Discuss politics “AGAINST HIM”, or heads (yours) will roll.


Am I afraid to be in an African American community day or night? Yes I am afraid!

I’ve seen too many examples of racist crime in Los Angeles to be wary of being alone in an all African American community. There is a lot of hatred for non African Americans in their predominant neighborhoods.


I would not be safe, unless there are a large white assembly where I’m part of that group, I would be stupid to risk going in to a predominant African Community. Isn’t that a shame? I think so. I have had African American friends in the past, and we accepted each other as friends, but I found that while this was so, at work, away from work these friends did not want to associate with me; I was willing, they were not.


Is racism still prevalent in America? YES! Can we end this? I don’t think so. But I want each citizen to have the same rights and privileges as any other citizens, regardless of what race they are, or where they live. As long as African Americans feel this way, they are still slaves, slaves of hatred. I want everyone regardless of race to be safe in their communities, but if you are poor, poor, and feel you can only survive with crime, that’s a shame in America. I want to change that.


Now let’s talk real racism, in the riots in Los Angeles in 1991, there was an owner of a machine shop in the So. Los Angeles community, owned by a white man, who hired about 36 African American machinists, the white owner was killed. Now there were 36 African American employees out of work, this man made a point to bring employment in to that area, and he was killed.

White businesses were fire bombed, or looted, and destroyed.

After the riot ceased, the African Americans were begging for the White owned business’s to rebuild so they had somewhere to shop.

I’m sorry but I would feel no obligation to rebuild in those communities. Until this racism ceases, we have to look at this hatred in reality. We must cease this behavior or divide our communities behind walls. I am being realistic.

See http://www.bushwatch.com/faith.htm


As of Jan 20, 2006 the government now wants to monitor your searching for information on the Internet, supposedly for “pornography searchers”, what next? You searching for political information?

Or anything else the government is afraid you will find out about the government.

Fight this with all your might; your rights as a citizen of our country are being totally restricted.

China, and France limit what their citizens can search for on the Internet in their countries.

Ready for that in America? To protect us for “Homeland Security?”


Go on to Google.com, and search for “aid to country” replace country with the name of any nation in the world, and see where our tax money goes, to play Santa Claus all over the world. Billions, and billions of our dollars given away like candy.

Those trying to make phone calls using the Internet phone software systems bother the government. Those calls cannot be monitored, “YET”.



Return to Beginning

Now remember those poor people in Mexico will now be eligible for Welfare,

they already get Supplemental Social Security Income, when their ill, or elderly citizens enter our nation illegally.

If they have a drug problem, SSSI is here to help them, since they can’t work while on drugs.

If you think we have a drug problem now, wait until there is no actual border with Mexico anymore. We already have Mexican trucks entering our country with only about 10% searched for drugs.


Now was your chance to make a change in our government, you could have elected an average citizen who cares about all of the “common” people in this country. Bush is an example of the Oil Rich of Texas, being indifferent to the non-rich.

With “your” vote for me, I’d have retaken America, for the “citizens” of The United States.


I’ve made a lot of this message in red to represent the Danger our country is in, and the Red Ink our budget has become. America is BROKE, BANKRUPT, out of control; soon we will be paid with Amero-peso’s that we earn from our minimum wage jobs.

When American money is declared illegal to own, what are you going to do? Remember in 1933 it became a felony to own United States GOLD coins, unless they were of extreme collector value. Then after the government confiscated all the gold coins, and debased all the paper money that promised Gold in exchange for those bills, in 1934 the government raised the price of Gold from $20/oz to $35/oz. Now Gold is about $1400/oz.


I really am still a most “serious” contender?

What qualifications do I have for this position?

“My love for America, Americans, and the American way of life”, “and” the fact that I’m related to 21 American Presidents. Bush, Nixon, Ford, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others.


Spread the word, tell others about me, and don’t give up America without a fight. If my name isn’t on the ballot, write it in.

Everyone, could have Voted for Don Cordell

Why didn’t you?


Unite with me, while you still can, “United, We will Stand” I sure need your help


Big Brother is watching all of us, building files on our association, unions, Internet usage, and political attendance, to keep us from protesting the loss of our Sovereignty.

Big Brother is watching you, building files on all citizens, to arrest those who would cause trouble, when they plan to give “Our nation”, to the United Nations.


