Step #1: American Auto manufactures

“As goes General Motors, so goes the nation”. Remember that phrase? Well? No help for the American auto manufactures? It’s all our fault, we depended upon our elected officials to protect us from too many imports, to even out the competition in the auto industry.


If it were some foreign auto manufacture in trouble, Congress would go out of its way to assist them, but Americans, no way. How many Americans does this affect? At least 30 million in all phases of supply, and support to the basic manufacturing of American automobiles one in ten Americans are involved in the auto industry. This is more of “Let us shut down American industry”, lets destroy those American manufacturing plants. Lets help other nations take over the United States of America. Congress has gone out of its way to assist foreign manufactures take over our auto industry, just like they did the electronic industry, the steel Industry, and many other industries of this nation.

The bid to globalize and remove all industry from our nation, to hell with the American workers.


People are correcting me, that Foreign cars are being “Made in America”, maybe so, but not actually Made in America, “ASSEMBLED IN AMERICA” with foreign parts. Those engines and other parts are arriving here, to be ASSEMBLED.

NO all that stuff arrives from imports, assembled to sell to you.


Workers in Kentucky claim that the foreign manufacture they work for is making all parts of the car in their town. I want to know if those cars have tires made in America, is the radio made in America, is the glass made in America, is the alternator made by Delco or made in Japan? Are those steel body parts actually stamped out of American steel?

But where do those body parts come from? Speedometers, and other gages made by Americans, in fact is there anything in those cars actually manufactured in America. NO, of course not. Why not?


OK American auto manufactures, I would bail you out, but there are a number of conditions to be met. First stop making cars in Mexico and then importing them to sell to Americans. If you make it in Mexico, you sell it in Mexico. You make every last screw in that car in America, made by Americans. We need to sit down and discuss design, and what is practical, and also sit down with the Unions and discuss what concessions must be met in order for this industry to continue. What do I know about Unions? My stepfather Truman Neff worked in conjunction with Walter Reuther in the 1937-39 era, to establish the United Auto Workers union, when Truman worked at the Detroit Aluminum and Brass plant in Detroit. Truman was also a Tool and Die Maker as was Walter. We lived one block from that plant at that time on the NW corner of Domine, and Dwyer. So I know Unionization and the auto industry. It was not my field of interest as I grew up, but I know the importance of our auto industry, and those plants assembling Foreign cars, would not be there to Manufacture what we might need if we ever have to defend our nation again, as we did starting in 1939 to supply our troops with what it took to win WW II.


Will we ever have another war, to protect our nation. NO, we won’t actually have a war, because we will just hand our nation over to the United Nations, because we have traitors in Washington who intend to end the sovereignty of our nation, and give this nation the United Nations.


Let's face it; Congress does not care to protect us to defend this nation, they intend to sell us to the United Nations New World Order. I will keep pushing this message to you over and over, because that is what is happening to our nation. Destroy American industry, and turn our nation over to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Let me repeat that, our Congress and Senate, and all elected officials are hell bent on destroying the sovereignty of our nation. Congress and the Senate have, and will continue to downsize our nation, telling us, we can’t compete with the world of poor people who want your jobs.


Now correspondents are discussing the American Auto Industry, what if that fails completely? It could, who can afford to even consider buying a new car now? Do we lay off another 3 or 4 million auto industry employees, really at least 30 million employees with the support industry suppliers? Save America NOW or Surrender? NOT ME! How about you? Are you ready to surrender America?


So we build electric vehicles? Lets discuss that design. With the gasoline or any fueled engine, there is heat as a bi product. That heat is used to heat the interior in the winter. That electrical only vehicle also won’t run an air conditioner when needed.

So do you want to drive a vehicle without heat or cooling in America.  Maybe OK for a 10 minute drive to the grocery, a two-seater with no place for grocery sacks or your 4 kids.

A vehicle that will go only 100 miles, then takes 8 hours to recharge. All this talk about the new technology, and big real time functional problems. Do you really need to go more than 50 miles from your home anyway?


Lets discuss batteries, Batteries die in cold weather. In the northern states, auto owners have to put heaters in their cars at night to prevent the battery from freezing, many actually bring the battery in to the house at night. What are they going to do, when there are 400 lbs of battery in the car, if the owner can’t plug the car in at night to keep the batteries warm, those batteries will freeze and be destroyed. Have you heard ONE word about how much those battery packs are going to cost to replace when they go bad? How many hours, or recharge cycles will they last? You do not want to know.


