The “American Dream”, is a Nightmare?



What is the greatest threat to our nation?

The present: United States Government


Were you puzzled by all the campaign speeches, whom to vote for, and why? Well!

I have tried in this website to put all the “pieces of the puzzle” together for you.

So you can see the whole picture of treason that is about to finish our national sovereignty.

You did not hear one word by Hillary Clinton about Globalization,

NAFTA, CAFTA, Illegal Immigration, or many other really important questions that we voters wanted to know about.

Why are you losing your jobs?

Not a single word, other than each candidate would restore jobs. Yeah! HOW?

What kind of shovel do you want to lean on?

Or are you digging your own grave?



That means giving banks and failing “big” businesses “your tax money”,

while the bank managers are still in charge,

not one of these incompetent as….es fired. Why not?


Of course; these incompetents deserved the $18.4 Billion bonus’ they just gave themselves;

since we taxpayers just gave them $30 Billion of our tax money;

they deserve the bonus for the work it took to con Congress to give them your money.


Now don’t get me wrong, if someone completely owns a company and makes millions a year, they deserve the money,


they are paying their employees a decent wage,

but if they are using investors money to earn those millions,

the investors deserve a better return on their investment,

and limit the owner of the company and executives to a reasonable personal income.

I will institute those limits.

You deserve a better return on the risk you take to fund those companies.

President Obama claimed no one deserves more income than he gets, $400,000/year,

I agree.


Microsoft’s: Bill Gates hires H-1b workers to save money, and he’s worth over $80 Billion, wonder why?

Stop upgrades to new versions. I will not buy any new computers with Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

If I can’t get a new computer with Windows XP then I won’t, (and haven’t bought any more computers).

Now Bill Gates claims they have to lay off 5000 employees,

I bet not one layoff will be H-1b employee.


Are you ready for the New Constitution, and NO Bill of Rights?


Turn off the Ball Games and pay attention to what is happening in our nation.

I know you don’t want to think this could happen in our nation, but it is.

So you don’t think I know what I’m talking about?


Do you think I’m overreacting?

Suppose it was one of your loved ones in the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon,

 or on those planes that crashed on 9/11.

Why 9/11?

Suppose it was your nation in trouble!



My whole website is here, for you to learn what is going wrong. People are in a panic, what are you going to do?

If you still have a job now, will that job last if the company or business you work for no longer have any sales?


What are you going to do, if you are laid off?


What are the citizens doing that have been laid off the last 8 years, as our nation has been turned OFF.



Other nations of the world are also struggling, and this is part of a plan to take over

“all of the nations of the world” under a



Do we run the government, or does the government run us?

Many of our Freedoms are being, or have been outlawed.

Enough of this treason, so many have died to preserve our rights to be Free,

while “bit by bit” our government has cut more and more rights. I’ll stop this.


I want Americans to own REAL GUNS, “MILTARY QUALITY GUNS”,

to protect our Freedoms. #62


Do we have “HOMELAND SECURITY”? NO way!

Do we have Homeland Treason, to disarm and destroy our nation, YES!


Posse Comitatus Order: forbid US Military operation in the United States against citizens.

Not anymore.


Habeas Corpus:? Now Cancelled your “Right to a trial”, when arrested,

but you will just be detained,


with absolutely no right to any trial at any time.


REX 84 coming to you soon.


Yet! Right now: Our Military is performing joint operations with local police,

and foreign military staff to teach them, “How to enact “Martial Law” takeover of communities”.

To prepare for the final surge of taking control of our nation, by United Nations troops, Swat Teams deluxe.


I’m not looking for anything for myself, just a future that will be here for my descendants.

I want my grand children to have an opportunity to enjoy the freedoms of the United States of America.


How will you be living 4 years from now? Or 8 years?

Or will you even be alive?

How many more suicides?


From the Declaration of Independence 1776, written by Thomas Jefferson.


We hold these truths to be self-evident,

that all men are created equal, that they

are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,

that among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men,

deriving their just powers from "the consent of the governed".

That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends,

it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,

and to institute new government,

laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers

in such form, as to them shall seem most likely

to effect their safety and happiness


This is the foundation of our Rights to control our government.

We seem to have lost this right by an “out of control” domineering politicians.

We are told we do not have the right to restore our freedoms.

We need to clean house, and start over with patriots that believe in this nation,

to lead us back to recovery, and prosperity.


It is time to restore the intent of our founders, do not surrender our rights, for Welfare?

The policies of our present government have debased our freedoms,

and threaten to end our sovereign nation.

Do you believe our government should still honor the

Declaration of Independence,

Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Our government now tells us, that is old fashioned and we need a NEW Constitution;

that they will soon ((presented your for approval)) shove it down your throat.


No more need for those stupid “Bill of Rights,” that deprive our police the power to control us.

We are being told, that our Bill of Rights; threaten the Governments security.


to Protect the Second Amendment, and all Bill of Rights, or you will surrender “all” of your rights.


It is fully the intention of our government to totally disarm Americans,

while we strive to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

There is treason in our nation in the rewrite of the Constitution,

while already, our Bill of Rights has practically ended.


View this “video” that shows how your children are being taught,

that the “New World Order, United Nations” is the correct way for our future.

Teaching your children that the under the United State law,

that Freedom was old fashioned, and survival can only exist with

the new laws of our nation.

Telling your children, that “only” the government has the right to teach your child,

no more home schooling.

So watch this video about our future education system under the New World Order.

Your children are being reprogrammed.

Do you want to be arrested for telling your child “The school is wrong”,

and you are teaching your child to disobey the government’s new plans?


More states are demanding the end of home education;

so your children can be taught in government schools;

to be indoctrinated in the proper politics of our nation.

You might mislead your children.


We reject candidates based upon their Religion; that is also wrong.

What America needs is a Patriot that will lead this nation for all Americans,

for what is most important, the future of every single citizen.

If not me! There were other Independent Candidates for you to choose to elect.



This is a learning experience: If you have the guts to read what is happening to us.


OK Americans: Keep on reading, it’s time to get your head out of

the sand, and realize our nation is failing, what are you willing to do?


This is not a momentary downsizing of our economy;

this is the programmed continuing destruction of our sovereignty,

removing our borders, our security.

This has been ongoing since about 1915.

Very underhandedly we are being told

we really have to remove our borders and form

the North American Union.


Our politicians have been working overtime

to move manufacturing out of our nation,

to bring industry to the poor nation of the world,

to help them improve THEIR quality of living.




Donald Rumsfeld feels the News media is at fault

for reporting too much on the government,

so the Media must be stopped reporting.

You do not need to know what your government is doing;

it will just make you worry,

Be Happy, Be Happy, stay dumb!


I’ve never been a politician, I’ve never sunk so low,

I don’t respect any politician that I see running this nation,

from the smallest city, City Council, to the Presidents

we’ve had running our nation since 1915.

How many honest politicians do you think we have?


IF you are ready to stop the downsizing of our nation,

by people programmed to take over our nation,

then review every last word in the following presentation.


I’m an older retired American, (91) but I’m an American who believes in this nation,

and what our founders gave us to preserve,

and to continue for us to have Freedoms, and Futures.

I can’t sit back and watch our nation fail, can you?

My ancestors started coming to this nation in 1620,

I know the history of our nation since that day my ancestors landed on Plymouth Rock,

to form this nation of Free people.


Now our cities are falling apart, our manufacturing has been driven out of our borders,

everything for sale in our stores are “imports”,

the very stores that are now closing and going out of business, laying off more Americans.

Almost all of our states are in the same financial condition as the businesses of our nation.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive with increased taxes, and FEE’S.

If we don’t earn money “Making it in America”; we can’t “Buy “Made in America”.


Sears now owned by Kmart, (Kmart was Kresge’s Dime Stores),

a preclusion of Wal-Mart stores, and other chains that started in Retail America after 1880.


Montgomery Wards now closed, because people stopped shopping in stores carrying American products.

Right now you are witnessing the closing of many major retailers in America.

Macy’s, Circuit City, store after store, and more coming (going) in the next 6 months.

Millions more lain off from earning a living,

while non-Americans in other nations earned pennies per hour making products you can’t afford anymore.

What happens when those peasants are also laid off? Now you are catching on.


More and more banks will close.

You the taxpayer; are financing the bailout of the banks that took your money,

that were charging you up to 28% interest on loans.


Banks that paid the Executives million dollar wages, but wants YOU to save them.

When are you going to learn, these bankers are not here to protect American economy.


Banks that now want to hire 72,000 H-1b aliens to work in the banks your money bailed out.

While they lay off American citizens. Do you see something wrong here?


The Federal Reserve Banking System; is not a United States Federal Government bank in any way,

but given the right by our government to issue money and screw us at every turn.


I want United Stated money backed by precious metals, to control inflation,

or give me the right “to print my own money”,

which couldn’t be any more worthless than our present dollars.

“Shiny Brass is not a precious metal.”

Those Shiny Brass Dollar coins, cost 2 cents to make, exactly what they are worth.


I can’t stand by, and watch this treason steal our Freedoms, without a fight to restore America.

You may be naïve, but I’m not, and I won’t go down without a fight.


Are you willing to join with ME to clean up our cities, put our factories back together to make products for

sale in our stores? (87,000 factories closed since 1980).


(30 Million unemployed Americans by November 2010.

Many more unemployed in the next 3 months?)

Almost 550,000 each month from January on to May 2011.


So, study my presentation to become your President,

because without me, we will cease to be an independent nation,

WE WILL be joined with the NEW WORLD ORDER,

the plan to steal our rights as citizens

 of what was a wonderful nation.

It makes me sick to see what is happening to our nation.


They tried to end the United States of America in 1929,

we were on the road to failure, as we are right now, a repeat of 1929 and you are seeing this in action.


Then WW II started, and we went to work to save Europe “again”. WE spent Billions to restore Europe.

Our soldiers came home to find our leaders had joined us to the United Nations, to continue the pledge to

join our nation to the One World powers.


We spent Billions of YOUR tax dollars to restore Europe and Japan.

We have never had a ZERO National Debt since then.


Our 1941 politicians had their head in the sand: Who would attack America?

Well, Pearl Harbor was attacked to destroy the Pacific Fleet.

Japan was a partner of the Axis nations with Germany, and Italy.

Then we were in involved in a full-fledged war.

If we did not intend to get involved in Europe’s war,

why did they start drafting Americans in the Army and Navy in 1940?

In 1938 we were shipping war materials to England, so were we innocent of what Hitler was doing?


England also had the same stupidity: Hitler’s agreement with Nevil Chamberlain that

“If we allowed Hitler to take Czechoslovakia, that he’d stop all further aggression in Europe”.

“Trade Land for Security”, and what happened?

Chamberlain bragged he had saved Europe with:

“a signed by Hitler agreement” to stop aggression. It didn’t work.


Look America, we have an enemy that promises to destroy America.

Don’t you want to face reality?

Well it’s time that you wake up and smell the coffee. We are at WAR and we must win this WAR.

We must stop all Muslim aggressions, and do it now.


Israel traded land: “GAZA” for Freedom to survive War, you see how that works.


So now, do we trade our “Free America for SECURITY”? I’m angry are you?


Is there a single American, that cares about the future of our nation,

or are you all too busy watching sports, and soap operas?

Wake up America, we only have until Nov 2020 to stop this and return some sense

to the future of our nation, join with me, we have a battle to stop this treason.


Giving you Welfare, or taxpayer financed government jobs is, No future for our nation.

Our cities controlled by gangs, neighborhoods with citizens afraid to go out at night, innocent citizens shot,

children shot, WHY? To destroy the sanctity of our society.


I’m tired of this, and I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m here for YOU.

Look Americans, the downsizing of our nation is a plan, the plan to eliminate

“The United States of America”. WE, “YOU and I” must stop this, and do it now.


I’m retired on Social Security, I’m not rich; like many other retired Americans in today’s economy.

But I’m healthy and that’s worth a lot more than money. So start reading.


Did I forget to tell you, that the Federal Government is looking at your 401k-investment money?

(what is left of your 401k that is); to attach that to Social Security;

so they can borrow (steal) your investment!

Our government is all for a Green Environment, your Green backs.


Got faith in our nation? You are sure going to need it.

Tidbits to get you started: 1620

Next: Citizens to be incarceration by the ARMY Why?

Paid for by: Halliburton, Why?

Don’t demonstrate against the Government, or, it’s “bye-bye”.


Retired President Bush wants a fence to protect his home in Dallas:

I want a fence to protect my home, “America is my home”.

Is that too much to expect for the taxes we pay?

Our elected officials swore to an oath, that they would protect us from all enemies,

Foreign and “Domestic”. Who protects us from the officials?


Now it’s time to prepare for the real world problems.


This problem is now being reflected in the finances of Canada,

as less exports to the United States from Canada,

affect our northern neighbor as much as it does us.

So will Canadians soon agree to removal of their borders

to join the same North American Union that we are being sucked in to?


Welcome Canadian-Americans.


Now we can also layoff all the border guards we will no longer need.

The cost of illegal drugs will drop in price, so more of you can afford to stay stoned.


You do not need Welfare or Government jobs to get (taxpayer paid) government checks;

you need real jobs to manufacture American goods, to restore our economy.


You need a government that actually protects our citizens and our borders.


I will not sell America to RED China.


Do you actually believe we “citizens” can restore this nation, or shall we just surrender now?

We are in trouble as a nation, as citizens.


I’m trying to save America, so we can retain the Freedoms that our founders, and veterans fought and died for.

Our Congress and the Senate won’t do that.

I have a simple business plan: “You can’t spend more than your income”.


Are you the Government?

Well, you owe about $56 Trillion; pay up.

We have a finance plan, each citizen pay’s $1000/mo for the next 40 years and the debt will be paid.

How else is this debt going to be paid? Got any suggestions? What! You are speechless.


“Plus of course” The still yearly operating taxes needed by our government.

Will you be ready to give up our Bill of Rights in exchange for Welfare?


Welfare equals Socialism. You depend on the state to survive.

The state will tell you how to live, where to live, if allowed to live.


Will our government decide to reduce the population?

They have brought us to our knees, get up and start to fight back, now.


This is part of the Plan, to end the sovereignty of our nation.


Read what will be our NEW CONSTITUTION, when our government, forces us to accept

Socialism, and the end of the United States of America.


I will lead this nation by those provisions given to us by the original

Declaration of Independence,

the Constitution of the United States,

and “The Bill of Rights”.


The Bill of Rights were adopted on Dec. 15, 1791, 217 years ago. Now going, going, gone,

to prepare you for the future under the “New World Order”.


Are you ready to read our “new” Constitution, and no Bill of Rights?