If I disappear it will be because the government has decided to DETAIN me, not arrested, because it’s not illegal for me to tell you how our government is planning to destroy America, but to shut me up like they did Ross Perot. I’ll be sent to a Detention Center, like all of you who protest could also be sent. See REX 84


They telling us more amnesty for Illegal Aliens is just the right thing to do for our neighbors to the south, or anyone else that has come to America, and never left, like 19 Arabs, who had American drivers licenses’, attended American flight schools, to learn to fly those planes on 9/11.


Please read on even more: It gets even more serious

The first thing Hitler did in Germany in the 1930’s was to claim a national emergency, to end the rights of the citizens.

So “We” had 9/11, then in “only 45 days” a “very highly complex” “Homeland Security”,

“Terrorist Patriot Act (145 pages) Public Law 107-56—Oct. 26 2001”, was enacted,

“Amazing, isn’t it, that this was available so quickly

This had to have been in the works for a long time “before 9/11”

This is part of the future plan to do away with “our” freedoms, and turn over this nation

to be part of the United Nations, “One World Order”.

On that 9/11, 2001, WE ARE TOLD: 19 “Saudi Arabian” terrorist nationals

boarded 4” different planes in the United States airports,

(I can’t even board a plane carrying nail clippers, or a bottle of water),

yet these (“19, no less”), terrorists boarded 4 different planes with knives, with no problem.

What were the FBI, and the CIA doing? Billion dollar organizations,

paid for by we taxpayers, and we have “NO National Security”. Ask yourself WHY?

Some testers have recently tried to see how secure our airports are occasionally,

and find they have been able to walk right through security carrying guns, and knives,

not just once, but numerous times, however if you’re handicapped,

then your wheelchair is highly suspect.


Trust our FBI?  (Remember the FBI agent who was selling information to the Russians for 25 years!),

 so we should trust our FBI? HA, they can’t even find traitors in the FBI for up to 25 years.

Now I want
>  “MADE in AMERICA”  <

We must restore this; right now our present government is “proud” to export more, and more of our manufacturing to other countries, while you struggle to find a new job at minimum wage, if you’re lucky enough to find any job at all.


In November 2005 Ford planned to lay off 30,000 Americans workers, then built 6 new factories in Mexico to make cars there, and bring the cars back in to America tax free, to sell to Americans.

2008, General Motors in desperate financial condition, Chrysler broke, Ford in trouble, can’t sell low miles per gallon, vehicles, what to do? Other companies are doing likewise to spread jobs around the world?

In Dec 2005 General Motors closed 12 plants in America, and one in Canada, laying off about 30,000 employees. How many additional employees were laid off with supporting suppliers? I’m sure these items will now come from China, or Mexico. Chrysler announced the same thing in Jan 2007, laying off over 30,000 employees. All this; while General Motors executives pay themselves Millions of dollars per year.


Ah! Here you go again, something really important to all of you:

“Regular gas @ $1.29 Gal.? How? Read on, see # 44

It gets even better as you read more:


If you had any pride left for America, it was time for “you” to elect a real “American” who loves “Americans”, and  “OUR AMERICA”.

“I’ve always loved America”, not just as I’m campaigning like some candidates wife exclaimed.


My Political Party? Well, I was a Republican until President Nixon, then I registered as a Democrat until Clinton, then I registered as an Independent. I’ve looked at the other political parties, what party do I belong to? Presently None. These parties disappoint me; I see them submitting our nation to the United Nations. No party seems to offer what America needs; I’m only an “AMERICAN”.  However now to get elected in 2016 I need a party affiliation of some sort, as the “Electoral College” system actually Elects the President, we citizens really don’t actually elect the president, so I need to have a party of a group of citizens in each of the 50 states by 2016, any volunteers?


No Parties?

I want to work for “all CITIZENS”, not the PARTY. Our politicians have been having a great PARTY at your expense.

Their Party, is to have a “party”, live it up on your money that they confiscate from you, and then tell us we have no choice, elect them over, and over, or else.

Are you having a party?  I’m not, I’m serious to break this Party line, help me.


Good question now, Who are the parties? When we talk about the Republican, or Democratic Party, who, or what is the Party???????? A group of whom?

Does the party tell the elected President what he will do? No party is going to tell me what to do; only you, the citizens are my concern.

