Right now our government plans to take $1.345 Trillion/year of our dollars

to buy and distribute America food to starving nations.

Not only take our money, which will raise food prices for us in our markets,

but take our tax money to do this act of compassion.

Now I’m sorry others are starving in other nations,

but they are mostly starving because of some Dictator controlling those nations,

who care less if their citizens are starving.

As has happened in the past, of relief food sent to these types of nations:

That donated food ended up "on the black market", raking in money for the dictator.

I don’t know what happened to the plan to send “500,000 Tons” of food to North Korea,

to get them to love us.

I don’t know if they did that or not, I think that is still in the talking stage;

Check Google for “Food to N. Korea” 23,000 hits.