If you don’t like this, then get ready for total Military control of citizens, to teach you,

who is really in power, and it’s not YOU OR ME.

Read how the enactment of Executive Orders,

will lead to the final destruction of our nation.

If you don’t believe me:

WHY do these Executive Orders exist?


Then you will understand why I am trying to get your attention

as to what we must do, to rescue our nation from the politicians now in power,

and restore our Republic to a “Nation, Of the People, By the People, For the People”.


Our money will be replaced by the new “Amero”,

and we will find ourselves with no country, just part of the New World Order.


How will our government do this? Detention Centers.

If you complain, and the government wants to shut us up, they will just detain us, no charges, and

then park us in Detention Centers, to reeducate us, or KILL us. But that’s not “legal”! Yeah!

So, Whom are you going to complain to?

If our government thinks you are a threat, you have no right to any trial.

Our government is out of control. Why “Detention Centers”? Read on.

Since 9/11:

The Patriots Act.

The “Terrorists Act”.

The Homeland Security Act.

The “Military control of citizens Act”.

The 2006 War Commissions Act.

Ready for the Executive Orders to be enacted?

Please study all of this and join with me, to save us.


You are seeing the destruction happening right now, I have been telling you about for the last two years.

View this video of just “10 minutes” to get an idea what is going on.

America has been sold to the New World Order,

To form the North American Union.


View: Listen to the truth why!


Restoring “Made in America” is a must.

I’m telling you: It’s time to get off your dead behind and do something to save this nation.

We must make a change in America, America can’t wait “4 or more years”,

in fact we can’t wait more than 6 months to rescue this nation, or we will never recover.

You need me to take over command in the oval office.


It’s just a matter of time, until you are told:

“There is no other way to save America”

“We must join the One World Government to save ourselves”.


We elect these people to be our SERVANTS to serve the needs of running our nation.

Instead they turn around and tell us: We are your MASTERS, you do not know what you need,

the Government does: YOU will do as they say, or else?

Who do they think they are, our spouses?


I can’t relax my quest to stop the destruction of our nation's future, “2020”,

a year that will live in infamy, as our industry and retail establishments crashed.


How many of you believe “any” of our Politicians are honest?

How do Politicians buy their way in to office?

How much money do you think they make on the side while in office?

How many of you get paid up to $200,000 “per speech” to citizens?

YET, You keep electing them? WHY?


And then you complain. Why?

Or you can demand

“Don Cordell”

be your President.


If we don’t save America what are you going to do?


Now read this website about the intent our government has to eliminate our borders, and join Canada,

The United States, and Mexico: in to

The North American Union.


Even with all of these selections, there are still even more for you to learn, so bear with me,

and see what all of us have to do this next year for our nation to survive.

From all indications our nation will only go deeper into Depression this coming year.

Let's all pull together and see if we can weather this downturn, and return America to Greatness.

We have politicians who demand we must change America with a GREEN policy to prevent future melt down.

Unfortunately they mean; handing out GREENbacks to banks

that believed up to 28% interest on loans enhanced the American dream.

I don’t see Dreams any more, All I see are Nightmares happening.

The only color I’ve seen lately is RED INK.

Lets turn GREEN into “RED, WHITE, and BLUE” and wave that proudly.


We must stop Globalization, and go in to the “Restoration of America”.

How many retail business’ have you seen close since December 1st in your community?

We have a problem; can we stop this? Do you care? You better.


Why didn’t you elect Don Cordell as your next President?

You didn’t yet, and I’m afraid, “You’ll be sorry”



They told you NAFTA was the answer, now both the USA and Mexico found that was not the solution.

Every trade deal that promised to be the solution for America has destroyed more and more of our production, and job base.


If we don’t have jobs, then we don’t have the money to buy what is being made in other nations,

and then again, they are out of jobs, and we are all out of jobs.


How this started: How to take over a Nation

25 years ago, “Great Idea”, lets entice citizens to buy homes,

so you saw a mass increase in home construction, and buyers moving in to those homes.



Loan institutions were told they had to give loans to minorities,

to stop racism that was keeping lower middle class citizens out of buying homes.

These buyers were told: We will give you a loan at perhaps 6%,

then IF you make payments on time for two years, “to establish good credit”,

you can reapply for a new loan at probably 5%.


This never happened, WHY?

This was a setup to start the collapse of the housing market.

What did happen; is that these loans suddenly raised interest rates to as high as 14%.

Why didn’t the financial institutions reduce the interest back to 6% to stop foreclosures?

Our jobs had already been leaving the United States.

Now on to total financial collapse, to convince Americans that we have no future without joining

the New World Order.


Why did:

Homeowners by the millions started to default,

and foreclosures brought more upper middle class mortgages in the community to foreclosure also?


Lack of Jobs!


There is nothing more stabilizing in a community than “Home Ownership”, which most citizens with children see that

as the American dream, that dream has now turned to dust.

Where are those who have lost their homes the last eight years?

In the 1930’s I remember as many as 20 people living together in individual homes and apartments,

with many fighting, and the police trying to keep the peace.

That was the results of the Great Depression.

Well, here we are again.


This was a program to shut down our nation, and to remove our borders,

to shut down employment in America by the Globalization of production of consumer goods.

In the 1930’s American citizens subsisted on Starchy foods, the least expensive, and were overweight and unhealthy.

Sickness prevailed, and many had no hope to ever escape the depression.

My grandfather owned 6 homes that he bought at Foreclosure Auctions.

As he visited each month to collect the rents,

all too often, the Previous owner/now renter, didn’t have the $8/mo. rent.

BUT he did not throw them out, he didn’t collect rents for months.

Then about 1970 my aunt, who inherited these homes,

turned them over to Reverend Jim Jones. PS: my aunt died in Jonestown, Guiana

As I said: We are here again, what are you going to do?


Huge importation of goods from China, and other nations;

has bankrupt many citizens in this nation.

I want you to look at the country of origin on the foods in your “grocery”.

I’ve included many points of interest in this website to further explain

what is happening in this plan that is shutting down our nation.


Please spend the time to review all of the points I’ve included,

so you as American citizens understand what is really going on.

30 some Millions of Americans are out of work, and more of you are going to be unemployed

in the next 2 years as our nation continues to close down, so you will submit to join the



There are a few steps involved in this operation, so please review what I’m including in this website,

to be informed as to what and why.


“US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. justified the:

“Repression of Free Speech”, “When the exercise of Free Speech,

Constituted, a Clear, and Present DANGER” to America”

Sedition Act 1797 and 1918

When the Constitution and Bill of Rights gets in the way of the Government, it’s ignored.

When our government thinks you are a danger to the Government, You’re out of here.

Welcome to Camp; “Camp Rex 84”, hope you’ll enjoy your stay; Do you have a will?


We must get out of the United Nations, 99% of those member nations

are run by Dictators; Dictators that hate the United States.

Dictators and leaders: That have only one mission:

The end of the United States of America.


Desperation Time for the entire world

Things are going to hell: The financial situation in our nation

is spilling out to the entire world thanks to Globalization.

Americans elected Senator Obama because the situation in America is getting DESPERATE.

Americans elected Senator Obama because the Media gave him 90% of the News Coverage.

Americans elected Senator Obama because he was an African American, to show we are not racists.

Americans elected Senator Obama because the Media blocked any attempt for us to tell you about Obama.

Americans elected Senator Obama because you did not want to elect John McCain Republican.

Desperate people do strange things; “you” hoping that ANY Change is better than the status quo.


The Republicans are for less government controls, leaving you to do your own thing.

You want the Democrats to give you help and give you welfare, or unemployment.

That is how dictators take over a nation, when people are hungry and desperate to be saved,

they are willing to accept anything to support their families

and do not realize they are giving up their freedoms in exchange for food,

and promises, false as they may be.

Remember it didn’t work for French Marie Antoinette in 1792!


Now if you go out and spend the time to get a good education,

start your own company, make a lot of money because you work hard,

then you can pay a lot of taxes to support the Welfare of those

who did not get the education, did not work hard, so they can live like you do.


Are you going to give up America, or do you want our nation restored to its original freedoms

to be the greatest nation in the world again?

The problem is, in2012 you voted against Republicans, rather than someone to Restore America.

Both parties are in cahoots to destroy our sovereignty.



We are in an even worse depression than the Great Depression of the 1930’s

because it is now causing  the shutdown of the economy all over the world.

How many will submit to total domination?

I know many citizens thought that President Obama was going to save our future.

So did the Cubans when Castro took command.

So did Venezuelans when Chavez took over.

So did Germany when Hitler took command.


I was offended by Obama’s spiritual advisor Reverend Wright.

I can only say: “God BLESS America”.

I can’t say the same for members of Congress

who have allowed this to happen to our nation.

Why?  God help America.


Please review again the items listed in my Master Menu, about police #’s 59, 64 and 65.

I will restore your 4th Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure, including your automobile.


All foreign nations are struggling for jobs, people in Greece rioting because of unemployment.

So what must we do?

We must start people back to work in factories making products for people to buy,

then if you have jobs, you have money to buy what is being made.

The world will not recover until the United States recovers.

Real Jobs; not “make work” or Welfare:


Lesson #1: You cannot pay everyone Welfare.

Where are the funds coming from to pay employees, if no one is paying taxes,

Oh yes, you pay taxes on Welfare, but there are diminishing results,

soon this winds down,

unless our government just prints more and more money.

(Oh! they are doing that already)


OK so that solves the immediate problem, just get government work,

and buy more imported stuff.

Then when reality sets in, and you realize, our nation is bankrupt, then what?

Join the New World Order? No way!


The only things Democrats know how to promise; are handouts.

Democrats are anti big business,


we need big business to run big financial business’s that require mass production.


How many years can you afford unemployment?

How many years can you handle being homeless?

How many years can your family go hungry waiting for “someone to do something”?

How many years will you keep someone in office that can’t restore America?


Are you ready to end the United States of America, to trade our nation for another system of government,

under Socialism, or Communism, or? Are you ready to surrender your freedoms?

When will you decide that you need someone who can bring peace and a future to this nation?



The Executive Orders allow our government to built new housing to house you

and your family when you are homeless, and jobless.

These housing units will be government controlled, to control YOU.

You will follow their rules or you will be out, so you will conform, or ELSE.

Then empty single-family housing can be assigned

to the new rulers of our nation,

the United Nations troops, and executives.


How long can Welfare be paid, when you lose your job,

and you stop paying those taxes that support Welfare?

This didn’t work for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1930’s it won’t work now.

Do we have to wait for the start of WW III that will hire you to make Munitions,

OH wait, those factories are closed, so we can’t build or supply anything to defend our nation.

Remember when I told you “We have to maintain our manufacturing industries”, that’s why.

Keep reading.

If Trump doesn’t come through:  Elect Don Cordell?


United States of America sold2.

Yes I mean squared. To the Nth degree.


Currently, I see Hispanics who don’t speak a word of English,

buying cart-loads of food at the market, with Food Stamps,

and my daughter’s natural mother couldn’t get a penny.


That’s American justice my friends. You bet I’m bitter.


How much of this happens in your community?

This crap bothers me, and our politicians give you the brush off.

How many times have requests been ignored by your politicians?


The next step is to remove our borders, to lower our standard of living.

The government wants to tax us for using nature’s resources.

It is OK to pollute as long as you pay a tax for the amount you want to pollute


The New World Order is almost here.

There is more to this plot to terminate the United States.




Do you think members of the Senate and Congress will suffer on their $14,600/mo income?

Paid by you.

Shall we lay off the Senate? That would save us $16,800,000/yr.

Then: We might consider the same for Congress; we could save a lot of money.


I’ll tell you what will happen if we do not rescue our auto industry.

90% of Americans living now, did not live during the Depression of the 1930’s.

You do not understand what is happening, and if you are still working you feel secure.

This is WRONG, Wake up and see what is happening.


Just when do you actually think this depression is going to end, it won’t.

We have been set up to Globalize to spread income around the world;

it hasn’t and isn’t going to work until we all are in the dumps.

If you don’t do something now to return control of our nation back to the People, we are in trouble.


Now I will explain what will happen. There is a reason for this:


Once our manufacturing is completely gone, that is; Our major manufacturing structure:

“That could build the military hardware” that we may need to defend our nation, when we will be attacked,

and “we will be”, we will have no way to manufacture our needs to defend our nation.

Our government will just surrender our sovereignty, for the good of the world, not for our Nation.

Where are the Patriots we need to protect us?


We will have no choice but to submit to the United Nations troops,

to join the New World Order, One World Government.


YOU will learn a new life of being totally dominated.

No Gun Rights, no Private Property Rights, no Free Speech,

(see Sedition Act below) any utterance against our government,

heard or discovered that you made, will result in instant punishment,

and perhaps sent to Detention camps for re-education if possible,

if not, well guess what the next step will be.

You can be assigned living quarters,

sufficient for you and your family. You will be told where

you are going to work.


Sedition act! Replaced by the Terrorist Act. Same thing.

You only thought you had FREE SPEECH!

Now that is called Hate Speech, and that is against the law,

your (your CONGRESS) voted for it.

Take notice that this government document includes

“Both US and Non US citizens” during Physical Searches and surveillance orders.


Do you think I’m joking?

It is time for you to wake up and ask yourself

WHY? Is America in this situation?

There is a reason, and you are seeing the final stage of the end of the United States of America.

Your “Apathy” has resulted in losing our freedoms.


YOU let this happen, because you did not, and will not fight back.

Sure there are maybe 1000 of us trying and trying to get your attention, to stop this,

but YOU do not believe this is happening; after all we have laws.


Well President Bush had laws, and he told you, he has the right to do whatever he wanted,

because Presidents do not have to obey laws, at least he believed he didn’t have to obey laws.

Bush still believes that.


Now our nation is nearly shut down; are you are still working,

while 25% of other Americans are out of work, and not paying taxes,

guess who has to pay more to support the governments financial needs.


If we produce government jobs, employees paid by the government,

guess who in the long run actually is making those wage payments? YOU ARE.


Why are all 43 state governments in financial trouble right now,

and want our federal government to bail them out?

California needs about $56 billion, even Nevada needs help.

Have gamblers stopped gambling? When are you going to stop this gamble?


Government make-work jobs are Welfare, paid for by taxpayers.


Now I agree 100% that we must repair and expand our highway system, and infrastructure, and

do it soon, but someone must be making wages that are paying income taxes to support that work.

NO government income from those getting government jobs,

while you you are paying more taxes.

You have had it too easy. We can’t all work for the government.


We can’t order our military needs from Japan or China,

or from any other nation, because many nations want to see us fail.

Our leaders have led this downsizing of our economy,

to get us ready to surrender.