Presidential choices in 2004:

We had two poor Republican/Democrat choices for President in 2004, not much hope for us, with either of them. The voters ignored the other Presidential candidates of the minor parties, what a shame.

You the voters, have been so blinded, or so convinced that “you” can’t turn this country around, that we are nearly extinguished as the nation we started out to be, “With Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

None of the 2004 candidates really told us what they would do for you, other than they would do better than anyone else. They made no promises, so there is nothing for them to be held to account for. Of course President Bush guaranteed we’d stay in Iraq, sad. Now you’re getting smarter.


You will get no double talk from me, only the straight facts, I’m usually right, if I’m wrong tell me, I know you will.


No one will write my speeches, what you hear from me is what I am thinking, and my beliefs, and what “I WILL DO, with your help“ Everything in this website was written by me, and are my ideas exclusively. I revised this website at various times before election day, and am continuing to update daily.


I know that I won’t be able to please “everyone”, especially the very rich, I’ll sure try my best to make a better life for most of the citizens. I look at the pro’s and con’s of everything, as I make decisions, and want to do what is best for our citizens, in our country.

I’ll make a list, and check it twice, to see who has been naughty or nice.


What all politicians forget immediately is that “They work for us”, I’ll work for you.

We are the employer, not their subject.

This is America; we used to be the “Land of the FREE”.  Let’s preserve that right.


I’m telling you “what I will do for you”: Most of my policy involves cutting taxes, protecting America, and the “citizens”, (not “Illegal Aliens”), the Illegal’s will be out of here, “if I get elected”. Remember an American out of work is paying “NO” taxes, so if you’re working you are going to pay more to make up that loss.


I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it any more, are you?

We don’t need to take this anymore.

Let’s fight, and win the Freedom for all of “You” in this nation.


YOUR “Country”, and “YOU” need “ME”.

So you have been complaining: “What can you do?”

Well, you can elect “Me”, and see the changes, as I protect your rights in this country.

Let’s do it.

The real scary scenario is when someone comes to your door, and say; I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help you”. We are here to take all your firearms from you.


What we have is a government,

“Of the Politician, By the Politician, For the Politician”




We citizens are only seen as a piggy bank to support the greed of all the political branches in our country, in the City, County, State, and Federal Governments. How often have you read that a proposed tax cut would “COST” our government “X” number of dollars if the cuts were allowed? Not save you money, “cost the government” dollars, loss of “YOUR money”, as the government thinks all of “your” income is actually by rights, the government’s money.




Freedom of the Press: When we have some reporters, and investigators who try to find some wrongdoing in America. The court’s demand, under penalty, that reporters “will go to jail”, if they don’t tell the court who told them that information. The government wants to threaten anyone revealing any government wrong doings, to bring fear to anyone who squeals on the government, to shut them up.

When I’m President, NO more reporters will be “arrested for refusing to tell the court where they got the information”, the court calls it “Contempt”, what that is, is contempt against the citizens’ rights to know what our government is really doing to us.


For years, too many government documents have been marked “Confidential” to hide them from the public. We have a “government of criminals” that intimidate the public to bring fear if anyone tries to squeal about some problem, just like the KGB in Russia.

Who runs this Invisible Government we have?


While we indeed did have (before 9/11) a “Freedom of Information Act” that allows citizens to search, and have access to all government records, citizens are denied access over, and over, telling us they don’t have time to be bothered with our request’s, or “that information is Confidential”. Now our government is reclassifying information that had been available, it is now Classified as “Secret”, you don’t need to know what our government really does.

I thought we had a government “of the people”, “US”, I guess not!



Michael Moore: With his movie Fahrenheit 9/11” attempted to warn Americans of wrongs happening in America, many of you laughed, many of you applauded.

Mr. Moore at his own expense, tried to warn our citizens of the corruption in all levels of government, and business operations. Those of you, who laughed at his exposure of these wrongs, will find in the future how serious these problems really are. You should have thanked Mr. Moore.

The government told you, “Mr. Moore was wrong, and didn’t know what he was doing”.

Of course our government doesn’t want you to think about what Mr. Moore was telling you, what was wrong with our government.



I want “real” bumpers on our cars, with real bumper guards, not plastic trim that falls off on the side of the road.

When I go to buy windshield wipers, I want that package to say, Made in the USA.


We have to do this in the “next year”, before we are given to the United Nations “New World Order”.


