Religion in the future:

Humanist Manifesto II:

"The next century can be, and should be, the

Humanistic century ...we stand at the dawn of a new age...a secular society on

a planetary scale....


we begin with HUMANS,



not DEITY”..

we deplore the division of humankind on “nationalistic grounds..


·    Thus we look to the development of a system of world law

·    and a world order based upon transnational federal government....

The true revolution is occurring."


·    George H. W. Bush’s comment:

·    “If the American people knew what we have done,

·    they would string us up from the lamp

posts.” (Sounds like a good idea to me)


More and more people subjugated, under martial law,

and believe me, when they want complete control, they will start to eliminate the churches.


Churches are gathering places for people to discuss life,

and living conditions,

that’s why Russia closed the churches

after the 1918 revolution.

Go back above: and read the

Humanist Manifesto act again.

A “non Theist, non God society”


So get ready for Totalitarian Government,

you elected Obama in 2008/12.

He may preach Religion, but the United Nations will end that nonsense,

you can’t control people who believe in religion.


It won’t be the Obama that stops Religion,

it will happen after they turn our nation over to

the “New World Order”, under the United Nations.