Obama says: “You need CHANGE, he will give CHANGE, how about a little list of his CHANGES”.

McCain doesn’t say anything new, just a continuation of the policies of George Bush, the end of our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the end of protecting our borders.

Those are changes, aren’t they? But you didn’t elect him, you elected Obama.


You elect Republicans, and get disgusted; then you elect a Democrat, and you get disgusted, with nothing happening; so you elect “a-” “Hey we’ve been there before”. When are you going to realize, the Republicans, and Democrats have no solution. Oh! Yes they do, Amnesty, Globalization, outsourcing, H-1b etc.


WE have to do something soon, and the Democrats and Republicans will not do anything. Just more of Washington DC stalling while you get ready for the United Nations to take over control of our government.


This is a critical situation for our nation. We can’t allow this depression to destroy America, and that’s what will happen if you elect any Democrat or Republican to continue this nation.


We are being handed to the United Nations New World Order.


Stop buying anything unless it’s made in America, or America will cease to exist as a FREE NATION. Try to find any merchandise in Walmart, Kmart, Sears, or any store in America, made in America.


This crisis has been coming for the last 34 years, since 1974 oil prices started the extreme climb in price and availability. Has our government done anything? NO


Our present government doesn’t intend to do anything, or have the guts, or know how to do anything.


They haven’t protected our borders for the last 40 years, and their solution is to remove our borders.


“North America Union” coming soon.


Even if our government dropped the fuel tax of 18 cents/gal, that is not enough to save our nation.


If you’re waiting for anyone else to have a solution, good luck.

“I HAVE  SOLUTION’S”. Elect me.