I want all of you to review all of the items in this website, but first let's let you know what is happening and Why!


I know 99.99% of Americans will not believe me that our nation is in real trouble, but we are about to lose our Freedoms, and will be under attack to become a police state under the United Nations. If you looked at those Video’s that I’ve listed, then you know what I must do.




We are at a definite crossroads for our nation, you made a mistake this election, there will be no more elections to make Changes; this is it. Do you want Obama’s Changes, or do you want to continue Freedom for Americans?


I want to unchange America, to return America to what we were, with opportunities for all, and pride for our nation.


America is shutting down, sold to the lowest bidder, and you don’t care? There are many world economists who claim America is a has-been power, that is now superseded by a rising China and India as the next world powers, united with the other members of the United Nations New World Order. That: Sovereign nations are a thing of the past, the cause of many wars. If we remove all borders, and have only one government for the entire world there will be no more war, and the people will do as told or be eliminated.  This will be called Peace.


Did you just elect a DemoCrap because: You didn’t have the guts to elect an Independent candidate?

Why did many of you register as an “Independent” if you didn’t plan to elect an Independent Candidate?


You are not happy now, and you think a Democrap is going to make things better? We’ve had Both Parties in office forever and ever, and we still have problems.

Did you want to save this nation or not?


It’s not the Man; it’s the PARTY!

They have failed our Free Nation.

Do something now to save America, or we will fall like the Roman Empire did.

Take the time to study my platform and promises;

I would save this nation, so you will be proud to be called an American.

Let's do it.



I will have a plan where, I will visit American communities around the nation on a monthly schedule, to meet and talk directly with you citizens, to know what problems you are having, and what I can do to help Americans, and restore our nation. I’d rather be concerned about what citizens’ need, than converse with foreign leaders, whom I don’t trust.


Buy America, do not sell America


I want every single toy for sale in Christmas 2009, labeled: Made in the USA.

You should not have reelect any incumbent last November; they have failed us.


Let me remind you, we pay Congress and the Senate $14,600/month, every month.


Do they feel your financial pain? Do they represent you?

Sure they do. HA, HA, HA. We pay the President $33,333/mo.


After 9/11 caused by, (?) our government enacted a Terrorism Act.

So we are constantly at a Planned War, “constantly” we will be deprived more, and more of our rights, because we are at WAR.

A perpetual WAR, Do you understand the implications of that?

Your rights must be deprived for National Security. Better be stockpiling weapons, because we are going to have a War, OK?


Our military; who as usual are told to go home, the war is over, now you are on your own.

We have veterans facing foreclosure, and bankruptcies after serving our nation.

Who cares? I Do. All Veterans, and Enlisted Personnel are at the top of my list of things that “must” be taken care of.

Help me take care of our Veterans, to show them how proud we are for their sacrifices. Don’t tell me that they won’t get medical help, as that was a pre-existing condition.

Yet don’t try to cheat the government either, Veterans, this works both ways.


You very seldom see “Made in the USA, by Americans”.

You see lots of “MADE IN CHINA”

”Assembled in America” is not made in America.

(You usually see Assembled in Mexico, of American parts, or assembled in

America from Mexican parts)

What you don’t see is: Regular Gas $1.29/gal. Click here to read how.



Rights? You have Rights? Previous Attorney General Gonzales assures us that even though the Constitution says: “You cannot be deprived of Habeas Corpus”, he said that you never had the right to Habeas Corpus in the first place. Here we have the top Legal authority on laws in the United States, and he claims that even though the Constitution says, this right “may not be cancelled”, that in reality, you do not, and did not have that right in the first place. Well we need a new Attorney General who understand English, and can read and reason, and I know who will be my Attorney General when I’m elected, David Kendall, a respected attorney in Washington DC. (Habeas Corpus: the right to a speedy trial with council, to face your accusers, to defend yourself.)


First we have a situation where so many of our citizens have been educated in our government run schools, that by The Plan; taught, that sovereignty of a nation with firm borders is “old fashioned” for today’s society.


We are being taught: That our borders should be open, that a One World government is the correct way for today’s society. More and more that citizens should be taken care of by the government, that each human being should be provided with the necessities of life, with no demand to contribute any effort to do these things yourself.


