>Now, here are some of my Solutions<

  1. To protect our borders: saving our American Freedoms, our

     Constitution: and our Bill of Rights.

  2. English is our language, if you don’t want to speak English LEAVE

  3. Return jobs to America.

  4. Hire Americans.

  5. Regular gas $1.29/gal.

  6. NO Amnesty for anyone.

  7. "All" Illegal aliens out of the United States; allow only legal Immigration.

  8. Stop all Globalization.

  9. Eliminate all imports from anywhere, if we can make the product Here.

10. Stop “Pork Bills” by Congress, until our budget is balanced.

11. Either Win the war, or come home.

12. Preserve the Right of Free Speech, when you have to get a permit (which

      can be denied by the police) in order to demonstrate against our government,

      as guaranteed by the First Amendment, something is Wrong in America.

      You can be beaten, and jailed for disobedience and causing a disturbance,

      for complaining against our government.

      Do you approve of this tactic by our police? >> More to come citizens.

13. Preserve your right, to own and keep all type of Firearms.

14. Protect your right, to own property, that the government cannot take

       away from you with Eminent Domain OR Taxes

15. Congress and Senate to retire only on Social Security.

16. NO Illegal Wiretaps on American citizens, UNLESS we can wiretap

       our Elected Officials, INCLUDING Donald Trump.

       Would you like to listen in on your Congress or Senate employee?

17. No more gangs, severe punishment for gang activities

18. I support care of children, and Senior Citizens, but from age 21 to age

       62 you are on your own; so be prepared to be an adult.

19. I support Marriage between a Man and a Woman.

20. I support education of course, but I want free education up to 2 years

      of Jr. College or Trade Schools. I want our children to actually learn,

      before they pass to the next grade. Reinforced education, no excuses for failure.

      Keep reading, there is a lot more, let’s clean up America. I want the Trades

      taught in High School, and Jr. College if need be, so those who do not want

      a White Collar job can get training that will earn them a living wage.