How many cars do you see parked at the curb night after night, how do they recharge their cars?


Most citizens, who are not in the Auto Industry, do not understand how many individual companies supply all those parts it takes to make an automobile. The manufacture makes the body, and much of the structure of the vehicle, but the auto manufacture doesn’t make the screws, the door handles, the rubber sealant strips on the doors, the floor mats, the electric motor for the window lifts, the starter, the many relay’s, and now electronic controls, the upholstery, and the many many other parts to make that automobiles.


American companies are not supplying the foreign car manufacture assembly line. If we don’t save American manufactures and level out the competition, you can be sure that 30% of Americans are going to be laid off.

Of course, any of you who have paid the local American car dealer for repairs, may feel these companies are getting what they deserve.

If you actually believe there are no problems in our industry, then go to any electronic store in America and buy a Zenith,  Philco, RCA, GE, Motorola, Magnavox, Emerson, or any American brand of TV. Where are those companies today? Where are the citizens who use to work for those companies?


Most of us are being screwed in auto repairs. The repair industry of many products, screws the public. For years I repaired Radio’s and TV’s, I did an honest job, but I also quit working on some jobs when I found the shop was not honest. If I couldn’t make an honest dollar, I wouldn’t work for that shop.


There are a number of design failures by the auto industry that were based upon saving a few dollars at the expense of your safety. The Ford Pinto gas tanks for instance. The Chevy pickup gas tanks under the left and right passenger seats unprotected by the vehicle frame.


Chrysler is the most dishonest of the three, when they continued to manufacture a car with steering problems that they knew existed, and still made that design for 13 years, a car destined to fail, with deadly results, and then tell the owner it was their fault because they kept turning the steering wheel, and Chrysler refused to do warrantee work on those cars.  The Dodge Intrepid is an example of failure.


This is not the Chrysler products I use to know.

Many cut back Chryslers were built with Mitsubishi engines, not made in America.

You must have serious mental reservations to buy any current Chrysler product until Chrysler makes some major changes in design, manufacturing, and customer service. Chrysler has made some great cars, and my recent ownership of 2 different 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue cars, were a dream to own. The Fifth Avenue, and similar Dodge cars, with the 318 V8, rear wheel drive were excellent cars.


Chrysler has lost its way, and needs serious change in operation, or just close the doors, and fade away. I currently still own a 1957 Chrysler Imperial with the 392 Hemi, a beautiful car. I know cars, I know electronics, I know chemistry, I know manufacturing, I know Americans want decent products that we spend money to buy. We want honest manufactures, how do we get that? My choosing Chrysler products for years, was the fact they were easy to work on when normal wear and tear repairs were needed. Not now.


Recovery plan:

How will I do this? I will offer to financially help the Automobile manufactures, first by offering to cut taxes on the company 100% for four years, as long as: Those executives being paid over $200,000/yr continue to work in the same capacity for the next 4 years at NO Salary. That: Hourly Employees, and supervisors, work at the following wages of my plan (For hourly employees, I want the pay scale to be $18 to $28/hr for assembly or machinist type jobs, for supervisors, pay not to exceed $35/hr) with no raises for the next 4 years, and the highest salary for any executive after 4 years is limited to $200,000/year including any so called benefits, “until” the bailout loans have been repaid to the government.


Then, I want the manufacture and suppliers stay with a fixed design, and not waste money on yearly redesign, other than improvements in mileage, or safety. Stop redesigning the hood, make redesigns under the hood, until the company has paid back the bailout loans to the government. If the executives leave the company for any excuse other that death, I will personally tax them for the Company loans, or no deal.

Sink or swim.


To boost sales, I want states to stop charging sales tax on new vehicle sales. We must do this. I know of course the states are going to say; “We need those taxes”, of course they do, but if there is NO manufacturing, and no auto sales, there is NO tax anyway. Then at the end of 4 years then we can restore the taxes to normal rates. But we must enhance production NOW. I want research to developing a Nuclear power box about 12” cube, that can produce 10 KW of power to run our vehicles without any Hydrocarbon fuel at all. This power pack can be totally sealed with a lifetime of 10,000 years. Isn’t science wonderful?


Demand that your president is Don Cordell.