Do we have Terrorism in America? You bet!

Do you remember the ATF attack

on the Davidian Religious Compound (Church-building) in Waco Texas?

Burned to the ground with, women, children, and men in the buildings.

Boy, the ATF showed them, don’t screw with

Attorney General “Janet Reno”, she means business.

Almost 2 months for that operation, Why?

Because they reportedly had Guns!

Guns protected by the Second Amendment?

I don’t care how many guns of what type they had,

the Second Amendment does not specify what kind of guns,

or how many we can own,

but you have the right to own “guns”,



Read the true story about this crime by the ATF.


Why guns, “To protect Citizens: From an out of control Government”.


Terrorist organizations in America?

Well let's see, the ATF (in the first place

why Alcohol, & Tobacco,

both are legal to own and use, even Fire Arms, ownership

and use protected by the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

Then there is the FBI, and the IRS.

Far worse than foreign terrorists organizations,

because they are everywhere in America in plain sight,

then there is the local police SWAT teams,

and now the use of the United States military to control us,

that is against the law. But do our police care?


Every time an unarmed citizen is shot by the police,

that is Terrorism, even if that citizen is armed (with a non gun) and shot.

I’m bothered about why.


I remember a situation in West Los Angeles,

where an elderly homeless woman, mentally disturbed,

was shot dead by our brave police in broad daylight,

because she was armed with a screwdriver.

I don’t know what caliber OF SCREWDRIVER it was.

But hey! She aimed the screwdriver at the police

and they were in such fear, so that was deemed “justifiable murder”.

That’s terrorism, right here in America, an almost daily happening in this nation.

More so: To poor people.


The police tell you straight out, “they are in control”,

 you had better submit 100% or you are in trouble.

How can we respect any police with that behavior?

I realize those police that beat Rodney King were also in fear,

as he kept trying to rise up.

Didn’t he know that if the police are beating on you,

you are supposed to stay down, and take the beating?


Our wonderful Foothill Division of the police department to show you

it’s OK to beat suspects if you are afraid of them.

If you run from the police they like to reeducate you,

if you run,

they and I mean more than one have the right to beat on you

 to show you, how much they feared you.

Tasers, eye spray, gas, rubber bullets, many other ways

to gain submission of a suspect, that are non-lethal.

Punks: In Blue uniforms.

They love the power, and you had better know it.


In Berwyn, MD (July 27-31, 09), a 38lb package was delivered to a home,

left on the front porch, the husband arrived home and found the package,

brought the package inside and put it on the table,

since it was addressed to his wife.

A few minutes later the Prince George Co, MD sheriffs,

with a search warrant destroyed the front door,

as they did a no-knock break-in (illegal),

since the sheriffs knew the box contained pot

(not ordered by the homeowner).

The only problem, the homeowner had 2 dogs in the home,

and as soon as the cops saw the dogs, they shot the dogs dead.

It gets more interesting as it turned out

this was the home of the mayor of Berwyn, MD.

The mayor actually in his shorts was cuffed and arrested,

his mother in law detained, and this was known as an already probable scam,

as the police are aware that sometimes drugs are shipped,

and intercepted before getting to the addressee.

Despite this, this raid and murder of two pets occurred.

Terrorisms in America,

what else would you call this.


“Again” our police in action.

Who is safe from this kind of thuggery?

What if this were any other American,

who did not have the office of being the mayor behind them.

How many people are arrested in similar situations,

without any defense from our out of control police in America?

A black day in America to be sure.

And you wonder why I hate cops?