26 Oct. 09

Well now, the government must have read this statement, they must be using another web address to read my files, now more hits from .se. Still every single file in my website and some hot links are also being read, so the mystery goes on. Anyway, I’m extremely careful about any statement,

or claim, to remain legal and safe, as Obama tries to get rid of Fox News, CNN, and other commentators that are embarrassing his honor Obama.


Every week “One Hit” was shows up on my review of who looked at this site, from the “Seychelles Isles” (.se) east of Africa, no way that someone is looking at this site from there, so who is? Well the US Government of course, and they look at every single file, and then some, to see if I’m advocating any violence to take over the government of our nation.


NO, we do not have a chance to use violence. We must do this in the ballot box, elect candidates that will restore our nations rights. We are out gunned, we are out financed, but not out foxed. So folks, it comes right down to how much you love the Freedoms we are suppose to have that we have lost. If you just sit on your behind, and feel “we can’t win”, we won’t win. Is that’s how we have defended our nation the last 240 years, how

impossible did this seem to our Colonists starting in 1776? They did not take “No” for an answer, they fought for our Freedoms, we must fight to retain our Freedoms, so join with me, and lets return prosperity to our nation, close our borders, return some respect to this nation.

I’m here for you, are you going to be here for ME?