The Senate has sold our future, and will continue to sabotage the future of our nation.


How many homes of these unemployed workers will fall to foreclosure,

how many cars will be repossessed from those workers?

You can’t imagine the financial impact of laying off an additional 3 million Americans.

Do you want to destroy our entire working class of America?


Are you ready to surrender? If not: What are you willing to do to stop this?


Our manufacturers were enticed to leave our nation, to spread the World economy.

Unfortunately that leaves you in the gutter.

Are you tired of this?

Do you want jobs returned to our nation?

Tell me how can a manufacture make (what we old people called Tennis Shoes), shoes,

and have them made in the Orient for about $5 a pair, and sell them to us for $125 pair? (Nike©)


$850,000,000,000. Let me tell you how much that is, that is:

“850 Thousand” Millions to bail out the banks immediately?

How many jobs did that save?

Did it save your home from foreclosure?

It didn’t take our government long to find money for those Billionaire financiers,

but then “Up to $15 Billion ($15,000,000,000) to bail out the auto industry?”

How many jobs would that save?

At least 3 million Americans in the “entire” auto industry.

We must save our American auto industry manufacturing base.


I want you to consider that if we had a real war,

a war that we want to win, a war we must win,

we will need our manufacturing base

to make the equipment needed for our military to WIN.

Now suppose we do not have these factories, we don’t win,

and we just surrender to the New World Order?

Those factories jumped into the battle to produce what gave us the material to win WW II in 3 ½ years.

We have been in Iraq 10 years, and still no victory.

We did not go to WIN.

We did not go to Korea to win:

We did not go to Vietnam to win:


But Americans continue to die, and the Government saying: “I’m sorry”, just does not make it.

And last: this doesn’t make it with me, does it with you?


That is what is happening, is this what you want to continue?

If Congress and the Senate won’t do this, whose side are they on?

This is even more important than you can believe.

How many of those laid off are renters?


Landlords that now have renters who can’t pay the rent; rent the landlords that depends on,

to make the payments on that rental property,

that is part of the landlords income, now in financial trouble.


If this is multiple rental property are you about to lose your apartment

because other tenants can’t pay their rent, and the owner is going to lose the building to foreclosure,

you are out, and it’s not your fault.

See how this situation can affect everyone, innocent or not.


Many unsold homes in my community are now For Rent, and un-rented.

WE Americans have to do something to stop this.

In many communities 25% of the homes are in foreclosure,

do you want it to be 50% or 100%?


I would not stop all imports immediately,

I do not want to close down retailers,

but we would have to cut imports by 10% each month,

and refinance manufactures to start producing American products

to stock our stores, as sales increase, and we have to do this NOW.

I do not want to see those Ocean cargo containers leave America empty.

If others do not want to buy from us, then we do not buy from them,

that is Economics 101. “Equality”












This will trickle down to “you”, sooner or later. Where is the soup line?


We need jobs in the communities where workers live,

and jobs those workers can do,

restoring our infrastructure may be beyond the physical capabilities of many workers.

Remember! Many of the unemployed are women,

many of those women are single parents; how are they going to feed their children?


I know there are many children in America that have parents

who already can’t afford to feed them healthy meals. Shame!

Our children deserve better in this land of plenty.

I do not want one hungry child in America.

This was not a Third World Nation, until now:


What about our Auto Industries future,

READ What must we do, and do it quickly?


If you want America to survive, or do you want America to shut down?

It really is up to you.

Every foreign product you buy; is one more act to shut down America.

If you don’t support America, then you are contributing to the end of America.


Which flag do you want to fly over our nation?

The STARS and STRIPES, or a White flag of SURRENDER?

No Surrender; while I’m here to protect you.


Our government claims we must enhance Globalization,

being able to see our products on the world market,

that we need a market for our goods.


We already have, or had a market for “our” goods, right here in AMERICA.


Not in Mexico, not in China, in “America by Americans, for Americans”,

when Americans have jobs so we can continue to afford products made in America.

Congress continues to tell us we must “Globalize” to save our America.



Why buy American? Let me give you an example:

Let's suppose you have a grocery store, and you need an additional Freezer for the store.

Now Joe across the road makes Freezers, but you Mr. Grocer

can buy a foreign Freezer for 25% less cost.

So you bought the Foreign Freezer, and saved.

Now Joe across the road, had less business,

so he had to lay off 500 employees,

employees who can no longer afford to shop in your grocery.

So soon you have to shut the store for lack of customers.

Now what do you want to do with that Foreign Freezer you no longer need,

buying the one that saved you money? But now you are out of business, what a bargain.

This affects every business in America. Buy American.


In 1962 Kennedy confronted the Russians when they were sending missiles into Cuba.

Now 3 Russian destroyers are visiting Venezuela, Russian officials visiting Communist President Chavez.

Chavez is now planning to end the restriction on his terms of time in office, to be a permanent dictator in South America.

We must not allow this; we must stop any Russian aggression in the Western Hemisphere.

Chavez must be stopped or our nation is at risk.

Then we need to get out of any action with the nation of Georgia, and Russia.

We have been in Europe too long.

It is time to take care of America, and be armed to the teeth if need be.

You wouldn’t believe all that we sent to Russia in 1945 for Lend Lease to help Russia reconstruct,

then Russia turned on us.

Ford Motor Company moved an entire truck manufacturing plant to Russia, to help them.

You just can’t help some people. Over 1 million Americans died to rescue Europe in WW II. For what?

We have spent Billions of aid to rebuild Europe under the Marshall plan since then, why?

Do you think European nations would help us since we are in need?



Don’t let the most wonderful nation in the world die like this.

99% of you didn’t really pay any attention to what policy the candidate had, other than

“I’ll Give you Change you can believe in”.

Did any of you ask “What Change”?

You certainly didn’t learn much about either candidate from the Discussions on TV.

You just elected a Democrat, that’s all.

Have all of our Veterans died in vain, because you don’t care? Shame on you!


This is a new approach; I want you to review America’s problems.

First review what kind of police we have in America when you are man- handled, arrested and

your property is confiscated with the excuse that it’s for Homeland Security.

This is “just the beginning” of a “total police state” happening in America.

View this video and then get mad as hell.

Then look at #65


Lets look at who will be “The Civilians”: under Executive orders,

under Martial Law to destroy America,

to give us to the United Nations, New World Order.

Review these “Executive Orders”, right now, while I have your attention:

you tell me, “why have these laws been passed”,

who plans to undermine the rights of our citizens?

Even though I have “more” information about another place in this presentation,

you need to review part of this right now, so you know what’s coming.

Dictator/President coming soon.


Are you going to surrender your Constitution and Bill of Rights, or Fight?

WHY have the following “Executive Orders” been passed,

ready to be enacted at the whim of any president; are you ready for this?


·             EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995: allows the government to seize, and control the communication media.  (When?)

(That means when the government takes over all the Radio, and TV stations, you will get government approved programming). No more freedom of what you want to listen to, only good propaganda for you. (For the good of the government.) Remember the FCC already controls broadcasters. There are plans to rigorously find some way to control the content on the Internet, to stop us sharing political information. Our government considers this critical for the security of the nation. They control most of the media; then must control the Internet. China and France do this already, are we next?


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997: allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals. (When?)

(That means you can’t buy gas to drive anywhere, and your lights at home are turned off, only cooperative citizens will get utilities. What would you do if they turned off your gas, lights and telephone?)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998: allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.  (When?)

(“I’ve read that this will also give the government the right to enter your home to retrieve excess food you may have, for the needs of the community.) (If everyone else is starving, you will too, after all of the community food runs out”.

The government can control how much you get to eat at each meal, to conserve food.

Ready for soup lines again, get in line to get your share of your Rice for the day? XXX


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999: allows the government to take over all modes of transportation, and control of highways, and seaports. (Only government vehicles allowed on the streets, under Martial Law. Only citizens with Government RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) allowed to buy gasoline at $10/gal. but only in your local community, no long distance driving)   (When?)

Remember those “NO FLY” rules for American citizens that are on some list at the airport? No explanation, just you are not permitted to Fly. I’m sure I must be on a list.

What about a permit to drive? Remember they keep telling us, that a Drivers license is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT, what about when they tell you, you must have a permit to leave your home area of say 30 miles? Roadblocks a common occurrence now, do you want more? You do not have the right to travel just anywhere, without a permit. Papers “Please”

It’s easy: You will have a permit number for your area on your windshield, and only permitted to drive in your community, after all you might be a terrorist.


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000: allows the government to “Mobilize (draft) civilians into work brigades under government supervision”. (When?)

(Read that again, “Mobilize”, (the government will assign you jobs, no complaining, you will be slave labor, or else.

Do you understand the Army command to control civilians?

What else do you call “Work Brigades”? Not ask for volunteers, “Mobilized!”)

Under control of Halliburton, and those “Army Orders 210-35” above?

What happens if you refuse? 235,000 already on “THE LIST”.

Remember like Santa Claus, He’s checking his LIST to see if you’ve been Naughty or Nice.


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001: allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions. (When?) (Your children will learn about why the new government is correct, just like Hitler taught.)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002: designates the “Postmaster General” to operate a National Registration of all persons in the country.  (When?)

“National RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices, that they can read up to 40’ away) on its way” Since when is the Post Office to have that power? WHY? Wake up folks. They’ve got your address!


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003: allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft. (When?)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004: allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing “with public funds”, designate areas to be abandoned, and to establish new locations for populations. (When?)

(They failed in New Orleans, what happened to the property that was under water, and the owners shipped out of town, with nothing to come back to? Did the wonderful New Orleans city government confiscate that land for lack of taxes paid?)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005: allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and “public storage facilities”. (When?) (Why Public Storage facilities?) What are you hiding from the government?


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051: specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to: Put all Executive Orders into effect in times of  “increased international tensions, and/or economic or financial crisis”. (When?)

(What Economic or Financial crisis? At the whim of the President! Not Congress?

You are out of work, millions are out of work, is that Economic and Financial Crisis enough?)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310: grants authority to the “Department of Justice” to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President. (When?)

(To operate the Concentration Camps? You will find out more about Concentration Camps under REX 84, but they call them, Detention Centers, what they are depends on whether you are on the inside or outside)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049: assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating “21” operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.  (When?)

(What 21 Operative orders? I’ve only found, and listed 15 orders.)


·           EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921: allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of, energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial  institution in any “undefined national emergency”.

Congress cannot review the action for six months.  “THIS IS WHEN”!


(Yeah! “Undefined” Do you understand “Undefined, and MONEY”?) It also provides that “when

a ”STATE OF EMERGENCY” is declared by the President”,

(That also means the Government can close the banks, and freeze all accounts.

You can’t get your money, just like happened after 1932 when the banks closed.

What will you do when all your cash and savings are now property of the Federal Government?

Got Gold?)


(What if all US currency is devalued, and new NAU (North American Union, Amero) currency is issued to those who deserve it, at the exchange rate the government offers to you, realize the government will now know exactly how much actual cash money you have, legally. That solves the Federal Budget now.) England changed their currency about 30 years ago; the old currency is no longer any good.

 Where did I come up with the name Amero? Our government has already used that term, why?

Retailers in Germany are still getting a few old Mark coins for purchases, but the bank won’t accept anything but Euro’s. When will our Dollars and Cents be devalued to the new North American Union Federal Reserve (Bank) currency? Don’t you love your copper-nickel coins? Our quarters are worth about 2 cents.


Watch this video about a Denver cop. (50 sec.’s)

What you can expect when the police want to get rid of you, and they do.

This also happened in Minneapolis, MN

I listed many other things in the Master Menu of other problems and control of civilians

that we face that will end our nations freedoms.


Keep Reading: You are here; this is the rest of what is going wrong.

But after the Menu there is more information for you, so don’t just stop here.

It is time to review all the facts that face our nation.

Don’t let our nation slip from your grasp, protect our future, and do it next week.

Lets prove we will protect our Constitutional and Bill of Rights.

Originally I had all of this as one large file, but that took too long to load,

and many viewers gave up before the website loaded.

I hope you will look at each of these files, as every bit is important to the future of our nation.


Yes, there is more: Keep Reading: You have only read 5% of what is important, Yes, we had a Republican President in power, but Democrats have dominated Congress since 2006. So! Democratic Congress makes our laws?

What has the Democratic Congress done in two years? Ten million less jobs!


Remember when Clinton sold America to China for political campaign funds?

Remember when Clinton ended control of the Panama Canal,

so China now controls both ends of the canal.

I could have split all of this file into another 50 files,

but please bear with me, and read all of my website.

Honestly I’m trying to share information with you to advise YOU,

what we Americans have to do to save our nation, even if you do not want to elect me.


Do we have Terrorism in the United States?

Yes we do, it’s called the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.

I want you to look at a 14 minute video where the Jury confronted the IRS agent who obviously lies,

and won’t give straight answers to the Defense, then refused to supply the Jury information presented in a trial in Chicago, Ill.

Listen to the Juror explain this, then if your more interested in

 “Do you have to pay income taxes”,

listen to this detailed 1hr 30 min video, explaining in detail about taxes. 

Also try:

This does not include the FBI, and the ATF officers in America that often overstep the Constitution.


There is a lot of stupidity in many government law organizations in our nation,

based upon what they think the law should be, not what the law is,

and many people are harassed by these government organizations, arrested,

then told “Either accept Plea Bargaining and confess, or we will throw the book at you,

so out of fear you accept a jail sentence, then some of you are lucky

that years later someone investigates this more, and wow!

You “were” INNOCENT,

released, and the government tells you how lucky you are

 that someone found you innocent, that should be compensation enough.

We have too many in our government that want all of us in jail.

Only the government has any rights?

That alone makes me sick. 

No more Plea Bargaining,

either the police prove you are guilty or you are released.


There is more about this in the Master Menu , under Police, #59, 63,and 64.

If you want some justice in this nation, it’s time to elect me. I’ll take all of them on. 

It’s time you had someone to speak out on your behalf.

We have criminals in America, right in Washington, DC,

Two were in the Executive Office, 100 in the Senate, and 435 in Congress.

Now believe me, I do not approve of the use of any drugs for recreational use,

and that includes Alcohol,

but we need to take a legal look at this situation,

not a hot head approach that we have now.

We also have some of the best comedians in America in Washington DC,

unfortunately they are leading our nation.

Let's do a diagnostics on “Leading”, the first 4 letters spell LEAD and lead sinks.


Stop this; you should have elected Don Cordell and I’d have started right here:

Critical issues for America”

I would: Stop getting involved in wars we don’t intend to win.

I would: Return: Manufacturing Jobs to America.

I would: Stop a lot of importing, “Made in America” a must (except some OIL)

I would: Remove all illegal aliens.