So, free housing, free food, free clothing, free medical care, everything free, so no one has to worry about contributing anything more than producing offspring, preferably a maximum of ONE. That is Communistic rhetoric: That the government owns everything, and will provide for you. Only what they provide is only the basic-needs, and when you want more, there isn’t any more above your basic-needs; if even that, based upon the government’s opinion of what you really need.


A government that can give you benefits; can also limit your benefits, to reduce you to a “taken-care-of-slave”.


Is this the future of the United States? NO future? You will work, but you won’t care if you work hard or not, you will still receive all the benefits to exist, with no effort on your part.


Do you even understand how serious this really is? With many more citizens laid off from work due to Globalization, jobs leaving our nation, unlimited immigration for those willing to work for minimum wage or less, while you are going bankrupt.

Join the Hispanic way of life, 3 families in one apartment, sleeping in shifts to share beds.



I don’t have Millions to spend to get your vote, in fact, I’m limited to the cost of my website to win this election unless I get more contributions to afford more advertising, “but” if you don’t elect me, we are going to LOSE our national sovereignty; LOSE more jobs; LOSE our Constitution, and LOSE our Bill of Rights.




___________________________Yesterdays News________________________________________

INDY BANK: Did you have money in that Bank? Senator Schumer (D-NY) told you: That “IT”

might fail, and sure enough it “did fail”, as depositors rushed to the bank to pull their money out.


Lesson #1. Look: Banks INVEST the money that you deposit, that’s the way banks work, if the bank doesn’t LOAN your money to someone who pays them interest, they can’t pay you interest.


Keep your money in a pillow case if you want it to be safe, then you lose 7% a year or more in depreciation. But if you put it in the bank, then they have to call in the loans, before they can pay you all of your money at one time. In the bank you only lose 6% a year value of your money! Well not really, inflation went up 7% so your money is not worth 8% less each year you leave it in the bank.


Trust your bank, do not panic, it’s your government that will do you in.

While $100,000 insurance by the FDIC may have seemed like a lot in 1970, now it’s not a large sum, but we’ve had 1600% to 2500% inflation. In 1943 banks were giving you 3% on deposits, now 1%?

So if I’m elected, I’m going to raise FDIC to $1 Million/per deposit, more so for business accounts, based upon their payroll needs.


____________________________Tomorrows News?____________________________________


All USA banks closed, the new Amero’s will be issued to citizens of the New North American Union in exchange for Dollars/Peso’s,

1 Amero’s for each Federal Reserve dollar, 1 Amero/per 10 Peso’s.

You will have 30 days to exchange your money, after that the US currency will no longer be valid for purchases.

Excess amounts of cash will be investigated, as you try to exchange it for the Amero.

United States coins will still be valid for One Year.


Great Britain did this a few years back when they exchanged Pounds, Shillings, and Pence’s, for the Decimal system money, and everyone had to exchange all the actual cash they held. Now Great Britain will soon use the Euro as their currency. Can we really call Britain, “GREAT” anymore?



I will react the same way if I were your President if we have these kinds of emergencies.

This is an emergency, how many Billions do all of you want to lose?

Your hard earned savings and earnings. Stop the run on the banks, “or” your bank “will” also fail, and you “will” lose.

I may not have a degree in Finance, but I have a degree in Common Sense, and this is common sense understanding of Banking 101.



The United Nations plan to end the Sovereignty of the United States, don’t let this happen to our nation, stop this now, review how the “United Nations, New World Order” plans to scrap our Constitution and Bill of Rights, for a One World Government starting with your children under their control, your guns confiscated for total government control, no rights.


I have solutions, please explore all the links on this website, so you can make an intelligent selection for President this November.




Obama, did not do anything.

Did the DemoCraps or RepubliCons do anything in 1974 when gas went from 30 cents to 90 cents a gallon? NO of course not.


This major item is heading our nation to financial destruction.

Today gas (June 2017) $3.03/gal in Los Angeles, CA, but next year, $5.49 gal, or $5.99 or?

How do they do this?

Let me tell you how, first they raise the price to let's say,

from $1.89/gal, to $4.39/gal.

You are shocked, but struggle to survive,

then they drop the price back to $3.03/gal,

and you think, well that’s not too bad. Sucker.


Just more of the same old story: That we are powerless to do anything.

Gas in Los Angeles was in Sept. 08 and varies around $3.699 gallon and going down.

We have to start building more refineries, and start drilling for more oil in America and do it “NOW”, not 20 years later.

