Radio Frequency Identity Device.

Are you ready to line up to get your national RFID chip imbedded in your arm?

Coming to you soon at your local police station.

Got to keep tabs on real citizens some way, illegal aliens need not apply.

Remember when you only needed a Social Security card

when you were old enough to start working?

Now you have to have a Social Security number for your children

as soon as they are born.

Talk about your permanent record. The better to control you.


In June 08, I’m reading that RFID codes

can now be read reliably up to 40 feet from the subject.

 When you enter a store, the store knows what you have bought in the past,

as you go down the aisles, lights will blink to catch your attention

that some previous purchased item is on sale today. “Buy NOW”.


Been arrested for using alcohol?

Sorry you can’t purchase that anymore.

Have to find someone else to buy alcohol for you,

and that purchase will show up on the medical records of that purchaser.

How many friends do you have now?


What is an RFID? (Radio frequency Identifier Device),

it’s a small device about the size of a grain of Rice

that can be injected under your skin, or attached to any product,

sort of like Scan Codes on our products now.

You can be Scanned as you walk anywhere out of your home,

at any time.

You can be forced to submit to injection of this device,

OR no financial transactions allowed anywhere for anything.


From 28 Jan 2011

REAL I.D. was enacted in 2005, to make it more difficult for people

 who are not citizens, to secure a state-issued driver's license.

The law takes effect in May, 2011. Will now become law starting in Jan. 2020

At that time, every States will be required to create

a drivers' license that conforms to new federal "standards."

In short: REAL I.D. allows the government to convert

your state issued drivers' license into a REAL

Nazi/Communist-style National Identification Card,

with all the scary attributes of an Internal Passport like people

in Nazi/Communist-Europe were required to carry.

When did that happen here? It happened in 2005,

when you were more concerned about terrorists than civil liberties.

Congress passed the Real ID Act on May 11, 2005,

which created new bio-metric national standards

for state-issued drivers' licenses.

The new law also requires those who do not drive

to have a state-issued "non-driver" ID card.

Not just the federal government,

but states will be able to quickly (at a moment's notice!)

share 18 different points of private information about you, personally.

And we must stop this STEALING of our personal identity.

Will you help us by faxing every single Member

of the U. S. Congress to STOP this personal invasion of your privacy?





The "machine-readable technology," as required by REAL ID,

would convert state-issued driver licenses and identification cards

into TRACKING DEVICES, allowing computers to pinpoint

and record people's whereabouts anytime that they are identified.

Under REAL ID, all state drivers' license databases will be linked.

This will allow information in a person's ID database

in any state to be accessible by officials

in any other State, or by the federal government.

In 1998 the Clinton Administration tested

such a privately-funded card

without the consent or knowledge of Congress.

Their card was part of a special healthcare program

funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The program was initiated in five western States

and entailed giving women with dependent children

free healthcare in the pilot project

that actually tested the effectiveness of the biometric cards,

which electronically monitored the whereabouts

of the cardholder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by GPS.

The test lasted one year.

 It was deemed to be a success.

Our federal government does have the ability,

and the desire, to track the whereabouts of its human capital

while they work, when they play, and where they sleep.

REAL ID, in other words, is REAL Intrusive.


First they put chips in your pets so we can find them if they are lost,

then chips in your children, so we can find them when they are lost.

When they grow up, they’re use to being scanned

for the security of our nation.

Then everyone has a chip so we can trace all of you,

where ever you enter will be on record, just for “your” security.

Keep it up, who needs freedom anyway?

You and I submitted to registering for Social Security numbers,

but were assured “that number”

would "NEVER" be used for anything \

except our (retirement) entitlement account.

In Los Angeles County, CA the country demands

 your pets must have an ID chip inserted,

or your pet is confiscated, and eliminated.

Will citizens be next?


If you have an accident in your car,

how does OnStar® by GM® know where you are?

Give that some thought. And they talk to you,

where is the microphone?

Can they listen to you in your car at any time? Why not?

What next? The police can talk to you as they pursue you?


There are companies in America

where the workers must submit to having an RFID chip

inserted in their body to enable the worker to enter the workplace,

OR no employment. Are you next?


Join the Computer age, we’ve got your NUMBER, and you’re it.