I would: Control our borders.

I would: Stop the North American Union treaties.

I would: Stop Drugs coming in to America, Stop the CIA from importing drugs.

I would: Stop the NAFTA Super Highway, delivering Chinese imports to Kansas City, MO

I would: Stop all foreign Aid: to enemies of America! “You Can’t buy LOVE, or Respect”.

I would: Protect Social Security, 25% raise for Social Security recipients immediately.

Even if I have to cut the pay of Congress, and the Senate to afford this.

I would: Reduce Taxes for stupid Pork projects. See my plan for income taxes as follows.

I would: Stop all Terrorists. We have too many unprotected industrial sites in America.

I would: Stop the “Dumbing Down” of America: I want Children to get a real education.

No advancement to the next grade if you don’t pass each subject.

I would: Support our schools nationwide. No more than 20 children in any classroom.

I’m Sorry, but we/you “can’t” afford free Health Care. I’m being honest. Menu #9.

You do want an Honest President, don’t you??????? I am not going to promise anything

that I can’t provide just to get elected. If you think Medicare is breaking our bank, just wait.

“But” read my plan to help you afford some medical insurance.

I would: Bring home 38,000 of our troops in S. Korea, 55 years to protect Korea is enough.

Last, but not least: I would: Really take care of our Veterans, and their Medical needs. I have a plan.

I promise you I would:

Stop: Public Law 87-297: Used to disarm American Citizens, and our Military.

Stop: Executive Orders: To turn America over to the United Nations

Stop: REX 84: Concentration Camps, to detain anyone who complains.

Stop: Illegal immigration: Not all Illegals are Hispanic, 32,000+ Muslims! And others.

Read: Inflation caused by the cost of fuel. No other answer needed.

Stop: Check out the Hispanic revolt:

Stop: Globalization, You’re soon to be homeless when no $$ jobs exist for Americans

Stop: Trade with China, Communist Red China is not our friend.


I Love the United States of America, DO YOU?

Will you help me to save this nation?


I’ve been telling you about Military Control (the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878)

and the (Insurrection Act of 1807) the Military, used to control citizens,

The “Lou Dobbs Report” said Wow! The Army troops coming back from overseas,

now being trained forMilitary/Civilian Control”.

There must be a day of reckoning; when you finally realize,

our Constitution is dying dead.


Are too busy to spend about 8 hours on this website, and learn the basics of educating yourself

about what is happening in our nation.

Just keep reading and you will learn what is in store for our future.

Get ready for: Your papers, ”PLEASE”


You could have: Written in Don Cordell, for President 1n 2016,

to prove that you also wanted a better America, but you didn’t Good Luck.


We have many in our government that want us to rescue the poor in the world,

I’m sorry that there are desperately poor in the world,

but not at the expense of destroying the United States of America to save them.

Then we all lose.

We can’t even begin to feed all the hungry people in America,

let alone in the whole world. No matter how worthy the cause may seem.



In the 1929-1939 era, our government at that time tried to make jobs for the unemployed.


They bought a lot of shovels, and put Americans to work when they established the

Works Project Administration program.

You would show up at a gathering location, be assigned a labor job involving civil needs.

The problem then as now, was, the government was paying you,

very minimally; but you were not producing anything for sale.

In 1934 Wonderful Roosevelt removed the Gold backing our money;

In 1965 Johnson started the removal of the Silver that backed our money!


So what backs our money, funny you should ask: Brass Dollars, that’s a lot of Brass.

What backs the value of our money? YOUR FAITH IN OUR NATION.

HOW MUCH FAITH DO YOU HAVE? at 1600% inflation since 1964.


Essentially then the citizens were on Welfare,

but sent out to do some unskilled labor,

“showing up to pretend to work”.


Americans must have jobs to produce something that other citizens will buy,

so there is a profit, that you the citizen are actually doing something of value

in exchange for your labor.

You are supporting that worker by buying something produced by that worker.

We did not get out of the Great Depression by giving free money,

President F. D. Roosevelt set up Conservation Camps, to put citizens to work.

1932 to 1939 this only compounded the problem.

Now what started that depression?

Yes the Stock Market crashed, but why was the Stock Market involved at all?

Will the Stock Market crash again?

Who programmed this failure?

Congress, and the Senate, for the United Nations takeover of our nation.

What ended the Great Depression?



The only way we can return progress to our nation;

is to return manufacturing to our nation, and do it NOW.

Even then it will take some time to establish production,

to ship products to our stores.

To protect our merchants will have to do something about their current stock.

Merchants can’t afford to throw all of that foreign stuff in the trash.


A West Coast retailer, has only Chinese products for sale.

But we can start the ball rolling, and in about a year we should only have 2% unemployment.

I’d like to see that at 0%. I want every American to have a job, and to enjoy the American life style;

you can’t do that if you live under a freeway bridge, or in a cardboard box on skid row.


How many Americans will commit suicide as they did in the depression of the 1930’s?

We have just begun to experience the total shut down of our nation.

99% of today’s citizens have no idea what they are going to face.

1930 was ancient history;

well you are about to get a history lesson in economics,

the hard way.

Call it “on the job learning”, except you won’t be on the job, sorry no jobs.

But, boy you are going to learn.

Just what are you going to do,

when you, and your family have been unemployed for 6 months,

are living on the street, with no prospects for any employment?

Three or more families living in one apartment like some Illegal Aliens do.

Is that the future you want for your children? That’s what is coming soon.


If you had elected me in the first place we would have had some chance.


If I’m wrong, I will gladly admit it,

I’m going to spell out the many things we must do for America

 to return our nation to the wonderful life style we use to enjoy.

Please take the time to study the information I’m sharing with you,

what must we do to save the security of our nation?


Turn off the ball game, and pay attention, so you won’t be behind the 8 ball.

Then we can “play ball” in the future.


We had a Constitution and Bill of Rights:

Well, most of our Bill of Rights has been trampled on, twisted to screw you.

I will restore every single word of our Constitution, and that Bill of Rights.

I’ll protect the Bill of Rights to the letter;

I will enforce the 14th amendment as it was intended when passed.


Calling “Free Speech”, “Hate speech” is not Freedom.

I want a Supreme Court, that wants to protect citizens’ rights,

not politician’s rights, or we will find Judges “who will protect Americans”.


America is in trouble, real trouble, millions out of work,

the Stock Market was crashing,

still homelessowners on the street, more and more homeless, so what do we do?


Why are we in this situation?


Then they tell you: We must shut down America to prevent more Global Warming.

If you read all of this website you will know what is going on,

and what we have to do. Who is Al Gore working for? Not our future.


I want you to review a statement of what you are told about Global Warming,

why we are told we have to shut down America.

I’ve linked this data another place in my website

but read this, and ponder about all the hype about global warming fears.

READ Then you will understand the PLAN.


Security and Prosperity Partnership.

Listen to him! Understand exactly what he is trying to do, to us.

Exactly what I’ve been telling you is wrong for our nation,

and you have not been listening,

you think I’m making up all of this, what if you are wrong?

I told you so.


WAKE UP AMERICANS, they intend to end our nation, are you with me?


So the elections are over: Then why am I still continuing this website?

Because; Welfare will not continue to bring this nation prosperity.


Removing our borders between Canada and Mexico

will NOT restore our nation.

Only action by you; American citizens can save this nation.


Will you be part of saving the United States of America,

or are you too afraid/lazy to get involved?

Stop buying any imports; buy American.

Do you want a leader who will save our nation? Don Cordell

What about our Vice President elect, what do you know about him?



The Democrats: have historically; depended on offering Welfare as their policy,

to get your vote, but with more government controls.

I’m sorry but we must have jobs, not welfare.

It makes those Democrats feel so good, to play provider, with the citizens’ money.


Are you willing to give up all of your rights, in exchange for Welfare?

Who pays the cost of Welfare? American citizens who do have jobs.

Wealthy = anyone making any money, who is not on welfare.

Poor = anyone depending on Welfare to live, because they have no job.

Congress = they have a job at your expense, $14,500/month ($174,000/yr)

Welfare = does not make a nation prosper.

Don Cordell = a leader who will restore opportunities and a future for your nation.


I still believe in the Republican principles,

but the current Republican Party has let us down,

part of the continuing plan to end our nations sovereignty.

You did not elect Senator McCain because he did not give you the message you wanted to hear,

and besides you are mad at Bush, but he was a Republican in name only.

So you voted: Against the Republican Party.


We need jobs for Americans, and we can’t do that

if the companies that provide the jobs continue to leave America.

If they make products somewhere else, sell it somewhere else.

I want everything sold in this nation, to be made in this nation, by Americans,

and I will protect American manufactures from foreign competition. Stop imports!


For 60 years they have been telling us, we can’t close our borders,

we must globalize for the good of the world, well we are almost there,

and you are seeing the results.

They say we must bring the world up to our standard of living;

instead they are reducing us to the world substandard of living.


Obama bragged he was helping citizens in his community in Chicago when the steel industry quit.

Did he bring back the jobs? “NO” He got them welfare.

Where did the steel business go? To China, and other nations.

Will Obama bring the steel business back to America?

Of course not, we don’t want those dirty jobs back in our nation,

let some other poor nation make all that mess, keep America clean,

who needs those kinds of jobs anyway? YOU DO.


So I am still here, waiting for you to wake up to reality,

Welfare will not save this nation;

only the return of our industries will do this.

Help me to help you.

We can save this nation, if you help me, and trust me to lead our nation to recovery.


At least I’m trying to do something other than complain.

I could just sit back like too many of you do, and say:

“There is nothing we can do”

Get up and do something,

I’m doing something.

I spend almost every waking moment trying to figure out

how can I get your attention so I can inform you,

what is going wrong in our nation,

and what WE must do to stop this.

I’m not waiting for some else to do something for us, because they aren’t.


Write to Congress and the Senate;

let them know you are tired of them “NOT” protecting our nation's borders,

or our nations industries from Globalization.

Tell them you want: Don Cordell to be your President?


Department of Homeland Security:

I’m glad to see the has monitored this website,

maybe they will learn something from my revelations,

just maybe they will realize,

WE want some Homeland Security; protect our borders, NOW.


We are being programmed for more failure for a reason;

just follow my revelations step by step, and you will see what is actually happening.

Example Read how to take over a nation.


The Stock Market is now up a bit to about 24,000, but it will really crash next January?


Let’s rework an old saying, give a man money for today, and tomorrow he will be broke, teach him to work and he will earn enough to support himself, and donate a bit to his politician to continue more of the same crap.


No more jobs, no more America, join the New World Order?

Those executives really depend on your millions to save their lifestyle.

They deserve every single million.

These financiers finance elections of your candidates.

They have their millions, you never will.

I will keep telling you,

 New World Order, North American Union,

over and over until you research this problem, and help me to stop this.


This is our wonderful Congress, the Congress that you depend upon to run this nation for YOU.

YOU are being Screwed.

But then you knew that, didn’t you?



Nov. 15th 08: we lost some Home Depot store locations as Americans are cutting back on home repairs.

That means more employees being laid off with no money to spend in your business, or pay their bills.

More credit crunch, and this is expanding across our nation to other home repair stores like Home Depot.

We had another similar business in Lancaster, CA close down earlier this year that had been in business here for 30 years.

Other independent businesses also closing down all over America.

Grocery stores “so called combining”, but really making it look like they combine,

and then that store location closes, but in reality,

the closed store just couldn’t make a profit,

or a chain store closes locations, so there is one less local market,

and you have to drive further to shop.

I see local stores closing every week,

as shoppers are just not going to spend on anything

but essential needs until business gets better.

Remember when those businesses close they no longer need to purchase stock for the store,

stock that maybe your employer makes.

Paint, Lumber, hardware, gardening, what does your company make that China can make cheaper?

Also remember there is an illegal alien willing to do your job for less money.

Less money, so he can send some of it back to his family in Mexico,

to spend in Mexico, not in America. For things made in America China.



Step #1: November 19th 08, American Auto manufactures

As goes General Motors, so goes the nation.

Remember that phrase?

It’s all our fault, we depended upon our elected officials to protect us from too many imports,

to even out the competition in the auto industry.

We won WW II with Japan and Germany? Who’s winning now?

So now what?


If we let the auto manufactures close, at least 3,000,000 additional Americans will be laid off.

While the auto manufactures may only employee 3 Million workers,

the support industry that supply’s what goes into the production of these cars

equals the another 2 million Americans.

Those 3 million will not have the money for home payments,

apartment rent, make purchases in your business,

in general this will totally destroy the United States.

Is this what you want for America,

If you demand I am your leader,

I will lead this nation back to prosperity.


The parable here is: As General Motors fails, so does the United States.

This is an example of the same problems, managers (GM)/(Congress)

taking money to live lavishly, lie to the public, make deals under the table,

rip off those supplying the money,

and fail to take care of business,

then blame the public for the failures of our nation/General Motors.

What kind of leadership is that?

Treaty after Treaty: To give away our national control over business,

and to export production of America’s needs.

Congress has to give their total attention to saving our auto manufacturing;

right now Congress has no intentions of helping our nation or GM.


Foreign car manufactures assemble their cars in America.

So buy foreign cars?

Well, let me tell you, I will equalize the cost to assemble those cars in America.

There will not be one part in those cars that was not manufactured in America by Americans.


The news reports HONDA is going to build an auto plant in Indiana,

where they will pay up to $28/hr. UP TO!

Will that include some medical insurance, or any other benefits?

Honda can pick some small town like New Castle where Chrysler has been for years,

where the cost of living is much less than in large cities,

and the citizens will be thrilled to have “any” job.

Maybe they can build a plant in Elkhart, IN where the RV industry closed down,

leaving the town in desperate financial condition.


 I want every single part in that car made in America,

including the radio, and all the instruments, the carpets,

I do mean every single part.

Let's compare manufacturing costs;

the American manufacturer claims labor is only 10% of the cost of the car.

If foreign manufacturers cost is only 6% of price of the car,

then that’s only a 4% difference, but that’s not the whole answer,

the answer is that all the parts to assemble that foreign car in America are imported,

already manufactured at less cost than here in America.

How can American companies compete with that?


Buyers claim foreign cars are more reliable, that they are a better buy for their money.

NO, it is not a better buy,

if America is shut down,

and IF you continue to buy that foreign car,

you are shutting down our nation.


When every single part to assemble that car in America is made in America,

then cost of manufacturing that car will be more even competition

with the American brands of cars.

Our Big Three auto industry has been trying to compete with unfair costs,

and quality has suffered.

I will demand that any car made in America must be 100% produced by Americans in America.


World Trade is not working for the security of our nation.

