At my age (NOW 92),

I have no political aims other than

what is best for the citizens of our nation.

Why should I bother?

After all, I probably wonít be here 20 years from now.


But! Your, and My children, Grandchildren

and future descendents will be here,

Iím concerned that they will have a free nation

to continue enjoying the Freedoms

that only this nation has had for society.

My ancestors struggled to leave me a nation that was Free.

If I donít do my part now, I have let my descendents down.

How can I hold my head up straight

if Iím not willing to protect this nation from within?


What chance do I have to get elected?

Not much, unless citizens start to review

what Iím reporting to you in this website.

If you donít believe me, America will fail.


We have a problem!

Please review my plans and what must be done

before our nation is surrendered to the United Nations.

Iím trying to save the United States of America for you.


If you love America at all, you really need to read

every bit of my website, review the links Iíve included,

educate yourself as to what is going on,

even if you donít think youíd elect me.

Do you think our nation has a future?

Or should we just surrender right now to the United Nations,

ďNew World OrderĒ?


Our nation is being torn apart,

our industry is being exported away from our workforce,

our workers downsized, losing homes, and more

and more divorce most likely, as families fall apart over finances.

What can we do?

Remember only single women and children are eligible for welfare.

"No men" allowed in the home for welfare mothers.

Men are expendable.


What must we do?

We must restore our job base for American citizens.

We must help businesses return to America, and restore our job base

to bring employment back to American citizens.