I suppose now that gas went down to $2.69/gallon you will stop complaining!

If you don’t want us drilling for oil in America, then go to some other nation to buy your gasoline. We have to become self-sufficient.

We have to stop this rip off at our gas pumps.


I think it’s time we replace everyone in Congress and the Senate,

they certainly don’t have the best interests of our nation in their hearts.

AND as I said: We pay them $14,600/mo. for what? To sit on their *

In June 2007 I paid  $2.59/gal. (860% inflation from 1974)

On May 5th 2008, I paid $3.59/gal., then up another $1.00 a month later, on June 14th 2008 when I paid $4.59/gal:

I’m Mad, are you Mad? What are you willing to do to stop this.

Why are we selling Alaskan oil to Japan, instead of delivering it to our west coast refineries?

Congress gave Social Security recipients a 2½% raise in January 08. I wanted a 25% raise in Jan 09.

We got a 5.5% raise in 2009.

Congress votes on their own pay raise, why not the rest of us doing the same?

Wow! I guess inflation is under control after all. (You’re suppose to laugh now)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>READ HOW I will do this<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



Are you ready for 300% inflation again?


FREEDOM is not free; we have to constantly fight to keep our freedoms.

Help me fight to save our nation. STOP the NEW WORLD ORDER XXX



Why Me? Because the RepubliCon party would not let Ron Paul, or Tom Tancredo run for the RepubliCon party, since they promise to end illegal immigration AMNESTY.

Neither party will have anyone elected that won’t give AMNESTY.

I will not give anyone AMNESTY, I don’t care how or why you came here, even legally if your Visa permit has expired you are out of here.


I do not see any other candidates that are really concerned about the future of our nation; they just want to be elected, PROMISING to give you “CHANGE. I want you to have more than Change in your pocket; I want you to have Folding Money in your pocket. Folding Money with something of value to support it. Early American Paper money Shinplasters, later called “Not worth a Continental Damn” worthless, as our paper money is now.


We’ve had too much Change recently; stop this Change, return to our Past where we had opportunities in this nation. Unfortunately our nation is going downhill fast.

We are having a disaster; and if we don’t stop this now, the United States will cease to exist as a Free-nation.


I “had” just enough to live a decent life, and I wanted to ensure that my children; and my grandchildren:  Wayne and Megan Cordell in Mt. Vernon, WA, and Grace and Nicholas Ashcroft in San Rafael, CA, have a future in this nation, that is now being destroyed.


At my age, I’d like to just enjoy at least the next 20 years of my life, but I can’t sit idly by and see our nation be eliminated by the New World Order.

Join me to save “America the Beautiful”.


There is no simple way to say what needs to be done to save our nation. I know my website is “Large”, but our nation is “Large”, and our problems are Huge. So please bear with me, and study what needs to be done if we are to remain a Sovereign Nation. Contrary  to popular belief our problems were more than just getting rid of George Bush in November.


The only reason I’m running for President is to retain the security of our Borders, to retain the Sovereignty of our Nation, to retain the American lifestyle that has been the envy the citizens of the world, who feel the best country in the world for Freedom has been the “United States of America”. I’d rather just have time to play with my grandchildren.


I want to retain our Constitution and Bill of Rights, let’s retain all that we can be so that we can continue this wonderful nation. That includes protecting our nation, and if that requires armed military action then that is what we have to do. War is hell, but necessary to retain our freedom.


If you do not want to protect America, then go buy a “White Flag of surrender” and fly that instead of the Stars and Stripes.


“It is not going to get better” with a DemoCRAP or RepubliCON in the White House, they will hand our nation over to China and the United Nations.

Why do you think we are dealing with RED CHINA? Thhiiinnnk!

You buy from China, and China buys the United States. Stop and think.


Chrysler Building in NY City just sold to Abu Dhabi owners, what next the Statue of Liberty sold to Iran? China buys General Motors? Kia buys Ford? The OPEC nations are buying American properties, with that oil money, how soon before they want to run the whole show?


Maybe the government needs to license and sell Pot, as you are going to need something to numb the pain of what is going to happen to America. They certainly let Drug Smugglers, smuggle enough Pot in to the United States to supply all users. Border Guards do not dare stop smugglers, or the Border Guards go to prison, and stay there. Smugglers get amnesty, so they can continue to break our laws.