We must stop this New World Order plan to turn off our nation.


Note: There are no environmental laws in China, no OSHA for employee safety.

That reduces costs considerably.

I remember before 1937 there was no protection for any American worker,

if you got hurt on the job, too bad.

If you couldn’t do your job because you were hurt,

they had someone else to do your job immediately, and you were out of work.

Employers did not care about workers at all; there was no employee safety.

You think you have all these “workers rights” now, because the employer cares about you?

You do not know the half of it.


As an employee back then, you were at the mercy of the boss,

and you were replaceable without any benefits.

So wake up and appreciate all the Unions and government controls have given you since 1938.

Foreign workers doing the job you use to do in America, have no workers rights.

Sure makes the business more profitable to move those jobs out of America.

The employer does not need Americans to do the work;

they just need you to buy their imports.

This is big business, breaking the Unions.

Go ahead and put down the Unions,

you do not understand what the Unions actually did for us in the 1930’s.


Before we help the auto manufactures, what future do they have, until we save America first?

You can’t buy any new car unless

you have a job,

your mortgage payments are current,

and you have a secure income.

So we have to restore our total economy and do it now.



Right off the top: Lets discuss Electric Autos, or Hybrids being touted as our future.

It takes so much horsepower to run a vehicle.

No matter where that energy comes from.

That energy has to come from somewhere,

if you plug in that car to recharge the battery,

where did that electrical power come from,

and what pollution was caused to generate that power?

This is not a win win situation.

We are merely exchanging the source.


Remember how the battery in your car wears out, what will a NEW Battery-pack cost you for that Hybrid,

or all electrical powered car?

That “undersized” car that you may have paid a premium to buy.

Research this situation before you buy.

Right now the auto industry can’t tell you what the cost will be,

because battery research is constantly advancing power storage,

and manufacturing costs may drop with quantity produced.

The development of batteries depends upon chemistry

and huge increases have occurred lately, but at what cost?

I’m telling you right now, the auto manufactures do not have a sufficient supply of these special batteries

 (made in Korea) to make even 10,000 cars,

when we are talking about replacing all of our fuel operated cars presently on our highways.

A Silver-Zinc battery is considered to hold the most energy per pound but at what cost.


So we build electric vehicles? Lets discuss that design.

With the gasoline or any fueled engine, there is heat as a bi product.

That heat is used to heat the car interior in the winter.

That “electrical only” vehicle also won’t run an air conditioner when needed.

So do you want to drive a vehicle without heat or cooling in America.

Maybe OK for a 10 minute drive to the grocery, a two-seater

 with no place for grocery sacks or your 4 kids.

A vehicle that will go only 100 miles,

then takes 8 hours to recharge.


How, they’ve turned off your electricity at home to save us from Global Warming.

These batteries supply power only within a certain temperature range,

then what? Back to the horse and buggy?


All this talk about the new technology, and big real time functional problems.

Do you really need to go more than 50 miles from your home anyway?

Lets discuss batteries, Batteries die in cold, or hot weather.

In the northern states, auto owners have to put heaters in their cars at night

to prevent the battery from freezing,

many actually bring the Lead Acid battery in to the house at night.

Where do you plug in your car when you live in an apartment and park on the street?

What are they going to do, when there are 400 to 1200lbs of battery in that car,

if the owner can’t plug the car in at night to keep the batteries warm,

those batteries will freeze and be destroyed.

Have you heard ONE word about how much those battery packs are going to cost to replace when they go bad?

How many hours, or recharge cycles will they last?

You do not want to know.

Right now, estimated cost is $8,000 to $12,000.

Lithium batteries are critical, if you ever let a cell drop below 3 volts; that cell dies.

To have enough power to run the car, takes a lot of individual cells,

and to charge these batteries will require a technical control subject to failure.

If that battery ever develops a shorted cell, you do not want to be in that car.

Remember hearing about Notebook computers bursting in to flame because of shorted batteries?

That’s what we are talking about here.

Not only that,

to charge these batteries we are talking about 120 volts, at 5 to 10 Amps.

There is a lot of engineering still to be done, and this will not happen in 3 months.

If you actually drive the car until the battery power is all used up,

you may destroy, even a new battery, permanently.

You are not charging a Cell Phone here;

we are talking about a lot of power.

If you only drive in your local small town, you may be happy with the Hybrid,

but for long trips, there is actually NO saving in fuel.

Of course when you are driving a 2 passenger, 1000 pound car, made out of Aluminum foil,

then you can save fuel. Sorry that’s not the American standard of getting around.


Congress has decided NO HELP for American Auto manufactures.

Sorry, they tell the Auto executives: Restructure, and we will talk to you.

Keep buying those foreign brand cars, until none of us can afford to buy them,

then those of you who work for those companies will also be laid off too.


If it were some foreign auto manufacture in trouble,

Congress would go out of its way to assist them, but Americans, no way.

How many Americans does this affect?

At least 3 million employees in all phases of supply, and support to

the basic manufacturing of American automobiles.

This is more of “let us shut down American industry”, lets destroy those American manufacturing plants.

Lets help other nations take over the United States of America.


Congress has gone out of its way to assist foreign manufactures take over our auto industry,

just like they did the electronic industry, the steel Industry, and many other industries of this nation.

The bid to globalize and remove all industry from our nation, and to hell with the American workers.


General Motors bragging they are going to sell cars in China.


where will the Chinese get the gasoline they need for those cars?

They will be competing with us for foreign oil;

to drive those cars you thought was a good financial deal for America.

Let's make cars for Americans with fuel to run those cars.

How long before China steals the American car engineering, and makes those cars in China themselves?


People are correcting me, that Foreign cars are being “Made in America”, NO, not so, not actually “Made in America”, “ASSEMBLED IN AMERICA” with all foreign parts.

Those assembled engines and other parts arrive here, to be installed in the cars.

Tell me your foreign car, assembled in America

has an American radio, an American Alternator, American tires, American windshield wipers,

American shock absorbers, American mufflers, American anything.

NO! All those parts arrive as imports,

then assembled for you to buy, as made in America.

In Long Beach, CA, there are acres of cars delivered for Americans to buy.

So many cars they do not know where to store them.

People are not buying cars now, or much of anything else.

I will demand every single part; every screw that puts that car together will be made in America.


OK! American auto manufactures, I would bail you out, but there are a number of conditions to be met.

First stop making cars in Mexico and then importing them to sell to Americans.

If you make it in Mexico, you sell it in Mexico.

We need to sit down and discuss design, and what is practical,

then sit down with the Unions and discuss what concessions must be met

in order for this industry to continue.


Unions: What do I know about Unions?

My stepfather Truman Neff worked in conjunction with Walter Reuther in the 1938-39 era;

to establish the United Auto Workers union,

when Truman worked at the Detroit Aluminum and Brass plant in Detroit.

Truman was also a Tool and Die Maker as was Walter.

We lived one block from that plant at that time on the NW corner of Domine, and Dwyer.

So I know Unionization and the auto industry.

It was not my field of interest as I grew up, but I know the importance of our auto industry,

and those plants assembling Foreign car parts, would not be here to Manufacture what we might need

if we ever have to defend our nation again,

as we did starting in 1939 to supply our troops with what it took to win WW II.


Will we ever have another war, to protect our nation.


 we won’t actually have a war,

because we will just surrender our nation over to the United Nations,

because we have traitors in Washington who intend to end the sovereignty of our nation,

and give this nation to the United Nations, New World Order.


Let's face it; Congress does not care to protect us to defend this nation,

they intend to sell give us to the United Nations, New World Order.

I will keep pushing this message to you over and over,

because that is what is happening to our nation.

Destroy American industry, and turn our nation over to the NEW WORLD ORDER.


Let me repeat that, our Congress and Senate, and all elected officials

are hell bent on destroying the sovereignty of our nation.

Congress and the Senate have, and will continue to downsize our nation,

telling us, we can’t compete with the world of poor people who want your jobs.

They are right!


Now correspondents are discussing the American Auto Industry,

what if that fails completely?

It could, who can afford to even consider buying a new car now?

Do we lay off another 3 or 4 million auto industry employees,


 at least 3 million employees with the support industry suppliers?

Save America NOW or Surrender?


How about you? Are you ready to surrender America?


Most citizens, who are not in the Auto Industry,

do not understand how many individual companies supply all those parts

it takes to make an automobile.

The manufacture makes the body,

and much of the structure of the vehicle,

but the auto manufacture doesn’t make

the screws, the door handles, the rubber sealant strips on the doors, the floor mats,

the electric motor for the window lifts,

the starter, the many relay’s, and now electronic controls,

the upholstery, and the many many other parts to make that automobiles.


American companies are not supplying the foreign car manufacture assembly line.

Who makes that webbing strap for the Seat Belts, not the auto manufacture,

an American employee in some other business in (America) China?

Light bulbs, fuel pumps, Air and Oil filters, radiator, water hoses, fan belts,

windshield wipers, fuel injectors, paint, brake pads, wheel bearings,

crankshaft bearings, piston rings, battery, horn, the speakers for your radio?

At least 10,000 different parts in the average new car.

Do we close all those businesses too?

I can’t even find windshield wipers in the parts stores “Made in America”,

let alone being on that new car offered for sale to you.

Now the label on the firewall of the American cars says,

Assembled in America, or assembled in Mexico.


If we don’t save American manufactures and level out the competition,

you can be sure that 30% of Americans are going to be laid off.

Of course, any of you who have paid the local American car dealer for repairs,

may feel these companies are getting what they deserve.


There is a BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC, and yes they make the body there,

and paint the body, but when it’s time to assemble the car,

the German built and assembled engine, transmission,

and all the running gear arrive from Germany,

to finish the production of that car.

That is not a cheap foreign car,

but why don’t Americans make that entire car?


If you actually believe there are no problems in our industry,

then go to any electronic store in America and try to buy a Zenith,

 or Philco, or RCA, or GE, or Motorola TV.

Where are those companies today?

Where are the citizens who use to work for those companies?

Working for McDonalds?


Most of us are being screwed in auto repairs.

The repair industry of many products, screws the public.

For years I repaired Radio’s and TV’s, I did an honest job,

but I also quit working on some jobs when I found the shop was not honest.

If I couldn’t make an honest dollar, I wouldn’t work for that shop.


There are a number of design failures by the auto industry

 that were based upon saving a few dollars at the expense of your safety.

The Ford Pinto gas tanks for instance.

 Chevy pickups with gas tanks under the left and right passenger seats

 unprotected by the vehicle frame. 

America has been building cars for almost 100 years;

you would think these companies would have learned how

to build the best car possible by now.

I can guarantee you that every single screw in that car

was deemed needed in assembly,

or it would have been eliminated to save one cent.

One cent times 1million cars adds up.


I would not help Chrysler at all, until they agree to a total redesign of their product line.

This is a company with major problems, from engineering, and production.

Chrysler is the most dishonest of the three,

 when they continued to manufacture a car with steering problems that they knew existed,

and still made that design for 13 years,

 a car destined to fail, with deadly results,

 and then tell the owner it was their fault because

 they kept turning the steering wheel too much,

and Chrysler refused to do warrantee work on those cars.

The Dodge Intrepid is an example of failure.

Chryslers engineers must have graduated from some of the schools in Detroit, or from reform schools.


This is not the Chrysler product’s I used to know.

Many Chryslers were built with Mitsubishi engines,

 of such poor quality that those engines should never have been installed in any vehicle.

You must have serious mental reservations to buy any current Chrysler product

 until Chrysler makes some major changes in design, manufacturing, and customer service.

Chrysler has made some great cars, and my recent ownership of 2 different 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue cars,

were a dream to own.

 The Fifth Avenue, and similar Dodge cars, with the 318 V8, rear- wheel-drive were excellent.

With Chrysler I’m afraid it would just be spending good money to buy bad engineering.

Chrysler has lost its way, and needs a serious change in operation, or just close the doors, and fade away.

I currently still own a 1957 Chrysler Imperial with the 392 Hemi,

a beautiful car to be restored when I can afford it.

I know cars, I know electronics, I know chemistry, I know manufacturing.

I know Americans want decent products that we spend our money to buy.

We want honest manufactures, how do we get that?


My choosing Chrysler products for years, was the fact they were easy to work on

 when normal wear and tear repairs were needed.

 Not anymore.

I owned three other brands of foreign cars, and gave up,

and went back to American cars that I can trust (except for Cadillac).


As for General Motors:

The Corporate executive clowns need to take some classes

 in how to run a successful auto industry,

 to learn concern about Quality Control,

 and learn how to make what Americans want.

They needed to get out on the floor,

and watch what is actually going on,

to visit dealers and talk to customers,

to get feedback as to what problems keep customers upset.

General-Motors products also have many engineering problems.

These executives are so conceited to believe the world revolves around them.

They don’t deserve another cent  of profits from that company.

The auto industry depends upon car sales, build crap and you destroy the company.


Recovery plan:

First I want to set down with the engineers in research

and discuss some design problems.

I want that American car to excel in comparison to foreign brands of cars.

I know it can be done.

America we have to do this.

I know we can do it, and you can make them, and buy them,

and save our nation's financial base so that you find American products in our stores.

Let's build cars Americans want to buy. You can do it, I know.


How will I do this?

I will offer to financially help the Automobile manufactures,

first by offering to cut taxes on the company 100% for three years, as long as:

Those executives being paid over $200,000/yr must continue to work in the same capacity

 for the next 4 years at NO Salary.


That: Hourly Employees, and supervisors, work at the following wages of my plan

(For hourly employees, I want the pay scale to be $18 to $28/hr

 for assembly or machinist type jobs,

for supervisors, pay not to exceed $35/hr)

 with no raises for the next 4 years,

 and the highest salary for any executive after 4 years is limited to $200,000/year

(including any so called benefits and bonus’s),

“until” the bailout loans have been repaid to the government.


I want to see executives putting in a 12 hour day, 5 days a week,

not lounging in the executive suites, or on the golf course in Grosse Point.


I would stick my nose in the door to see what is going on, to see if our money was loaned wisely.

I want results happening, and changes in operation.

No more business as usual, or it will just be more good money down the drain.


I want more quality built in to these American cars, so you get your money's worth.

We must make changes in the overhead expenses in these companies.

If any employee doesn’t want to make concessions to keep the company in business

then they can move on.

I don’t want to read about a single RECALL

to repair problems, design it and make it right the first time.


Then: I want the manufacture and suppliers stay with a fixed design,

and not waste money on yearly redesign, other than improvements in mileage,

or safety, stop redesigning the hood, make redesigns under the hood,

until the company has paid back the bailout loans to the government.

If the executives leave the company for any excuse other than death,

I will personally tax them for the Company loans, or no deal.

