I want you to consider this scenario:

How to make you SURRENDER! And you will.


First they will turn off all of your utilities, electricity, gas, telephone, and water. Then all TV and

Radio Stations are turned off (FCC controlled); then the government stops all trucks delivering

food to your area. Road Blocks. The grocery store, the Bank and the Gas station closed?

With The Internet access turned off. When you and your neighbors gather to

“March Peacefully” to complain: How many of you have to be shot, before you return

to your homes with your (Patriotism) tail between your legs?

Our government has a truck with a Microwave Transmitter and antenna, to focused on YOU,

and your friends when you attempt to demonstrate, to cook you into submission.

                                                     They intend to WIN.


With a bit of modification your Microwave Ovens can be converted to kill the Military,

that is attempting to kill us, wrap yourselves in Aluminum Foil for protection, and use

parabolic dish’s to reflect and focus their energy back to them to protect yourselves.

Using metal Screen Wire as a shield, will prevent Microwaves from affecting your body.

Will possession of Screen Wire become a Felony?


              Got Guns? Great, but; you are outgunned by the troops.


    Newspapers are going out of business, and any attempt to publish any newspapers

will be considered treason, and publishers will be arrested. Only the right news will

be delivered to you, to explain how; “You will cooperate and behave”, or else!

The printing and distribution of any Political Opinion; will be an act of TREASON.


    You will be told: “You must surrender all weapons” when the SWAT team comes to

your door, (Public Law 87-297) or you will be arrested (killed) for “failure to comply”.


What will you do? Do you realize how brutal police can be? Remember Waco, TX.

Do we have Terrorism in American, YES, the IRS, and the BATF. Think about it.

   Remember how they burned down an entire block of homes in Philadelphia, PA to kill

a few dissenters with the Symbionisian Liberation Army people!

When Martial Law is enacted, you must not go outside; or you will be shot. Shocked?


   So what would you do? Stop sitting there; believing this can’t happen in America,

it is happening, to you and all Americans. It happened in New Orleans.


    Why is our wonderful government training returning troops for:

        “Citizen Insurrection” Control?


   Will you be “controlled” when your family is starving? When the banks are closed and

you have no CASH, to barter or to buy anything, what are you going to do, complain to Congress,

or the Senate? Remember there will be NO mail delivery or pickup.


Food confiscated! One report exists (Executive order 10998) gives the government the right

to enter your home and confiscate “excess food” you have; for the needs of the community.

(Or to deprive the community of food?)


    With no electricity, the pumps at the gas station won’t work! No portable gasoline generators to

supply electricity to your refrigerator or other items in your home. Your food will spoil!


    It will be against the law to drive: unless you are Military or Police. Then what?


    In just one week, you WILL surrender to authorities, and beg for food for your family,

in exchange for your guns.


Our government wants to have huge surcharges on electrical power generated by Coal,

to raise the price so high you will stop using electricity, or heating your home, or living.

Remember $5./gal. gas? More to come?


Your government is only trying to help you: To accept surrender.