How do you take over a nation,

without armed action?

History repeats again:


First: You orchestrate an Attack on our nation, and convince citizens

 that we must reduce your rights to protect our nation.

Convince citizens that since “we have been attacked by an enemy”,

so the government must pass the “Homeland Security Act”

to restrict the rights of the citizens even more to best secure the nation.

(It worked on December 7th, 1941, now 11 Sept. 2001, same stunt)


Then: You debase the money with huge inflation, and remove

 any precious metal backing of the Coinage and Paper Money,

telling the citizens that “trust in your government is all you need”.

Yeah right! (A pre 1965 Quarter made out of Silver

will buy 1 gallons of gasoline,

today, it will take 16 of our present Quarters

to buy a gallon of gasoline)


Next: You start to export all the manufacturing jobs in the nation,

to help other nations in the world increase their standard of living.


Then: You convince American citizens that, “Globalization

(TPP) is good for the world”. (To hell with America)


Then: You slowly erase the rights of the citizens,

make Free Speech a crime if it harms anyone’s feelings,

“or is a harm to the politician controlled government”.


Then: Make it against the law to say anything

negative about your own government (that’s coming)

See more about Sedition Act of 1797 and 1918

Replaced now with the Terrorist Protection Act,

To silence: All citizen demonstrations, against the end of our sovereignty.

I’ll probably get a visit from our Military about then, forced to close this website.


Then: As an all powerful government, you establish a new law

that anyone who disagrees with the government

can be detained in custody without any trial,

the 6th Amendment of our now cancelled Bill of Rights.


Then: As glorious leader, you make plans (Public law 87-297)

to disarm all the citizens to have a safer community,

the government will protect you;

you do not need to protect yourself.

That Public Law also includes disarming our Military.


Then: Convince all the people that borders are no longer really needed,

that anyone should be able to migrate all over the world

to live where ever they want.

>North American Union

> United Nations

> total control of all nations

under the United Nations New World Order.


The government has pretended to protect our borders,

but constantly tells us: Illegal Aliens can’t be deported,

that we should just give everyone Amnesty, over and over.

Deportations right now are only politically expedient

until the election is complete for 2020.


And finally: As president, you activate Executive Orders,

to place the nation under Martial Law,

and turn the nation over to the New World Order under the United Nations.

Since the citizens have been 100% disarmed,

there will be no fighting by the citizens to stop any of this action. 


Want to demonstrate to stop this, keep reading.


Nice peaceful surrender to the One World Government.

Because: You are too lazy to stop this,

because you did not believe our government could be so treacherous.

They have been, and are continuing this treason.

While you watch the ball games and “Won’t” fight back to save our nation.


Governments have used this ploy in the past, over and over.

Study history of how this has been employed,

as in Russia after the 1918 revolution,

as in Germany in 1933; that let Hitler take over control of Germany.

So, we were attacked on 9/11, by whom? Why?


This was a plot that we deemed so evil,

that we gave George Bush the right to go to war,

against Whom?


I, and many others have reviewed what happened,

and didn’t happen on that fateful day,

that we handed over our rights,

so the Homeland Security Act,

and the Treason Act could be instigated.


Isn’t it amazing they found the intact unburned Passport

of one of the Arab Highjackers on the streets of NY City,

 after the Twin Towers collapsed,

and now we find that person is still alive.


Must have been printed on Asbestos.


This is, and was so phony, that I’m ashamed more Americans don’t realize

we have been suckered, to hand over

our Constitution and Bill of Rights to George Bush,

who demanded that we no longer have any rights to privacy.

He will wiretap us if he wants, for National Security of course.


Your rights to privacy for First Class Mail can also be abused,

as after all the security of the nation is imperiled,

to let our government do anything it wants.


I hate people who say:

“I’m not doing anything wrong,

the government can search me all they want”.

Those people don’t deserve any Freedoms.


This was the next step in ending our nation.

Globalization was the start, with more and more plans

by the Trilateral Commission/the Bilderberg group

to eliminate our borders,

for us to join the New World Order,

One World Government.


Step by step, to downsize America, to join us with the rest of “the Plan”

that started with the European Union.


If we don’t restore our job base soon,

we may not recover at all. American is bankrupt.


We must protect our nation, and if it requires “violence” to achieve that, so be it,

or do you just want to SURRENDER to the New World Order,

with no Constitution, or Bill of Rights anymore,

total domination by the New World Order,

and you will “behave or else”?


We fought WW II to protect our nation from invasion by Hitler,

and other wars, starting from the Revolution,

to have a unique government unlike any other in the world.


We have advanced science and technology to a degree

not even dreamed of 100 years ago.

If we don’t continue to protect our nation, “we will lose it all”.


You are in total denial, if you don’t believe this is happening to our nation,

you are not paying attention to what is happening to our sovereignty.


We are about to lose our nation,

it is time for you to open your eyes

and see what these politicians are planning

for our future.


This website is the most important information for you,

please read and consider all I’m trying to do for “you”.

Even if you are certain you will not elect me,

you need to know what is happening to our nation,

and your future, if you don’t fight back right now.