I’ll show them foreclosure they can believe in. Sink or swim.


Of course there are the support staff in the plants, office staff,

stock room, maintenance, purchasing and the normal manufacturing employees

that run behind the scene, they have to continue to have jobs,

maybe less money for 3 years, but continue to be employed.


I want every part of those cars must be made in the United States, by American workers.

If Americans want to buy foreign cars then the buyer will have to pay the real cost of that vehicle.

Many of the foreign manufactures get tax breaks from their government.


I want more serviceability built in to these cars, to save you money on upkeep, and repairs.

I want real bumpers on these cars, something that will stand a 10mph bump.


To boost sales, I want states to stop charging sales tax

 on new American vehicle sales manufactured by the Big Three for four years.

We must do this.

I know of course the states are going to say;

 “We need those taxes”,

of course they do, but if there is NO manufacturing,

 and no auto sales, there is NO tax anyway.


Then at the end of 4 years we can restore the taxes to normal rates.

But we must enhance production NOW.

Of course the increased price of Foreign brand cars will bring in more sales tax,

if Americans still insist on buying those cars.


I want research to developing a Nuclear power box about 12” cube,

that can produce 10 KW of power to run our vehicles

without any Hydrocarbon fuel at all.

This power pack can be totally sealed with a lifetime of 10,000 years.

Isn’t science wonderful?


Demand that your president is: Don Cordell.


Stop buying American products; then those of you who are working

can pay more taxes to support those unemployed citizens.

Don’t be surprised when you are laid off,

because no one can afford that Foreign brand car you Assembled in America.

You may have a job now, but when up to 30 million Americans are out of work,

your factory is going to shut down. Believe me.


More layoffs reported day after day, you may be next.

Watch America fold up and blow away.

Citigroup reports it plans to lay off 52,000 employees, 14% of its staff,

so how many of those almost 370,000 workers know if it will be their job?

This has to be entirely an emotional disaster for all the workers,

not knowing whom it will be.

Would you like to be in their position?

This is happening all over America,

and I do not fault Citigroup,

they have to do whatever is needed financially to survive.

But they won’t, this is going to continue, and more and more of America is going to be shut off.

How many of those 52,000 employees

 will be able to make their mortgage payments next year?

How many of them will be buying a new car?

Or shopping at your business?

Or able to feed their family?


That doesn’t affect you?

Keep on believing that, your turn will come soon.

When the United Nation takes over control of our nation,

do you think Social Security will continue?


I’ll still be here for you, and our nation,

when you are tired of the further destruction happening to our economy,

if you are not happy, we have to start for recovery NOW,

elect a real American to lead your future.

Remember the Alamo?

Well no not really but remember 1776 when we revolted

and had a Revolution, to gain our freedoms from England?

Remember the French Revolution, the King and Queen were executed.

You can only push citizens so far,

then we have to let our elected officials understand, we have had enough.


Step #2: GLOBALIZATION, has moved our industries out of the United States

 to help other people of the world.

 Isn’t that what we Americans have been preaching,

help the people of the world live like we do,

share the wealth, so those in other poor nations can live like we use to live.

Notice I said how we “use to live”. While America is being shut down.


There are those who want to end this nation; this so called United States,

 to join the New World Order.

The United Nations wants to end our productive way of life,

 ending that so-called Constitution and Bill of Rights

 that have led us to be such a successful nation.

Our elected officials are planning a huge meeting to rewrite our Constitution

 to be more modern, to meet the needs of today’s government (not citizens).

To end your rights, and make slaves of you, to toe the line, and keep your mouth shut.

Welcome to the New North American Union.



There are powers that claim we must “stop using energy”, telling you that we must stop Global Warming, turn off the United States. You are being convinced that we must demand Congress shut down our industries, to conserve energy, to stop Global Warming.


Will you surrender what other brave veterans have died to preserve? If you are voting to enact plans that to prevent Global Warming, are you willing to turn off your lights, stop using your car, stop heating your home, all to end Global Warming.

If you tell Congress to End Global Warming, they are going to turn off your lights, close your businesses that use electricity, turn off the pumps that feed water to your home, and turn off the natural gas to your home. Stop you using coal, as that produces CO2 contamination. Be sure what you agree to do, until you understand, “it will affect you”.

There is only one job I know you can do in total darkness, and you don’t want to go there.


This has already been the Plan, and if you think they are going to stop imports from the Orient, you are dreaming. Our nation is downsizing, being told we must shut off the lights and join the Green Plan, to stop using any energy. How are you going to heat your home this winter? Will it be heat or food? What about the poor people who are barely affording to feed their families now? This is going to be a cold winter, just when we need Global Warming the most. So continue to read the items I’ve been campaigning about.


So what about you? You are being told: We are causing Global Warming, so we must stop using energy, that we are destroying the world, that oceans are going to rise 12’ or more, and flood our coastal areas. Yes some Global Warming is happening, but very knowledgeable scientists claim it’s not CO2 causing this situation, but the United Nations and other politicians are convincing you, that we must stop using energy or we will destroy the world. Use some common sense; what they are talking about is your life style. Turning off your lights, making the cost of gasoline so expensive that "you" can’t afford to drive anymore. Of course they continue to discuss adding an environmental tax per gallon of gas to make it so expensive you poor people will not be able to afford to drive. How dare you use that gasoline the very rich deserve, so you had better conserve? Sucker.



Step #4: JOBS/Financial collapse

How many Americans have been unemployed more than 6 months and have no more benefits? What are you going to do, when you become unemployed? OH! It couldn’t happen to you? Dream on, as this nation shuts down more and more, it will get to you too. In every business, sales of the product depend upon needs in the market for their product. When the economy shuts down, bit by bit all businesses will close. I lived during the 30’s and I saw the real depression, and the results, it wasn’t pretty, it’s not going to be pretty.


Food bank outlets to help people struggling financially are running out of donations to help those in need. It is going to get worse next year. Families need to review what they actually need to feed the family, and change to more economical menus.

Millionaires in 1929-1930 thought so too, and many committed suicide at the embarrassment of failure. Only one suicide in America so far over this situation, but it’s going to continue, and it will affect the life of every American.

Right now this is the most important problem in our nation. You are being made to feel guilty for living the American life style, how can you live so good, when there are so many poor people in the world?

So it’s time to turn off America, and spend our money to enrich the rest of the poor nations. I see daily reports that another company is laying off 30,000, or more, what are these Americans going to do in the next year?

Look how well China is doing now, jobs for everyone, living the new industrial life.


Sarcastically: There is no use bailing out General Motors, Ford or Chrysler, we won’t need any new cars or trucks in the near future, because you won’t have any jobs to go to, or any money to buy anything. Why should the American auto industry produce electric vehicles, when you won’t be able to afford Global Warming produced electricity? You will be out of work, and you won’t be able to afford a new Electric Vehicle, that you don’t need since you do not have a job to go to.

The cost of electricity for my home has gone up 40% in two years, with more increases promised in 2009 (34%), 2010 (35%), and 2011(8%).


I’m talking about your future, are you concerned? Our schools have been reduced to such poor education standards, that industries claim they have to get H-1b Visa’s to hire educated foreigners to do the jobs Americans have not been trained to do.

There are some children that get a good education because their already educated parents see to it that their children do learn. How many children in the schools in your neighborhood, graduate to the next grade every year, whether they passed the tests or not? Can’t let the little dears feel left out now, can we? Why have our children been downsized in education?  In Detroit, MI in the 1930-1940 era, we were taking Machine Shop in the 7th and 8th grade already, because many kids quit school at 16 to go to work in the auto plants. America was growing and building a future.

All of that is gone now, Detroit schools no longer teach anything.

There are many educated Black people in America; you just don’t see them. Unfortunately what you do see, are the many uneducated Black people that exclaim, “Why get an education, there are no jobs

for us”.


That’s right, “if you are uneducated” there are no jobs for you, so you perpetuate that statement. Even worse if we do not return manufacturing to our nation. Blacks from the South moved to Detroit in the 1940s to get jobs not available in the south. Since employment in Detroit has shut down, there are few jobs for the citizens of Detroit. Even if you get that education, and get a job, you have to work, and do a good job for your money, not sit on your behind, and claim that the employer can’t make you work, and if they fire you, you will claim racism. We are tired of this attitude, get the education, then do the job, and prove you are an asset to the nation. Join the American dream, WORK. Still all of that education is of no use, if there are no more jobs for anyone. There are uneducated White people, who are poor, who do not destroy their neighborhood, do not go around shooting at anyone because of wearing some color to indicate gang membership.

Who wants people like that in any community?


I’m saying that all children can be educated, and we had better give our children an education that will get them jobs. The next problem is how to return jobs to America. That means WE must stop importing everything into America.

Stop buying stuff made in China or anywhere else. MADE IN THE USA, must be our new motto.


Are you willing to fight to save this nation? These leaders have worked relentlessly to export our Middle Class manufacturing jobs.  WHY? Read this reason, and analyze what they are telling you.


The Job situation is now becoming critical, and our leaders will demand we submit, to the rule of the United Nations New World Order as the only solution for our nation to continue.


We are blind, believing that we have politicians who are protecting us. Open your eyes and learn what is going on, what our TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and other Media will not present to you, because it is the intent of powers that be, to join our nation with a worldwide leadership, and the new rulers demand we reduce our nation to submission of world rule.


99% of Americans have no idea what is happening behind closed doors, going on feeling secure in our freedoms. But this is about to end, if you do not fight back now.


You didn’t hear about the NAFTA treaty, the SPP Treaty, and other plans to assist other nations. Well, study this website and discover the treason about to end this unique nation.


OK, I know this website is long and boring, but how important is the future of our nation?

If you don’t take time to review all of this, then you have no reason to ever complain again.


I only wish this could be said in a few words, but the problems in our nation are many and complicated, I’m trying to share this information with you, so you will know what is happening behind the scenes, and what you as citizens must do to stop this.


Step #5: How many of you really trust members of Congress and the Senate? So why do you elect someone to run our nation that has been in Congress or the Senate?


What don’t you understand about how members of Congress or the Senate get elected in the first place? Congressman from Alaska found guilty of a felony, and reelected. Congressman from Louisiana under indictment and reelected, various elected officials found guilty of crimes and still in office. Clinton evades questions about sex in the Oval office. What don’t you understand about these people we elect to lead our nation? The problem is, these people are Human beings with faults.


Did I tell you about that new Lincoln Motel in Washington DC at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Sleep in the Lincoln room for only $100,000 donations. That’s America for you, sold by our Presidents of the past. Stop this. Before they sell the rest of America.


You complain that Congress and the Senate do not listen to you, then you elect one of them to lead our nation, why?

Don’t you really care what is going on in our nation?

If you read about why Rome fell in the 300 to 400 AD Era; you will see History repeating again.



You think your problems are over now. Now America will be saved? Your life will become trouble free? I only wish that were true; I’m afraid you are in for continued problems, and shock. Just how many people do you think are going to be laid off from work next year?

It will help you to know what all is going on, if you read all of this website.


Mervyns, Linens and Things: and other chain stores, plus many other small businesses, already going out of business. Circuit City Filed for Bankruptcy protection on 11 November 2008 now Circuit City closed all stores, Macy’s (started by a relative of mine R. H. Macy), Best Buy, and many more business cut backs now in many locations, how many more businesses will close in January?

I am not kidding, this is like watching a tea kettle on the stove, as long as you see steam, you know there is water, well businesses are running out of steam, they are drowning in debt, the water is gone, they can’t stay afloat any longer. Why don’t you follow President Bush’s plan of last year, go out and SPEND. Look folks, our nation America is in trouble, real trouble.


I predicted 10 million layoffs before April 09. Believe me this happened, the Christmas sales dud closed down many stores who laid off millions of employees. Yet we can’t go on a spending spree when many of us are already laid off, and more of you are going to be. Can you wait another 4 years for recovery?


Don’t worry about paying for anything, just live it up, ignore that you may be broke

6 months from now. It works for your government. HA


Christmas was very DEPRESSED in 08; the lights are turning off in America. There is not much to celebrate, when you yourself might be laid off in the next few months. To conserve energy, there are plans to make energy so expensive that you will not be able to afford to use energy. Only the rich deserve to splurge and use energy. Are you rich?


During the CBS news the evening of (6 Nov.08) they interviewed the owner and employees of the Dakota Restaurant in Elkhart, IN where the downsizing of RV production in town is destroying the economy of local businesses. Four or five employees laid off, maybe close the business completely! This is just one more example of what is happening all over America. Will those employees be unable to pay their rent, or house payments next month? Will this be you in the next year? I hope not, but be prepared for more downsizing to come. That may only be a few people, a couple of Cooks; a waitress, single mother with 2 children; hey maybe they can get by on Welfare for a few months until things get better. I’m sorry, that’s not my idea of a great economy.

The people in Washington DC do not understand our economy, they have a job, you are paying them at least $14,600 a MONTH, they only deal in Billions of Dollars, they don’t have time to be bothered with Joe the Cook, and Sarah the waitress. Do you? These are Americans I’m talking about, and they are in trouble.


Elkhart, Indiana is just one of thousands of small towns in America in desperate need to recover. Do you imagine there are homes being foreclosed in Elkhart? Elkhart is close to South Bend, but I doubt if there are any extra jobs in South Bend, because this is happening to all of America.


So Americans do not buy RV’s anymore, maybe never again, as America turns off, when America turns off our lights, maybe they can make and sell candles! (Candles only emit carbon monoxide, not carbon dioxide)(PS: Carbon Monoxide kills you quicker, as it burns up the oxygen in the room)


The Dakota may only be one small restaurant with only a few employees, but that doesn’t make their plight any less than 30,000 laid off by Chrysler, or Ford. Multiply those few employees by the Millions of small businesses facing the same challenge in America, and we have a problem. This has been happening all over our nation, since 1986, bit by bit, one business after another, until there are no more jobs to downsize to. We have to have restoration, and we have to have it NOW.

Do you think citizens who have had homes foreclosed are eating out, to enjoy life?


I’m concerned about every single American who loses a job, every one of us have a stake in this situation, every unemployed American has no money to buy what ever your business sells. When you lay off employees in your business this escalates and it’s in full steam ahead right now. What we have is a house of Cards, and the cards are tumbling.

Citizens have stopped eating out, all over the nation; Middle Class restaurants are experiencing this downsizing, leading to closures day after day. I want to stop this, don’t you? Even a trip to McDonalds or Burger King is now a “treat” that many of us can’t afford. I’m eating my heart out, crying about what is happening in America.

Do those laid off employees of the restaurants buy or pay for cars, or buy stuff from your business?