A judge in Tucson, AZ doesn’t want to be bothered convicting anyone smuggling in less than 500lbs.

Or, buy Absolut Vodka® to drink, that way we can thank that Swedish company that advertised that the South-West United States is actually part of Mexico, as their recent add implied.


I was going to remove a lot of my presentation, but this is all so serious, that if I remove much of my information that would be a disservice to you.

My entire message is important to the survival of our nation.


It is a lot more important than to just say, Elect ME, I want you to know why you should, and must elect me, IF our nation is to continue with Freedoms.


I do have a Foreign Policy: Don’t screw with the United States. YOU’LL LOSE.


For many years I was a confirmed Conservative Republican, but the RepubliCon Party is no longer Conservative. I didn’t believe in Welfare, I believed in Corporate America that gave jobs to millions; that enabled our Middle Class lives.

But now, Corporations are leaving America to become richer, so I became an Independent Candidate, who believes in minimal government intervention, unless it’s to preserves your rights.



I believe our Federal Government has a responsibility to the citizens to use those Federal powers to protect our nation, to protect and expand our infrastructure (highways, skyways, borders, and military)

I will not spy on citizens.

I will not spend your money recklessly; I’m a penny pincher deluxe.

I want you to have jobs in private industry, in private businesses.

I want you to have security for your family; and experience the America Dream.


Our motto: E Pluribus Unum =

“Out of Many”. ONE, not “Many out of Many”

“United We Stand”, when I’m elected

Divided! We all fall down

President Reagan stated that; “A Nation without borders, is not a Nation”

Then he gave 4 Million Illegal Aliens Amnesty.


However: Bush planned to remove our borders before the upcoming election

by removing our borders between Canada, the USA, and Mexico

to form the North American Union. didn’t manage to do so.

After the Unification of our 3 nations, under the “Security and Prosperity Partnership”

that Bush signed, is enacted. That: “does not” mean “our” police will be able to go in to Mexico

looking for criminals who flee to Mexico to avoid prosecution.

BUT, I will get any criminal wanted in Mexico back within a week or so.

They have a plan.

No more stuffy Constitution, or Bill of Rights,

YOU will now be peasants along with everyone else.


By the time you get to the end of all of this website,

you will be mad at what our government is planning to do, to your nation.

I want you to be mad at this planned treason.

I want you to help me end this treason.


Congress does indeed make some of the laws, the ones I promise to you,

will require you helping me to make Congress pass the laws we need for you.

Millions of letters, emails, phone calls, etc to your Congressperson can make this happen.

I will prompt you to make sure we make these changes in the laws.

I will make monthly broadcasts to inform you citizens as to what is going on,

and what we need your help, to solve problems that come up. I’ll keep you informed.


What can “You, and I” do for this nation?  Help me.

“All” I’m asking for is your VOTE, and spread the word.


Let me know how you feel. Tell me of your concerns. Patience for replies,

I have no secretary; yet. Let’s use the Internet to win this election, and save America.


Return to Beginning


I know there are many more problems for me to take care of, but this is a start.

Buy American,

Hire Americans,

Elect an American, so we will still be Americans


How are we going to handle the future, Congress makes “all the laws”; but if you stick with me, that’s 300 million of you, “plus” me; against Congress, we can win, if you side with me, we can win the freedom of this nation if you want.

Let's save America.


Let me digress here a bit, Congress makes “some of the laws.”

Your local governments make millions of laws for you to obey, do you?

And you thought this was a nation of Freedom for everyone. HA.


There are many links in this website to inform and educate you about our nation,

I hope you take time to explore these items so you can make an educated vote the next time you vote.

OK! That’s my platform; there are a lot of other things I will take care of when I’m in office.


NBC, ABC, CBS, and other TV stations and networks are constantly having exposé’s on problems in America; I want them to contact me all the time when they find problems. I want you citizens to keep me informed when you find problems, let's change America, and make it the wonderful country it use to be. Let's be proud of this country again.


Our, America the Beautiful, the land of opportunity for all legal citizens.


Well are you finally mad? Are you finally ready to fight back, to save our nation?

 I hope so, let's do it, make Don Cordell your next president

so I can stop this treason before it’s too late.



Well folks: This is the end of my presentation, don’t let this be the end of our Nation, be proud Patriots, and protect America for our future descendents.