In Philadelphia, PA this is the city plan to raise more taxes.

The best option would be to tax the land value at a higher rate than improvements. If every property at this intersection paid a higher tax rate on land value rather than the improvements, then landowners on the northwest and southwest corners would pay property tax bills closer to what those on the northeast and southeast corners pay, and the northeast and southeast landowners would pay less.

There would be a higher cost to wasting so much space, and those landowners would likely redevelop their properties into buildings that produce more revenue. Some would sell their properties to new owners interested in redeveloping, and others would simply pay more for the privilege of wasting land in pricey areas on low-yield uses like surface parking.

So they will tax the land to such a high level, you canít afford to stay on the land, so sell your land to investors who will put high price buildings on every lot in town, or just drive the modest property owner out of town. This is the end run around over Eminent Domain, how to drive you off your property for the good of the government.