Lets restore this nation while we still have a nation. I’m willing to give President Trump a chance, to get some action, BUT NOT 4 YEARS, WE do not have 4 years to reach recovery, he had to do it in 6 months at the least, he didn’t.

Or he will Surrender to the new government, the United Nations.


The local Home Buffet raised their prices for lunch from $5.50 to $8.50 to make enough profit to afford to stay open, guess what! Now even less business, people who might still spend that $5.50, stop eating out altogether.

One more thing I can’t afford, eating out.


Now, why is this happening all over our nation? Keep reading this is your country, save it.


As usual manufacturing Recreational Vehicles is not just the RV, but someone makes the cabinets that go in to this production, the Vehicle frame that these are installed on, the Stove, the refrigerators, the upholstery, so we are talking about probably 10 times as many employees as those were working in the RV production plant.


The Government now claims 1.8 Million Americans lost jobs “just this year”, so they are extending unemployment insurance, now you can pay your mortgage, or rent the truck to move your belongings to storage, while you move to tent city in the park. Times are bad in our nation. America has been sold to Globalization, to help the world economy grow, especially in China and India.



NOW, let’s admit it, our nation runs on OIL, all our friends and enemies are telling us to turn off America. I won’t, I will fight to restore our Economy, and preserve the American way.

Ships arrive daily with 12,000 containers full of product for you to buy, Can you imagine how many Americans could have been at work making those products for you. I’m sure you have seen those Containerized Cargo ships, unloading all those semi trailer boxes of stuff for our stores, those products should be made in America, by Americans for Americans. How much OIL do those ships use to deliver that cargo, and return empty to the Orient? Those containers go back to the Orient empty. We only take imports.


You can’t keep closing businesses in America and watch those JOBS leave our nation. When the Middle Class has no money, they don’t buy the products and services of the lower pay scale employees. It’s that trickle down system they always talk about.

You have been tricked; it’s Trick or Treat time. We are trickled down to death of our economy. This is not a treat.


AARP Magazines issue of (Sept. 08) states that 1.6 million citizens were/and are homeless from Aug 07 to Aug 08, in America that is a disgrace. That’s 1.6 million that without address’s who probably were not allowed to vote in this election.


There is another article about many senior citizens living in their cars in parking lots, because they’ve lost their pitifully small jobs, and can no longer afford rent, and utilities. What are these people going to do this winter? I’m worried. They are visiting friends if they have any, for an occasional bath, and eating only cold food. Are these your relatives, your mother, your father, your sister, your friend?


How many are Veterans, forgotten for the gift of service they made to our nation? What a disgrace that this is the way our citizens have been downsized to move our manufacturing base to other nations. Do you want to stop this?


Now we have American cities that are making new laws to make homelessness a crime, that’s a crime in itself. Where is the compassion from our law keepers, for those who have lost jobs, of no fault by themselves? How disgusting to see our nation destroyed. Not being able to afford a place to live, because our nation is downsizing this is a crime against humanity. I’m angry, that our citizens are suffering like this. Aren’t you? What are you willing to do to stop this?

You could have elected Don Cordell to stop this?


America cannot survive another 4 Years of the way our nation is going. I know things are not going to get better, and you know it down deep inside. All you have is hope. What are we going to do when the government reports that another 10,000,000 Americans are unemployed? And it includes you. That’s 30,000,000 if we don’t help the automakers.


Your jobs are gone, to globalize the world. We gave Peru $3 billion to establish Asparagus growing and canning, to help their economy. While we closed farms and canneries in Washington state, and laid off about 6000 Americans. That’s just one place where our jobs went. A simple thing like, restore growing Asparagus in America, I want to see canned Asparagus that says, “Product of America” on the shelves in our stores.

Read those labels before you buy anything.


AM I negative? YOU BET. I’ve seen these problems before, and I want to hear substance from a candidate. Now this is not just the fault of President Bush, this started 40 years ago, and it you are seeing the final nail in the coffin to end our nation. Its only when you see the whole picture of what happened, that you will realize we must fight like hell right now to stop this, or just surrender. And I will not surrender, will you?


Americans have made their choice, and you have to live with the choice decided by the voters. The election is over, watch the gas prices the price in March 2018 is now $3.49/gal


I will be here for you when you decide the only solution is: To RECALL this President that you just elected. Because: If citizens want to see immediate solutions to unemployment, and stop the collapse of our finances, our citizens are not going to be happy. We need to help businesses return to America, and start production NOW.

Then what? If this does not happen immediately, then Americans must look for another solution, NOW.


My dad had an old saying that I still believe in; From the neck on down, you are worth a $1 a day, from the neck on up there is no limit. I’m banking on intelligence to lead this nation, not digging ditches. There are enough of you digging ditches, you’re depending upon someone to lead this nation, not join you in the ditch. Too many of us are in the ditch.


Go back up to my MENU of all the problems our nation faces. You could have elected ME to save America, but you didn’t yet! Now you will learn why you should have.

I couldn’t afford any fancy graphics; I’m using various techniques to attract your attention.

My message: Was and Is: What is happening in our nation?

Continue to study this information carefully to save our nation.

I can’t quit until America is safe.

If you are currently in the Military or retired Military please read items 26 and 27 about my

plans for you.


Brought to you in Red White and Blue


Why don’t you go visit that empty lot in Flint, MI, where the Buick plant use to be, they still make Buick’s, but not in Flint, MI. Those Americans no longer had jobs, and that plant was destroyed. So who makes Buick’s, where? Chevrolet is planning to come out with an electric car, made in Korea, not in America, why? Make sure if you are buying an American brand car, that it was made in America by Americans, made with American parts. There is a plate on the firewall of the car, see what is says about place of manufacture, or statements to that extent.


I am betting that you have not found employment by Jan 2018, just tell your creditors that your government has promised you jobs SOON, that you will pay your bills when you get back to work. Keep telling them that, as the sheriff is moving your property out on the curb,

and locking you out of your home.

You voted for Change, not Chump Change, you are not going to be happy.


Now analyze, how many presidents we have had since George Washington? In each campaign we have voted for someone NEW, because the previous President did not do his best for our nation. In each election we voted for someone who claims HE will be better than the previous President. WHY? What is wrong in America that we were not happy with the current President “each time”? We keep hoping that the next candidate will bring progress and a future for our nation. We kept electing Franklin D. Roosevelt, hoping his plans would continue to restore our economy, and then the War production convinced us that we thought we needed to keep him on the job.


I want you to go to Google Maps, zoom in to Detroit; then, using “Street View”, look at neighborhoods (NE Detroit) on Georgia Street, near Van Dyke St. Look at block after block of those empty lots that use to contain 2 story family homes, with families living the American dream. I use to go to that grade school on Georgia St. in 1939.


In 1950 there were no empty lots in Detroit, business was humming, Detroit was a beautiful city. Now the Hudson Department store is gone, Crowley Milner gone, Sam’s Cut Rate, a downtown super bargain store gone, downtown Detroit is nothing. On most of the major streets in Detroit all I see is destruction, the same in other American communities, destroyed communities, why?


No jobs; jobs left America; so many foreclosures that people had to abandon Detroit, and those homes were burned down so squatters would not move in to them. Is that the future of our entire nation? I hope not. I want Detroit humming again; I want people flocking to Detroit to work again. If I have to burn down everything in Detroit to start over, to build a nice clean city, I will do so. Then on to St. Louis, to Dallas, TX, wherever there are manufacturing plants open to make products for Americans, by Americans. Beautiful mansions on East and West Grand Blvd in Detroit, now with boarded up windows, broken down cars in the front yards, WHY? Is this the America you want?


If you are not happy by July 2019, I am here for YOU.


There are very rich people who have been planning the destruction of our nation since about 1915. What is happening now; is the final culmination of their plan to remove our borders, to destroy our economy, and eliminate our powers in the world. I hope you will review all the facts I’ve combined in this one place for you to see all the plans that are in place to destroy us.


I knew not enough of you would possibly vote for me to get me elected, but if I have given you enough data for you to see what will happen in the next year, perhaps you will spread the word about these treasons, to stop our next President from turning our nation in to just a pawn of the New World Order.


Will you tell me why we have Detention Camps waiting to detain you if you dare demonstrate against the Federal Government? Why have certain laws been passed the last 40 years to give the Government the right to stop all demonstrations against the Government? It is the intent of very powerful people to shut down America.

Our jobs have left our nation, to Globalize the world. You are watching the last struggle of our nation, before total bankruptcy closes the doors on what business is left.


But when you finally see the darkness happening to our nation in the next 6 to 12 months, and you will realize you have made a mistake, I will be here, and I will be ready to step in and rescue our nation, to bring jobs back here, and restore our economy. Lets not surrender to the New World Order, One World Government under the United Nations just yet.


Why haven’t you heard anything on TV or Radio about this? Who controls broadcasting in America, The Federal Communications Commission; the FCC controls licenses of all Broadcasters.


Why not in the Newspapers? Because 99% of the Newspaper publishers are owned by rich conglomerates, nation wide, and by advertisers, who are run by big business. Not a word in publishing of magazines, about Globalization, about these Detention Camps, about Executive Orders to put America under Martial Law for the orderly takeover by United Nations troops.


I’ve put together all these bits for you to study and realize what is really going on.

I only hope we survive until you recall who ever is elected tomorrow in time to stop the total Depression of our economy to where we will not survive.


The “only” thing that ended the last Great Depression was WW II that brought workers in to factories to make War materials. The death of about 1 million American men that died to protect our future, and did not come back for jobs, raised our economy from 1946 to about 1958; when again we had a momentary depression. It has been a struggle for our nation, and we need to restore our job base, and do it now. Do you realize we have been in some kind of war since 1950, and this keeps certain manufactures making profit from our taxes to supply war materials! The economy is still jobs Vs job seekers, and there is a sometimes delay for jobs to equalize to match the population increase.

I hope we don’t need WW III to end this depression, because we can no longer defend our nation.


Our government is still planning to screw us more.


When President Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq this signaled other Muslim nations that we have quit. That they have won against the WEST. They resumed attacks against Christian nations? The Middle East is a powder keg of trouble. In 1933 we watched Hitler start his war machine, we poopoed the danger, as we had our own troubles, but eventually we had to take Hitler out.


We may have to go to a real war, and solve the Muslim problem once and for all. We are dealing with people who really do not understand who they are dealing with, US. It was not just 9/11, but other attacks by Muslims and terrorist acts in the world that bothers me, and I will not tolerate the attitude that they want to kill all of us.


You can trust the Democrats and Republicans to restore our future, you can also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, but that is not going to save this nation.

Watch this site for more up to date information on what we must do in the next 6 months, or submit to all loss of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have been sold down the river, and we have no paddles.

I don’t think we will have another war to kill off a million Americans, but you never know.

Thank you.

Please keep reading and analyzing all the facts I’m presenting for you, so you will understand what is going to happen. Remember in the past when your all-knowing parents answer to you was: “Because I said so”. You thought they were wrong, but as you got older you’re tell your children the same thing. I’m telling you, are you listening?


I promised you: NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS: Hispanic, Chinese, Indian, Arab, Etcetera, all will be deported if in our nation illegally.

I wanted only people allowed in this nation that respects our first basic law.

Immigrate Legally. What is this CRAP; that there are “too many of them” for our government to get rid of them? Lets Deport Congress! I don’t care how someone came to America, but if they are now here illegally, I want them gone. We cannot take in all the poor people in the world.


I have many relatives in America, from two Mayflower passengers, and other pre 1800 ancestors forward. Many of my ancestors settled Nantucket, MA in 1660. I hope all my relatives will get involved, and back me in this campaign. I am related to 22 American Presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and the Bush’s. Related to:

It will be a cold day in Hell when I stop trying to protect America for YOU.


I was born in 1927, the first Christmas tree we could afford that I remember was 1941, just after Pearl Harbor was bombed, not much to celebrate that year either. of course that tree appeared after midnight on Christmas eve, when it was free.

I wasn’t alone; many families suffered the same financial problems. Yet we survived. Did you survive 2013?

Did you spend $40 or more for a Christmas tree last year, or kind of wait to see if things get better first?


IF you read all of this website, it will change your life, you will finally understand what is going on, more than “A Change you can believe in” we are at a desperate point in the history of America.


So lets look at what basic restoration we must do:

First we have to rebuild America “Return to Prosperity”, not Welfare.

Keep Reading:


Seven major problems in America: Lets fix these problems.

Economy, Jobs, Energy, Illegal immigration, United Nations, Health Care, and War.


The ECONOMY!: Yes, the Economy is on everyone’s mind, it’s in the dumps.

Now you are paying attention, it’s about time.

I’ve yet to hear them tell us, exactly how they are going to raise the Economy. JOBS! Are they going to send you to China, to find JOBS? They certainly aren’t here, or you would be working! Or are they going to bring production back to our nation? Unemployment as high as 8.7% in a number of states, and that’s a minimum assessment in some of the States in the Union. Those unemployment rates are for the whole state, what about in many of our cities? I’m talking about Middle Class jobs, not minimum wage.


What jobs, how? Welfare jobs? Minimum wage?

WE pay Congress and the Senate $14,600/mo. How much do they get when they retire? 80% of their full pay.

Want to run for Congress? Economy and Jobs go together, no jobs, no economy. Stop the Imports; make it in America by Americans.  I would aggressively return manufacturing to our nation. Just bear with me on this, for my summation at the end of this.


ENERGY: We must reduce our use of some energy until we have other resources. I will confer with business’s to recover our economy for you. I believe in Nuclear Energy, and it can be made safe. One failure was 40 years ago in America. We’ve certainly improved technical safety now. There are many Nuclear power plants in operation world wide, join the future; we can make it “Fail-safe”. Are you ready to turn off “your lights”? You may have to when you get your first bill about next March. To see 40%, to as high as 100% rise in the price of energy.


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: I would protect our borders, and deport anyone, Illegally in our nation. #3 in the Menu.

No more jobs for Illegals.

Or shall we give amnesty for all crimes?


I am not a quitter; I will still be here when you have decided you have made a huge mistake. This website will continue “after the election”, so you will know who to elect when you have that recall election, and you will, when you realize you have elected the wrong person, because you didn’t elect me first.


I wanted a moratorium to freeze payments and bills due, for at least that 6 months, without penalties, this we will have to work out with financial executives. Unfortunately any company that you owe money; may be hard put to continue if you stop paying them. We’ll have to help somehow to weather this financial help.


We have to have a Moratorium on foreclosures, to retain the value of our properties.

It is time for all of you to come to the aid of our nation.


We have to do this now, or 2016 at the latest.


I wanted to stop Globalization, and stop it now. I’d have done whatever it took to keep companies producing in America, to keep jobs in America.


Do you need a new Washing Machine? Do you want it made in America, or Korea? Are you going to buy a new TV, do you want it made in Chicago, or Singapore? How many of your parents worked for Motorola, or Zenith in Chicago, or the other factories that made American products that now are made in China? Maytag now gone (made in Korea), no more jobs for Americans? If you elect me next fall 09 in an emergency election.


Then will you really have something to celebrate, and wave the Stars and Stripes with real excitement?


I will still be here to save this nation.  I will stop all imports, until our economy has reduced unemployment to less than 2%.

Let's put American back to work in America now, not 4 years later, or never.


I’m a plain talking American and I’m calling it like it is. If you read just this one file of my many files of information, you would have elected me, but all of you decided that we only have a Two Party election. We must change this system in America; so all candidates get equal representation to you: The voters.


I want one TV Satellite channel for all candidates to have FREE access to reach Americans with their platforms in elections, for an equal chance for Americans to be elected. We had many Democrat, Republican, and Independent candidates this election, vying to get your attention, to be your President, we have many Americans with good intentions and good plans for America, but only Hillary and TRump had the money to get their message out to you. What a shame, that you are limited to just two actual choices. We must make more Americans able to hear all candidates.

For candidates to spend up to $500 million to advertise to get elected is not the free America you deserve.

Do you think any other candidate will actually Change our future and restore our economy? You can hope all you want, it is not going to happen, until you elect me, just more of the same otherwise. Wake up!


Drill Baby Drill? Why drill for more oil in Alaska, when we sell all the Alaska oil to Japan? It does not come to the lower 48 states for our use.


. If you can still afford a home and the Internet you are lucky.                          ***************************************

We Americans must stop the giveaway of the United States of America to:


We have been told, that we must turn off America, and let the rest of the world catch up with what “was” our life style. They tell us it’s the Greening of America. NO, it’s the “Drain all the Blood out of America”, to increase the Green in the wallets of the New World Order operatives.


What is happening to our nation right now? They have turned off the switch, and they are closing our doors. You have no more opportunities; you lost your job, because others can do your job for less (in other nations), you lost your home? You don’t deserve a home when 25% of people in the world do not have homes. That is the new policy of the New World Order, under the Trilateral Commission, an organization of very rich people that want “A One World Government”, and they have controlled the politicians in America to achieve this goal. Are you ready to fight back, and “stop this”? The only way to “stop this” is to elect an Independent Candidate as your next president. I believe when our borders are removed and our government dissolved us, this New World Order will move citizens of other nations, who are more deserving of homes, moved in to many of these empty homes now foreclosed. We will be moved to lesser living areas by the Executive Orders, to reestablish communities for non-Americans who will be our new rulers.

Does this sound far fetched? Sure, but the people who have planned this are very thorough, and bit-by-bit this is happening.

You do not understand how serious these people are to subjugate our nation.

Write to me, and tell me I’m wrong, and I’ll convince you I am right.


This didn’t happen overnight, this has been planned, and planned, under the guise of spreading employment around the world, improve life for all. So we have 12-14 year olds manufacturing products for you to buy in American stores. Are you ready to shut the door on any future for our nation? I wish you had joined me on Nov. 4th and wrote in Don Cordell for President, but you didn’t.  So demand from our elected President, Item #1 Stop imports, make it in America. Tell Congress and the Senate that you want American products in our stores. You want factories to open, to make it in the USA.


I wanted you working, to make those products in the USA. I did not want to see anything in our stores that says, MADE IN CHINA. On Friday Oct 31st, in a local store I found Canned Peaches, product of CHINA. What in the hell is going on in the USA? Stop this crap.  Buy only what is labeled as “MADE IN THE USA” Read those labels!

As American as Apple Pie! what a joke, when I find Apple Juice in our stores from China. China, China, China, we are drowning in “China” products, and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Are you laughing at Bankruptcy?


I know you have made a mistake, so what are you going to do, when citizens continue to be laid off, because our nation has been sold, by our criminal elected Representatives. This has been going on the last 40 years, bit-by-bit, manufacturing leaving our nation. WHEN all of our factories are closed, and we are going to war, a war to save America; where and how are we going to manufacture what we need to defend our nation? We won’t, we will just surrender like the cowards we have become. Doesn’t that make you proud to be called Americans?


Are you tired of this? Are you ready to FIGHT? Well just remember the name Don Cordell. When you are in line at the Midnight Mission to get one meal a day. Remember I was telling you what is going on. Now it’s up to YOU. “Stop this”



When you get laid off from your job, where are you going to find another job, when over 30 Million are already unemployed? In Los Angeles County with Unemployment at 11.5%, we have previously Middle Class citizens showing up at the Homeless Mission, finding themselves now homeless. ( 26 Oct. 08). Auto sales down 38%, auto services down 75%, as Americans can’t afford to have cars serviced. Mechanics laid off, or only working half days, until things get better. New Car dealer service technicians work on commission, not salary, are these workers losing their homes, or will so soon?


I want to work with businesses in America to determine what education American workers need, to fulfill those jobs, jobs that industry claims they need H-1b foreign workers to fill, because they can’t find American workers that are qualified. I want Americans to get the education to fill those jobs, I want industry to work with me, and so we can train you to get those jobs, at American wages.


Now, 2700 homes foreclosed each and every day. Will yours be next? Don’t be so sure. What if, your home is almost paid off, and your payments are only $800/mo. But you have been laid off for 3 months now, and no hopes for any job. You are sure something is going to come your way eventually, but the bank doesn’t work on “eventually”. You are out. You could sell your home, but there are already 25 homes in your neighborhood, foreclosed and on the market for over a year. So, chances of selling your home before foreclosure are Zero. You’re not the only person in the community out of work.


I know! Contact your Congressperson; they will help you. Now get up off the floor and stop laughing. You got laid off, lost your medical plan, lost your self-respect, now you are losing your home, and who cares?


See, you wasted all your money on stupid things like home payments, food, clothing, utilities, when you could have been living under the freeway bridge for free, and eating at the Midnight Mission. It’s all your fault, Right?


Stop buying “Anything” if the label doesn’t say: Made in America, by Americans.

I’ve talked to auto repair technicians who claim 95% of repair parts are made in China, and of poor quality. I’ve had this experience myself, radiators with Aluminum Cores, not Copper, then with Plastic end caps that fail as the Plastic crumbles, impossible to repair. More and more Plastic in everything, and it’s poor crap. Let's stop this, and return to Made in America out of real metal. I’ve bought brakes shoes American Made that lasted 40,000 miles, and have bought Brake Shoes, made in China; that fail in as little as 8,000 miles. You should realize, that car headed your way, may have Brake Shoes made in China, and that car may not stop in time, it’s your life, how much more risk do you want to take?

China is not our friend, contrary to what your Congressperson may have told you. Too much of what we buy, Made in China, is crap.

Does your life depend upon China?

Congress: has sold our nation with all these Globalization treaties.

News Flash: The United States is broke

Our JOBS are gone! Need jobs? How? When? Where? In China?

This is not your fault, read on and I’ll tell you why, it’s treason.

Why are the jobs gone?

Who enacted all of these Trade Acts to send our JOBS out of America? Congress.

Who has planned the destruction of America? Congress

Who is taking $850 Billion of “OUR” money to bail out Investment firms? Congress

Who is spending $3000/second for the war in Iraq? Congress

Who are you going to elect to save the financial status of our nation? Read ON:

We have already spent $800 Billion for the war in Iraq, who pays that? YOU DO.

Who elected Congress? You did. Who is responsible for that? You are.

If you are not happy 6 months from now,

recall the newly elected President and elect ME, I’ll be here.

Do you want Socialism, Communism, Fascism or any ism? NO!

There is only one good “ism” Americanism.

Do you want A Patriotic Free Republic with a Free Capitalistic America, Yes!

You keep on electing either party, one after another, each time hoping for a better government.

It doesn’t happen, don’t you ever learn?


You must make a Change this year. Not a new Change, but back to the America that worked, when you worked.

I would have scrapped all trade pacts that are unfair to America.


MONEY: Our banks being bailed out by the Federal Government, so now when you go to buy a house, with 20% down, and have our government wonder how you could save that much money to buy a home, obviously you are not paying enough taxes if you’ve saved that much money, “or” where did you get that money? Then you can get an 8% loan, while that wonderful bank gives you 1% on deposits.


Wonderful! American government, all heart.


Yes, my plan would have given you an FHA Home loan, with NO down, and a 6% loan @ 30 years.


Now that the banks are going to be controlled by the government, that means your government can monitor “your” bank account, and remove money they believe you may owe before taxes are due. They can monitor your spending to see if you are living correctly. Do you want that? Realize, how much control our government will have over our lives if we allow this to continue. Welfare recipients get Plastic debit cards to buy food, and other items, now the government can monitor all purchases you make, item by item.


Our government would like to get rid of all actual cash, so they can monitor all your spending, to make sure you are living correctly. Won’t that help you to live a proper life? Think how much that will cut down on crime, if you can’t deal in cash? Do you want the government to have their hand in your pocket? If you owe any debts, the government can just debit your account, since you have no other cash.

One bank, one big huge computer that makes mistakes to control all your money, just wonderful.

You are so lucky to have a government to control you.


It is time to “Save our nation” and I don’t care about the rest of the world.

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General Motors is not in much better financial condition either, how many more will they lay off? 800,000?

I’d say crappy General Motors should fail, but I don’t want more Americans out of work. I will take on General Motors to shape up. I’m like many Americans, I’ve worked on my own cars, and I know poor engineering when I see it. I know manufactures can do better, and while we can’t control how business operates, but what we can do is inform buyers/owners of poor quality products to protect you and your family that might be endangered by poor engineering. Business will have to improve to continue in business.

Most cars are poorly designed when it comes to accessibility for repairs; that costs you more for labor when repairs are needed. Just try to get behind the dashboard to get to any gages or instruments, that can be improved, there are other items just like that or in other products we buy, improved access for repairs.

Do you think Congress has any idea how to control this?


I have a 96 Cadillac that I bought 8 years ago, it is a disaster for quality, of course I knew better when I bought it in 2006, but I hoped that Cadillac had finally achieved the quality Chrysler always had. Wrong. I seldom drive more than 200 miles between repairs. I thought it was well designed after reviewing the factory service manual. Wrong, this car has been a disaster for repair access, and reliability. Big mistake on my part, but then every General Motors car I’ve ever owned has had engineering problems, beyond normal wear and tear.

2014: That car is now parked until I can afford to repair the transmission.

If we don’t make some big changes in our auto industry, this will be one more cog in the final destruction of this industry. Build cars to last more than 3 years. Chrysler use to do this, what is wrong with Chrysler now?


I need to have a serious talk with General Motors. I’m actually afraid to get more than 7 miles from home in this car (my free towing allowance). However I get about 14/mpg in town, and 20mpg highway. The important thing is that I feel safe in this car, unless I’m hit by a semi or a Hummer size truck I’m going to survive 99% of any crash. There is no substitute for enough Iron around you for protection, and my life is worth more than the cost of gas. This car has real bumpers front and rear, and the car weighs about 5600lbs. How many accidents have you seen reported lately where the car is totally destroyed, torn in half, or worse. We need special highways for these mini cars.


It is going to get worse before it gets better. Will you settle for that? NO hope?

Company after Company laying off more employees, are you next? Then what?


Bush passed his “Security and Prosperity Partnership” before he leaves office. He is keeping quiet until after the election, but this plan would “Remove our borders between Canada, and Mexico to form the North American Union”.

Then no more Constitution, or Bill of Rights, we will have Change you can believe in, a “Nightmare

What if that those Changes are submission of all of our rights, in exchange for Welfare?


What happened to all of our Middle Class jobs? If you want a future for our nation, study “all” of my website, your future depends on knowing what is actually happening in our nation. You can vote blindly, and then complain the next 8 years, or you can research what I’m telling you now, and elect someone who really wants to save our nation.

I’m just a poor guy retired on Social Security, and I didn’t have a lot of money to advertise. What you see here is the best I could do.


More and more business cut backs, AIG Insurance got an $85 Billion bailout, then the company hot shots had a party and spent about $420,000, came home and laid off 200 workers in the Los Angeles area. What are those employees going to do to support themselves? Did they Vote to Elect Obama so they can collect Welfare? Is Welfare all you want to look forward to? This is not the American way. People vote for the Democrats, because the Democrats offer more handouts, not a hand up to raise your living standard.

I want more than: Welfare for you. I want you to have self-respect, and earn your own way, the American way.

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For those of you who are Christians in this nation, how much did you spend for Christmas 2008? 2010? 2013? This is a serious time, and being thrifty is important for this coming year. At the beginning of 2008 Bush told you the economy is great, go out and SPEND, take a vacation, SPEND. The government sent you a recovery check. Did you buy something new with that found money, or pay bills with it?

Six months later, and you have spent all of it, and then some.

I hope you like Bean soup, because you are going to eat a lot of beans.

That’s the cheapest meal you can feed your family on your new budget.

How much are you going to spend for Christmas 2014? If any.


You may be the next one downsized, your business having less income, there are many “Joe the Plumbers” types in this nation, we may all be in the same situation, and unfortunately I believe it’s going to get worse, a lot worse before it gets better.

I believe 50% of many small business owners take home less pay than many of their employees. Many hoping that they will survive until business picks up. Being a small business owner is not the path to riches. All home repairs are on the back of the budget for most homeowners for now, all those in the business of home products are closing their doors. A specialized cabinet company I personally know about has laid off 4 workers, and he spends every day in his office, hoping someone will call, they don’t. He can’t continue to pay rent on his unit if things don’t improve soon. He is just one of millions in America facing the same challenge, are you one of these small business Americans?


Will that business that depends upon the most of the profits made each year from Christmas sales, be closing in January because you didn’t spend anything this holiday season?


Is this our future, back to the 1930’s where our banks close, and all of our deposits cancelled? Don’t say that can’t happen, “we have the FDIC insurance to protect us”. Who pays you that FDIC insurance? Who can tell you “Sorry”, this government that you trusted? In 1965 our government started pulling our Silver Coins out of circulation, and told you, YOU do not need anything to back up the value of your money, if you just trust your government. Sucker. Silver then was 92 cents/oz, now Silver is $15/oz. That is 1660% inflation since 1964. So trust your government.

They can just tell you they have no more money to help you, all the money is gone. That’s why this is so serious, don’t let this happen; do not elect any Republican or Democrat. Why will they not restore America? Read


This Internet is your access to learn what is going on, use the Internet to educate yourself, research candidates, and political treason that I see happening.

Our survival as a nation depends upon citizens, knowing what is happening.